Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of the Year Thoughts

Wow... I can't believe that 2012 is almost over. It's been a pretty big year for me. Not only did I come back to Literotica and start writing again, but I also managed to make my way to the #1 favoritest author spot on the favorites page (and it looks like I'm going to be holding that position! WOOT!), won my first seasonal writing contest, and have started publishing some of my books on Amazon! All in all... pretty damn exciting for me! Plus, I also went to Harry Potter World, Disney World, celebrated my first wedding anniversary, my first ever Redskins game, and Florida for the first time!  I've had a pretty damn exciting year. Next year is looking pretty good too.
I've been on a bit of a writing craze this week... I think I have this idea in my head that as soon as I finish the Poker Loser Trilogy I'll be able to turn all of my concentration to the conclusion of the Venus Rising Quartet and the Stronghold Doms. Granted, I could probably split my time between the two evenly, but right now Winning Hand is definitely taking the majority of my focus. I'm hoping to have it done fairly quickly and then I'll be finished with it. Not that I don't love Allison and Todd, but I can't lie... I find the Venus characters much more intriguing at the moment. Still, I need to finish the trilogy, so that's my immediate goal. And I am having a lot of fun with it, because Todd gets much rougher than Justin or Liam.  Eventually some of the Stronghold Doms will get as rough (or rougher) than Todd with their subs, but that's in the future, so for now I'm enjoying Todd's antics =)  Of course I'm still working on Venus Transcendent as well, just not as much as I am on Winning Hand.
I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the conclusion to Being the Maid (at least, from the comments I've gotten so far it certainly seems like everyone enjoyed it)... I had a lot of fun writing it and I enjoyed the way the story ended up.  For those who thought I could have continued... yes I could have but it would be a different story. There was no way to continue it as a non-con story and that's what it started out as.  I probably will not continue Garrett & Bridget's story, however there's been a lot of requests for a story about Samuel's future (which is something I was already considering when the requests started coming in) and it's possible that I will do that.  It won't be immediate though and it won't be another long series if I do it. I don't think anyway. I'm still pondering possible storylines for him if I write a continuation of his story.
I've started work on finishing Witch.  Yay! That's another plot-heavy story, which isn't bad, it just takes me long to write those.  In the meantime, I needed to do something less plot heavy to let my brain rest a bit and decided to fulfill a reader request that was made for a story involving a doctor. Kind of surprising that I haven't had much to do with medical stories... there's a lot of elements there that often really appeal to me and yet I've never written one. Strange right? Anyway. I had fun just whipping that one off and it's been submitted, should be out in the next couple of days. It's called First Time at the Gyno and it's in the non-con category. As short non-con stories go I think it's one of my better ones... might be all the practice I've recently gotten in that particular category =D Now I'll be moving my focus back to Witch and doing my best to finish that in a timely manner.
So that's what's going on with me. I hope everyone has a great last weekend of the year!

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