Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

One of my favorite holidays =)  I love having a whole day acknowledging the things in life we have to be grateful for, because often so much of our lives are taken for granted.  The less one has, the more grateful they tend to be for what they do have, so I try to keep that in mind throughout the year and be grateful for all the wonderful things that I do have!

At the top of my life of the things I'm grateful for is YOU!  All my readers, but especially those of you who read my blog or follow my Facebook / Twitter or receive my newsletters and give me encouragement throughout the year.  While I would probably write anyway, even if no one was reading while I'm writing, knowing that people actually enjoy what I'm putting out is one of the biggest warm fuzzies in my life.  There's a feeling of accomplishment that comes with that, and being able to do something that I love and am successful at it is just incredible.  Having people who like my writing enough to follow me on social media is what keeps me motivated to write as much as I do =)

I'm so grateful for every review, every comment, every 'like', every re-tweet, every email... just all of it.

I can't wait for next month and to share the next Stronghold book with you all.  For the holiday, here's another little tease!

Ah, fuck it. 
There were so many reasons this could be a bad idea, but Leigh didn't care right now.  Spending time with Jared made her happy.  Being in his arms made her happy.  And she'd had very little true happiness in so long that she just decided to clutch it with both hands and deal with the aftermath later.  That was future Leigh's problem, if it even turned out to be a problem.  Tomorrow, if he woke up and realized he'd made a mistake and that he wanted to get back together with Marissa, because she was finally willing to fight for him, Leigh would be fine.  A little sad, maybe a little hurt, and definitely a little jealous, but overall fine.  
There had been very few times in Leigh's life that she'd thrown all caution to the wind and decided fuck the consequences... even now, she was sure that no matter what happened between her and Jared eventually, they would be adult about it.  There would be no recriminations or drama because of this, because they just weren't those kind of people.
So fuck it.  She was going for what she wanted in the moment, living in the present, and god it felt so good.
The heady rush of pleasure that washed over her was nothing compared to the tsunami of sensation that followed as Jared's reaction vaulted from shock to aroused acceptance.  She might have started the kiss, but he took control of it almost immediately, his arms tightening around her as he twisted, bearing her down to the bed.  It wasn't a throwdown... but close enough to make Leigh's pussy clench with eagerness.  
She hadn't had sex in so long either... and Leigh liked sex.  Loved sex.  Wanted sex with Jared.  In fact, right now would be totally okay, before he changed his mind.  While part of her knew that she was throwing sanity to the wind in favor of her libido, the other parts of her didn't care.  Specifically her naughty parts.
One hand clutched at his shoulder as the other tried to slide between their bodies... yeah, she was going straight for the cock.  What could she say?  It had been way too long since she'd touched one.  Having him hold her, having him explain his feelings to her while he did so, and realizing that his actions earlier were a misguided attempt to protect her, was way better than any physical foreplay.

At least she thought so until his hands grabbed her wrists, yanking them above her head so that she was pinned down underneath him on the bed, her legs hanging off the edge.  Leigh had always been drawn to take charge men anyway, but being manhandled like this?  Being held down while he kissed her so deeply and desperately, while she writhed underneath him and felt his cock pressing up against her pussy through their clothes?  This was what she fantasized about when she masturbated.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mid-Month Check In

I can't believe it's already the middle of November.

I also can't believe I really thought I'd have Breaking the Chain done in time for a November 15th release.  *sigh*  Yeah, that was some serious wishful thinking.

It's going to be released on December 15th instead.  I've got about 4-5 chapters left to write, then I'm going out of town right after Thanksgiving and then I'll be editing my butt off =)  It's possible that this book may go up early for pre-order just because of the chain of events... it depends on whether or not I manage to finish it before leaving for vacation.  I think I can get it done in time, but I'm not sure.  Either way, December 15th will be the official release date.

I'm pretty stoked abut it.  I'm always excited at the end of the book because that's when things start getting really climactic =)  Especially this book!  Drama drama drama.  SO much fun.

I'm really looking forward to my vacation though; I need to get away for a bit and recoup!  This is going to be an actual vacation too.  No day trips pre-planned, no events that I have to go to, nothing that I have to dress up for... as much as I love all of those things, I'm seriously just looking forward to hot weather, beach days, and spending some time with my family and hubby.  Serious relaxation ahead!  I desperately need it.

So what's meaner... ending this super short blog update with no tease?  Or ending it with a tiny tease that gives away no real information?

Oh heck, let's just go with the latter ;)

Sharon's dark eyes were sparkling with mischief.  It was obvious she was brimming with a secret that she was dying to share.  "Aren't you wondering why Andrew's not behind the bar?  And where Kate is?"

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cover Reveal & Update

Okay, so I'm going to try to be better about updating my blog this month!  Cuz I was pretty bad about it last month.

For starters... unfortunately I'm definitely not going to have Breaking the Chain done in time for a November 15th release date.  I'm 2/3 of the way through the book and it's going really well, but I've still got a bit to go.  So far I'm really enjoying it the story and I think (hope) everyone else will too when it is released!  The new release date is December 15th.  Due to Thanksgiving and the fact that I'm going out of town for a week during the holiday and won't be able to write, I had to push the release back a whole month.  Super sucky, but I'm hoping that everyone will feel it was worth the wait!  Jared and Leigh have been messing around with the original outline (as my characters always do) and I think some good stuff has come out of it.  I think I'm about 5-6 chapters away from finishing the book right now, which is a pretty good place to be.

After Breaking the Chain comes out, I will be working on the second book in the Bridal Discipline series, but I won't be focusing on it.  I'm going to be hauling butt to try to get Marriage Training to the agent, finally, and then focusing on getting a surprise project finished and some more Dark Angel titles out (second book in the Planets Apart series and some that are re-writes of Literotica work).  This isn't because I want to step back from the BD series, but because during the busy season of my day job, I have very little time / energy and it will be easier for me to work on things that aren't 100% new.  Also because I REALLY need to finish MT for the agent.  The good news is that I will be planning to release a book a month between January - April, but the bad news is that Gabrielle's Discipline probably own't be out till May / June depending on how much work I manage to get done on it while everything else is going on.


Back to Breaking the Chain!  Here's the GORGEOUS cover by the incredibly talented RaineyCloud9! (jic you missed it on Facebook or Twitter)