Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wanna Bet?

So, I was torn between making a revised Wanna Bet? part of an anthology or setting it out as a standalone... and ended up deciding on standalone. It's pretty different from the Literotica version... it doesn't have as many sex scenes, for one.  I only did about half of the original bets because the storyline/romance ends up taking on more importance than the sexual acts and the story ended up coming to its natural conclusion sooner than it did when I wrote it for Literotica and was concentrating on the sex.

Derrick and Kerry have been best friends for a long time, with a long standing ritual of bets that tend to push them beyond the bounds of friendship, but they never act on - or even acknowledge - any feelings that they have beyond being best friends. Somehow their relationships with other people never work out but that's okay because they always have their friendship to fall back on. In fact, they've gotten further sexually with each other than with anyone they've dated.

Their good friends Janice and Missy take it upon themselves to push Kerry and Derrick to admitting their feelings by beginning their own campaign to set Derrick and Kerry up with other people. Unsure of where they want their relationship to go Derrick and Kerry are still refusing to admit their feelings, but the nature of their bets pushes the boundaries of friendship farther and farther.

Will Janice and Missy's plan work or will small jealousies overcome the friendship? Will Kerry and Derrick ever admit their feelings for each other or will their bets just become a thing of the past?

This is a 14,475 word novella containing graphic and erotic sex.


  1. I wanted to read this, but it has formatting issues on my kindle touch. Is there a fix for that?

    1. Hm. To be honest I'm not sure. Every so often formatting issues crop up and I can't figure out WHY. It's extremely frustrating. I'll see if re-uploading it helps at all.