Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Turn Ons & Offs

Like most people, I have a lot of varied turn ons and offs.  Sometimes when I'm reading/writing a story there are some turn offs that I can get past as long as there's enough other stuff in the story that turns me on and then there are some that stop me in my tracks.

One of the biggies that will stop me in my tracks is anything to do with fecal matter.  The whole ass-to-mouth thing is also a big one for me, but I can skip over that as long as there's nothing described as being ON the dick.  As soon as anything fecal gets added to the story I'm gone. You'll never see ass-to-mouth in one of my stories unless someone specifically requests it and even then I'll get it over with as soon as possible. Even in Being the Maid with major non-consent and medieval times, anyone who uses Bridget's ass goes and cleans off before doing anything else. LOL. Golden showers are another that I'm just soooo not into and will rarely include in a story. Blood. Vomit. Basically any bodily fluids that I don't think belong. I don't really get into the fantasy of spitting on people either, although I can with it being use as a kind of lubricant. So if any of that appeals to you, unfortunately you will have to look to other stories to supply it because you're rarely going to find it in any of mine. I just can't get into writing it.

The incest/taboo is another fantasy that doesn't turn me on, but as long as I include enough things that DO turn me on I don't have a problem writing them... I tend to think of the characters as cartoons in my head and that makes every thing fine. Anyone eating out a pussy, also not a turn on for me, but one that I can get past to include in a story. It's easier to make sexy as a fantasy for me than in reality. Anything with extreme pain alternates between being a turn off for me and being completely fascinating. It usually depends on how its written. Humiliation is the same way.

The stuff that turns me on is seduction/reluctance, spanking, anal, alpha-males, bondage, and most things BDSM.  Not all things BDSM though. I'm usually not into the Master/slave stories, I prefer the Dom/sub. I am planning on eventually trying to write a Daddy Dom story which should be an interesting challenge for me. Non-Con works for me in writing although I don't even like to role play it. Weird I know. And I like a little bit of rough / BDSM / spanking, etc. in real life, nothing close to some of the rougher stuff that I write about.

Some of my stories turn me on writing them more than others, but I try to make sure that all of them do in some way because I figure it's a good indicator of whether or not other people will enjoy them.

And on that note... Being the Maid Ch. 7 is now available on Literotica.

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