Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Venus Desiring Teaser

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! And is have a safe and riot free Black Friday. While I love Black Friday deals I will never understand the levels of crazy some people go to - seriously, we just celebrated friends and family and the next day people are causing riots because of material things. Drives me up the wall. Especially this year when some companies forced employees to work ON Thanksgiving so that they can make an extra buck. SO ANGRY. I'm not shopping at any of those places - not just today, but probably for quite awhile. I feel that's a lot of what's wrong with America today.

Okay... back to the positive cuz I"m truly not a negative person =) Had a wonderful Thanksgiving and am looking forward to the Christmas season! I love carols, decorating the tree, making cookies, all the hugs, friends, family, Christmas cards, generosity of spirit and human moments that punctuate the holiday season. I also love that there are so many other holidays with that same spirit around the time as the one that I happen to celebrate =) For me, today is the day that starts that season. I will now start listening to the radio stations that I've been avoiding for the past couple of weeks because they started playing Christmas Carols (Before Thanksgiving!) and get my holiday groove on =D

So in celebration of that, here's a little present to start off the season... A Venus Desiring teaser!!! And I def mean 'teaser' this time ;) Don't hate me for cutting it off please! LOL

This particular scene starts not long after my last teaser left off; Hilary is at Stronghold about to have her Introduction Scene with - you guessed it - Liam!

"Now, let's go over some limits for tonight. I already saw the survey you emailed to Patrick." Hilary blushed again, wishing she could sink into the floor and die. That survey had asked some seriously personal questions. What sexual activities had she already experienced, what did she want to experience, what was she curious about, what did she absolutely not want. "I like to go over them one on one as well though. That way you know that I know and understand your limits and also there's no confusion. So. No sex tonight, because there never is during an Introduction Scene."

Well that was good to know. Although, to be honest, she couldn't help but feel a little bit of disappointment. Did she want to have sex with Liam? She wasn't sure. So better that it was off the table, no questions asked. 

"I know you've done some reading on the possibilities. On your survey you marked needles, caning, welts, bruises, blood, multiple partners, electricity and medium to heavy pain as hard limits. Is there anything else that you want to make a hard limit for tonight?"

Hilary thought about it. "I'm not sure. I don't think I'm ready for bondage." She felt a little guilty as she said that, because the reason she wasn't ready was because she wasn't sure she could give up that kind of control to someone else.

"That's alright," Liam said with a smile. "I actually prefer something called honor bondage. We'll go over that later.  It's a good alternative if you're with a Dom that you don't know well enough to trust with ropes and cuffs yet."

"You don't like ropes and cuffs?" Hilary asked, a little surprised. It had always seemed like those were a requirement to BDSM.

"I like them, but what really makes me hot is when a woman holds herself in place under no more restraint than my command," Liam said, his hand caressing her thigh as he spoke. Hilary's breath caught in her throat as she imagined herself, spread out the same way ropes would hold her down to a four poster bed, struggling to stay in position because Liam had ordered her to, because that's what he wanted. It would be a choice to stay there like that, rather than the lack of one. Yes, harder for her - she found she didn't particularly like to picture another sub in that position with him - but at the same time there was definitely something exquisitely appealing about it. "And I'm not going to insist on it right now, but once we start the scene you need to refer to me as Sir. You might want to start practicing."

"Oh. Sorry... Sir," she said, trying it out.  Liam nodded his approval and caressed her thigh again, a kind of tactile reward and she felt a rush of more than physical pleasure. 

"You're not in trouble yet, honey-girl," he said, winking at her. "What about body parts? Once we start the scene I'm not going to stop to ask questions, so I need to know right now where you're comfortable having me touch you and how."


Hilary's face flushed red hot and she froze, hoping she hadn't said that out loud. Nope. Liam was still looking at her, waiting patiently, although he seemed amused enough by her blush that she felt sure he knew what she was thinking. The whole seeming-mind-reading thing was starting to become unsettling. Although it would probably help if she had better control of her body's reactions and especially of her blushes. It's not like she was hard to read. 

"I'm not sure," she whispered, twisting her hands around each other. Liam let her squirm for a moment watching her.

"Do you mind me touching your thigh right now?”

Hilary shook her head. 

“Say it out loud.”

“I-…” Hilary blushed. “I don’t mind you touching my thigh. Right now.”

He laughed at the way she made “right now” into a caveat. “I’m not making you talk to embarrass you, but communication, especially when going into a scene, is important.” Stroking his fingers down into her inner thigh, he enjoyed the way her face heated even more, but she didn’t stop him. 

“I think you’ll be more comfortable if I keep my hands mostly to myself.”

Curious, Hilary forgot to be embarrassed. “But, if you’re keeping your hands to yourself then how will you…” her voice trailed off. 

“How will I make you cum without touching your pussy?”

Mortification flooded her and Liam laughed again as she averted her eyes from his frank gaze. “Say it honey-girl.”

“H-h-how will you… how will you make me um… climax without touching my… um…”

Liam pulled her closer and she could feel his hardness pressing against her thigh, his breath was hot on her neck and made her shiver. Truthfully she was torn, because part of her really did want him to touch her everywhere. But another part of her was terrified that he might.

“Say pussy.”

Ew. Hilary squeezed her eyes shut and whispered. “My pussy.”

"Good girl."

She opened her eyes again. Liam was looking at her with a fair amount of pleasure and amusement. Darn him. "What do you usually call your pussy, honey-girl?"

"I don't," Hilary said primly.

Liam gave her a roguish grin. “Well we’ll have to see if we can change that. Don’t worry about cumming though honey-girl, you’re in good hands even if they’re not going to be touching your pussy.

Right now it really felt like her face was going to go up in flames. 


Damn, she was just too cute for words. Not to mention unintentionally snuggly. He couldn't stop stroking her, even though it was probably distracting to them both. Did she have any idea how her shy vulnerability would call to a man like him? Probably not.  Everything about Hilary screamed natural and unaffected. Not to mention that she was obviously too mortified by the blunt question and answer session to even think about dissembling. 

All of his careful planning to keep her at arm's distance had been thrown out the window the moment he'd seen her walk into the club. Mostly because he knew himself well enough to realize when he was going to need to adapt, because he was way too attracted at her to keep her at a real distance. Besides which, she was way too unsure of herself to be kept at that distance; it would do more harm than anything else. Even though this was her first night trying the submissive role on for size, he could already tell that Hilary was going to be the kind of sub who needed gentle instruction, cosseting, and affirmation to be happy.  Rewards for good behavior would work much more effectively than discipline for bad.

Although it was possible that he was just projecting his own desires onto a woman that he found wonderfully attractive, but he didn't think so. 

The pink latex was driving him wild. Not only was Hilary very pretty in pink, but it lent her a kind of innocence that made him want to take her into one of the theme rooms and thoroughly and pleasurably debauch her.  The hot pink, feminine innocence was only assisted by those huge, brown doe-eyes that revealed so much of her emotions, and the bright pink stain in her cheeks that he found so alluring.  Really he was getting more enjoyment out of making her blush than he probably should, but that was a Dom's perogative as far as he was concerned.

Part of him loved the fact that she seemed so innocent, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to make her cum unless he could touch her. In fact, all of her strictures just made tonight into even more of a challenge for him and he had to admit that it sparked an interest in him that had been absent when he'd been playing with subs lately. Especially because he wanted to see if she’d be comfortable role-playing.  

"Stand up," he said, keeping his voice mild but firm, just to see what she'd do. Despite her reluctance when she first realize who was going to be running her Introduction Scene, Hilary looked almost disappointed to have to get off of his lap.  He hid a grin. It was nice to know that he wasn't the only one feeling the sparks between them. "I have a room reserved for us upstairs. Come on."

Rather than touching her to motivate her, he turned and began walking. To his surprise Hilary was right alongside him.  The anxious expression on her face said that she was still feeling unsure, but that didn't stop her from following his order immediately. No hesitation. 

Damned if that didn't turn him on. 

Especially because it meant that, whether or not she realized it, some part of her trusted him.  There were very few subs who would follow immediately into a situation they were anxious about without some kind of reassurance, coaxing or hesitation.  But she hadn't stood and thought about it, she hadn't asked any questions or tried to delay him, she just followed him.  And he knew that she had no problem saying no if there was something she really didn't want to do; he'd seen the way she'd responded to Nathan the last time she was at the club. If she truly didn't trust Liam, she wouldn't have just followed blindly after him.

The revelation had set all his nerves humming, a rush of adrenaline flowing through him.  There was a connection between them, even though he hadn't wanted to acknowledge it before. He was starting to wonder if perhaps he'd written off newbies too quickly.

But maybe he was being too quick now and getting ahead of himself. After all, they hadn't even done their scene yet. If it went well, maybe he'd try to see her again. First they needed to do the scene though, instead of just fantasizing about what he wanted to have happen.

Opening the door to the 'Office,' he smiled and gestured at Hilary. "After you."


  1. Loving it already - cannot wait until it's finished!!

  2. Love it! I'm impatiently awaiting this book. Every teaser leaves me with a big grin.