Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toy Review: 10" Rubber Whip

I love this whip.

It's not really meant for hard punishment as far as I can tell, it's too small to really do any damage unless you're really hitting hard.  Although if you use it over and over on the same place then it starts to hurt after awhile, but it really does take a fair amount of time. However, it's got a nice little sting to it, a good warm up piece or just good for sensual impact rather than punishing when used on the ass and thighs. 

The other great thing about it is that it's really made to be used one more sensitive areas of the body, where that little sting makes a much bigger difference.  A few impacts across the breasts with this and my nipples are jumping for attention.  Keep it up and the sting becomes both erotic and a little painful, just enough to really sensitive the whole area.  I'm eager to find out what it's like when combined with clamps, I have a feeling it will sting a lot more then and feel really good.  And, obviously, it's a good pussy whip.  The multiple strands mean that it hits over a pretty wide area, and while that makes it hard to aim, it also means that every slap is going to hit a whole bunch of different nerve endings. 

To me, pussy whipping is where it really becomes an erotic impact toy.  The further a woman's legs are spread, the more places those little strands end up hitting.  Even better, because of the short handle and the length of the strands, it's really easy to use on yourself if you want to do a little preliminary work before masturbating. Obviously it's harder to aim when you're hitting yourself, but the many strands means that the lack of aim isn't that big a deal - you can hit a lot without being able to see it, and the randomness of the impacts only adds to the eroticism. Also, because it's rubber it's super easy to clean afterwards, even if it gets wet with juices. 

This is a really great starter whip for someone who wants to try a little impact play but is nervous or worried about the amount of pain. As an introduction piece, it can be used on any part of the body that a real whip would be used for, and the way the little strands curl around your body parts is just great.  For actual punishment it's most effective on the nipples, pussy and asshole; the sensation is mostly stinging with a little bit of a bite to it. 

Fun. =)

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