Sunday, December 30, 2012

Toy Review: Hitachi

One of my Christmas presents to myself this year was a Hitachi.
The first time I ever saw one was on the episode of Sex in the City where Samantha loses her orgasm and her favorite vibrator breaks - it's a Hitachi. I looked at it and thought "really? that's your favorite?"  It's meant to be a personal body massager and you can pick one up at Sharper Image, Brookstone, etc. or online.  I just think it's funny the stores that you can find it at. There is no dildo part unless you buy attachments (which I did, more on that in a moment) and so I was rather skeptical of its use.

Fast foward a little less than ten years and I'm checking out porn that I got for free on Lit (if you buy a certain amount at their toy store they give you free minutes) as well as looking at pics on FetLife and I start noticing that there are a lot of Hitachis being used on bound women. In fact, there seems to be almost a fetish behind it. Then I get onto Twitter and someone I'm following re-tweets a Hitachi post, so I start following Hitachi... which constantly re-tweets posts from men and women about how much they love their toy, etc. 
Okay well now I'm curious.
So I decide to order one for Christmas.  It comes in the mail - whoo-hoo!  Hubby's not home! Perfect time to experiment. I often prefer to start my experiments when he's not home, especially when it comes to playing with myself because I'm a little shy about doing that in front of another person.  Plug it in... it only has two settings low and high... spread my legs and set it where it will do the most good before flicking the switch to Low.
First of all... talk about a pussy massage.  Folds vibrating... everywhere. Even where the head wasn't touching. Since the head is made of a kind of soft material it means that it's not too rough to hold it directly against your most intimate bits. In fact it feels pretty fucking fantastic. Then I moved it up towards my clit and just about levitated off the bed.  It took under a minute for the first climax to hit and then I had to move the thing away before I went into oversensitive post-orgasm painful territory.
I can't imagine what it's like for the women I saw in the video who are left with the damn thing pressed against them and no way to escape.  There's no way I'd be able to do that for myself, I would have to be tied down and someone would have to be doing it to me. Self preservation demanded that I remove it.
Since that first time I've gotten a little bit better at drawing it out, but it still doesn't take me very long. One thing to be careful of, as with any vibrator, is not getting dependent on the toy however. Really strong vibrations can end up numbing your sensitive parts and the effect can take a long time (as in weeks or possible months) to go away if you overuse any toy. And over-using the hitachi is EXTREMLY TEMPTING.
When I got the Hitachi I also got an attachment, as I mentioned. I chose one that would use both holes and had a clit attachment.  The best way I found to use this toy was to ride it.  It's also the best way I've found so far of slowing down the road to climax, it took me longer with the attachment than without.  I'm probably going to order some more attachments.  Just to see what they do. I'm a curious kitty.
I'm also curious to see what effect it has on hubby, but I haven't done that yet. I'll do a secondary review on it once I've got more attachments and have played with it a bit more.  What I will say for now is that it's quite a bit of fun, but it doesn't last very long for me, the idea of orgasm torture has taken on a whole new terror, and it's the best toy I have for getting off a quick one when I'm feeling the need but don't have more than a minute or two.  That used to mean that I was just going to have to go on being horny and it's quite a relief that that's no longer the case.

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