Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Need A Vacation...

to follow up my vacation.


Not that I didn't have a fabulous time (I did), but I did not get the relaxation that I was hoping for.  A cruise is soooo diff from spending all week with your friends! Hubby and I did manage to get some alone time, but not nearly as much as we would have on a cruise. Although, of course, if we'd been on the cruise we probably would have been miserably sea sick.

It's just that I really needed some relaxation!!!!

The bad news... I also had VERY little time to write. The good news... I finished a chapter for Venus Desiring. Unfortunately finishing the next chapter to Being the Maid is probably going to take a few more days.  I have managed to get a fair amount done on the chapter since getting home, but there's a lot more to do... plot is thickening!!!!! among other things ;) hahahahaha

So... no political comments please, but I hope all the U.S. citizens voted today! I'm always very grateful to live in a society where the community's voice is heard... make sure you let yours ring out. 

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  1. Isn't that the way is always goes? I always need a vacation from my vacation! LOL it seems like we cram a ton of stuff in to the off time from work and never allow for down time. Hubby and I always take the following weekend and just lay on the couch..among other things ;-) don't stress about the writing...we all get that your brain needs a break! Be good to you!!