Thursday, December 6, 2012

When Will It End?

Unfortunately I'm not talking about any of my stories, I'm talking about being sick. UGH. 

Hopefully soon because it's turning my brain to mush. Although I've still been churning out lots of good work... I keep checking to see if Being the Maid Ch. 9 is out... should be any day now. I've started work on Chapter 10. I know where things are going and I think the characters are 100% behind me so it's just getting it all typed out. Which, since it's going to be a long chapter, is probably going to take awhile. That and knowing where things are going doesn't cover knowing exactly what everyone will say and what actions will get me to the end. But I think it's going to be really good. I hope. I'm looking forward to the reaction from Ch. 9 because it's soooo far away from where I thought that chapter was going to go originally and it came as a complete surprise to me as I was writing it. 

Sooooo close to being done with Venus Desiring. I know I keep saying that but it's true. It actually gets frustrating when I get this close because I just want it to be done... but like I said, knowing what's going to happen doesn't take care of dialogue / descriptions. I've gotten a LOT of work done on it this past week. It's just that it's a very long book, probably going to be on par with The Venus School of Sex when it comes to length. So far on my Word document it's over 75,000 words. Jeepers! ;) Aaand not finished yet. To give you an idea - Venus School was about 84,000 words and Aspiring was about 59,000 words. So you know... I promise I'm not slacking! 

Now, unfortunately several of my other projects (including finishing Witch and writing the third book of the Poker Loser series) have been pushed to the side until I complete these two. I'm going to be able to give both of those my attention very soon though and hopefully will have the third book of Poker Loser out this winter and finish Witch by the new year. That's the goal anyway =)

Did a little Christmas shopping for myself yesterday... wanted to get me some naughty toys. So there should be more toy reviews coming soon =D Plus I'm hoping some of these things will help me in my writing. I wonder if I could use them as a tax write-off since I'm writing about this stuff. Heh heh... research materials! ;) I'm rather excited. I got my first electricity set. Not a violet wand, although I want one of those, but they're so expensive that I thought I should start off my electricity explorations with something smaller / cheaper and work my way up to that. Hopefully hubby will be interested in helping me with these... he's handy when it comes to electronics and stuff. Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up modifying some of it. Anyway. Also got some nipple clamps, some stuff that's supposed to help me deep throat (I've used gel in the past but they don't seem to sell that anymore so I'm trying out a spray), a Hitachi with a 3-pronged attachment (SUPER excited about this one, I'm hoping that the Hitachi lives up to its hype!), and a few other goodies. 

Looking forward to researching. *Ahem* Totally for educational purposes. I swear. =D


  1. Totally random thing, but yes, I think after you reach a certain point, sales wise, on your books, you CAN claim books (how to guides like Anne Lamott's BIRD BY BIRD, other books in the genre) as tax write offs, as well as classes and conferences/conventions. It wouldn't surprise me if you could claim the toys as a tax write off at some point in the future, too :)