Monday, December 10, 2012

Venus Desiring - CHECK!

Let the editing begin!

I'm done writing Venus Desiring. HOLY CRAP. And only a little over a week past my goal! That's not too bad =) Especially considering how freaking long this particular book is! Over 80,000 words. Geezus!  That's good though, I'm sure you'll all appreciate it =) There's a lot of story to this book and I'm really looking forward to finishing up the romances.  I would definitely rate this an erotic romance, lots of plot and lots of sex all around. 

So now I've just gotta go through and edit/format everything for Kindle, which hopefully won't take more than a couple of days and then I'll be submitting it to Amazon. And of course I will post here on the blog when it's available. Like the others, I will be doing a one day free promotion when it comes out (Yay!).  And it will be available for other formats on Smashwords in a couple of months and I'll announce when that happens too of course =)

Very happy right now! Finishing a book is always such a good feeling, especially when I'm really happy with the book in question. Which I am. I think there's a pretty good balance of Hilary & Liam vs. Jessica, Chris & Justin.  There's more JJC than I originally planned, which is part of what extended the length of the book, but it really helped to round the story out. And Hilary and Liam ended up doing things differently than I originally thought they would as well. 

Anyway... just excited that I finished and wanted to share! Especially since I'm hoping to announce that it's available by the end of this week =)