Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Being the Maid Conclusion


Chapter 10 of Being the Maid is finally available on Lit!

I was starting to get sooooooo frustrated at how long that was taking. Geezie! So, very glad it's finally out. 

I had a wonderful holiday and I hope everyone else did too... now it's back to the daily grind *sigh* At least until next week when the NY celebrations start =) YAY!

Not too much else to report... managed to do a little bit of writing over the weekend but not a lot. Working hard on the books. Starting to work on Witch today. Good stuff!


  1. I'm so happy/miserable the last chapter of BtM is out! Love your writing. Bridget is the perfect character; sweet, feisty, and beautiful. Thank you so much for your work!