Thursday, August 28, 2014

Claiming His Wife Tease

Now you notice, I said "tease" not "teaser" because this actually isn't a teaser blurb.  This is a literal tease.  Thank you to RaineyCloud9, whom I'm falling in love with a little more every time she does something for me, for this GORGEOUS promotional poster.  You blog readers get the first look - it'll be up on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Fetishes

So, I realized that this is something that I occasionally gloss over or mention, but I've never really gone into.  My personal fetishes.  A lot of them crop up in my stories, although sometimes I also write about fetishes that don't actually interest me and sometimes I haven't really written much about my fetishes at all.

#1 is definitely bondage and domination.  I would say, out of all of the characters I've written, Adam and Angel in Stronghold are definitely the closest to having the aspects that I like.  Which, isn't too surprising since they started off being based on Hubby and I, but there are a few differences.  I'm really not into role-play.  It makes me giggle.  I loved writing the scenes for Liam & Hilary, and the brief role-play scene for Adam & Angel, and I found it sexy to write them... but I can't do them IRL. 

Another thing is, I will occasionally get a little dominant myself.  Not very often, but it happens.  I do own a strap-on and I have used it.  Which leads to my next big fetish.

Anal.  Both giving and receiving.  It's more of a fascination than anything else.  Anal-play is just as enjoyable to me as anal sex, in a completely different way.  For one, it doesn't hurt as much.  Sometimes I'm a little more in the mood for a bit of pain than others.  I like feeling the struggle during anal sex, but I also like anal play because it's not really a struggle and it feels good and full and naughty.  I like giving because I like to watch.

I'm definitely a voyeur.  Maybe a little bit of an exhibitionist, but more a voyeur than anything else.  If I was in a room where people were getting it on, I wouldn't be the one looking away or making awkward jokes because I was uncomfortable, or telling them to stop.  Nope.  I'd be the creepy kid sitting in the corner, watching.  I like watching.  Which is probably why I like writing and reading, and why I prefer stories written in the third person.  When I read, I don't read individual words.  I read really fast, because the words come together to make a picture in my head and it's almost like watching a movie - that's how I interpret words.  So, reading for me, creates those pictures and it's like I'm watching two people get it on.  And it's hot.  When I write, it's similar.  There's a movie playing in my head, and I'm just doing my best to write out all the details about what's happening.

Pain... not so much.  I put my characters through so much more than I would enjoy.  But I like watching it happen to them.  I'm probably a bit of a sadist, although really I think it more goes back to the voyeurism thing and just enjoying watching.  But I'm a little bit of a masochist too.  Spankings, nipple clamps (that aren't too mean), floggers... those are all things that turn me on IRL.  A cane or clover clamps would probably send me running.  

I like reading about  age-play, but I'm not sure how I would deal with either of those in real life.  Heh.  Says the woman who still sleeps with her teddy bear.  Anyway.  Sometimes the human cow stories, puppy-play, pony-play stories and bimbofication stories turn me on too, but I think that has more to do with the alpha male characters than anything else.  That and the voyeurism thing again.  

So yeah.  I think that about covers it.  =)  Feel free to ask questions about me/stories at any time!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

From Terra Ch. 7 & Some Exclusives

Alrighty... moving right along with my "new" series lol.  Chapter 7 of From Terra is now out on Literotica.

Some fun peeks ahead that only blog-readers get to know about:

**Lord Plath and Chryssa's relationship will continue after he's done with her during this session, but it will NOT happen right away and it will NOT resemble an earth marriage.**

**Chryssa IS going to have other customers**

**I've got some fun ideas about what kind of aliens will be paying Chryssa a visit**

**The next chapter WILL include butt sex**

Cuz we know I'm all about that bass.

So yeah, some fun little tidbits that are a blog exclusive if you're interested in the series.  I almost kind of see it as the antithesis of Taken by the Wolf.  It's lighthearted and fun, even though Chryssa was kidnapped and forced into sexual servitude like Alex and Bella, her reaction is very different.  She's hedonistic and really enjoying the amenities of House Exotica, not to mention enjoying discovering her body and all the pleasure that can come with that.

In book news, I'm about halfway through Claiming His Wife.  It is definitely NOT going to be out this month.  It WILL be out next month.  I tend to go through the second half of a book a lot faster than I go through the first, because it takes me longer to get everything set up than anything else, and once I get on a roll, everything goes faster. 

This means that there's a good chance Mastering Lexie will also have its release date pushed back.  Probably to sometime this winter.  I might try to make it a Holiday release.  As in, Happy Holidays you Horndogs =D  It'll depend on how easy it is for me to get into Patrick and Lexie's heads.  After that will either be a novella about Leigh or the book version of Marriage Training, whichever I finish first.  So that's the plan for the rest of this year.

In the meantime, I'm going to go use the Hitachi on my actual muscles for once, because my legs hurt sooooo bad after walking around all day in heels, and even hubby's massage didn't completely do the trick.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Okay, so things have been super busy lately.  We're about 80% unpacked and set up in our new home, which is AMAZING (especially considering we said "hey, let's buy a house" during the first week of June and things just moved RIDICULOUSLY fast from there), I just had my 31st birthday, and I'm busy with writing lots of stuff, but I wanted to take a moment to brag.

About my super awesome husband.

A couple of things to know in order for you to understand how super awesome this is.  First of all, I name everything.  I name the rabbit that hops around our front yard (Herbert), my car (Helga), his car (Bert), the first ant we saw in our new house (Wayne), and I always name all of my plants.  All of them.  Currently we only have an orchid named Violet, but we used to have more, including this overly large ficus that was really too big for an apartment.  You would try to walk by it and it would attack and you'd get caught up in its branches, and so of course we kept it near the front door, and I named it Fido the Watch Ficus.

Well, Fido died, because we got really terrible about watering the plants and stuff when we got super busy (and also when we moved from our previous apartment, he stopped getting enough light) and it was really sad, because hubby and I were probably more attached to Fido than any of our other plants.  We moved him closer to the window, we started watering him on a very regular basis, I put a stuffed squirrel (Bridget) in his tree to keep him company... but it didn't work and he passed on.

The second thing you need to know is that I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.  Like... obsessed.  I got all of the books, at midnight, starting with the third one, I saw ALL of the midnight showings, I own a tie from every single House, two years ago I went to Harry Potter World on Halloween dressed in my Hogwarts outfit (which I put together, it's not one of the store bought crap ones, it looks like the real deal), I re-read the books multiple times during the year (One of the few series in which I own ALL hardbacks), etc. etc.  I even know most of the names of the actors and actresses (which I usually never both to learn unless I'm SUPER obsessed with something), AND the names of the directors, which is something I NEVER know.  Obsessed.

The third thing you need to know, is that my husband is FUCKING AWESOME and gives the best birthday presents ever.

Fido was a Watch Ficus
Some say he was the best,
and when brave Fido passed away,
he made a last request:

To stay with you, protect and serve,
to keep you safe from harm,
and with his last remaining branch,
to ward you with a charm.

Of all his spells, he knew of none
that could reach you from above,
so Fido called on Old Magic,
a spell we know as "Love."

As Fido's leaves forever sway
in breezes we can't feel,
his spell stays with us to this day,
unbreakable as steel.

And even though his watch is done,
he smiles from beyond,
for all things evil still will run,
from Fido, the Watch Wand.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

From Terra Ch. 6

Alrighty... now that Taken by the Wolf is finito, I am finishing From Terra and chapter 6 is now available on Literotica!

I mean, I'd already put out a couple of chapters to continue the storyline, but now this is what I'm going to be focusing on when it comes to Literotica =)  It's kind of interesting for me, because it still has the kidnapped, futuristic thing, but Chryssa's reactions to everything is so very different than Alex or Bella's.  This is definitely not going to be dark, although I'm feeling very creative when it comes to the different kind of aliens she's going to meet and pleasure... and yes, there will be some romance =D  But I'm going to have a bit of fun with her at House Exotica first.

I'm working hard on Claiming His Wife.  I am doubtful that I'll be able to finish it by the end of this month, but I am getting a lot more work done on it lately which is definitely a good thing!  I'm getting close to being halfway through.  So far over 40k words have been written, so that's pretty good considering that these books usually come out to about 100k. 

And in the meantime, Lexie and Patrick are still percolating in my head, although I have gotten a tiny bit of work done on Mastering Lexie.

Feeling pretty good about everything right now =)  But who knows how much work I'm going to get done this weekend... cuz tomorrow's my birthday! YAY!  31.  No biggie really, but I do still enjoy getting together with friends and having a reason to chill and make merry.

I hope everyone enjoys Chapter 6 and has a good weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Claiming His Wife - First Teaser!!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the drawing!!!  It was a lot of fun for me and hopefully for you all too =) 

Spent this past weekend alternating between being sick and resting and trying to get stuff done around the house (like unpacking... there are still waaaaay too many boxes in here for my peace of mind!).  I'm mostly better.  Hopefully I'll be productive today.  I'm feeling productive and motivated and like it's been way too long since I've gotten any writing done!

And in the meantime, here's our first look into Claiming His Wife:

Confusion swamped Grace as her tears overwhelmed her. The spanking had hurt, it surely had, but it shouldn't be making her feel like this.  The skin of her bottom burned, sparks flaring as she tried to find a comfortable way to sit on Alex's hard thighs.  

She shouldn't be enjoying having his arms around her, she really shouldn't, but it felt so good to be held and comforted while she cried.  It was not something she had much experience with.  Crying had never done any good when she was growing up, mostly it got her banished back to the nursery where her father wouldn't have to look at her tears, and so she'd soon learned not to.  The last time she'd really cried had been the night she'd left Alex, and even those tears had dried fairly quickly, because she'd been well aware how useless they were.

So why was she crying now like her heart was broken?  The tears weren't slowing, if anything they were increasing as he held her against him.  

Her emotions were jumbled, jangling inside of her, like too many church bells rioting inside her head.  While she knew that she should be furious with Alex, and she still was, she couldn't help but crave being held and comforted.  Even though he was the one who had caused her distress, both in the past and today.  The very idea that he thought he could spank her into compliance should have enraged her. 

It would, she was sure it would, as soon as she managed to stop crying.

Some small part of her, some tiny remnant of her heart that he hadn't managed to crush yet, was pulsing with hope.  That's what made her angriest.  He'd sounded like he cared while he was spanking her.  Not the edict that they would present a respectable face to the public, that was what she'd expected of him, but when he said there would be no more men.  It was the way he'd said it.  Like it tormented him to know that she'd had other lovers, like it had hurt him as much as his first affairs had torn at her.  Stupid, really, to think that it might be true.  She knew how he really felt about women, how he felt about her.  

One woman is as good as another.

But then why track her down like this?  Why spank her?  Why not just negotiate for whatever it was he wanted from her?  Even if he didn't want the scandal of divorce - which she didn't understand, since she'd made herself a much greater scandal than a divorce would be - she would have expected him to come at her with a very different agreement.  One which would allow him to keep his mistresses, and her to continue on with her affairs, as long as she bore his heir and became discreet.  In other words, as long as they acted like the rest of the unhappily married couples in the ton.

Grace could have said no to that.  It would have been easy.  She didn't want any part of marriage to a man who had no emotions for her, she wanted her freedom.  But this?  The rawness in his voice when he'd said there would be no more women for him had made it sound like a promise.  A vow.  She wanted to believe him, which made her furious at herself.  

Her tears were finally starting to slow and she tried to push away from him, but his arms tightened. 

"Stay... just stay still, Grace.  Let me hold you for a while."  The hoarseness in his voice made him sound almost desperate.  Unless, of course, she was reading into things that weren't there, the way she had when they'd first married.  But his arms weren't loosening.

She was so tired of fighting.  Not just today; it felt like she'd been fighting for years.  Welcome numbness seemed to envelope her and she slumped against him, letting him hold her because it was easier than continuing to fight.  


Alex knew the moment Grace finally woke up, because she practically vaulted out of his arms.  The wild look she gave him was replaced with an angry, pained one as soon as her bottom came into contact with the carriage bench.  It was all he could do not to chuckle, but he didn't want to provoke his little wildcat of a wife any further.

Tilting her chin up, she gingerly settled back into her seat, smoothing down her hair and clothing as if pretending he didn't exist.  

The past hour had been the best hour he'd had in years.  Grace had reluctantly settled into his arms and then she'd fallen asleep on his shoulder, her sweet scent surrounding him, her curves resting against him.  It had also been an exercise in self-control, because his body had responded to having a woman nestled up against him, especially because it was finally the right woman.  Despite the aching torment of his cock, he'd fully enjoyed every last second of it.

Even now, he could barely tear his eyes away from the crease on her cheek, left from where it had pressed against his jacket.  
He'd spanked her and she'd let him hold her.  And she'd agreed to his terms for the future of the marriage.  Obviously his friends were right.  He should have taken her in hand years ago.

Thursday, August 7, 2014



I did do a video.  I promise.  And I was even going to post it, even though it was super lame (because I suck at public speaking... hence, the writing thing).  For some reason, Blogger says there was an error every time I tried to upload it... and I didn't want to make you guys wait any longer for the results.

3rd Prize Winners!
(a free e-book of your choice from either my current books, Claiming His Wife,  or Mastering Lexie when they're released)
Lucky Duck
Angela P.
2nd Prize Winner!
(Be a beta reader for either Claiming His Wife or Mastering Lexie)
Michelle (aka Chelle)
***Grand Prize Winner***
(Your choice of prize)
Marie Kade
Thank you so much to everyone who entered, the amount of comments and emails I got was way more than I expected and I'm so glad that people were interested!  In the future I may have more drawings.  This was kind of fun.  Although I'm going to have to get hubby to help me figure out how to do a computer generated random picking or something if too many more people enter their names =) 
Congratulations to the winners!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Entries Are Closed

Okay guys, entries for the prizes are closed!!! The amount of you that entered blows my mind, I think I had more email entries than comments, and that was definitely the most comments I've ever gotten on a post!  It's absolutely thrilling for me to know how many people know and enjoy my work to the extent that you also actually read this blog LOL.

I think I've mentioned before... I suck at technology.  So I've actually gone ahead and written down every single name or nickname that I received and I'm going to put them in a little bowl and actually pull names out of it.  Super old school.  I'm going to do that tonight, have hubby videotape it, and then I'll put it up... hopefully.  If I can figure out how to do that.  I'm really not that old, I swear, I just am not good at all this newfangled stuff.  Kind of sad considering that I just hit 30 last year.

ANYWAY.  The nice thing about this drawing is that it meant I could not pay attention to the blog (and mostly not to writing) this past week and weekend, which freed up a lot of my time, which I needed because hubby and I bought our first house!  And spent last week and weekend moving.  YIKES.  It was a process.  But an awesome and extremely rewarding one.  Once we're settled in, I should be getting back into the writing groove again.

But that brings me to my next thing... which is that I'm behind on writing.  Been pretty busy with all the life stuff.  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to catch up this month either, because we're still unpacking and getting our stuff together and my birthday is this month (So there goes more extra time lol), and August just always seems to be kind of crazy.  Which also means that my book release dates are probably going to be pushed back.  I'm going to do my best, but it's very possible that Claiming His Wife will not be out this month.  However, I am confident that - if that happens - it will be out sometime in September.

So yeah.  Tomorrow look for the video of the drawing!  If not a video, then I will do a very detailed blog with pictures of the drawing.  LOL.


11:10pm - I totally did not get the drawing done.  Life happened. 

Will re-attempt tomorrow.  Should have time.  If so, will upload tomorrow evening.

That is all.


8:23am Wednesday - gonna try to not be a total suckball tonight and get this done.  I swear, I'm writing a reminder across my forehead.  Last night I was too excited about stuff that we picked up for the house and wanted to get it all put together and whatnot... and it took so much longer than we thought it would.