Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Title Compromise - What Do You Think?

Okay, so the series title - Domestic Discipline vs. Passion & Punishment - seems to be running fairly neck and neck, they keep switching off on which one is winning. Nobody likes Taming of the Wives (including me but I felt like there needed to be a third option and it did kind of amuse my Shakespearian fanaticism).

The book titles have been doing something similar, although it looks like His Reluctant Bride has edged ahead.  Still, as Tx pointed out to me, there's something very cheesy / Harlequin-y about those titles, and I have to admit that's part of why I thought they might appeal to people, and yet these are definitely not going to be Harlequin type romance books so it almost seems misleading.

Then I thought about... what if I combined them?

So the titles would be something like:

1. Birching His Bride
2. Dealing With Discipline
3. Spanking His Wanton Ward
4. Claiming His Wayward Wife

New poll to the left to see what you all think about that =)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marriage Training Ch. 2

YAY! Chapter 2 of Marriage Training just came out on Literotica!

Things are kinda busy here at the moment. I'm going out of town at the end of this week for a destination wedding; add in how busy I am at work and not much writing has gotten done... but there HAS been a little bit. And I'm definitely taking my laptop on my plane ride so that I can get even more done on there!!!

Beginning With Birching / His Reluctant Bride (voting still going on to the left... so far it looks like The Rebellious Bride is out of the running) is almost done. Literally a chapter and a half away.

Still working on Venus... it's not anywhere close to done yet, but it's going to be good I think.

And I've just barely started Chapter 3 of Marriage Training, but I have to say, MAN am I enjoying this series! A lot more work is going into it than I originally thought, and it's going to be a LOT longer than I originally thought, but that's in large part because of the amount of detail that's going into it and so I'm super okay with that.  Chapters 1 - 3 were originally planned out to be JUST chapter 1, to give you an idea.

Okay... off to work. Everyone have a good day and enjoy Chapter 2!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

An Update & a Request for Help - Vote for Book Titles

Ok... so a couple things before I get into the stuff about my new Victorian series =)

I'm still working on the Venus Quartet of course... although I can't quite hazard a guess as to when the final book will be out other than Spring. Hopefully no later than May... I'd really prefer not to have to push the definition of Spring into June =/ Due to lack of free time during busy season, however, I'm not able to put as much time towards my writing as I would like, but I'm doing what I can to keep myself motivated and to make it the best finale I can =)

I seem to be rotating my focus by weeks almost, although I do work on all three of my current projects almost every day, the main focus usually goes towards one with only little side forays into the others. The week before last my focus was on Venus, last week and the first half of this week it was on Marriage Training (Chapter 2 was submitted yesterday so hopefully that will be out very soon... early next week would be good!) and the past few days my focus has been on my Victorian book. Not because I don't want to work on Venus stuff, but just that's where my brain has been and so that's where my best work has been done. But don't despair, Venus fans, things are going well in that world as well. Next week will pretty much be devoted towards all things Venus, so I'm hopeful of getting quite a bit done.

In the meantime... I need a little help with my new Victorian series (polls are to the left). If you look at my last two blog posts you can read the book description and a teaser from the first book and I'm hopeful that my helpful voters will be able to assist me with naming both the series and the books.  All of the books are going to involve domestic discipline and erotic spankings/discipline, etc.

Possible series titles:
Domestic Discipline
Passion & Punishment
The Taming of the Wives

Possible book titles:
His Reluctant Bride
The Rebellious Bride
Beginning with Birching

When it comes to the book titles if either His Reluctant Bride or The Rebellious Bride wins the vote then the names of the books in this quartet will be:
1. His Reluctant Bride / The Rebellious Bride
2. In Pursuit of Passion
3. Wesley's Amorous Ward (also considering The Wanton Ward)
4. Claiming His Wayward Wife

If Beginning with Birching is chosen, the books will be:
1. Beginning With Birching
2. Dealing With Discipline
3. Seducing With Spanking
4. Punishment With Purpose

Or if you think that I need to keep coming up with other options you can vote for that.  Suggestions are more than welcome in the comments section below =)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teaser - Domestic Discipline

As promised, I'm posting a teaser for Domestic Discipline. I am hopeful that I will have finished it by next week, although writing is slow going lately... I'm also hoping to be done with the next chapter of Marriage Training around the same time or possibly earlier.

I'm in a bit of a quandary over the Domestic Discipline books though... I can't decide whether or not that's truly the best name for the quartet and I'm having trouble deciding if I like the name of the first book - Beginning With Birching.  Does anyone have any better suggestions? If so, please email me ( or leave you suggestions in the comments section below.

Anyway, here's the teaser, it's from the prologue at the very beginning of the book. I hope this gets you all interested!:

Edwin Villiers, also known as Lord Hyde, was about to see his first female birching.  It was a highly anticipated event, for although the young man was quite familiar with the birch from his school days, he hadn't realized that such harsh methods could be used on the more delicate feminine sex.  During his school days he'd gotten into quite a few scrapes with his two best friends, Lord Wesley Spencer and Lord Hugh Stanley.  They were all sons of earls, destined for positions of wealth and power, and had indulged in the usual wild antics of the masculine rakish aristocracy. All good looking and charming young men in their early twenties, they had a bit of experience with the feminine sex, but both Wesley and Edwin had been astonished to learn that their good friend Hugh Stanley, Viscount Petersham, had experience in an area they were entirely unfamiliar with - that of feminine discipline.

It was not unusual for brothers to watch their sisters being punished, in fact it was quite often young boy's first glimpse at a girl's rounded bottom.  Unfortunately for Edwin and Wesley, they did not possess sisters. Edwin was an only child and Wesley had three young brothers but not a single sister.  Until Hugh had begun telling them stories about his father's attempts to bring his sister Eleanor to heel, they hadn't realized that young girls and ladies might be punished in the same way that they had their brothers had. 

Petersham's father, the Earl of Harrington, was apparently quite a strict taskmaster, although less so with his son and heir than with his spoiled brat of a daughter, Eleanor. After all, young men were expected to sow their wild oats and Hugh had never done anything worse than most of his peers, certainly he didn't have the reputation of a complete reprobate.  Eleanor, on the other hand, was enough to make a father despair.   At eighteen years of age the young beauty should have been readying herself to be presented to Society, but her father had decided that she needed an extra year of polish. In truth he had recently discovered that his wife had overindulged the girl to the point of ridiculousness and now Eleanor was determined to get her own way in all things, whether or not what she wanted was right or reasonable.  She and her mother had been living on their own in the family's house in Brighton for most of the past six years while Harrington had attended to his business in London and done what he could to raise his heir. Although he had visited numerous times, it wasn't until he'd spent a full summer in the company of his wife and daughter that he'd realized just how out of hand the situation had become and had made the decision to step in and fulfill his neglected parental duties to his daughter.

Of course he didn't blame her for her wild ways, he knew it was his wife's indulgence that had created Eleanor's attitude, but he was quite determined to correct it.  Hugh's friends had been astonished to learn that his father birched Eleanor as part of his corrective measures, his quest to curb her in the shortest amount time possible so that she could be presented without dishonoring the family.  They'd been even more taken aback to discover that Hugh had played witness to these birchings on more than one occasion, his father deeming it necessary for him to witness how to tame a wayward woman, and possibly good training for when Hugh took a wife.  When Hugh had offered to share this intriguing sight with his friends, the next time they were on location when there was to be a spanking or birching, they had immediately agreed.

Now, finally, it was happening.  Eleanor had been bucking her father's decrees on matter of dress for months now.  Today Edwin, Hugh and Wesley had been escorting Eleanor and her friends through some shops when Lord Harrington had happened upon them and seen that Eleanor had snuck out of the house in a dress that he had already deemed inappropriate for day wear. Truly, the neckline was too low cut for a morning outing, although of course none of the gentleman remarked on it. Seeing the hint of Eleanor's splendid bosom was not something Edwin or Wesley objected to, and her brother could be understandably excused for not noticing his sister's breasts as he was more focused on the other young ladies accompanying her. However her father was enraged at this immodest sight and had immediately demanded Eleanor's return home, promising her that she would be soundly disciplined.

Recognizing his father's turn of phrase, Hugh had immediately asked his friends if they wished to accompany him and see the promised sight. To which, of course, they had quickly agreed.

Now Edwin, Hugh and Wesley were quietly tucked into the gallery above Lord Harrington's study, watching him lecture Eleanor.

"Are you sure he's going to do it?" asked Edwin.  In all his twenty four years he'd never thought he'd see a sight such as Hugh promised, and he wasn't entirely sure that it was going to be forthcoming today.  He couldn't imagine such a thing, especially not with a virginal young beauty like Eleanor.  All three men were quite successful with women, but they confined their activities to widows, the bored married ladies of the ton and the occasional ladybird; he had to admit to himself that he was quite as excited about seeing young Eleanor's untouched body as he was of the promised birching. Although he'd known her when she was younger, he hadn't been attracted to her until today when he'd been distracted by her honey blonde curls, her cool blue eyes and her haughty demeanor.  She had the kind of icy exterior that made a man want to see what he could coax from beneath it.

"Absolutely," Hugh whispered back, his voice confident. "He's just making her squirm. He says that anticipation makes it stick better."

"Then why does she keep defying him?" asked Wesley, also keeping his voice low.  Hugh had assured them he didn't think his father would care about an audience, but as he did not have actual permission, they were taking care not to be heard. "You'd think that being birched would make a woman think twice about her actions. God knows I did everything I could to avoid it."

Hugh shrugged. "That's just Nell's way.  Mother let her do whatever she wanted and now she does as she pleases, no matter the effect on our family or her reputation.  Truthfully though, she's been shaping up the longer this goes on. She just can't help herself some days."

The three young men fell silent as Lord Harrington stood, waiting with baited breath for the promised birching. 

"Please Father," her sweet young voice drifted up to their ears, pleading. "This is really quite unnecessary."

"It's not for you to decide what's necessary," said her father, gesturing impatiently for her to get up. "If you hadn't worn that dress then it would have been unnecessary. I'm burning it this afternoon and if you get any more like it then you'll be punished even more harshly.  You deliberately disobeyed me, deceived your brother into thinking you were properly attired and have brought shame down on our family.  The number of people that saw you so immodestly displayed, at such an early hour, is not to be thought of. The Society matrons will pick you apart before we ever have a chance to present you and then you'll never be wed."

Eleanor's pretty blonde head was bowed, making her appear contrite, but the fists clenched at her sides told the real story.  The anger in her body only intrigued Edwin more, he'd known that she had some fire beneath that haughty exterior and now he was finally getting a chance to see some of it. His groin stirred as he peered down at her, remembering the lovely, creamy swell of her breast that he'd been privileged to see this morning.

"From now on you'll present yourself to me before leaving the house, so that I can ensure that you are never again so immodest in public. But for now, you will be punished for knowingly disobeying your father and causing further talk about town with your behavior. Now get up and get into position."

Her movements jerky, Eleanor stood and walked around to the side of the chair, her back to the three avidly watching young men.  Slowly she gripped her skirts and pull them up to her waist in back, extra fabric hanging down in the front.  Edwin stifled a low moan a the sight of her buttoned boots, knee high stockings with garters and thin white drawers; it was all he could do to keep from gasping as she leaned forward and it was revealed that she was wearing the more old fashioned kind of drawers, the kind that lacked an inner seam.  The fabric parted as she bent over the broad, padded arm of the chair, revealing creamy white buttocks and thighs, framed by the even whiter thin fabric of her undergarments.  

"All the way in position, Eleanor," her father said sternly.
With a little whimper that hardened Edwin's cock even further, she spread her legs, pointing her toes inwards, which caused the blonde fringed shell of her cunny to spread, leaving it as bare and vulnerable as her arse.

Edwin's cock throbbed in his pants, fully at attention at this glorious sight and he surreptitiously put his hand over the bulge at the front of his pants, discreetly rubbing it as he watched his companions from the corner of his eye, but they were paying him no attention. Their eyes were riveted to the scene below him and he refocused his attention there as Lord Harrington nodded his head approvingly and went to a side cupboard.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Introducing: Domestic Discipline

So Angel, what have you been up to lately?

Well, even before I started working on Marriage Training I was already working out my recent minor obsession with all things Regency/Victorian with a story that will be the first ever story I've written available exclusively through Kindle. No teasers on Lit, no first chapters, no variations on it... Only for Kindle.

My inspiration from this story came from several areas:

1. My aforementioned recent obsession with the Regency/Victorian era

2. Anne Randolph's Uncle Charles' Girls - the first scene of my book was, in particular, inspired by the first scene of hers, although from there the stories diverge greatly.  I was fascinated by her use of the birch, the idea of a voyeuristic awakening in a young man upon seeing a young woman disciplined, and how it might effect what he desires in a marriage.

3.  Other books of domestic discipline (man I love the spankings) which didn't quite satisfy me. I've noticed that a lot of domestic discipline books focus on the discipline without having much of an erotic element. Or those that do have both discipline and eroticism tend to be low on romance/plot/character development (in my opinion).

So I wanted to combine all of these things - domestic discipline, eroticism and romance - and I came up with a plot summary for four books with interconnected characters. I'm almost done with the first one. I would take breaks from the contemporary scenes of Poker Loser and Venus in order to indulge my lusts for the historical before getting back on track with the others, and the first one is shorter than the others will be (and it will also be cheaper), so it's almost ready. Which means that I should probably start introducing you to what I've been working on.

Book One - Beginning With Birching

Edwin Villiers, Lord Hyde and only child of the Earl of Clarendon, didn't realize that women were sometimes discipline with the birch until the day he was invited by his friend Hugh Stanley, Viscount Petersham and son of the Earl of Harrington, to witness the disciplining of Hugh's sister Eleanor.  While he'd known Eleanor as a young girl, she had grown up to a beautiful but spoiled young woman who, even at the age of 18, wasn't quite ready to make her debut.  After being overly indulged by her mother for years, her father Lord Harrington has realized that he must take her in hand or risk her ruining the family's reputation with her willful ways once she's out in Society.

While watching the young lady receive a bare bottom birching, Edwin finds himself having a reaction he'd never expected - a shocking arousal that awakens a new array of sensual desires in him.  When Eleanor appears in Society a year lady, having learned to pretend to the demure manners her father demands, Edwin starts to think about leaving his bachelor days behind and securing Eleanor as his wife. He knows that a sweet and generous person lurks beneath the spoiled manner she's adopted in recent years, and he's not at all adverse to administering the necessary punishments to bring back the Eleanor he once knew.

When Eleanor enters the marriage mart she already knows exactly what she's looking for: someone who will love her more than she loves him.  After watching her parents' marriage she's seen the power her father wields over her mother, who is worshipfully in love with him.  Eleanor wants the jewels, the silks, the dresses, and she absolutely does not want to lose her heart.  The man she's looking for is kind, indulgent and will never threaten her emotional happiness. He's certainly nothing like her brother's rather rakish and dangerously handsome friend Lord Hyde, even if the man does make her feel strange yearnings that she's never experienced before.

Unfortunately her father has little trust in his daughter's supposed reformation, especially after her behavior at her come-out ball when he sees the men she's chosen to attract - and her tactics for doing so.  Sure that Eleanor is on the way towards ruining her reputation as well as the family's, especially if she manages to snare a man without the gumption to combat her willful ways, her father marries her off to the overbearing and far-to-attractive Lord Hyde within the first week of her Season.

Never at a loss for long, Eleanor soon comes up with a plan that will make her a constant thorn in her husband's side until he's all too happy to allow her to live separately from him and manage her own life.  Unfortunately for her, Edwin is just as determined to see his spoiled bride tamed and she finds his methods of discipline as disturbingly arousing as they are painful, but Eleanor has never been one to back down easily.  Romance, punishment and pleasure abound as husband and wife test the limits of their new relationship and fight to determine what their future will be.

Look for a teaser in my next blog ;)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Toy Review: The Natural Doubles Penetrator

So, I bought this after working on all the Venus stuff, thinking that hey... it's the perfect toy for fantasizing about DP right?

Well, it's okay... the main dildo is pretty great, although a tiny bit more length wouldn't have been amiss, but overall it's a nice piece. The one for the backdoor is a little too slender, not just because I wanted to get more feeling from it but also because it's actually a little difficult to insert because it has a tendency to bend while you're trying to do so.  Because of that, this is definitely a two-hands piece sometimes, it's not the easiest to use on yourself.

Over Valentine's Day I found that it can be quite nice when used ON you however.  Hubby went through my toys (and man did I get a LOOK when he found this one) and decided to give me a little bit of a foursome fantasy.  69 position combined with this toy and BAM, all three holes filled.  And he did a much better job of using this toy on me than I was able to do using it on myself.  It was hot. It felt great. And it was a lot more satisfying.

As a toy for self-pleasure it gets 2.5 out of 5 stars. As a couples toy, I'll give it 4 stars. You have to get a little creative with it, since there isn't any kind of clit stimulator and the anal dildo really should be thicker, but there's definitely some fun to be had. And Hubby said the visual was great.

I'm going to be working on Chapter 2 of Marriage Training today, I think I'm currently about 1/3 of the way through the chapter. Hoping to get a lot of work done today before the crazy work week starts up again tomorrow (yeah... no holidays during busy season, not even to celebrate the presidents... oh well!)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Marriage Training

***oops, I meant to post this yesterday*****:


Marriage Training Ch. 1 is now up on Lit. Now that's a Happy Valentine's Day ;)

At least to me because I've really been looking forward to it coming out, hopefully people enjoy it.  Although, as I think I mentioned before, the first chapter has no sex in it. But it's got good build-up and major erotic appeal, at least to me. It makes me excited for everything to come. Unfortunately I haven't gotten as much work done on Chapter 2 as I would like. The story is swirling around in my head, but due to it being busy season for the next couple of months and the fact that I'm working over time because of that, I haven't had as much time in my life period.

The nice thing is, after April 15, my life becomes substantially more open, especially over the summer. So the wait is going to be a little longer between chapters for a bit, but hopefully not too much longer.

Any special Valentine's Day plans out there?

I love Valentine's Day but more because I think it's a great way to share the love, I hate that people make it into a romantic holiday. I love hubby, but I love a lot of other people too.  Tonight I'm going to see the new Die Hard movie with friends and hubby.  I did make him a kind of romantic breakfast this morning though, I must admit. Chocolate chip heart-shaped pancakes. YUM. =) I should have taken a picture... oh well. Maybe next time LOL. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Temptation & Punishment

Part 2 is now available!

This was such an interesting one for me to write. It was a reader request story and I originally meant for it to be all in one part, but it ended up working better in two.  She wanted the storyline and she also didn't want a threesome, group sex didn't appeal to her even though that's where my head immediately went. But she rather liked the part in Allison's New Life where Roger got to punish Allison.  So that ended up being the basic premise, but of course once you put a story in the Loving Wives category people start es-plooooooooooooding lol.  Like me she's a wife who just has a fantasy, because it's not like she can have a fantasy that doesn't include her husband unless it's a Loving Wives kind of fantasy.  And when there's no way you're going to do something IRL, then the fantasy is all you get to play with.

So now that Temptation and Punishment is out and complete, if I remember correctly I submitted the first chapter of Marriage Training either the day after or two days after, so that should be out either tomorrow or Thursday (hopefully). 

I'm not sure if I'm going to be writing any more stand alones for a little bit, not unless the mood really hits me hard, cuz I'm rather involved in everything else that I'm writing.  I'm going through and doing some edits for the first three Venus books while I re-read them. I've been working on Venus Transcendent but I kept having to go back and check the other books to confirm information so much that I ended up deciding it would be faster for me to just re-read them and have all the information fresh in my mind.  And, of course, now that I'm re-reading them I'm noticing little errors that I didn't catch when I first edited them, so I'll be re-submitting them to Amazon with updates after I finish that. 

That's basically what's going on with me... Oh, and because I have trouble concentrating on one thing at a time, I have a Victorian series for Kindle that I'm almost finished with the first book... I'll be talking more about that next blog =)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yeah I'm Wearing Your Shirt

Last night hubby walks up to give me a kiss while I'm sitting at my lap top, does a double take and says "Hey, that's my shirt!"

My super creative response? "I don't know what you're talking about."

The dumbfounded look on his face me it totally worth it... for just half a second he wondered if he was somehow wrong and the shirt I was wearing wasn't his shirt but mine.  The next half a second he wondered if I was an idiot and just didn't realize that I was wearing his shirt.  Then he got a good look at my "I'm so innocent" expression and burst out laughing.

I always thought guys liked it when women steal their clothes and wear them (I mean, you know, as long as we return them) but hubby always gets a little indignant over it.  At one point he thought it would make a good argument to say: "I don't go around wearing your clothes." (Funny enough we're going to our annual Valentine's Day drag party next weekend when he will be wearing my clothes, but I think he meant on a regular basis.).  I had to point out to him that I wear his clothes because their comfortable and for the most part he wouldn't be comfortable in my clothes.

I still find it amusing that he seems to think pointing out when I'm wearing his clothing will somehow prevent me from doing it.  Although last night was the first time that I ever really had him at a complete loss for words in my response. *self high five*

In writing news... no idea why my stuff on Literotica is taking so long to come out. It's been awhile since I've had two submissions in at once.  I'm now working on Chapter 2 of Marriage Training but it'd be nice to have the first one come out so that I can get some feedback before I submit chapter 2.  Not that I'm anywhere near the end of it yet, but it'd be a little easier to write. Whenever I'm starting a new story or getting really close to the end, that's when feedback is most important to me.

Busy season at work has slowed down my writing pace some, although I'm doing what I can to keep it up.  But you know, when you have to work extra hours during the week and almost a full day on Saturdays in addition to the normal time, it has an effect on productivity.  Still, I'm fairly happy with the amount that I'm putting out considering the time I have to work on it... hopefully the Lit stuff will be out any day now!  I always feel like I need to prove that I'm actually getting some writing done so it drives me nuts when the Lit submissions are slow. Irrational, but there ya go.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Git 'er dun!!!!!!

I have hillbilly voice in my head. Go figure.

Anyway... the reason I haven't been posting blogs this week is two fold

1. It's busy season at my day job which means working overtime which means a lot less writing time for me

2. When I have had writing time, I've been working on stories!

This has led to me getting things done. ;)

I submitted the second part of Temptation and Punishment to Literotica a couple of days ago so hopefully that will be out sometime this weekend or next week. I'm hoping that now that the Valentine's Day contest is closed stories will be posted faster. I've noticed that it slows down during contest times, especially as the deadline approaches.  Finally got around to actually reading the comments instead of just glancing at the headlines and was rather fascinated.  Seems less people took issue with this particular submission than others. Always interesting to me.

In bigger news (in my opinion anyway just because I know that people are more excited about things that they've voted for) - I submitted Chapter 1 of Marriage Training this evening! So that should be out next week as well =)  Fair warning - there's no sex in it. It's more of an introduction to the characters and laying out what's going to happen in the story... I consider it the flirting glance that I send across the room to catch a man's eyes. Hey... hey you there... well hello... do you like what you see?  ;)

As I said, this is going to be a fairly involved story, I'm definitely going to be making it available (and extending it) for Kindle afterwards. Actually, truth be told, I'm writing both versions simultaneously. There's more to the story in my head than what I'll be putting out on Lit mostly because I'm going to be connecting it to another series that I want to write. That was part of my big brainstorming last weekend... started thinking about a new series and then realized that Marriage Training would fit right into it. The version going up on Lit is going to be awesome though, it's just that the version for Kindle will have a lot more to it (which is as it should be, since I have no choice but to charge for the Kindle ones).

Ok... getting back to work. Doing some entirely new things with Marriage Training... for this story I've been heavily influenced by Anne Randolph and Alice Liddell, particularly Alice Liddell's Childebride Island. We'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Heh heh...

Aaaaah the wonderful inundation of commentary that follows the publication of a Loving Wives story.  Since this one is a two-parter I'm deliberately not reading the comments left on part one until I've finished and submitted the second part.  It can get too frustrating and make me feel unmotivated to write reading how annoyingly dumb some people are.  Especially since I fairly specifically laid out what is and is not in the story at the very beginning of it. I will never understand those people who don't like a certain category but always read the stories and leave negative feedback for them. Do they really think they're somehow making a "difference" by trying to force everyone else to proscribe to what they consider an acceptable sexual fantasy?  

I didn't realize everyone was supposed to be turned on by the exact same things.

How incredibly boring.

Anyway, that's my little rant of the moment. 

I didn't get much writing done this weekend... I went snow-tubing. And watched the Superbowl. Go Ravens!!!

I did have some major brainstorming going on though; lots of things gotten written down.  I've been working on the first chapter of Marriage Training and it's taking me longer to write than my usual Lit stories, and even then my books, because it's in a slightly different style than I usually do and there's a LOT of information going into it.  I ended up having this like, inspiration flash, for how to turn it into a book once it's done on Lit and then had more brainstorms for books to follow it. One book led to another led to another... this will definitely end up being available on Kindle. 

I would have liked to made Being the Maid available for Kindle, but I wouldn't have been able to get it to subscribe to Amazon's guidelines for allowable content without changing the story too much. The whole point of that one was that there had to be non-con stuff in it and Amazon doesn't allow that. So unfortunately that one will remain only available on Lit, as much as I would love to make it available for Kindle. But I think that Marriage Training is going to be just as well liked, if not more (I have to admit, it's already my new favorite series... LOL. Interesting how that happens with every new series, right?) and I'm really looking forward to finishing the first chapter and letting people get a look at it. I probably have enough that I could post a first chapter now but it would be a very short first chapter (Kind of like Submission Ch. 1) and people always seem annoyed by that so it just means that the wait's going to be a little bit longer. 

Anyway. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... back to cracking the writing whip for me!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Free Today: Books 1 & 2 of Poker Loser

As promised, you can download Forced Bet and Back in the Game today for free as a result of me (finally) getting the format together for the Kindle Fire.  Other Kindle users just get lucky and get a second chance =P

Still waiting for Lit to release part one of the Loving Wives story that I wrote, Temptation and Punishment.  Don't know what's taking so long lately.  I'm working on part 2.  Also working on Chapter 1 of Marriage Training, it's a much more involved storyline than I usually do for Lit, and it's in an entirely new genre for me in a lot of ways so it's taking me longer than usual for my stories. But I think it's going to be really good.

And I'm getting myself back into the Venus series. Woot!