Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Teasers... Multiple!

I've updated the Venus Rising Quartet page and the Poker Loser Trilogy pages with teasers for the next books... both of which are the last book in each set. Yay!!!! As for progress on said books... well they're both in the beginning stages. But I'm feeling pretty confident about where each of them are going and hopefully I'll be able to finish them in a timely manner.

Everyone will be happy (I hope) to know that I think I've finished Being the Maid. I say 'think' because I'm having someone read over the chapter before I submit it... I'm feeling in the need of feedback before I put it out there for everyone to judge =D I'm pretty happy with it, just feeling rather anxious. It's not at all like my usual stories and the pressure for a satisfying end is rather high. At least, I feel like it is.

So that's what's going on... hopefully Chapter 10 will be submitted sometime tomorrow and out by next week. =)  In the meantime, enjoy the teasers! And don't forget... writers love feedback ;) Helps keep us motivated to keep writing!

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