Friday, November 9, 2012

Sweet Pea

Hubby brought home a garter snake and we named him Sweet Pea. Still trying to decide what to do with him. Poor little guy was hibernating in a root cellar in a crate of sweet potatoes, and Hubby found him after taking the crate to work... fortunately the little guy hadn't been squashed. Set him up in an impromptu little habitat at home... Hubby's calling some animal place to find out whether or not it's too late to let him out into the wild or if we should keep him safe over the winter and let him out in the spring. Either way, I'm already attached, I'm such a sucker for animals.

Anyway... back to what's going on in my writing LOL.  I've submitted Chapter 7 of Being the Maid! HOORAY! I know it took me awhile. It's an interesting chapter... not quite as intense as some of the other ones, but I think the ending is a bit cliff hangery and so hopefully that will keep people's interest. Things are about to get REAL interesting for both Garrett and Bridget and we're going to be hitting the climax soon! Only a couple more chapters to go till the end! Three to be exact =) I never really look forward to finishing a series, because I always enjoy the story and the characters, but there is definitely something satisfying about completing a piece, even though I'm sad it's over. I'm sure Anomandaris will be thrilled that this chapter is fairly long ;) Although I think the next chapter is going to be even longer cuz there's going to be a LOT going on in it!

Now that Chapter 7 is out I'll have a bit more time to work on some other stuff... I've already started working on the reader requested alternate Chapter for Contest, which I think some fans (looking at you Gemini) will really enjoy.  I've gotten some recent requests for roughness, but this particular request really takes the cake and I'm looking forward to writing some new scenes incorporating pieces of erotic play that I haven't used before.  At the same time, I have a feeling that my need to make everything slightly romantic is also going to come out. I just can't seem to do without it lately. I re-read the previous Contest chapters that I've written and they were all pretty short with not nearly the emotional depth or sexual description that I usually use now, so I decided to write the chapter in my current style rather than my past. I think it'll be a much better chapter because of that, although very different from the previous chapters.

After the Contest chapter I'll be finishing Witch (as promised to those who voted!) which is also rough but in a different way from either Being the Maid or Contest. I feel like I'm really flexing my writing muscles lately! It's good for me =) And in the meantime, as always, working on Venus Desiring. I'm really hoping to have that one out by the end of this month but I'm not sure it's going to happen... it's looking like it will probably be longer than Venus Aspiring and so is going to take longer to write. But I also think  that it's going to be a really good book and that people will be really happy with it... so far my Beta Reader seems to be enjoying other than the fact that I haven't sent her a chapter since going on vacation. Eek. 

So yeah. Enough with the blogging... back to the writing. 

Take care and have a great weekend! Keep an eye out for Chapter 7 - although of course I'll also post when it goes live =)


  1. Anomandaris (Sp) :P will be quite happy to see any chapter for Being the Maid, but will be extra happy to see a nice long chapter. :P

    1. heh heh, I knew I should have checked... I did it from memory and I was like that doesn't look quite right... but posted it anyway. Too much laziness, my bad! =D