Saturday, December 1, 2012


I've had people asking about my progress with both Venus Desiring and Being the Maid lately so just wanted to do a quick update =)

I am focusing most of my attention on Venus Desiring, although I am also continuing to work on the Maid.  Since Desiring was supposed to be out in November, I feel like that's the more pressing one.  It's much longer than originally anticipated, which I think will be a good thing =) I'm only a few chapters away from the end (I think about three) and working really hard on completing them as quickly as possible. It's 85 - 90% done and then will just require quick editing and formatting for Kindle and it should be out by mid Dec.

Chapter 9 of The Maid is about 1/3 complete. Things are moving quickly and some interesting and unexpected things are happening. I'm letting the characters take complete control of the story line at this point because they keep coming up with more interesting stuff than I originally thought of.

At any rate, I expect both of these to be finished within the next couple of weeks! And now... back to work! *cracks whip*

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