Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Productivity Achieved!

Oh I'm feeling so good about the writing lately!!!! Helloooooooooooo April! LOL. I don't have TONS more time, but things are flipping back and forth between uber busy and normal, which means that I have more time to write when things are normal.  Been getting a lot done!

Chapter 3 of Marriage Training is finally out and I'm working hard at Chapter 4.  I think I'm about a third of the way through it at this point. It's making me happy.  There's a lot more story going on than sex at this point but I think it's building the tension wonderfully.

My main focus is on Venus Transcendent, which I'm thrilled about... it's lovely to get back in with the Stronghold gang. I've missed them.  The good news... I am writing at fairly high speed. The bad news... I'm still at the beginning of the book and the characters have completely turned things around on me from where I had originally planned to go so now I'm looking at the outline I'd originally drafted and going "Fuck... none of this works now."  *Sigh*  Thank you Hilary's mom for making a muck of things! Also, Jessica showdown with her parents came out a little differently than I originally intended at the beginning of Transcendent, so now I've gotta figure some things out. I know where the book is going to go, but the journey to get there keeps changing.  It's kind of like taking a road trip with a van full of other people - I might be in the driver's seat, but they keep changing the next destination because they see a sign for something cool or they need to go to the bathroom or whatever.  We'll get to the final destination eventually, even if it's not by the route I originally intended.

The other good news is, things are still hot!  I sometimes worry that I'm going to one day lose my creativity when it comes to the sex scenes and people will end up bored because I'm writing the same things over and over, but so far there's still new stuff coming out of me. Yay!

Beginning With Birching is doing really well on Amazon and I'm working a little bit on Dealing with Discipline (second book in the Domestic Discipline series), although it doesn't have quite as much of my focus as the other two.  I'm still getting work done on it though, because I'm hoping to get it out in Early Summer rather than late.  Now that I've got a little bit more time for writing I'm feeling very motivated!

I also have a standalone Lit story swirling around my head at the moment... the characters aren't yelling quite as loudly as the ones for my other projects, but I think it'll probably come to a head sometime in the next few weeks.  Fortunately the standalones tend to take very little time for me to write, they're almost just like blowing off steam... taking a break from my usual projects while still being creative, and then I can get back to my other work feeling refreshed and with a new outlook!

But in the meantime... back to work! EXCITEMENT!

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