Thursday, November 8, 2012

Autobiographical Stories

I do have a few. Well, a few that are close to real life anyway, or are based on something that has happened in my life. I have a few characters that are based heavily on myself and my husband.

Why do I bring this up? Well someone commented on Tricked with a Treat wondering if it was autobiographical. The answer is no. Although the setting is based on a party that I actually went to. It would certainly be a cool way to snare a husband!

My story is much less thrilling and a little bit more face-palm LOL

I was a few months out from an awful break up with my high school sweetheart ending our 6 1/2 year relationship.  We'd finally gotten to the point where we weren't even trying to "just date" or "be friends" or any of that.  It was too soon. However, we couldn't quite get away from each other either because we had a lot of the same friends and we were both doing theater at the same school (nothing like doing a show with someone you're not talking to). So I was drinking and partying a lot. I discovered that I absolutely cannot hold Old Grandfather Bourbon Whiskey at one of those parties. My alcohol tolerance at that point was pretty high, I hated beer and I was playing "beer" pong and flip cup with liquor or mixed drinks. Sometimes shots. But on the night I had 6 shorts of Old Grandfather Bourbon Whiskey I ended up standing with my back against the wall, plastered to it as much as possible, and sobbing hysterically whenever someone tried to get me to move. One of my guy friends finally managed to talk me into sitting down on the couch. I just was afraid of moving because I was soooo dizzy. It was rather odd since normally I could have a lot more and be just fine.

So at a friend's birthday party I did the responsible thing and only had 2 shots of Old Grandfather Bourbon Whiskey. About half an hour later I was dancing in the middle of the room when I realized I was getting dizzy again... the wall was too far away but there was a pole in the middle of the room and standing next to it was the same guy friend who had talked me down the last time. I stumbled over and grabbed onto that pole for dear life, smiling wastey-faced at my buddy who shook his head at me and introduced me to the guy standing next to him - my future husband.

Romantic right? Hahahahaha.

Even better - he was also just getting out of a 7 year relationship and later in the evening when I approached him again he thought I was hitting on him and told me so, and said that he wasn't interested in getting into anything. At which point I laughed and said "me too!" and we ended up talking about what it's like to be getting out of such a long term relationship and how most of our friends didn't understand at all.  It's kind of funny we hadn't met before because we had a LOT of friends in common, but it was definitely the right time. Any other time and we probably wouldn't have gotten together. But he started showing up at parties more often, which he rarely had before, and so we got to know each other. Although, since he was showing up at parties, I was drunk the first three times that we hung out.

And then he didn't even kiss me on our first date. Which made me wonder if it WAS a first date. Later we decided it was.

At any rate, real life is never as romantic as in stories, but to be honest, I love our 'how we met' story. Even if I'm not going to be able to tell it to my children until they're... well... past the age when they think drinking constantly is a good idea LOL.  Although I was just following in family tradition. My mom was sloshy drunk when she met my dad =D

It's highly possible that you might see a story similar to this in the Stronghold universe one day... although I'm not going to say which characters ;)

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  1. Cute story! Mine is odd, too; my future husband made fun of me for falling asleep in a class. Sigh. :) Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter of BtM! Thanks!