Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year... New Me!

Well, not quite a new me, not yet, but that's what I'm working toward in 2020! We'll get to that in a minute ;)

First, I just want to say thank you everyone for bearing with me through 2019. I know that I didn't get much done on everyone's favorite series. Part of it was that I did not realize how much having a baby would slow down my writing speed (for some reason I thought that when I did write, my speed would be the same as it was pre-baby, even if I didn't get as much time to write... instead, I wrote soooooo much slower, although thankfully my speed increased as the year went on.

As much as I missed my Stronghold gang and my Victorian lords and ladies, I really loved everything I wrote this past year and it was good to get some time off from my main series, let all the new ideas for their spin-offs percolate a little =P I also really loved both of the Big Bad Bunnies books I wrote in 2019, Polar Bear and Honey Badger. I wish that series was more financially feasible, but it just never sells as well as the others. Still, I'm looking forward to the last book in the series coming up in just a few months!

Two of the biggest things from 2019 were hitting two of my author bucket list items - I had my first traditionally published book release, Marriage Training, and wrote Defended for one of my favorite multi-author series, Black Light!  And I'm super stoked because in 2020 I'll be part of the Black Light Roulette Anthology, so that's another author bucket list item checked off ;)

I also finally re-released updated versions of the Venus Rising Quartet and finished off their story with a big ole wedding, which was something I've wanted to do for a long time. And also managed to work in doing something with Justin's boat, to satisfy my Facebook group members =P

So yeah. Last year was a pretty great year, even though I didn't start Marquis or the new Victorian quartet like I wanted to. But that's what 2020 is for! And I'd like 2020 to be a biiiiiiiiiiiig year, because this spring I'm finally going to make the leap to full time. Right now I'm getting everything set up for it and trying to get my finances in order to make sure this is feasible, but unless something crazy happens, it's looking like a go.

With that in mind, I'm also putting my older series through Kindle Unlimited rotations, which other authors have advised me can be really helpful with boosting an older series, since when they go back wide they often experience a bit of a jump. Plus, in the meantime, I can take advantage of a whole new readership of KU readers. I'm only going to be offering one series at a time through Kindle Unlimited and this year I'm kicking it off with the Domestic Discipline Quartet.

All four books and the box set will be available in KU January - March, and then in April they'll go wide again and the Bridal Discipline Series will go into KU through September! I'm not sure what's going to go through starting in October, but there's a good chance it will be the Venus Rising Quartet for October - December and then the Stronghold Series in the beginning of 2021.

So that's what's going on with older books - but what about new books?!

Well the Pirate Anthology just released =) WOOT! I had told myself no more anthologies after the Dirty Daddies box set, but then I was invited to write a kinky pirates story, so ya know... lol. Arrr.

And here's the rest of the 2020 line-up (please note, most of these are GOAL release dates... so cross your fingers that I manage to keep to my schedule!)

January 1 - Pirates, Passion, and Plunder Anthology

January 20th - Venus Rising Quartet Box Set

February 7th - Black Light: Roulette WAR

February 14th - Blood Lust by Sinistre Ange and Raisa Greywood

April 1st - Chasing Her Lion - Book 6 (final book!) in the Big Bad Bunnies Series

May 20th - Book 1 in the Masters of Marquis series

June 30th - His Pretty Kitty by Sinistre Ange (Book 3 in the Planets Apart series)

July 13th - The Lady - The Dirty Heroes Collection

August 31st - Book 1 in the Deception and Discipline Series


October 10th - Little Villains Box Set

November 15th - Serving Her Sentence by Sinistre Ange

January 2021 - Book 2 in the Masters of Marquis Series

At some point, Lee Savino and I will also get the third book in the Tsenturion Masters series out, but we don't have even a predicted date for that yet.

I think it's going to be an AWESOME year and I hope you're all as excited as I am looking at this crazy ass schedule!