Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hmm... it appears that lately people have been taking some of my stories and posting them on different sites under their own names, changing nothing about the story except the character names.  That's called plagiarizing dammit! *sigh* Fortunately there are lots of nice people on the internet on the look out for things like that, but still... I've had people notify me on 3 instances in the past month. I don't understand it either, because it doesn't look like any of these sites are paying for the stories, so why copy mine? If it's just for the compliments/feedback, then surely that's empty since it's not the person's real work. I just don't get it. Kind of a twisted form of flattery to me I guess, but I'd really rather people didn't try to pass my work off as their own. Do people not realize that something posted on the internet is still copyrighted and the property of the author? 

Anyway. I got a TON of work done over the weekend on Venus Desiring, which is awesome. Managed to finish two whole chapters! Although, of course, I'm still 3-4 chapters away from the end because Hilary and Liam keep extending things. But it's getting good. I'm having a lot of fun with it and I think they are too. I'm really hoping to have the book finished and ready to edit by this upcoming weekend, but we'll see. Cross your fingers that I can get it done!

I've finished the next chapter of Being the Maid and submitted it.  YAY!   I'm particularly excited about this chapter because it's not at ALL what I planned when I first started writing this series.  Part of that is due to reader feedback on which characters they like the best and part of that is due to Bridget coming out and taking the reins from me in a completely unexpected way this chapter! I'm rather excited about it and we'll see what you all think when it's done, but if everyone else is as surprised as I am then hopefully people will like the chapter =) It's not as long as the previous chapter but there's a lot going on it in. The final chapter is going to be VERY long and so is probably going to take awhile. There's a lot to wrap up. WOOT!

Went to my first ever pro-football game tonight! FANTASTIC CHOICE for a first ever game! #HTTR!!!!!!!!!


  1. How long does it take to upload? Not on the site?

    1. Well it uploads quickly enough, but they have to review and approve it and they do that in the order that stories are submitted, so it depends on how many stories were submitted before mine and how much time they have for reviewing. Usually it takes 2-4 days after submission before it's up on the site.

    2. Aww I've been dying! Oh well. I'll keep checking