Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oops hahaha

So because I'm human, I made a boo-boo and the cover for Venus Aspiring is incorrect LOL. It says book 4 instead of book 3. But I promise it's only book 3! That's so not the end of the quartet, I promise! =D It got a bunch of downloads yesterday so I hope that everyone enjoyed the free promo! Please, please, please leave a review. It means a lot to me, both personally and for my popularity on amazon. People with more reviews get more face time on the site. That's just how it works.

Meanwhile... I'm a writing fiend. Trying to get as much done before January when my job gets super busy and I'll be working longer hours for the next few months, which means a lot less time for writing.  I make overtime, thankfully, but it does mean my output when it comes to writing is going to be effected.

I will definitely have
Being the Maid done before the end of this month. I think I'm about 2/3 - 3/4 of the way through the final chapter. It is LONG, as I mentioned in my author note on Ch. 9. Someone commented on Chapter 9 that I should have just ended it there... but I didn't cut it off for shits and giggles or because I wanted to draw out the storyline, I cut it off because there's a lot more story to tell and a little bit of a cliffhanger is good for the soul. I'm wrapping a LOT of stuff up, not just Garrett and Bridget's story, but everyone else's stories too. I always hate it when stories end and you only know what happens to the main characters and the others are dismissed as if they weren't important at all. I've completed the Princess' section, I'm about to do Samuel's. I have to figure out where I'm going to work in Blaine's. And then the very end will be what happens with Garrett and Bridget. It's a LOT to write and Chapter 9 would have been way too long if I'd made it the last chapter. This chapter is going to be super long as it is.

I'm a little bit nervous about it being the last chapter, because sooooo many people have told me that this is their favorite story from me so far, and that always adds to the pressure. That seems to be happening a lot lately, and I love that everyone loves each series that I'm putting out and thinks that each one is better than the last, but it does make coming to a satisfying conclusion a little bit more anxiety-inducing for me LOL. I keep thinking "oh no, what if people hate it? what if they don't think it's a good end?" etc. etc. So far I really like what I have though, and usually that's a good sign, if I'm not getting upset with it.

As soon as I'm done with
Maid I'll be working on finishing up Witch before moving on to anything new for Lit - although I might throw another standalone quickie or two in there if the characters start bugging me too much. The gay male piece that I submitted a few days ago was like that; the characters have been in my head literally for MONTHS and then I read a gay male short that I'd gotten for free on my Kindle and the characters just kind of took over and were like no, you're writing us now. That happens sometimes. Rowdy characters in my brain.

I've started on
Venus Transcendent, the beginning of the end... I'm also working on Winning Hand, the last book in the Poker Loser series. I was hoping to have the Poker Loser Trilogy done by now to be honest, but Hilary and Liam kind of took over.  Now Allison and Todd are clamoring for my attention pretty loudly so we'll see how well I manage to split my time. I would like to get Poker Loser out first to be honest, although part of that is I also think it's going to be a shorter book than Venus. Either way there's a lot of writing going on. I'll be posting teasers to both of these on their respective pages very soon, definitely before the end of this month.

Although the very first thing I need to do is fix the
Venus Aspiring cover. *sigh* I hate it when I do stupid things LOL.

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