Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - New Year & New Goals!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve, stayed safe, and isn't too hung over today =)  I'm so excited about 2016, I've got a lot of goals for it!

First of all, my narrator for the Venus Rising Quartet is going to start work on the second book.  Unfortunately she can't start on it till May, but since it's shorter than the first book I'm hoping that it will be out and available by the end of 2016.  I'm also going to start auditioning narrators for a Birching His Bride / Dealing With Discipline duo audio book (since I feel that Birching His Bride is really too short to have people paying the prices Amazon charges for audiobooks.) and get started on audiobooks for that quartet.

I'm also going to be working on getting more of my books out in paperback.  I originally had some help, but I've gotten impatient waiting for Venus Transcendent to be released in paperback so I'm going to be learning how to do it myself!  Once I get that done I'll have some kind of giveaway for a signed quartet =)  Then I'll start work on getting the Domestic Discipline Quartet formatted and released as paperbacks!

My first goal of the year, however, is to get the re-written Marriage Training to the agent who is going to try to get it published through the traditional avenues.  It's SO CLOSE to being done and I'm super excited about it.  A lot has been cut from it, but a lot has been added too.  It's much more a traditional romance now, with more character development and romance development.  Gabriel gets involved in Vivian's life MUCH earlier on than he does in the Lit series =)  So, she's been waiting so very patiently and I'm finally just about ready to give it to her, so gonna finish banging that out and then moving on!

This year I'm aiming to release Gabrielle's Discipline, Bound to the Past, and Arabella's Taming, in that order.  If I'm really lucky, I'll also be able to get out Stripping the Sub before 2017.  We'll see!  I was originally thinking I'd do another Stronghold novella, but I think I'd rather just jump right into Bound.  I need to stop doing novellas and focus on the main series =D  Andrew and Kate are ready.  Although, of course, Felix and Gabrielle come first.  I'm also going to be releasing another Dark Angel title this year, the second book in the Planets Apart series, which will focus on age-play.

But, I won't lie, I'm even more excited about what's happening on April 1, 2016: