Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks For the Past Year!

Woo! Happy New Years Eve!

First Time at the Gyno is now available to read on Lit!
I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years Eve planned =)  Remember - drinking and driving is bad. Have a DD, call a cab, or find out the number of a place that will drive you for free if you're drunk (they exist).
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for making this past year really great for me. I truly appreciate every single comment and feedback email that I receive, it helps keep me motivated to keep up with the writing.  It doesn't matter whether you're anonymous or not, I'm grateful to know that there are people out there who are reading my work and loving it.  Of course, I do notice those who leave their names, and it really does tickle me pink when I start recognizing someone's name over and over again.  AquaPrincess was probably the first one who stood out, but now I get excited over a lot of names - joodle, delisha, fifi, tx, gemini, eliza, etc. etc. (I couldn't possibly name them all, although those are the ones off the top of my head that I immediately recognize). I love hearing from all of you =)
I probably wouldn't have kept writing this year without all of the feedback I got upon my return to Lit, and I definitely wouldn't have started putting out anything on Amazon without the suggestions of readers, so thank you all so much for the support you've given me this past year and pushing me to farther than I would have gone on my own. I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

As a little happy end of year / beginning of new year titillation... here's a picture (of me):

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Toy Review: Hitachi

One of my Christmas presents to myself this year was a Hitachi.
The first time I ever saw one was on the episode of Sex in the City where Samantha loses her orgasm and her favorite vibrator breaks - it's a Hitachi. I looked at it and thought "really? that's your favorite?"  It's meant to be a personal body massager and you can pick one up at Sharper Image, Brookstone, etc. or online.  I just think it's funny the stores that you can find it at. There is no dildo part unless you buy attachments (which I did, more on that in a moment) and so I was rather skeptical of its use.

Fast foward a little less than ten years and I'm checking out porn that I got for free on Lit (if you buy a certain amount at their toy store they give you free minutes) as well as looking at pics on FetLife and I start noticing that there are a lot of Hitachis being used on bound women. In fact, there seems to be almost a fetish behind it. Then I get onto Twitter and someone I'm following re-tweets a Hitachi post, so I start following Hitachi... which constantly re-tweets posts from men and women about how much they love their toy, etc. 
Okay well now I'm curious.
So I decide to order one for Christmas.  It comes in the mail - whoo-hoo!  Hubby's not home! Perfect time to experiment. I often prefer to start my experiments when he's not home, especially when it comes to playing with myself because I'm a little shy about doing that in front of another person.  Plug it in... it only has two settings low and high... spread my legs and set it where it will do the most good before flicking the switch to Low.
First of all... talk about a pussy massage.  Folds vibrating... everywhere. Even where the head wasn't touching. Since the head is made of a kind of soft material it means that it's not too rough to hold it directly against your most intimate bits. In fact it feels pretty fucking fantastic. Then I moved it up towards my clit and just about levitated off the bed.  It took under a minute for the first climax to hit and then I had to move the thing away before I went into oversensitive post-orgasm painful territory.
I can't imagine what it's like for the women I saw in the video who are left with the damn thing pressed against them and no way to escape.  There's no way I'd be able to do that for myself, I would have to be tied down and someone would have to be doing it to me. Self preservation demanded that I remove it.
Since that first time I've gotten a little bit better at drawing it out, but it still doesn't take me very long. One thing to be careful of, as with any vibrator, is not getting dependent on the toy however. Really strong vibrations can end up numbing your sensitive parts and the effect can take a long time (as in weeks or possible months) to go away if you overuse any toy. And over-using the hitachi is EXTREMLY TEMPTING.
When I got the Hitachi I also got an attachment, as I mentioned. I chose one that would use both holes and had a clit attachment.  The best way I found to use this toy was to ride it.  It's also the best way I've found so far of slowing down the road to climax, it took me longer with the attachment than without.  I'm probably going to order some more attachments.  Just to see what they do. I'm a curious kitty.
I'm also curious to see what effect it has on hubby, but I haven't done that yet. I'll do a secondary review on it once I've got more attachments and have played with it a bit more.  What I will say for now is that it's quite a bit of fun, but it doesn't last very long for me, the idea of orgasm torture has taken on a whole new terror, and it's the best toy I have for getting off a quick one when I'm feeling the need but don't have more than a minute or two.  That used to mean that I was just going to have to go on being horny and it's quite a relief that that's no longer the case.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of the Year Thoughts

Wow... I can't believe that 2012 is almost over. It's been a pretty big year for me. Not only did I come back to Literotica and start writing again, but I also managed to make my way to the #1 favoritest author spot on the favorites page (and it looks like I'm going to be holding that position! WOOT!), won my first seasonal writing contest, and have started publishing some of my books on Amazon! All in all... pretty damn exciting for me! Plus, I also went to Harry Potter World, Disney World, celebrated my first wedding anniversary, my first ever Redskins game, and Florida for the first time!  I've had a pretty damn exciting year. Next year is looking pretty good too.
I've been on a bit of a writing craze this week... I think I have this idea in my head that as soon as I finish the Poker Loser Trilogy I'll be able to turn all of my concentration to the conclusion of the Venus Rising Quartet and the Stronghold Doms. Granted, I could probably split my time between the two evenly, but right now Winning Hand is definitely taking the majority of my focus. I'm hoping to have it done fairly quickly and then I'll be finished with it. Not that I don't love Allison and Todd, but I can't lie... I find the Venus characters much more intriguing at the moment. Still, I need to finish the trilogy, so that's my immediate goal. And I am having a lot of fun with it, because Todd gets much rougher than Justin or Liam.  Eventually some of the Stronghold Doms will get as rough (or rougher) than Todd with their subs, but that's in the future, so for now I'm enjoying Todd's antics =)  Of course I'm still working on Venus Transcendent as well, just not as much as I am on Winning Hand.
I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the conclusion to Being the Maid (at least, from the comments I've gotten so far it certainly seems like everyone enjoyed it)... I had a lot of fun writing it and I enjoyed the way the story ended up.  For those who thought I could have continued... yes I could have but it would be a different story. There was no way to continue it as a non-con story and that's what it started out as.  I probably will not continue Garrett & Bridget's story, however there's been a lot of requests for a story about Samuel's future (which is something I was already considering when the requests started coming in) and it's possible that I will do that.  It won't be immediate though and it won't be another long series if I do it. I don't think anyway. I'm still pondering possible storylines for him if I write a continuation of his story.
I've started work on finishing Witch.  Yay! That's another plot-heavy story, which isn't bad, it just takes me long to write those.  In the meantime, I needed to do something less plot heavy to let my brain rest a bit and decided to fulfill a reader request that was made for a story involving a doctor. Kind of surprising that I haven't had much to do with medical stories... there's a lot of elements there that often really appeal to me and yet I've never written one. Strange right? Anyway. I had fun just whipping that one off and it's been submitted, should be out in the next couple of days. It's called First Time at the Gyno and it's in the non-con category. As short non-con stories go I think it's one of my better ones... might be all the practice I've recently gotten in that particular category =D Now I'll be moving my focus back to Witch and doing my best to finish that in a timely manner.
So that's what's going on with me. I hope everyone has a great last weekend of the year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wanna Bet?

So, I was torn between making a revised Wanna Bet? part of an anthology or setting it out as a standalone... and ended up deciding on standalone. It's pretty different from the Literotica version... it doesn't have as many sex scenes, for one.  I only did about half of the original bets because the storyline/romance ends up taking on more importance than the sexual acts and the story ended up coming to its natural conclusion sooner than it did when I wrote it for Literotica and was concentrating on the sex.

Derrick and Kerry have been best friends for a long time, with a long standing ritual of bets that tend to push them beyond the bounds of friendship, but they never act on - or even acknowledge - any feelings that they have beyond being best friends. Somehow their relationships with other people never work out but that's okay because they always have their friendship to fall back on. In fact, they've gotten further sexually with each other than with anyone they've dated.

Their good friends Janice and Missy take it upon themselves to push Kerry and Derrick to admitting their feelings by beginning their own campaign to set Derrick and Kerry up with other people. Unsure of where they want their relationship to go Derrick and Kerry are still refusing to admit their feelings, but the nature of their bets pushes the boundaries of friendship farther and farther.

Will Janice and Missy's plan work or will small jealousies overcome the friendship? Will Kerry and Derrick ever admit their feelings for each other or will their bets just become a thing of the past?

This is a 14,475 word novella containing graphic and erotic sex.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Being the Maid Conclusion


Chapter 10 of Being the Maid is finally available on Lit!

I was starting to get sooooooo frustrated at how long that was taking. Geezie! So, very glad it's finally out. 

I had a wonderful holiday and I hope everyone else did too... now it's back to the daily grind *sigh* At least until next week when the NY celebrations start =) YAY!

Not too much else to report... managed to do a little bit of writing over the weekend but not a lot. Working hard on the books. Starting to work on Witch today. Good stuff!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Still Waiting...

I was really hoping that Chapter 10 of Being the Maid would be up by now, but it looks like the holidays are slowing down the publication rate on Lit or something. *sigh* Certain times of the year it just takes longer than usual I guess since the people who approve the stories probably have a lot going on.  Still... super frustrating when I know that people are waiting and I'm like dude... I SUBMITTED! It's not my fault!

Anyway. Holiday times also mean I'm not getting as much writing done as usual and I haven't had time to re-read Witch yet. So what writing I HAVE been doing is focused on the books, which is definitely not a bad thing since it means that I'm getting work done on them =) Had lots of holiday stuff going on this past weekend... got more going on today and tomorrow and then life is back to normal until busy season at my day job starts in January. But I'll be getting as much writing done as possible between now and then =)

Something's wrong with The Venus School of Sex on Amazon, I'm trying to figure out how to fix it now and it should be available again soon... I hope.

Hope everyone who celebrates it is having a Merry Christmas Eve and I hope everyone else is having a good Monday!

Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World?

Probably not.  A lot of people who actually study the Mayans believe that this is the end of an 'era' after which we move into a new world consciousness. Which sounds interesting and hopefully good to me =)
At any rate, let's hope it's not the end of the world because I just submitted Chapter 10 of Being the Maid last night. Man is it looooong. Ended up being 6 Literotica pages, which is over 30 pages in Word. I knew it was going to be ridiculously long.  But I think I'm pretty happy with it... just nervous that other people won't be happy with it. Considering everything that Bridget went through... well let's just say that putting some romance into that wasn't the easiest thing in the world!!! So that should be out within the next couple of days. I'm going to be super curious as to what everyone thinks.
Kind of a relief to be done with it... and at the same time kind of sad. I really enjoyed those characters. And, to be perfectly honest, it's much easier to write something new than it is to return to something old and finish it. Completing Witch is going to be a whole new kind of challenge for me. Which is good =) I'd hate to be resting easy on my laurels or anything lol.
I also want to put out a few standalones. It's harder to do those though, because people usually want some kind of continuation. And sometimes I end up wanting the story to continue even though I originally mean it to be a standalone LOL.  It's very complimentary that people want the characters and story to continue, but sometimes I'm only good for the one go.  The series that I write take a lot of motivation and drive behind them, because they take so much more effort. And sometimes I just don't have that kind of motivation and drive to continue the story. I can usually tell from the beginning whether or not it's going to be one I can continue - I didn't use to be able to do that, but after having been doing this for years now I'm usually able to tell right off the bat.
Anyway. If you're worried about the world ending and you're hoping to survive, make sure you remember William Shatner's advice - Don't wear a red shirt ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Teasers... Multiple!

I've updated the Venus Rising Quartet page and the Poker Loser Trilogy pages with teasers for the next books... both of which are the last book in each set. Yay!!!! As for progress on said books... well they're both in the beginning stages. But I'm feeling pretty confident about where each of them are going and hopefully I'll be able to finish them in a timely manner.

Everyone will be happy (I hope) to know that I think I've finished Being the Maid. I say 'think' because I'm having someone read over the chapter before I submit it... I'm feeling in the need of feedback before I put it out there for everyone to judge =D I'm pretty happy with it, just feeling rather anxious. It's not at all like my usual stories and the pressure for a satisfying end is rather high. At least, I feel like it is.

So that's what's going on... hopefully Chapter 10 will be submitted sometime tomorrow and out by next week. =)  In the meantime, enjoy the teasers! And don't forget... writers love feedback ;) Helps keep us motivated to keep writing!

Where I'm At

I really am like THISCLOSE to finishing Being the Maid.  It's a long, long, last chapter. Which I knew it was going to be. So far over 30 pages in Word. And someone commented on the last one wondering why I didn't just finish it there... cuz it's a LONG last chapter!

Anyway. I was wavering yesterday on whether or not I was happy with it (which is a horrifying prospect when you're as close to finishing a story as I am, when you start doubting the entire last chapter that you've written). I've received some reassurance on the direction that I'm going in and I'm hoping to finish it very soon... within the next couple of days. Which will hopefully mean that it will be available sometime next week on Lit. That's the plan at the moment anyway.

And then I'll start working on completing Witch, although I may also throw out a couple of standalone shorts like Cabin Boy. As much as I do enjoy the long stories, sometimes I need to just get something hot and sexy and short out... relieves the pressure in my brain after writing something more complex ;) Witch is another very detailed story line and the characters are already set up to go through some major changes. Although I do know how I want it to end. Which is good. I just have to write it out =)

I really try not to talk about world events / political events etc. on this blog... I don't want it to become a place where I just vent out my issues with the world. It would be all to easy for my blog to become a bunch of my rants about my strong viewpoints.  I want it to stay focused on my writing, what's going on with my characters, and occasional glimpses into my life. However, I haven't been able to get the events from Newton, CT out of my head since Friday and so I just wanted to give some kind of... I don't know... acknowledgment of the heroes of that day, my grief for those who were lost, and my thoughts and prayers to all of those effected by the tragedy. Take the time to give your children a hug, to give a friend a call, to reach out and let the people that you love know that you love them.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Hobbit

So I am heap big nerd ;)

Went to see The Hobbit this weekend - SO GOOD. Dressed up to go see it. Did NOT go to the midnight showing... was just there on Friday evening dressed up with a few of my friends. A couple people cheered us. Hahahaha. We're awesome. Really love that they're doing such detailed movies for this one... I'm a big fan of the LOTR movies but they def had to cut some things from those, it's kind of awesome that they're doing The Hobbit in 3 parts!

It's been a busy weekend. Freaking holiday times. I did not get as much writing done this weekend as I would have liked, although I did get a little bit done. I'm soooo close to being done with Being the Maid. Like I said, it's a long chapter... but I've finished out writing the endings for the Princess, Blaine and Samuel. Now I just need to wrap up Bridget and Garrett's story, but of course theirs is the longest ending. They've got a lot of shit to work out.

It would be so easy to do a lazy, fast ending, but I feel like it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying. So yeah. Trying to do one that will satisfy everyone.

In the meantime... thank you so much to everyone who's leaving reviews on Amazon for Venus Desiring, I really appreciate it!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oops hahaha

So because I'm human, I made a boo-boo and the cover for Venus Aspiring is incorrect LOL. It says book 4 instead of book 3. But I promise it's only book 3! That's so not the end of the quartet, I promise! =D It got a bunch of downloads yesterday so I hope that everyone enjoyed the free promo! Please, please, please leave a review. It means a lot to me, both personally and for my popularity on amazon. People with more reviews get more face time on the site. That's just how it works.

Meanwhile... I'm a writing fiend. Trying to get as much done before January when my job gets super busy and I'll be working longer hours for the next few months, which means a lot less time for writing.  I make overtime, thankfully, but it does mean my output when it comes to writing is going to be effected.

I will definitely have
Being the Maid done before the end of this month. I think I'm about 2/3 - 3/4 of the way through the final chapter. It is LONG, as I mentioned in my author note on Ch. 9. Someone commented on Chapter 9 that I should have just ended it there... but I didn't cut it off for shits and giggles or because I wanted to draw out the storyline, I cut it off because there's a lot more story to tell and a little bit of a cliffhanger is good for the soul. I'm wrapping a LOT of stuff up, not just Garrett and Bridget's story, but everyone else's stories too. I always hate it when stories end and you only know what happens to the main characters and the others are dismissed as if they weren't important at all. I've completed the Princess' section, I'm about to do Samuel's. I have to figure out where I'm going to work in Blaine's. And then the very end will be what happens with Garrett and Bridget. It's a LOT to write and Chapter 9 would have been way too long if I'd made it the last chapter. This chapter is going to be super long as it is.

I'm a little bit nervous about it being the last chapter, because sooooo many people have told me that this is their favorite story from me so far, and that always adds to the pressure. That seems to be happening a lot lately, and I love that everyone loves each series that I'm putting out and thinks that each one is better than the last, but it does make coming to a satisfying conclusion a little bit more anxiety-inducing for me LOL. I keep thinking "oh no, what if people hate it? what if they don't think it's a good end?" etc. etc. So far I really like what I have though, and usually that's a good sign, if I'm not getting upset with it.

As soon as I'm done with
Maid I'll be working on finishing up Witch before moving on to anything new for Lit - although I might throw another standalone quickie or two in there if the characters start bugging me too much. The gay male piece that I submitted a few days ago was like that; the characters have been in my head literally for MONTHS and then I read a gay male short that I'd gotten for free on my Kindle and the characters just kind of took over and were like no, you're writing us now. That happens sometimes. Rowdy characters in my brain.

I've started on
Venus Transcendent, the beginning of the end... I'm also working on Winning Hand, the last book in the Poker Loser series. I was hoping to have the Poker Loser Trilogy done by now to be honest, but Hilary and Liam kind of took over.  Now Allison and Todd are clamoring for my attention pretty loudly so we'll see how well I manage to split my time. I would like to get Poker Loser out first to be honest, although part of that is I also think it's going to be a shorter book than Venus. Either way there's a lot of writing going on. I'll be posting teasers to both of these on their respective pages very soon, definitely before the end of this month.

Although the very first thing I need to do is fix the
Venus Aspiring cover. *sigh* I hate it when I do stupid things LOL.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

FREE Today Only!; Venus Desiring


Venus Desiring is now out on Amazon - today and today only it is free =)

Please, please, please leave a review! It only takes a minute or two but it means the world to me and it's the best way of thanking me for the free promotion =)  I hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toy Review: Toothpaste & Venus Desiring

Say what?

So, I read a lot. I'm a speed reader. I go through a ridiculous number of books a month, especially since I got my Kindle.  And in several of the BDSMy books that I've read, toothpaste as been used.  The first time I read about it, I laughed. The second time I started to wonder if this was actually a thing. After the third time I read about it in a book by a third different author, I decided it merited a try.  After all, the descriptions were intriguing and toothpaste is definitely easily accessible. Not to mention cheap. 

I started out the way I had read in the books - with my nipples. I pinched them to hardness and put just a small dab on the end of each one.


I can't speak for the "scent of mint assaulting my nose" as one author wrote (although, unlike the character I was not blindfolded at the time of this experiment so it's possible that my senses just weren't suitably heightened) but I can definitely verify the rest of the descriptions. Cold. Tingly almost to the point of burning. They hardened even further and it was a rather delicious sensation.  My breasts felt much more sensitive all over.  

Then I moved down to my clit. Everywhere the toothpaste touched was icy and tingly and wonderful yet slightly torturous. I'm not sure how I'm going to bring this up to my husband, but I'm now having fantasies of being bound, blindfolded and tormented with toothpaste. The idea of hot breath across the cool tingly surface sounds wonderful.  Especially since when I cleaned the toothpaste off, everything got all tingly all over again. 

I will say that once I put it on my clit, I didn't feel lit as much on my nipples anymore. And masturbating displaced what was on my clit - although that made lots of other things tingle too. However, once I rinsed off the toothpaste my nipples were even more sensitive and tingly than before. It made me wonder whether or not toothpaste and clamps would work well together... once I get my clamps I will have to find out, but I'm a little worried that the toothpaste would make the surface too slippery for the clamp to get a good grip. I'll have to see. 

But I have been converted. Expect to read about toothpaste in some stories eventually. ;)

As to writing... I've submitted a very short Gay Male piece to Literotica that should be up in a couple of days, just a quickie that I needed to get out of my head before it drove me crazy and I'm about halfway through the last chapter of Being the Maid =)

Venus Desiring will have its free promo day on tomorrow!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Venus Desiring - CHECK!

Let the editing begin!

I'm done writing Venus Desiring. HOLY CRAP. And only a little over a week past my goal! That's not too bad =) Especially considering how freaking long this particular book is! Over 80,000 words. Geezus!  That's good though, I'm sure you'll all appreciate it =) There's a lot of story to this book and I'm really looking forward to finishing up the romances.  I would definitely rate this an erotic romance, lots of plot and lots of sex all around. 

So now I've just gotta go through and edit/format everything for Kindle, which hopefully won't take more than a couple of days and then I'll be submitting it to Amazon. And of course I will post here on the blog when it's available. Like the others, I will be doing a one day free promotion when it comes out (Yay!).  And it will be available for other formats on Smashwords in a couple of months and I'll announce when that happens too of course =)

Very happy right now! Finishing a book is always such a good feeling, especially when I'm really happy with the book in question. Which I am. I think there's a pretty good balance of Hilary & Liam vs. Jessica, Chris & Justin.  There's more JJC than I originally planned, which is part of what extended the length of the book, but it really helped to round the story out. And Hilary and Liam ended up doing things differently than I originally thought they would as well. 

Anyway... just excited that I finished and wanted to share! Especially since I'm hoping to announce that it's available by the end of this week =) 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Chapter 9 and Randomness

Chapter 9 of Being the Maid is finally out! YAY!

It's amazing that I manage to get any writing done with the amount of things that I have swirling around my head. Not just my own ideas, but other people's.

This week I've been forcing myself to focus entirely on Venus Desiring with only a few sidetracks into Being the Maid Ch. 10, because I want to get it done SO BAD. And I'm halfway through the second to last chapter, so I'm doing pretty good on that count. But it's damn hard to focus. 

Why? Well, partly because as I'm working on Venus Desiring I'm also figuring out the set up for Venus Transcendent and how I'm going to wrap everything up for Hilary and Liam and Jessica, Justin and Chris. At the same time I'm thinking about the other characters at Stronghold and where I want their stories to go, and any time I mention them within the book I start thinking about THEIR books and what's going to happen to them later.  Throughout this, I'm figuring out exactly how the last chapter of Maid is going to go and working on getting that set-up when I take a little diversion into that story.  

Now if only that was all I had going on. But no. I'm also thinking about Winning Hand, the last book of the Poker Loser Trilogy that I haven't been able to focus on nearly as much as I would like to because I've gotten so sidetracked and immersed in Venus. But Allison and Todd and where they're going is still on my mind... I'm looking forward to it because I want to write a whole wedding planning type book, been wanting to do that for ages actually. Ever since planning my own wedding.  I have lots of fun things to put into the story, some from things I've heard from other brides, and some that my head just keeps coming up with.

And on top of that, I'm trying to figure out where Witch is going to go. I've decided to do 2 chapters to finish out that story and I think I know how it ends, as long as the characters don't end up fighting me.  

My head keeps slipping back to Victorian times... partly because I've been reading a lot of Regency / Victorian romance and erotica lately. I actually have started several pieces within that time period. One was over the summer - my own erotic take on Bram Stoker's Dracula.  I also have a birching story and a regular romance/erotica story that are swirling around my head and that I've done some work on. 

Everything I've mentioned... those are just the things I've worked on. But I also have a bunch of other stories in my head that keep getting fleshed out and I don't have time to work on them all at once! Most of which will end up on Literotica, some of which are reader requests. Several Loving Wives stories - a house guest and a young housewife who loves her husband but has needs that he's not meeting, a husband bent on getting revenge on his cheating wife with the help of a friend, a husband who wants to fulfill his wife's fantasy of being with a black man - which will just happen to fulfill a fantasy of his own (and probably not in the way you'd immediately think). An in/taboo Victorian era story where family runs away to avoid debtor's prison to Mother's brother's wilderness retreat and are at his mercy - and he always had a thing for his sister, one where a young woman in her uncle's care is injured and wakes up in an Oz type land where her Uncle has been made King and she's his virgin queen, and one where a daughter sees her father and college age sister getting it on and realizes that she wants to be in her sister's place. 

There's a gay male cabin boy / first mate story that's been in my head for months now. A Daddy Dom story.  A blackmail story where a girl takes out a loan from her father's friend and pays it back with her body - each sex act being worth a certain amount of money.  A woman signs up for a week as a chambermaid in a castle at a resort that specializes in sexual fantasies - hers being forced seduction / non-con / etc. - other guests have signed up for positions as nobles, royalty, footmen, guards, etc. and who you can order around depends on your position.  

I've written down an outline for an entire series of office romances amongst a group of friends (Working Title: Work Benefits hahahaha).

This isn't even all of them. I feel like I could go on forever. They're all just constantly swirling around my brain as I think of more things to add to them, ways to flesh them out, where I want the stories to go... and yet I can only actually focus on writing a few at a time or I'd never finish any of them. It's SO frustrating. Sometimes I wish it was as easy as just typing out an outline and letting people read that, but that's nowhere near as satisfying *sigh* Not emotionally or... well... ah... whatever you do when you're reading stories ;) lol. And of course I'm constantly thinking up new ideas. 

Some days I'm surprised my head doesn't explode.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

When Will It End?

Unfortunately I'm not talking about any of my stories, I'm talking about being sick. UGH. 

Hopefully soon because it's turning my brain to mush. Although I've still been churning out lots of good work... I keep checking to see if Being the Maid Ch. 9 is out... should be any day now. I've started work on Chapter 10. I know where things are going and I think the characters are 100% behind me so it's just getting it all typed out. Which, since it's going to be a long chapter, is probably going to take awhile. That and knowing where things are going doesn't cover knowing exactly what everyone will say and what actions will get me to the end. But I think it's going to be really good. I hope. I'm looking forward to the reaction from Ch. 9 because it's soooo far away from where I thought that chapter was going to go originally and it came as a complete surprise to me as I was writing it. 

Sooooo close to being done with Venus Desiring. I know I keep saying that but it's true. It actually gets frustrating when I get this close because I just want it to be done... but like I said, knowing what's going to happen doesn't take care of dialogue / descriptions. I've gotten a LOT of work done on it this past week. It's just that it's a very long book, probably going to be on par with The Venus School of Sex when it comes to length. So far on my Word document it's over 75,000 words. Jeepers! ;) Aaand not finished yet. To give you an idea - Venus School was about 84,000 words and Aspiring was about 59,000 words. So you know... I promise I'm not slacking! 

Now, unfortunately several of my other projects (including finishing Witch and writing the third book of the Poker Loser series) have been pushed to the side until I complete these two. I'm going to be able to give both of those my attention very soon though and hopefully will have the third book of Poker Loser out this winter and finish Witch by the new year. That's the goal anyway =)

Did a little Christmas shopping for myself yesterday... wanted to get me some naughty toys. So there should be more toy reviews coming soon =D Plus I'm hoping some of these things will help me in my writing. I wonder if I could use them as a tax write-off since I'm writing about this stuff. Heh heh... research materials! ;) I'm rather excited. I got my first electricity set. Not a violet wand, although I want one of those, but they're so expensive that I thought I should start off my electricity explorations with something smaller / cheaper and work my way up to that. Hopefully hubby will be interested in helping me with these... he's handy when it comes to electronics and stuff. Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up modifying some of it. Anyway. Also got some nipple clamps, some stuff that's supposed to help me deep throat (I've used gel in the past but they don't seem to sell that anymore so I'm trying out a spray), a Hitachi with a 3-pronged attachment (SUPER excited about this one, I'm hoping that the Hitachi lives up to its hype!), and a few other goodies. 

Looking forward to researching. *Ahem* Totally for educational purposes. I swear. =D

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toy Review: 10" Rubber Whip

I love this whip.

It's not really meant for hard punishment as far as I can tell, it's too small to really do any damage unless you're really hitting hard.  Although if you use it over and over on the same place then it starts to hurt after awhile, but it really does take a fair amount of time. However, it's got a nice little sting to it, a good warm up piece or just good for sensual impact rather than punishing when used on the ass and thighs. 

The other great thing about it is that it's really made to be used one more sensitive areas of the body, where that little sting makes a much bigger difference.  A few impacts across the breasts with this and my nipples are jumping for attention.  Keep it up and the sting becomes both erotic and a little painful, just enough to really sensitive the whole area.  I'm eager to find out what it's like when combined with clamps, I have a feeling it will sting a lot more then and feel really good.  And, obviously, it's a good pussy whip.  The multiple strands mean that it hits over a pretty wide area, and while that makes it hard to aim, it also means that every slap is going to hit a whole bunch of different nerve endings. 

To me, pussy whipping is where it really becomes an erotic impact toy.  The further a woman's legs are spread, the more places those little strands end up hitting.  Even better, because of the short handle and the length of the strands, it's really easy to use on yourself if you want to do a little preliminary work before masturbating. Obviously it's harder to aim when you're hitting yourself, but the many strands means that the lack of aim isn't that big a deal - you can hit a lot without being able to see it, and the randomness of the impacts only adds to the eroticism. Also, because it's rubber it's super easy to clean afterwards, even if it gets wet with juices. 

This is a really great starter whip for someone who wants to try a little impact play but is nervous or worried about the amount of pain. As an introduction piece, it can be used on any part of the body that a real whip would be used for, and the way the little strands curl around your body parts is just great.  For actual punishment it's most effective on the nipples, pussy and asshole; the sensation is mostly stinging with a little bit of a bite to it. 

Fun. =)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hmm... it appears that lately people have been taking some of my stories and posting them on different sites under their own names, changing nothing about the story except the character names.  That's called plagiarizing dammit! *sigh* Fortunately there are lots of nice people on the internet on the look out for things like that, but still... I've had people notify me on 3 instances in the past month. I don't understand it either, because it doesn't look like any of these sites are paying for the stories, so why copy mine? If it's just for the compliments/feedback, then surely that's empty since it's not the person's real work. I just don't get it. Kind of a twisted form of flattery to me I guess, but I'd really rather people didn't try to pass my work off as their own. Do people not realize that something posted on the internet is still copyrighted and the property of the author? 

Anyway. I got a TON of work done over the weekend on Venus Desiring, which is awesome. Managed to finish two whole chapters! Although, of course, I'm still 3-4 chapters away from the end because Hilary and Liam keep extending things. But it's getting good. I'm having a lot of fun with it and I think they are too. I'm really hoping to have the book finished and ready to edit by this upcoming weekend, but we'll see. Cross your fingers that I can get it done!

I've finished the next chapter of Being the Maid and submitted it.  YAY!   I'm particularly excited about this chapter because it's not at ALL what I planned when I first started writing this series.  Part of that is due to reader feedback on which characters they like the best and part of that is due to Bridget coming out and taking the reins from me in a completely unexpected way this chapter! I'm rather excited about it and we'll see what you all think when it's done, but if everyone else is as surprised as I am then hopefully people will like the chapter =) It's not as long as the previous chapter but there's a lot going on it in. The final chapter is going to be VERY long and so is probably going to take awhile. There's a lot to wrap up. WOOT!

Went to my first ever pro-football game tonight! FANTASTIC CHOICE for a first ever game! #HTTR!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I've had people asking about my progress with both Venus Desiring and Being the Maid lately so just wanted to do a quick update =)

I am focusing most of my attention on Venus Desiring, although I am also continuing to work on the Maid.  Since Desiring was supposed to be out in November, I feel like that's the more pressing one.  It's much longer than originally anticipated, which I think will be a good thing =) I'm only a few chapters away from the end (I think about three) and working really hard on completing them as quickly as possible. It's 85 - 90% done and then will just require quick editing and formatting for Kindle and it should be out by mid Dec.

Chapter 9 of The Maid is about 1/3 complete. Things are moving quickly and some interesting and unexpected things are happening. I'm letting the characters take complete control of the story line at this point because they keep coming up with more interesting stuff than I originally thought of.

At any rate, I expect both of these to be finished within the next couple of weeks! And now... back to work! *cracks whip*

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bad Romance

 It's not just a song!

Although of course what people think of as "bad" can constitute many different things. I've been reading a lot of romances lately and there are a couple trends that I find incredibly annoying.

1. Woman loves man that she's known forever, when they finally fall into bed because of one circumstance or another, she blurts out her love. Man can't deal with it and somehow they end up having a sex-only relationship until he finally realizes that he's fallen in love with her too.

Okay... granted, I'm reading fiction, but come on. It drives me nuts that these female characters are often described as 'independent' and 'strong.' What is strong about telling a man over and over again that he loves you when he keeps telling you over and over again that all he wants is the sex?  And independent? Um... that's not the definition that I think of.  Even more frustratingly, the guy only realizes his love when it's too late, she leaves him and then eventually takes him back again. I guess that the leaving and having him woo her is the author's way of making him atone for his sins of hurting her when she put herself all out there (and who does THAT?) but it drives me nuts. Oh yes, you treated me like crap, used me for my body, and hurt me over and over, but now that you've realized you can't have the milk without the cow all of the sudden you love me and can't live without me? Let's get married!


2. Man thinks woman is promiscuous or slutty or whatever because of the way that her body responds to him or because they were once together and then something happened that made him think she cheated on him (and he subsequently dumped her without allowing her to explain) and so decides to use her body and get her "out of his system." Then, he finds out she's a virgin (thank goodness all these innocents manage to keep their hymen intact) and has to suddenly change his entire worldview, allowing him to love her because of her physical innocence.

Please... give me a story about a man falling in love with a woman who's had a couple of partners and isn't a milksop. The virgin thing gets old after while. I enjoyed it for a bit, but now I'm starting to prefer the stories about estranged marriages that end up working out again before they can completely end things. 

3. Somebody's life has to be in danger before the two characters can admit that they care about each other. Like... come on. Seriously. Granted, it must happen every once in awhile that two people who love each other and are refusing to admit it also happens to have a crazy stalker that kidnaps them, requiring the other to run to their rescue, or they get hit by a car or shot by a rival or whatever just at the very right moment for them to realize how much they mean to each other... but it's sooooo cliche. And unrealistic. Because it seriously can't happen that often.

But why Angel... why do you read these books? BECAUSE THEY'RE FREAKING ADDICTIVE. It's like junk food. You know it's bad for you but you can't stop shoveling the Doritos from the super size bag you got at Costco into your mouth (or am I the only one who has trouble putting the Doritos down?) until the bag is empty and you feel sick to your stomach.

I am hoping never to have any of these elements in any of my books. Do some of these themes create extra tension? Sure. Can some of them be done in ways that are hot and exciting? Absolutely. But I'm finding more and more that I want to write about the relationships that I see every day.  Maybe I'm the only one who sees tons of drama happening among her friends and family, but I really don't think I need to throw in a stalker with a gun, a drug smuggling ring, or a vindicating hymen in order to add drama and tension to a story. If that makes my books boring than so be it, but I really think I prefer to write closer to things that I actually see happen and find believable with just a liiiiittle bit of a stretch of my imagination rather than needing to wring my imagination out on a Medieval rack. 

Granted, all characters need conflict. I'm about 1/3 of the way through Chapter 9 of Being the Maid and I just dealt with a the major conflict of the story... but I've got a whole other chapter to write after 9 and so the conflict can't completely end. How boring would that be? I will admit, I'm having a lot of trouble not falling into "oh you almost died, now I realize how much I love you!" trope when it comes to Being the Maid. But I'm trying. I had someone comment that they hope Garrett gets some punishment.... eh. I don't want to seriously hurt him just to make him suffer for his actions, but hopefully the explanation that will help everyone forgive him for some of the less ah... 'good' things he's done. It's so funny to me how this series started out with lots of sex and is ending with a heavier side of plot, unlike most of my other series where things build up to the sex. But I'm having fun with it =) I'll be sad to see it go!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toy Review: Cunning Cactus Vibrator

So, going by the votes it seems like everyone either is supportive of me doing toy reviews or likes cheese ;)  I like cheese too. 

The Cunning Cactus Vibrator!

This is one of my more recent buys - as in, during the past year - and I specifically got it because I thought it looked both interesting and hilarious. And because I liked the three pronged approach.

 Also because of the three pronged approached which appealed to my... well... everything.  

First things first - the toy does not go quite as deeply as I had expected, in part because it gets so much bigger at the base of the main prong, however that also means that when it's vibrating it's also vibrating your pussy lips as well as everything else and that adds a whole new element of sensations. The little nubbins on the end of each prong do the same. It's not going to go very far into your asshole, but it does a wonderful job of stimulating all the little nerve endings around that hole. I will admit, mostly it makes me want something bigger to put in there, but at the same time it's a fantastic tease. If you've never tried anal but want to try a little bit of stimulation in that region, this would be a good toy for that.  The prongs are well-situated so that each of them hit right where they should, and the little nubbins buzzing against your clit and anus feel pretty damn fantastic.

The most interesting thing about this toy, in my opinion, are the six little number options on the base. Originally I thought that each number would do a completely different thing - pulse, hard vibration, low vibration, etc.  Nope, not quite. They each run a different sequence.  So #1 starts off with a hard vibration but the abruptly decreases and starts increasing again.  There is no need to change buttons mid-stream, because the sequence will keep running and doing new and interesting things as long as you don't push a new button, and as far as I can tell each sequence is almost designed to be let run until you cum, because it's going to work and tease you slowly with the pulses, throbs, and increasing and decreasing intensity.  

It's also frustrating as hell.  If you're someone who wants to pretend that her Dom is teasing her mercilessly, this is a good toy for you. Or if you're a guy who wants to use a toy on your woman that will keep her arousal building and eventually set her on edge, this is a good toy for you. The sudden changes in what the toy is doing makes it hard to cum quickly - at least for me - and so I end up just kind of writhing and building up more and more to a larger and larger orgasm. It takes awhile, but sometimes I'm in the mood for that. 

I definitely don't use this toy every time, but for those times when I want a nice, long, drawn out masturbation session it's fantastic. Sometimes I don't use this toy all the way till the end though, I'll just get myself up to fever pitch, get frustrated with the changes, and whip out my favorite dildo to finish myself off with.  That takes a lot more effort / work on my part (as opposed to just holding the cactus in place), but it's faster than relying on the changing speeds and pulses of the cactus.

If I ever use this toy in a story, it will probably be a BDSM story where the girl gets tied down to the bed spread eagle, has the toy inserted and bondage rope used to secure it in place so that it doesn't slip out, and then her Dom will enjoy torturing her breasts while the vibe does its work. 

I hope you enjoyed my first toy review... there will be others =)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Being the Maid Ch. 8

YAY! Chapter 8 of Being the Maid is now available on Lit =) I really had a lot of fun writing this chapter, despite the fact that it was hard not to want to smack some of the characters around. Splitting up Bridget from Garrett really made things interesting development-wise, especially because Patrick ended up being a lot more interested in Bridget than I had originally anticipated. Also... there was a surprising good guy for the chapter. So did not see that coming when I first started writing this series! That's definitely one of the things I love about writing the longer series though, the fact that a lot of the time what I think is going to happen when I first plan the outline has usually changed by the time the characters and the plot develops.  Makes the writing process more interesting and (I think) keeps the story more natural.

I can't believe I'm only two chapters away from the end of this series. It's definitely one of the more involved ones that I've written for Literotica. That kind of seems to be my specialty now =P Involved storylines. I'm definitely okay with that though. I seem to be moving away from the quickies.  There are still plenty of old quickies for people to read though =) I may eventually write some more, just not at the moment. Everyone seems to want the longer ones anyway ;)

I've started work on Chapter 9, but since I'm really concentrating hard on Venus Desiring at the moment, I'm probably not going to finish it until sometime next week.  We'll see. If I'm really lucky I might be able to get it done before then. But I really want to get Desiring out asap. My original goal date was November 2012 for Desiring, and I really hate going too far over my goal dates. Even if the book is longer than originally anticipated.

In other news... I'm seriously considering buying myself a Hitachi for Christmas. I want to know what it's like so I can start using them in my stories. In fact there are a whole bunch of things that I'm considering buying myself for Christmas for that exact reason. It's been years since I've tried nipple clamps and I think I want to again. I just need to get better ones than I did the last time.  Since I started writing again my toy collection has been growing again. Seems reasonable. I gotta know what I'm writing about after all ;) What I really want is to play with electricity again but that will probably have to wait because those things are expeeeeeeeeensive! And also I'd need to talk hubby into it. Not sure how he feels about electricity. Although since he's kind of a science nerd he might find it interesting and fun =D  I also think I want to try wax again.

Sometimes some things work better in fantasy / stories than they do for me in real life.  That's definitely happened in the past. But it's been a few years since I've tried some of the things and I'm thinking I might be a little bit more prepared for them this time around. At least, I want to try. I might start writing toy reviews on the blog... would anyone actually be interested in reading those? Tell you what... I'm going to make a survey. Look to the left of this blog and vote on whether or not you'd like me to start adding toy reviews to my blog. Might be an interesting addition.

Anyway... having Chapter 8 available has made my Monday seem a little better. Hopefully it's doing the same for yours ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Number One!

No, like really =) And I have all of you to thank for it!

If you go to Literotica's home page and read the paragraph about what's going on with the website, there's an option to check out the sneak peek for the Favorites page.  Granted, it's said sneak peek for (literally) years now rather than just turning it over to a regular page, but the page itself is updated regularly. As people favorite stories and authors, that page keeps track of how many people have favorited each story and author and lists them.

When I first stopped writing for Literotica I was listed as #3, and I maintained that position for a long time even when I was only writing a story or two a year.  When I returned to writing on a more regular basis this past summer I was at #7.  In September I hit #3 again and I was super happy about that. Even more so last month when I hit #2! When I checked today I saw that I had bumped up to #1!!!!  So thank you sooooo much to everyone who has favorited me =) I have no idea how long I'll hold the #1 spot - since #2 is only a few favorites behind me - but I'm really honored that so many people have marked me as one of their favorites on the site.

I'm definitely going to keep putting out stories and I hope that everyone will continue to enjoy them =)  I've been waiting for Chapter 8 of Being the Maid to come out but I think the fact that it was a holiday weekend here in the U.S. slowed things down in terms of how many stories were approved and released over the past few days... but it should be coming out any day now!

Working hard at getting Venus Desiring out in the next couple of weeks as well. I'm getting very close to the end, only about 4 or 5 chapters away from the end! And it's already longer than Venus Aspiring was =) That's in part because it's covering two storylines however.  I know that all of the teasers I've done have focused on Liam and Hilary, but Jessica, Justin and Chris definitely have some stuff going on in the next book as well. It's mostly Liam and Hilary though.

I hope that everyone who was celebrating Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday and I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! Thank you all for making my weekend by favoriting me =)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Venus Desiring Teaser

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! And is have a safe and riot free Black Friday. While I love Black Friday deals I will never understand the levels of crazy some people go to - seriously, we just celebrated friends and family and the next day people are causing riots because of material things. Drives me up the wall. Especially this year when some companies forced employees to work ON Thanksgiving so that they can make an extra buck. SO ANGRY. I'm not shopping at any of those places - not just today, but probably for quite awhile. I feel that's a lot of what's wrong with America today.

Okay... back to the positive cuz I"m truly not a negative person =) Had a wonderful Thanksgiving and am looking forward to the Christmas season! I love carols, decorating the tree, making cookies, all the hugs, friends, family, Christmas cards, generosity of spirit and human moments that punctuate the holiday season. I also love that there are so many other holidays with that same spirit around the time as the one that I happen to celebrate =) For me, today is the day that starts that season. I will now start listening to the radio stations that I've been avoiding for the past couple of weeks because they started playing Christmas Carols (Before Thanksgiving!) and get my holiday groove on =D

So in celebration of that, here's a little present to start off the season... A Venus Desiring teaser!!! And I def mean 'teaser' this time ;) Don't hate me for cutting it off please! LOL

This particular scene starts not long after my last teaser left off; Hilary is at Stronghold about to have her Introduction Scene with - you guessed it - Liam!

"Now, let's go over some limits for tonight. I already saw the survey you emailed to Patrick." Hilary blushed again, wishing she could sink into the floor and die. That survey had asked some seriously personal questions. What sexual activities had she already experienced, what did she want to experience, what was she curious about, what did she absolutely not want. "I like to go over them one on one as well though. That way you know that I know and understand your limits and also there's no confusion. So. No sex tonight, because there never is during an Introduction Scene."

Well that was good to know. Although, to be honest, she couldn't help but feel a little bit of disappointment. Did she want to have sex with Liam? She wasn't sure. So better that it was off the table, no questions asked. 

"I know you've done some reading on the possibilities. On your survey you marked needles, caning, welts, bruises, blood, multiple partners, electricity and medium to heavy pain as hard limits. Is there anything else that you want to make a hard limit for tonight?"

Hilary thought about it. "I'm not sure. I don't think I'm ready for bondage." She felt a little guilty as she said that, because the reason she wasn't ready was because she wasn't sure she could give up that kind of control to someone else.

"That's alright," Liam said with a smile. "I actually prefer something called honor bondage. We'll go over that later.  It's a good alternative if you're with a Dom that you don't know well enough to trust with ropes and cuffs yet."

"You don't like ropes and cuffs?" Hilary asked, a little surprised. It had always seemed like those were a requirement to BDSM.

"I like them, but what really makes me hot is when a woman holds herself in place under no more restraint than my command," Liam said, his hand caressing her thigh as he spoke. Hilary's breath caught in her throat as she imagined herself, spread out the same way ropes would hold her down to a four poster bed, struggling to stay in position because Liam had ordered her to, because that's what he wanted. It would be a choice to stay there like that, rather than the lack of one. Yes, harder for her - she found she didn't particularly like to picture another sub in that position with him - but at the same time there was definitely something exquisitely appealing about it. "And I'm not going to insist on it right now, but once we start the scene you need to refer to me as Sir. You might want to start practicing."

"Oh. Sorry... Sir," she said, trying it out.  Liam nodded his approval and caressed her thigh again, a kind of tactile reward and she felt a rush of more than physical pleasure. 

"You're not in trouble yet, honey-girl," he said, winking at her. "What about body parts? Once we start the scene I'm not going to stop to ask questions, so I need to know right now where you're comfortable having me touch you and how."


Hilary's face flushed red hot and she froze, hoping she hadn't said that out loud. Nope. Liam was still looking at her, waiting patiently, although he seemed amused enough by her blush that she felt sure he knew what she was thinking. The whole seeming-mind-reading thing was starting to become unsettling. Although it would probably help if she had better control of her body's reactions and especially of her blushes. It's not like she was hard to read. 

"I'm not sure," she whispered, twisting her hands around each other. Liam let her squirm for a moment watching her.

"Do you mind me touching your thigh right now?”

Hilary shook her head. 

“Say it out loud.”

“I-…” Hilary blushed. “I don’t mind you touching my thigh. Right now.”

He laughed at the way she made “right now” into a caveat. “I’m not making you talk to embarrass you, but communication, especially when going into a scene, is important.” Stroking his fingers down into her inner thigh, he enjoyed the way her face heated even more, but she didn’t stop him. 

“I think you’ll be more comfortable if I keep my hands mostly to myself.”

Curious, Hilary forgot to be embarrassed. “But, if you’re keeping your hands to yourself then how will you…” her voice trailed off. 

“How will I make you cum without touching your pussy?”

Mortification flooded her and Liam laughed again as she averted her eyes from his frank gaze. “Say it honey-girl.”

“H-h-how will you… how will you make me um… climax without touching my… um…”

Liam pulled her closer and she could feel his hardness pressing against her thigh, his breath was hot on her neck and made her shiver. Truthfully she was torn, because part of her really did want him to touch her everywhere. But another part of her was terrified that he might.

“Say pussy.”

Ew. Hilary squeezed her eyes shut and whispered. “My pussy.”

"Good girl."

She opened her eyes again. Liam was looking at her with a fair amount of pleasure and amusement. Darn him. "What do you usually call your pussy, honey-girl?"

"I don't," Hilary said primly.

Liam gave her a roguish grin. “Well we’ll have to see if we can change that. Don’t worry about cumming though honey-girl, you’re in good hands even if they’re not going to be touching your pussy.

Right now it really felt like her face was going to go up in flames. 


Damn, she was just too cute for words. Not to mention unintentionally snuggly. He couldn't stop stroking her, even though it was probably distracting to them both. Did she have any idea how her shy vulnerability would call to a man like him? Probably not.  Everything about Hilary screamed natural and unaffected. Not to mention that she was obviously too mortified by the blunt question and answer session to even think about dissembling. 

All of his careful planning to keep her at arm's distance had been thrown out the window the moment he'd seen her walk into the club. Mostly because he knew himself well enough to realize when he was going to need to adapt, because he was way too attracted at her to keep her at a real distance. Besides which, she was way too unsure of herself to be kept at that distance; it would do more harm than anything else. Even though this was her first night trying the submissive role on for size, he could already tell that Hilary was going to be the kind of sub who needed gentle instruction, cosseting, and affirmation to be happy.  Rewards for good behavior would work much more effectively than discipline for bad.

Although it was possible that he was just projecting his own desires onto a woman that he found wonderfully attractive, but he didn't think so. 

The pink latex was driving him wild. Not only was Hilary very pretty in pink, but it lent her a kind of innocence that made him want to take her into one of the theme rooms and thoroughly and pleasurably debauch her.  The hot pink, feminine innocence was only assisted by those huge, brown doe-eyes that revealed so much of her emotions, and the bright pink stain in her cheeks that he found so alluring.  Really he was getting more enjoyment out of making her blush than he probably should, but that was a Dom's perogative as far as he was concerned.

Part of him loved the fact that she seemed so innocent, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to make her cum unless he could touch her. In fact, all of her strictures just made tonight into even more of a challenge for him and he had to admit that it sparked an interest in him that had been absent when he'd been playing with subs lately. Especially because he wanted to see if she’d be comfortable role-playing.  

"Stand up," he said, keeping his voice mild but firm, just to see what she'd do. Despite her reluctance when she first realize who was going to be running her Introduction Scene, Hilary looked almost disappointed to have to get off of his lap.  He hid a grin. It was nice to know that he wasn't the only one feeling the sparks between them. "I have a room reserved for us upstairs. Come on."

Rather than touching her to motivate her, he turned and began walking. To his surprise Hilary was right alongside him.  The anxious expression on her face said that she was still feeling unsure, but that didn't stop her from following his order immediately. No hesitation. 

Damned if that didn't turn him on. 

Especially because it meant that, whether or not she realized it, some part of her trusted him.  There were very few subs who would follow immediately into a situation they were anxious about without some kind of reassurance, coaxing or hesitation.  But she hadn't stood and thought about it, she hadn't asked any questions or tried to delay him, she just followed him.  And he knew that she had no problem saying no if there was something she really didn't want to do; he'd seen the way she'd responded to Nathan the last time she was at the club. If she truly didn't trust Liam, she wouldn't have just followed blindly after him.

The revelation had set all his nerves humming, a rush of adrenaline flowing through him.  There was a connection between them, even though he hadn't wanted to acknowledge it before. He was starting to wonder if perhaps he'd written off newbies too quickly.

But maybe he was being too quick now and getting ahead of himself. After all, they hadn't even done their scene yet. If it went well, maybe he'd try to see her again. First they needed to do the scene though, instead of just fantasizing about what he wanted to have happen.

Opening the door to the 'Office,' he smiled and gestured at Hilary. "After you."

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm On A Roll!

And not the buttered kind ;)

So not only is the alternate chapter to Contest now available on Lit - and receiving good reviews so far which is a relief for me. Definitely went out of my comfort zone a little with that one, but I've had a lot of recent feedback from people who like the rough stuff so I was hoping that it would satisfy that contingent ;) - but I've also managed to finish Chapter 8 of Being the Maid before the holiday! Of course, I don't know whether or not the holiday will slow down the rate of New Stories released on Lit, but hopefully it'll be released sometime this weekend. Writing Garrett and Bridget separately was really interesting, especially because I'm still trying to maintain some mystery around Garrett.  I'd rather that everyone (including Bridget) get to discover his history / personal stuff at the same, although readers are definitely getting more hints than she is =) 

In addition to that, I've been writing a lot on other stuff that will eventually be available on Kindle and I've also released Forced Bet on Smashwords for those of you who don't have Kindles. So far I've released Gentleman's MaidThe Venus School of Sex, Venus Aspiring and Forced Bet on Smashwords, Back in the Game will be next.  This weekend I'm going to spend any writing time that I have working on Venus Desiring... I've had a lot of people asking about Hilary and Liam lately. They're doing well! This book is just going to be longer than I thought - somewhere between Venus School and Venus Aspiring's lengths. Partly because there's a lot more story to tell for Hilary and Liam than there was for my favorite trio in Aspiring, since they're at the very beginning of their relationship, partly because the trio is still getting a couple chapters of their own story in between Hilary and Liam's and partly because Hilary is being more cautious than I originally thought she would. Which really just makes it a lot more fun.  Don't worry, there's still plenty of erotica in between the romance - mostly because Jessica, Justin and Chris really can't keep their hands off of each other. 

In celebration of the holiday I'll be posting a new teaser for Venus Desiring here on Friday. =) 

Everyone who's traveling this weekend, be safe!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Story Available: Contest

Yay! I have a new story out, the reader requested alternate chapter for the Contest series. If you don't like things rough then this is one to veer away from, although I did add some romance (which I'm pretty sure was not my original intent when I was writing the series, but now everything I write seems to have some romance, even when things get brutally rough).  If you do like things rough... let me know what you think. I did a lot of new things with this particular chapter, especially when it comes to the FF domination and playing with electricity, and I'm super curious to know whether or not people like it.  If people do then that means there will be other stories incorporating some of the same themes.

This was a fun story to write, not in the least because it completed something that I had originally intended to write for the series and then ended up deciding not to. I'm kind of glad I waited and did it now as a reader request, because I've changed a lot as a writer since I first presented this series and I think that this particular chapter is a really good on its own (hopefully you'll agree with me =). 

In the meantime... I have not gotten as much done on Being the Maid as I wanted, so I'm not sure I'll have it submitted by tomorrow evening, but I'll try to buckle down and get on it =) In the meantime, enjoy the alternate chapter to Contest and the Thanksgiving build-up!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More E-Books Now Available!


So I'm finally getting around to getting my stuff up on Smashwords.  YAY!  Now what does that mean for you? It means that if you DON'T have a kindle and you have some other kind of e-book reader, you should now be able to download my stuff.  Granted... I just started putting stuff up tonight, so not as much is available.  Also, things will be available first on Kindle in the future because they let me do things like promotions, but eventually I will have everything available on both. =) Since this is the first time I'm using Smashwords, there may be some formatting issues, similar to the ones that I have with my early Amazon works. Please let me know if you have any and I will work on correcting them!

In other news, I also submitted the alternate chapter of Contest to Literotica on Friday so that should be coming out any day now. Yay! =)

Next goal: Finish and submit Chapter 8 of Being the Maid before Thanksgiving.

I'm also going to try to get more stuff uploaded to Smashwords for you non Kindle readers =) YAY!

Hardwood Floors

In the car, I'm the designated driver, having a conversation about pubic hair.

Hubby: Actually, I just put in hardwood floors today.
Me: Wait, what? Really?
Hubby: Yep.
Me: Excuse me... sorry... I need to check out these new developments.
*stick my hand in the front of his pants*
Me: Wow, that's nice honey!
Friend in the backseat: Did that really just happen?
Other Friend in the backseat: *laughing too hard to reply*

Sometimes I think I should have my own TV show.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brain Overload... Mind... Melting...


I'm having one of those days when I have too many stories swirling around my head and I'm having trouble concentrating on just one. Although I have managed to get some work done and I'm sure I'll be able to continue getting work done, I just keep getting distracted. Part of it is the amount of characters in the Venus books that will eventually have their own stories... I want to sprinkle a few bits and pieces of their characters / back stories into the Venus books but then it makes me start thinking about where their stories are going to go and what I want to have happen to them, and the next thing you know I'm thinking about Master Rick's preferences instead of Liam or Justin or Chris'. *sigh* FOCUS ANGEL! 

I also had to re-write the outline for Venus Desiring again... that's... what 3 times now? Hilary wanted more romance than I had originally given her. More romance, more seduction and let her play a little bit more hard to get. So that's what we're doing and I think it's going to be really great, but i had to re-write the whole last part of the synopsis. I can say now, however, for sure that I'm almost 2/3 of the way through the book. So that's a big yay =)  I'm hoping that having re-written the outline will help, because I got so far off track with the old outline that it was almost useless trying to refer back to it and that was slowing me down somewhat. So now that I know where things are going, now that I know the characters a little better, hopefully the pace of work will increase! 

I've also worked a bit on Being the Maid Ch. 8 today... I'm still trying to figure out who are all the good guys and who are all the bad guys and what's going to happen at the end. When I first started writing I thought I already knew, but as often happens now I'm not so sure. The characters have developed a little differently than I thought they would.  Should be interesting.  Bridget is still pretty pissed at Garrett. Someone said they thought that meant that she would do something stupid. It's highly possible. She's pretty angry right now but she doesn't really have an outlet for it just yet; it'll be interesting to see what happens when she does. 

Yesterday I got a ridiculous amount of work done on the Contest Alternate chapter. I was a little bit worried that I'd lose interest, kind of like I did with A Rough Sorority Rite and it would end up being shorter than I originally planned, but so far I am definitely still interested. And the writing is going very quickly.  I think it's because of the way I have it set up, so that there's constantly something new happening to keep me interested. At first it's MF domination and then it's FF domination and now it's MFF domination and I'm just having way too much fun with it really. It's going to be a very long chapter.  And it's getting kind of nasty kinky.  Those of you who were surprised that I don't like bodily fluids (esp from pussies) are going to be even more surprised after reading this chapter I think, because I'm sure anyone reading would think that I'm kind of obsessed with fluids. For this particular story, I do seem to have a bit of a fascination with them. 

So that's what's going on right now. Lots of work getting done. Hopefully I'll be able to show more of it to you soon.

Don't forget to check out Chapter 7 of Being the Maid =)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Little BDSM Chat

I've had a couple of questions about BDSM lately... the answer is... you're better off looking it up on the internet. I could definitely write a whole blog about BDSM, but I am by no means an expert. I dabble and I write, but I don't live the lifestyle. I play in it a bit and I'd like to do more - am learning how to do more with hubby - but I haven't gone as far as most of the characters in my books. 

Spanking? Love it. Same with flogging and cropping - although I've never had anyone get particularly rough with those.  Bondage? More fun. I haven't had a cane used on me before. Electricity - had someone use a violet wand on me once, just so I could see how it feel, on low level (really liked it). I'm looking into maybe eventually getting one of my own to play with. Domination/submission? Done some of it... Hubby's more of a 'top' than a "Dom," which mostly means that he's not really into giving orders. However, I've been in a club where there were Doms and I've heard them giving orders and.... just yum. Nipple clamps hurt like a BITCH but I want to try them again soon. And wax. 

So all of that is what you'll mostly see in my stories, although my characters end up going through rougher stuff than I do in real life.  And I'd make a very bad slave.  What's a slave as opposed to a sub? Well a submissive is someone who wants to submit in the bedroom, maybe a little bit outside of it. Doms and subs play together.  A Master and slave live the lifestyle, a 24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE) where the Master makes all of the decisions.  There is something called 'high etiquette' which governs the rules of behavior for the slave. A Dom and sub will lay out guidelines for what is permissible in the bedroom and the sub can always call out a safeword to end the scene, often they are giving a slow down word as well.  Masters and slaves might have a few guidelines for how far the punishment, etc. is allowed to go, but for the most part everything is up to the Master and the slave does not need to be consulted beforehand. In this situation the slave does still have a safeword, but saying it ends the relationship rather than just the scene. At least, this is my understanding of the basic differences, although of course every relationship is different and unique to the two people with in it; there are all sorts of varying degrees between a 24/7 TPE and Dom and subbing.

The Venus characters are going to show off a lot of these different kinds of relationships.  It's already pretty obvious that Justin is a stricter Dom than Chris or Liam and that Liam prefers BDSM which has less to do with bondage and more to do with domination. He wants to give an order and have it followed - telling someone to keep their hands in a position as opposed to tying their hands into that position and leaving them no choice.  Eventually, when I start the Stronghold series, I'll be getting into some other aspects of BDSM; I want each Dom character to have his own specialty / preferences which will be explored in each book. Chances are none of them are going to go the full Master/slave route (because I'm not sure I would be able to write it convincingly) but Patrick is probably going to be pretty close to that. He's definitely the strictest out of the Stronghold Doms.

There are also pets, which are slaves that are kept more like animals - cages, leashes, tail plugs, etc. 

Daddy Doms have Baby-Girls, a form of infantalization that doesn't always go all the way to the infant level. Eventually I want to write a Daddy Dom story, I'm still working on a plot line for it (Not within the Venus/Stronghold universe, but probably for Lit).

And then there are the Dommes, like Olivia in my Venus series. Dominatrixes run their own gamut but they also have an option for 'sissification.'  That's when they turn their boy slave/sub into a 'little girl'. Dressing them in panties, fucking their 'pussies,' etc. I haven't entirely decided what kind of Domme Olivia is going to be yet. She's playing elusive with me, because I don't think she knows what direction she wants to go in yet - there are so many options. I do know that she likes boys and girls and that she's a very strict Domme, but she doesn't have a permanent sub at the moment and I'm not sure what she's looking for in one. Should be interesting to play with eventually. 

So yeah. Working on Chapter 8 of Being the Maid.  Garrett's getting a lot more showtime in this chapter, now that he's split off from the main group there's a lot more going on from his POV. I've also come up with something new and different from those back at the campsite which I hope everyone will end up enjoying. This is a fun chapter because Bridget's feeling pretty feisty after the events of Chapter 8. 

The Contest Alternate chapter is coming along really well.  There are some days when I'm like "Man I'm good! This is awesome! I'm so creative! And awesome!" and then the next day I'm like "Wtf was I thinking, I SUCK!". This is not one of those days. I'm still stuck on the "Man I'm awesome!" train hahahaha. I think I've come up with some new little maneuvers that I hope people will enjoy reading about.  I love it when I figure out something new for my characters to do during sex. Especially because I keep thinking I've run out of things that they could do, but then I end up with a character who has a super twisted mind and BOOM. Crazy, kinky stuff is happening. Makes me happy, hopefully it will everyone else too! 

And in the meantime, I've finished yet another chapter of Venus Desiring.  This is definitely going to be a longer book than Aspiring was, so it's going to take longer too but I'm really happy with what's going on with it so far.  I'm 8 chapters in and going strong, somewhere between halfway and 2/3 of the way complete. 

I think I've decided how Witch is going to end, so hopefully it won't take me long to complete that once Contest Alternate is done. After I complete Witch I'm going to finish Instruction because I feel bad that I always promised I'd continue that one and it's gotten SO many requests for me to do so that I want to live up to that. Both of those should be finished up with two more chapters for each of them and after that I'll be getting back to new reader requests. 

Happy Hump Day everyone!