Friday, December 7, 2012

Chapter 9 and Randomness

Chapter 9 of Being the Maid is finally out! YAY!

It's amazing that I manage to get any writing done with the amount of things that I have swirling around my head. Not just my own ideas, but other people's.

This week I've been forcing myself to focus entirely on Venus Desiring with only a few sidetracks into Being the Maid Ch. 10, because I want to get it done SO BAD. And I'm halfway through the second to last chapter, so I'm doing pretty good on that count. But it's damn hard to focus. 

Why? Well, partly because as I'm working on Venus Desiring I'm also figuring out the set up for Venus Transcendent and how I'm going to wrap everything up for Hilary and Liam and Jessica, Justin and Chris. At the same time I'm thinking about the other characters at Stronghold and where I want their stories to go, and any time I mention them within the book I start thinking about THEIR books and what's going to happen to them later.  Throughout this, I'm figuring out exactly how the last chapter of Maid is going to go and working on getting that set-up when I take a little diversion into that story.  

Now if only that was all I had going on. But no. I'm also thinking about Winning Hand, the last book of the Poker Loser Trilogy that I haven't been able to focus on nearly as much as I would like to because I've gotten so sidetracked and immersed in Venus. But Allison and Todd and where they're going is still on my mind... I'm looking forward to it because I want to write a whole wedding planning type book, been wanting to do that for ages actually. Ever since planning my own wedding.  I have lots of fun things to put into the story, some from things I've heard from other brides, and some that my head just keeps coming up with.

And on top of that, I'm trying to figure out where Witch is going to go. I've decided to do 2 chapters to finish out that story and I think I know how it ends, as long as the characters don't end up fighting me.  

My head keeps slipping back to Victorian times... partly because I've been reading a lot of Regency / Victorian romance and erotica lately. I actually have started several pieces within that time period. One was over the summer - my own erotic take on Bram Stoker's Dracula.  I also have a birching story and a regular romance/erotica story that are swirling around my head and that I've done some work on. 

Everything I've mentioned... those are just the things I've worked on. But I also have a bunch of other stories in my head that keep getting fleshed out and I don't have time to work on them all at once! Most of which will end up on Literotica, some of which are reader requests. Several Loving Wives stories - a house guest and a young housewife who loves her husband but has needs that he's not meeting, a husband bent on getting revenge on his cheating wife with the help of a friend, a husband who wants to fulfill his wife's fantasy of being with a black man - which will just happen to fulfill a fantasy of his own (and probably not in the way you'd immediately think). An in/taboo Victorian era story where family runs away to avoid debtor's prison to Mother's brother's wilderness retreat and are at his mercy - and he always had a thing for his sister, one where a young woman in her uncle's care is injured and wakes up in an Oz type land where her Uncle has been made King and she's his virgin queen, and one where a daughter sees her father and college age sister getting it on and realizes that she wants to be in her sister's place. 

There's a gay male cabin boy / first mate story that's been in my head for months now. A Daddy Dom story.  A blackmail story where a girl takes out a loan from her father's friend and pays it back with her body - each sex act being worth a certain amount of money.  A woman signs up for a week as a chambermaid in a castle at a resort that specializes in sexual fantasies - hers being forced seduction / non-con / etc. - other guests have signed up for positions as nobles, royalty, footmen, guards, etc. and who you can order around depends on your position.  

I've written down an outline for an entire series of office romances amongst a group of friends (Working Title: Work Benefits hahahaha).

This isn't even all of them. I feel like I could go on forever. They're all just constantly swirling around my brain as I think of more things to add to them, ways to flesh them out, where I want the stories to go... and yet I can only actually focus on writing a few at a time or I'd never finish any of them. It's SO frustrating. Sometimes I wish it was as easy as just typing out an outline and letting people read that, but that's nowhere near as satisfying *sigh* Not emotionally or... well... ah... whatever you do when you're reading stories ;) lol. And of course I'm constantly thinking up new ideas. 

Some days I'm surprised my head doesn't explode.


  1. Honestly, I can say that the majority of the time I end up reading your stories to just read them. "Sometimes I wish it was as easy as just typing out an outline and letting people read that, but that's nowhere near as satisfying *sigh* Not emotionally or... well... ah... whatever you do when you're reading stories ;) lol." <- that almost never crosses my mind, while your stories are arousing, I read them to read them because you are such a fantastic writer and I just wish you were into writing other types of stories as well, stories that are more uh, acceptable? in the common light so that I can brag to my friends about "this amazing book that I just read" and so on. Can't wait for Chapter 10 of Being The Maid and Venus Desiring :D

    1. Hahahaha aw well that's good to know! I have the same problem about wanting to tell my Mom about a book that I just wrote =D

      Thank you so much!

    2. Anytime :) You really are a fantastic writer and I look forward to reading more of your stuff :)