Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let the Gay Marrying Begin!!!!

I am incredibly proud to say that yesterday I became part of history by voting for Question 6 in Maryland's election and now live in the first state where you can get gay married!!!!! YAY!!!!!

The law is carefully formulated so that members of the clergy who objects to gay marriage do not have to perform them, but what's important is that homosexuals in Maryland can now have the same secular rights as heterosexual couples. Because there are different kinds of marriage, although in the United States we tend to bundle it together. In Europe couples often have two ceremonies, one religious and one secular. Here, we do either both or just secular. So it's pretty stupid, in my opinion, that religion has effected whether or not people can have a secular marriage.  Drives me up the wall in fact.  If someone is against gay marriage, that's fine... but I don't see why they should get to dictate someone else's life. Personally I'm against eating seafood, because it's gross - and hey, I've got biblical back-up for it too! - but I don't push those views onto everyone in my life, because people should be able to choose what they want to put in their mouth (heh heh heh....)

Anyway. That's my foray into politics for today, and it's not really so much politics as culture and history!

Still working hard on Being the Maid. At the moment I'm about halfway through the chapter and am planning on submitting by this weekend. I'm suspending work on everything else until I get the next chapter out... after that I have a rather interesting reader request for an alternate chapter of Contest, where Danielle has to fulfill one of the tasks that I didn't have her do in the original series, while I work on Chapter 8 of Maid.  and of course, Venus Desiring.

I can't believe it's already November... this fall is going by sooooo quickly!

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