Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toy Review: Toothpaste & Venus Desiring

Say what?

So, I read a lot. I'm a speed reader. I go through a ridiculous number of books a month, especially since I got my Kindle.  And in several of the BDSMy books that I've read, toothpaste as been used.  The first time I read about it, I laughed. The second time I started to wonder if this was actually a thing. After the third time I read about it in a book by a third different author, I decided it merited a try.  After all, the descriptions were intriguing and toothpaste is definitely easily accessible. Not to mention cheap. 

I started out the way I had read in the books - with my nipples. I pinched them to hardness and put just a small dab on the end of each one.


I can't speak for the "scent of mint assaulting my nose" as one author wrote (although, unlike the character I was not blindfolded at the time of this experiment so it's possible that my senses just weren't suitably heightened) but I can definitely verify the rest of the descriptions. Cold. Tingly almost to the point of burning. They hardened even further and it was a rather delicious sensation.  My breasts felt much more sensitive all over.  

Then I moved down to my clit. Everywhere the toothpaste touched was icy and tingly and wonderful yet slightly torturous. I'm not sure how I'm going to bring this up to my husband, but I'm now having fantasies of being bound, blindfolded and tormented with toothpaste. The idea of hot breath across the cool tingly surface sounds wonderful.  Especially since when I cleaned the toothpaste off, everything got all tingly all over again. 

I will say that once I put it on my clit, I didn't feel lit as much on my nipples anymore. And masturbating displaced what was on my clit - although that made lots of other things tingle too. However, once I rinsed off the toothpaste my nipples were even more sensitive and tingly than before. It made me wonder whether or not toothpaste and clamps would work well together... once I get my clamps I will have to find out, but I'm a little worried that the toothpaste would make the surface too slippery for the clamp to get a good grip. I'll have to see. 

But I have been converted. Expect to read about toothpaste in some stories eventually. ;)

As to writing... I've submitted a very short Gay Male piece to Literotica that should be up in a couple of days, just a quickie that I needed to get out of my head before it drove me crazy and I'm about halfway through the last chapter of Being the Maid =)

Venus Desiring will have its free promo day on amazon.com tomorrow!!!!


  1. Just to let you know, I had a look on amazon.co.uk - the cover says it's 'Book 4 in the Venus Desiring Quartet'?

    1. Hm, if it did earlier they must have fixed it because now it says Book 3 =) Thanks for letting me know though!