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Golden Angel's 2023 - My Goodness What a Year!


My goodness. This year. Looking at these graphics, I have no idea how I did all of this. Granted, not all of these books were written during this year. And the translations were not new things that I had to write. But still! It's hard not to look at this and feel insanely proud of myself.

I am SO thrilled to have multiple translations. The release of the Poker Winner boxset, and then finishing out the Domestic Discipline Quartet in German and releasing that boxset... I could not be happy with how it's all turning out. I'm excited about more coming next year... though of course, that's for my January 1 post ;) 

For my actual releases though... my goodness! First, finishing the Dungeons & Doms series with Dungeon Showdown made me so happy. I loved writing an entire series of later-in-life heroes and heroines and adding in my own brand of nerdy fun. The last book was especially enjoyable because it was the first look at the Hideaway, which I'm sure we'll be seeing more of in the future ;) 

I also finished the Deception & Discipline series this year - sorta. I ended up realizing I'm going to need another book, or perhaps a collection of stories, to finish up some of the side characters' stories. Still! it was great getting A Season for Smugglers and A Season for Spies out into the world, along with Spy Season (available for free everywhere!) which I have literally been dreaming about writing for years. I was also really thrilled with A Season for Treason because it hit #1 in Victorian Romance on Amazon, as well as becoming a Nook Bestseller and hitting Apple Victorian Romance #1! 

The Duke's Pursuit was my other historical romance release this year, which was my second traditionally published book, and such a thrill! I am so grateful for Cleis Press, who went for it with my rather out-there feminist historical romance. It's not every day that I get to write a book where the hero has to remain celibate while the heroine gets to play the field and have some fun (for good reason). 

On the other side of things, the Masters of Marquis series keeps on running =) Law & Disorder released on my 10 Year Authorversary, which was HUGE! I can't believe I've been doing this for so long. It was a wonderful way to celebrate. I was also so excited to release Switch Play, which is my first book ever about switches instead of a Dominant and submissive relationship. And I was also writing about Q, who was first introduced in The Sassy Submissive, and I was so glad to be able to give him his own book after years of reader requests for it.

This was also my big Rawhide Ranch year, and I had so much fun connecting those stories to my Daddies Everywhere series books. I was so honored to be asked to be a Rawhide author and also to co-write with Stella Moore who is an amazing writer in her own right. 

Outside of my books, this was still such an incredible year. My TikTok has exploded and I have had the honor of helping a lot of authors along with promoting my books and finding new readers. I am so happy that so many authors have found my tips helpful (and I still giggle constantly over calling it Just the Tip, thank you fellow author Vivian Murdoch for that suggestion!). Thanks to this I was invited to speak at multiple author events, which was mind blowing and also so much fun.

This year was also my first time having a book signing at Barnes and Noble. It was my first year at AwesomeCon (my favorite nerd con!) as an author. It was my first year bringing a cover model to a convention. So many amazing firsts this year.

I love this job so much. Thank you all for helping me make it possible. I can't wait to see what happens next!

One new thing that I will be doing next year, and there will be a post to remind you, is that I am actually leaving this blog... this is my last real post. Thank you so much for following along, but trying to keep up with everything, it's just too much for me. That doesn't mean that I'll be done blogging, I'm just moving my blogging to my patreon so my attention doesn't have to be divided. 

If you want to follow along with monthly ramblings, occasional teasers, and other fun surprises, CLICK HERE and click FOLLOW to receive the FREE posts on my Patreon (it's basically just like this blog, but less work for me trying to keep up with multiple sites). Thank you all so much for your support and have a wonderful new year!

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#TBT - Friends With Benefits With Rope

 #TBT to Bondage Buddies! Gotta love those friends with benefits with rope. No strings attached, just rope. LOL.

So, funny story about Mitch and Domi... they were not originally supposed to end up together. When I first started writing the Baby Doms in the Stronghold books, I realized they were going to end up needing their own books, which is when the idea for Masters of Marquis started to simmer in my brain. But, of course, they needed partners.

Came up with the class of newbie subs and started to pair them off in my head. Kincaid and Domi, Brian and Rae, Mitch and Sam, and I wasn't sure if Morgan and Zach were going to be a thing or if he was going to end up with another character and she would be a villain.

Yeah. If you've been reading this series, you know that only two out of eight characters decided to cooperate with that plan. Sam had NO interest in Mitch (and it took me a bit to figure out why and that she was a switch). Kincaid and Domi liked each other, but the romantic chemistry just wsn't there, and then Kincaid started chasing Zach and all bets were off.

Then I realized that Mitch and Domi would actually work REALLY well together. I also decided to make her a single mom. I wanted to explore a health co-parenting situation along with the single mom thing, and also have Mitch go from playboy Dom to family guy 😃 That's a lot of pressure! But he was totally up to the challenge.

About halfway through the book, I had another revelation - the model on the cover of Bondage Buddies was in the exact same pose as Kevin on the cover of Dungeon Master. Wouldn't it be funny if they were father and son?



A few tweaks to earlier in the story, change up the outline for the second half of the book, and BOOM. It's my favorite connection between series that I've ever done.

Grab your copy now! 

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Time To Switch!

 TEASER TUESDAY! Our first look at Switch Play... it's the whole prologue! I've had a lot of people ask about switches - either wanting to know more about them or wanting them to have more representation, and I've had such a good time writing this book. It's with the editor right now so this little teaser is unedited, but I hope you enjoy!


Prologue – 6 Months Ago


“You! What are you doing here?”

Samantha froze at the hostile tone, all her feelings of being an imposter, of being in the wrong place, of trying to pretend she was something that she wasn’t, reared up and made her want to turn and run right back out the door.

I’m not really a dominant. I don’t belong here.

No one else gets to decide that but me.

The voice in her head was immediately countered by another voice, a voice she respected, and a voice that she’d been hearing a lot more often in her head when her own internal voice got out of control. Mistress Olivia was a force to be reckoned with and Sam had started hearing her sardonic tones every time her own uncertainties got too loud.

She blinked and her eyes narrowed at the incredibly attractive black man who had spoken, the one who was staring at her in complete shock. There was something incredibly familiar about him… Sam’s stomach turned over.

Now she really did feel like running out of the room. She just wanted to learn how to be a Dominatrix, or a least get a feel for the Dom side of things because she hadn’t quite felt like she fit in as a submissive, not be confronted with a ghost of high school past.

Either way, she had never let Quinton Bright boss her around in high school and she wasn’t about to start now. He might be the last person she’d expected to find in Marquis’ How-to-Dom class but she wasn’t going to let his presence stop her from getting what she wanted. Just like she hadn’t in high school.

“Excuse me, Quinton?” She hid her satisfaction at his flinch. Still didn’t like his name, huh? “I’m a member. What are you doing here?”

As soon as the question was out of her mouth she wanted to wince, because duh – what else would he be doing at a kink club’s Introduction to Dominance class other than learn how to be a Dom? Could she have asked a more inane question?

Not that she let it show on her face.

Channeling her inner Olivia, she drew herself up, keeping her expression coldly impassive and doing her best to slow her pounding heart rate. Brushing her hands over the blue skirt of her dress, at least she knew she looked damn good.

“Quinton?” The dark-haired girl behind Q looked both interested and amused at the confrontation that was going down in front of her. Samantha had seen her around Stronghold, Marquis’ sister club, before though she hadn’t seen Q. What was her name? Iris. That was it.

“Don’t call me that, Samwise,” Q snapped.

Oh, he did not. Sam glared at him, her hands automatically going to her hips. Olivia wouldn’t run screaming just because someone brought up a crappy high school nickname that had been used to taunt her. So what if she was a bigger girl? She still loved potatoes, nearly as much as she’d hated that stupid nickname, and she was well past the age where she was going to let anyone make her feel bad about it.

“Then don’t call me that stupid nickname. We’re not in high school anymore. Grow up.” There, that had told him. She couldn’t help but mutter ‘ass’ under her breath.

Yeah she might have started it, but there was a difference between calling someone by their actual legal name, no matter how much they didn’t like it, and using a taunting nickname.

Especially since she knew the whole reason he’d hated being called “Quinton” had been because he’d hated being teased about being a nerd in high school. “Quinton” sounded like a nerd name, he’d said. Even though he’d been a nerd, he hadn’t embraced it the way she had.

He looked even better than he had back then. His close-cropped black hair was similar to the cut he’d had in high school, but the scrawny limbs had been filled out with what looked like pure muscle bulging under his t-shirt. The shirt said “One Lab Accident Away from Being a Supervillain” so he seemed to be more comfortable with his nerd side now.

Which wasn’t too surprising. Being a nerd had somehow become cool since they were in high school. Sam was still trying to reconcile that with her memories of being teased for knowing anything about superheroes and Game of Thrones.

It would have been nice if he hadn’t grown up to be quite so hot, but at least she knew she looked good too. She’d dressed the part today, going for the pin-up look that made the most of her curves with a blue dress, and a wide red belt that cinched in her waist an extra inch or so.

While she might not be exactly an hourglass without a corset, she could make herself look more like one.

“I take it you two know each other?” That question came from Chef Nick, whom Sam immediately recognized. He was the head chef at the restaurant downstairs.

Marquis operated as a regular restaurant on its first floor and a kinky hotel on its second. Sam loved coming here. Not that she didn’t love Stronghold, which had been the first club before Marquis was built, but she’d spent more time here. Marquis made her feel classy and elegant, but also hot. And she liked that she could hang out at the bar downstairs without feeling so self-conscious about who was checking her out and who wasn’t.

Stronghold’s bar was full of Dominants who decided whether or not to ask one of the submissives hanging out in the Lounge area to play. Sure, there was some crossover, especially among couples, but for the most part they stayed well apart. Sam never felt like she fit in with either side, so Marquis – with its mix of kinksters and totally vanilla people who had no idea about Marquis’ naughty side – suited her better.

Q didn’t answer, he turned around and sat down, like she wasn’t even there and Samantha had to blink back the tears that threatened to surge upwards. Yeah, that was a little too reminiscent of their past.

High school had been a decade ago though, shouldn’t they be able to put their past behind them?

“Hi, I’m Nick,” the chef said, waving when Samantha didn’t move closer. “This is my girlfriend Avery, and that’s Iris.”

“I’m single and ready to mingle,” Iris said with a friendly grin. Samantha made herself smile, but her stomach turned over again and she realized there was a good chance she was going to have to watch Q play, or ‘scene’, with another submissive during training.

Not over a high school crush huh? Pathetic.

Yeah it really was. She hadn’t even seen him since graduation. But it wasn’t that she wasn’t over a silly little crush… she just had some ‘what if’ thoughts. Not regrets exactly, just curiosity over the path not taken.

Not that it was worth dwelling on.

I’m not that girl anymore.

“I’m Samantha, but I go by Sam,” she said, giving herself a little shake as if she could make her wayward emotions straighten out that way.

“Welcome to the party.” Iris seemed completely unperturbed by the interaction between Q and Sam, which was good, though Nick and Avery appeared to be a little uncomfortable. Hopefully the introductions would get them all past that, though by sitting so far away from Q she’d also put a bunch of space between her and them.


At least they knew what she liked to be called, hopefully things would get less awkward. Samantha had always felt too formal. She’d liked Sam, even when kids had teased her about it being boyish, because she’d felt like it was more casual.



She’d hated Samwise. Just because she’d loved Lord of the Rings didn’t mean she’d wanted to be known as the fat hobbit. She’d been too tall to be a hobbit anyway.

Thank you, Q, for sticking me with that name.

It grated that it still had the ability to get under her skin a decade later.

The room had been set up with a little semi-circle of chairs around the circular stage in the center of the room. The booths that were used for dinner, eating, and watching the stage shows were all along the edges of the room, the heavy curtains currently drawn. Samantha recognized the setup from when she’d taken the subbie class.

The stage was where demonstrations were done and, on weekend nights, actual kinky sex shows happened for the titillation of the watching diners. Sam had come to one, once, with one of the girls from the submissives class. She and Morgan weren’t besties or anything, but they’d formed a friendship despite their differences.

It hadn’t been the same as seeing a show with someone she was actually interested in, which was still on her list of ‘things I want to do sometime soon.”

Finding someone she was interested in romantically would be step number one. Maybe she’d have better luck finding a submissive than a Dominant. That’s why she was here after all. Olivia thought Sam might be a ‘switch,’ someone who could do either or both.

Sam was willing to explore. She loved being a submissive a lot of the times, but sometimes it just didn’t suit how she felt. She wasn’t a brat either, which someone had suggested. It had taken Morgan pointing out that sometimes she acted like a dominant when a Dom was trying to scene with her for Sam to decide maybe she needed to talk things out with Olivia.

“Okay, everybody’s here!” Freddy’s cheerful voice filled the room as the entrance door opened again. Sam twisted around in her seat to see the flamboyant submissive, who also ran the host station at Marquis, and was apparently a shark of a divorce lawyer by day.

Freddy was also going to be her submissive for the class. He’d volunteered. Samantha liked Freddy a lot but there wasn’t a spark between them… still, at least she had someone to practice on. She occasionally found women attractive, but not enough to consider herself bisexual and she really preferred men.

He was also smart as hell. Sam saw his eyes flit around them, taking in where everyone was seated, and he frowned for just a fraction of a second before his smile returned. She knew what that meant though, and that he would probably be questioning her about it later.

She would have to think of something to tell him other than “I had a crush on a boy in high school and ten years later I didn’t want to sit to close to him.”

Behind Freddy was Morgan and a huge man. He was so big that Sam was sure she would feel petite standing next to him. Well over six feet, considering that Morgan came up to his chin in her heels. Morgan and Sam were both taller than average, though Morgan was a stunning redhead with a model’s body, while Sam was blonde and ‘pleasantly plump’ as her mom liked to say.

They went through another quick round of introductions while Freddy went to get Master Law and Mistress Julie, who would be teaching the class. Sam wished that Mistress Olivia was instructing, since she didn’t know Mistress Julie and she’d hoped for some mentorship, but she knew Olivia was busy running Marquis. Plus, Olivia’s boyfriend and submissive was Nick’s older brother, so she didn’t think Olivia would be jumping to teach this particular class even if she didn’t have a huge workload.

Morgan sat down next to Samantha, giving her a bright smile, while Connor sat down next to Morgan. It wasn’t like people were choosing sides or anything, but Samantha did feel a little better having people next to her.

If Morgan and Connor had left the seat beside her for Freddy, it would have been understandable and yet also made her feel like even more of an outsider than she did right now. Not that it was anyone’s fault. She’d chosen her own seat.

Just once, she wished she could feel like she was making the right decisions instead of floundering like a fish out of water.

It was going to be an interesting class.


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Teaser Tuesday - A Fate Worse Than Death?

 Teaser Tuesday! This is the last teaser before release day =) Make sure to grab your copy for the special preorder price! -

“How do you know the Tramp?” That was hardly the most pressing question, yet it was the first one out of his mouth when the carriage finally moved, and he could be sure the driver was not paying attention to them.
Sitting across from him on her own bench, Miss Stuart yawned, placing a delicate hand over her mouth. In the dim light filtering through the window, she appeared very tired. He would be far more sympathetic if she hadn’t snuck out to the Tramp’s Den on her own, putting herself in danger—no matter that the Tramp seemed to know her and would have protected her.
And that she could have protected herself, nitwit.
Anyone could be surprised or overpowered, and Mitchell could have easily recognized her.
There was a long pause as if she was debating whether to answer his question. For a moment, he thought she would not, but then she spoke, her voice softer than usual and far away, as though she was lost in the memory.
“When my parents died, I ran away. The woman who was supposed to be watching me until my uncle could retrieve me… she was foul. I am not sure I would have survived until my uncle arrived if I’d remained in her care. At the time, the streets of London were the better option.” Evie fell silent again for a moment.
“Henry was quite a bit older than me and was not… kind, exactly, but he kept an eye out for those of us who were children, as much as he could. He was the first to teach me to fight, and when he discovered I was a girl, he did not sell me out… he helped me maintain my disguise.”
Others would not have.
Those were the words she did not say, but Anthony knew them to be true. Miss Stuart was beautiful. The Tramp had helped her maintain her appearance rather than making money by selling her to a brothel or worse… Now he understood the trust she seemed to hold for him.
Miss Stuart leaned her head back against the seat, closing her eyes for a long moment, her expression more vulnerable than he’d ever seen. He realized she must not share that information with many people. She could not. It would ruin both her and her family socially if anyone knew she had been running on the streets of London, no matter that she was a child at the time.
She was trusting him.
The realization humbled him.
“I looked for you in France.”
Miss Stuart’s eyes opened, one delicate brow arching in question.
It was awkward to admit, the words making him feel far more vulnerable than he was comfortable with. The confession was nowhere near the same level as hers, but it was what he could offer to her. He had no deep dark secrets, nothing that would ruin him in the eyes of Society were it to come to light, but admitting his feelings for her was difficult for him in its own way.
He was admitting the power she had over him.
Anthony cleared his throat, directing his gaze out the window. It was hard enough to speak about it, but feeling her eyes on him only increased the difficulty.
“Also, after I found you acting as a maid in Lady Greywood’s household.”
She had disappeared into the night, and he had not known what had happened to her until the day Mitchell’s minions had carried out a coordinated attack. Thankfully, Camden had been the only one injured, though the lack of other casualties had been pure luck more than anything else. When he arrived after his own attack, Miss Stuart had been there—still dressed as a maid—holding her unconscious uncle.
He had not blurted out any of their past before discovering who she truly was. He was not sure which would have been more likely—her cousins murdering him the moment the words left his mouth or dragging them to the altar.
Marrying Miss Stuart would be a fate worse than death.
It should have been. That was how he should have felt. Instead, he almost wished it had happened that way.
It would have been far easier than admitting his feelings.
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TBT to the Wallflower that Started it All!


#TBT to A Season for Treason which is on sale for 99c! Grab your copy asap -

For years I’ve had a character in my head (Evie) that was just waiting for the right series - The Deception & Discipline Quartet gave me that opportunity when I was writing the Bridal Discipline series and wanted to create a shy wallflower character who faded into the background. As I was writing Arabella's Taming, it occurred to me that she would be a fantastic spy... and so I started to assemble the team.

Evie – The General assembled her team.
Mary – The Wallflower – able to go almost unnoticed through the social scene, the perfect spy.
Josie – The Diamond of the First Water – flirtatious and flamboyant, she’s always ready to set up a distraction.
Lily – The Bluestocking – she has a large information network of correspondents and a vast well of knowledge at her fingertips.

Like Mary, Rex was originally another character that wasn't really supposed to go anywhere, but I fell in love with him during Arabella's Taming. Which, he also wasn't supposed to be in in the first place. He just jumped in as a rival.

But I thought he was perfect for Mary and, well, here we are 😃

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Teaser Tuesday - The Lady and the Tramp


When I first put The Tramp into A Season for Treason and A Season for Scandal as an Easter Egg, I had no idea that he would end up playing an actual role in this series, but once I got to A Season for Spies, I realized that he was perfect for a bigger part in the story than anticipated. Which meant, of course, that Evie would have to make her way to the Tramp's Den at some point.



Making his way through the Warrens, Anthony stopped at several other taverns before finally finding himself at the door of the Tramp’s Den. Unlike the first place he stopped, he had not been able to find any word of Mitchell in the others. All of them were filled with news of the hunt for the man, as there were plenty of dockworkers frequenting them, but no one had seen him or seemed to know about him. Or if they did, they were not speaking up, even to help with the hunt. And he did not see anyone who appeared worried or anything other than filled with fury and a desire for justice.

Anthony did not know whether to be frustrated or comforted by that. He did not want Mitchell to have more allies than he already did, but at the same time, it was making it very difficult to find the man. Perhaps Camden would have more luck at his dinner.

Considering how Mitchell operated, it was entirely possible his allies were among the upper classes rather than the lower. Still, he would have had to hire out his dirty work in places like this, including the recent assassination attempts.

Though Miss Davies, now Lady Durham, had said the highwayman who kidnapped her had talked like one of their set. He still had not been found.

Damnation. Was he looking in the wrong place?

After a moment, he realized it did not matter. Either way, he needed to make sure every possibility had been covered. Otherwise, the lapse would bother him. Small lapses could sink a mission. If there was something to discover at the Tramp’s Den and he passed it by or missed something because he thought there was nothing to be found, he would never forgive himself.

He knocked on the door.

Opening, a huge man stood in the doorway, filling it up, a bruiser, with a healing cut over his left eye and a frown on his face.

“Butch,” Anthony grunted. They’d met before when Anthony was in a similar guise.

“Tony.” Butch stepped back, allowing Anthony to step through the doorway, eying him warily. “The Tramp willna like it if there’s trouble.”

“No trouble.” Anthony held his hands up as he passed by the other man. “I’m looking for information.”

“Ain’t ya always,” Butch muttered. There was some truth to that. Anthony shrugged. Butch knew Anthony was not exactly what he appeared to be, and one of the best things about places like the Den was people were not questioned too closely.

Unfortunately, it was also probably one of the reasons why Mitchell had connections to this place.

“I need to talk to the Tramp.” It was best to start at the top. If he explained why he was there, the Tramp might be more open to letting him make his own way through the hell. While the Tramp was one of the Kings of the Underworld, he was also loyal to his country.

Anthony did not believe for a moment he would countenance treason being plotted in his Den—if he knew—but he still wanted to look the man in the face when he asked him. Just in case. No stone uncovered and all that. He needed to know he could trust his initial instincts about the man.

Butch blinked. Nodded his head.

“You can go to his office to wait.”

“Where is he now?” It was already into the wee hours of the morning. By now, Camden and Miss Stuart would be home and abed, even if the soiree had run longer than usual. Anthony would not allow the late hour to make him sloppy, but neither did he wish to extend it beyond what was necessary.

A smile flashed across Butch’s face.

“Putting on a show.”

Anthony stifled a groan. The Tramp would not have been out of place in the Society of Sin with his proclivities. He thoroughly enjoyed fucking his lady on the balcony overlooking the main floor of the Den, where everyone below could see and hear her. When he was not putting on a show, he kept his lady plugged with a tail and soft cloth ears that made her look like a puppy.

No one would guess she had once been a debutante. When he first realized, he had been worried about how she ended up here but ascertained she was perfectly happy where she was. After some snooping, he discovered the Tramp had legally married her, with the permission of her guardian. Although Anthony would have mounted a rescue, anyway, if it had been necessary.

Now, instead of being Lady Delilah Darling, she was the Tramp’s lady, fucked in front of an audience of all classes on a regular basis. Including quite a few members of the ton who could have recognized her if they had paid attention—the way Anthony eventually had.

“You can watch while you wait.”

“No.” Anthony shook his head. “I’ll go to his office if you can let him know I’m there once he’s done.”

He was no prude, but he did not have any desire to watch the Tramp’s antics. He had seen them often enough on previous visits to the Den. As titillating as they could be, they held no interest right now.

It had nothing to do with a particular black-haired, green-eyed beauty who had taken up all his thoughts.

“As you will.” Butch closed the main door and opened the next, which led to the Den’s main floor. The small hallway between the two doors was helpful for raids and keeping out unwanted groups of people. Only so many could fit there, creating a bottleneck. While Butch or the Tramp’s other main man, Frank, were fighters of the first degree, anyone could be overwhelmed by superior numbers. The door setup helped prevent that. “You know where it is.”

Anthony had only been in the Tramp’s office once, but yes, he knew where it was.

With the second door open, the wash of sound flowed over him—arousing, shouting, laughter, the sounds of people having a good time. Above them all, the Tramp was on his balcony, his lady in front of him, while he thrust into her from behind. Her dark hair hung in front of her face, so her expression could not be seen, but he could hear her moans as the sounds of everyone else ebbed and flowed.

Some were watching, some were not. Those who came to the Den regularly knew they could expect to see such a show on most nights. By the end of it, when she came, they would cheer, the way they always did.

He moved through the crowd, keeping an eye peeled for Mitchell, but he was nowhere to be seen. Anthony was so busy looking for the man in the crowd, he almost did not notice the woman.


Miss Stuart.

The two names overlapped in his thoughts when he caught sight of her. Yvette, the whore he had met in a French brothel—Miss Stuart, her true identity—was laughing at something one of the gentlemen she was talking to said as she leaned forward. Their eyes were on her breasts, which were in serious danger of spilling out of the top of her dress. Both of them were members of the ton, and either could recognize her at a future date.

What the devil is she doing here?


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TBT - 99c Sale for Gabrielle's Discipline!!!!!


Throwback Thursday to Gabrielle's Discipline which is 99c for THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

I floved this book. I was enjoying the setup for it the whole time I was writing book 1, Philip's Rules, and I was so ready for Felix and Gabrielle's story. Especially because she thought he was in love with her stepmother, Cordelia. Like... talk about drama. I don't usually write high angst, and I'm not sure I would consider this book high angst, but I think it's probably the angstiest book I've ever written.

BTW, if you ever wondered what was going on in Gabrielle's head during the events of Philip's Rules, I actualy wrote a novella for it - CLICK HERE to download Undisciplined for FREE - that was originally supposed to be a prologue for this book but it go too long so I just gave in and made it its own thing.

I also loved getting a better look at Arabella and her family as well as Felix's family, knowing that they were going to have important parts to play in later books =) And, of course, Cynthia couldn't help but pop up. Keeping her OUT of books was nearly impossible.

Make sure to get your copy while it's still on sale!

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Teaser Tuesday - Jealousy


“My lady, would you like to experience some of what the Society has to offer?”

Anthony jerked his head around and scowled when he saw Lord Conyngham bowing to Miss Stuart. He had gotten close without Anthony even realizing. The rake was well known among tonnish circles, sometimes skating close to the line but never stepping a toe over it. While he was happy to take lovers among the most scandalous ladies of the ton, he never, ever touched a debutante or cause a lady’s ruin. Discretion was his byword.

If he’d known Miss Stuart was a debutante, he would have never approached her, but Anthony could hardly inform him of the fact, despite the jealousy now ripping through him. If Miss Stuart attempted to go off with the cad, instead of staying by Anthony’s side…

Suffice to say, she had better not.

“Thank you, monsieur, but Captain Browne is taking care of me admirably,” Miss Stuart replied throatily. Behind her mask, Anthony could see her green eyes dancing with amusement.

“I can see that he is an adequate escort, but when it comes to actually experience everything the Society has to offer, he seems woefully behind.” Conyngham’s grin grew when Anthony scowled at him.

“She said she’s fine,” he snapped, his arm muscle tightening and pulling Miss Stuart closer to him. It did not feel like enough, not with Conyngham eying her up and down like he was considering a dive into her exposed cleavage, and Anthony pulled loose his arm so he could wrap it possessively around her.

“We could always share,” Conyngham suggested devilishly. He looked meaningfully at Miss Stuart. “Have you ever-“

“Mine.” Anthony growled the word and swung her away from Conyngham, whose quiet laughter followed them down the hall as he directed her to the next room.

“Did you just try to claim me?” It was impossible to tell from Miss Stuart’s tone of voice how she felt about that.

Yes, he had.

No he did not want to talk about it.

“It is the only thing men like him understand,” Anthony said shortly. Which was doing Conyngham a disservice – he understood and respected the meaning of the word ‘no’ but he also enjoyed needling his contemporaries. Anthony cleared his throat. “That is to say…”

He groped for the correct words to negate his slander of Conyngham’s character while still protecting himself from exposing his own feelings.

“Oh, I believe I know what you meant to say.” Miss Stuart smiled serenely, giving Anthony the very uncomfortable feeling that she did know what he meant to say. Tugging his arm slightly, she pulled him toward one of the doors coming up. “Let us check in here.”

The room was empty when she opened it, as sometimes happened at Society events. Not every room was in use all the time. Anthony sighed, and then startled when she pulled him into the room anyway.


The door kicked shut behind them and grabbed his lapels, pulling him in for a kiss.

Duty warred with desire and the latter won out.

They had already spoken with quite a few members of the Society and heard the same refrain over and over again. Besides which, there were three others also investigating. If Miss Stuart wanted an illicit rendezvous with him…

Wrapping his arms around her, Anthony pulled her solidly against him, taking over the kiss with fervor. Miss Stuart moaned against his lips, squirming in his arms as his cock hardened.

Pressing her up against the door, he felt around for the lock… and found the door was lacking one.

Anthony tore his mouth away from hers to check. His eyes scanned up and down, searching for what he already knew was not there.

“No lock,” he said, as Miss Stuart turned her head to see what he was looking at. She cursed low under her breath. “Never mind. We will stay up against the door.”


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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Spy Saturday! - FREE Book!


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TBT - Free Historical Spanking Romance!


Throwback Thursday to Philip's Rules which is now free for a limited time! CLICK HERE to download it from your favorite retailer.

When I first started writing the Bridal Discipline series I really wanted to write a different kind of spanking romance heroine - I wanted one who tried to be a good girl and was ultimately empowered by her spankings. So that's why Cordelia's punishments often happen after she's allowed others (namely her stepdaughter) to push her around due to her own insecurities.

I also wanted to have fun with a new kink, which is why she and Philip are always sneaking around and almost getting caught having sex in other people's houses during parties and balls LOL. I'm not sure what it would be called - it's sorta exhibitionist but they aren't ACTUALLY being watched. They do love the danger and the risk though.

I had so much fun writing this book and it's such a great kickoff to the series. Even as I was writing it I knew that Felix and Gabrielle would be next, and I was so excited to redeem Gabrielle.

I hope you enjoy the freebie! Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - Her Excuse is that She Wants Him



Bloody hell. Bloody Captain Browne. Bloody betraying body.

Because she should be resisting him, should be fighting him, but the bloody man tipped her over his lap and her body lit up like the fireworks at Vauxhall. She should not like this as much as she did.

On the other hand, as long as she did like it, why deny herself the pleasure?

You are treading into dangerous waters.

The warning bells trilling in her head were not nearly as strong as the demands of her body. From the moment he’d picked her up over his shoulder and carried her off, Evie had been struggling with her desire. She could have forced him to let her go, but she used the excuse of not wanting to draw too much attention to them as a reason not to fight. Now she was over his lap, and what was her excuse?

A rough hand ran over the sensitive skin of her bottom and Evie had to bite back a moan.

My excuse is that I want him to do this.

Any other man and she would have been fighting like a hellcat, but with Captain Browne, all the things that should infuriate her made her want to purr for him.

“I said you would be allowed to help with the investigation.” Captain Browne lifted his hand and brought it down hard on her upturned arse, making Evie gasp at the hot sting of flesh meeting flesh. The pain was brief, stoking the arousal already churning in her core. “Only one person can be in charge and that is me.”

His hand came down again, making Evie squirm. Was it her imagination or was he spanking her harder than he had before? Evie closed her eyes, trying to ignore his voice and focus on the sensations. The way her skin tingled where he’d spanked her. The growing heat in her belly. The slick wetness between her thighs and the pleasure that rushed through her when she pushed her hips forward, rubbing her front against his hard thigh.

She could feel his cock pressing into her side, so she knew he was not unaffected by this either.

Two more swats came down on her bare bottom, one on each cheek, and Evie did gasp as his hand landed on spots that were already smarting from his previous smacks.

“If you wanted to come to the Tramp’s Den, you should have told me so.”

Two more swats.

“Would you shut up?” She turned to look at him over her shoulder. “You are ruining it.”

Captain Browne stared back at her with bemusement, his hand frozen in the air where it had been about to descend again.

“Ruin what?”

“My spanking! Stop talking!”

The utter disbelief that filled his eyes was almost comical, and if she was not so aroused and frustrated by his incessant chatter, she would have laughed.

“There is no point to punishing you if we do not go over why you are being punished. You put yourself over my knee easily enough. You know you have earned this, but-” That was enough of that, Evie shook her head, cutting him off.

“I am not letting you spank me because I think I deserve it.” The big oaf would think that. “I am letting you spank me because I like it.”


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Scintillating Sunday - Spy Season!


Today's teaser is a little unusual cuz this book is already out and it's FREE! Click here to pick it up from your favorite retailer =) 



The sound of wood splintering behind her, Evie shrieked, even though she’d been expecting it.

The sight that met the soldier’s eyes was exactly what she’d intended—a gentleman and a whore, too involved in their physical pleasure to have noticed what happening on the lower floor. They were hardly the only ones, going by the shrieks and shouts she heard coming from the other rooms.

For one brief moment, as she’d felt the captain’s cock sliding into her, she’d actually forgotten the incoming threat, which added verisimilitude to her performance.

She’d carefully staged the tableau so the soldiers got a good glimpse of her bottom and the captain’s cock stuffed into her quim as soon as they came through the door. She was counting on them being far more interested in looking at that than at his face or the contents of the fireplace.

The cravat was burning merrily, but the evidence remained if one looked closely.

Evie wanted to be sure no one looked until the evidence was gone.

Turning her head and her upper torso, she kept bouncing on the captain’s cock as she widened her eyes at the sight of soldiers in the door. Two of them had actually come into the room, and one of them was standing in the hall. All three of them were watching her rise and fall, their gazes intent on her buttocks.

She allowed her pace to slow, sinking down on the captain until he was fully embedded inside her, trying not to think about how good he felt.

“What is it? What is happening?”

“Apologies… I… we…” the young soldier in the front stammered.

“Get out. Can’t you see we’re busy in here?” the captain snarled, his hands moving from her breasts down to her hips. Evie moaned and wriggled atop him, rising and falling slightly, though not to the degree she had before.

The third soldier, the one in the doorway, coughed and muttered something.

“Apologies. Please, do go on.” The soldiers retreated, pulling the door shut behind them. Only then did Evie sigh with relief, going up on her knees.

Her eyes widened when the captain’s fingers tightened on her hips.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The words came out in a low growl, far too low for anyone beyond the door to hear it, if they were even listening.

Despite her attraction to the man, Evie narrowed her eyes. Not even her uncle, the Spymaster to the Crown, succeeded in ordering her about. She was not about to let a near-stranger do so—regardless of their current… intimate circumstances.

“This was to save your life.” She waved her hand between the two of them. “Not for… pleasure.”

If she had thought of another way to divert suspicion from him, she would have. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. Even if someone remembered him from earlier, they would hardly suspect a man who was balls deep in a ladybird when he was a spy who had an important meeting.

The captain’s dark eyes were intent on hers, one eyebrow raising as if to question her intelligence.

“And if they return to find we have already ended our activities?” Before Evie could react or respond, the captain lifted his hips up, lifting her up as well, and he rolled.

With his greater weight and strength, not to mention his cock still filling her, there was little Evie could do to counter him. She ended up on her back, breathlessly staring up at him, with his hands pinning her wrists on either side of her head. A thrill unlike any she’d ever felt rushing through her, she clenched around his cock as her body responded to being overset.

Never in her life…

Because she would have never allowed it.

So, why was it so exciting when he overpowered her?

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Free Alien Smut! (#TBT)


Throwback Thursday to one of my alter-ego's books which is free this weekend, starting today! Because it's available in Kindle Unlimited, it's only on Amazon. You can grab your copy here -

This story actually started out on Literotica back when I was writing for them. I really just had some wild ideas for alien peen and wanted to write all of them, but didn't want to write a whole series for each alien... but I had also found that I preferred to write a longer story rather than a bunch of standalones.

My genius solution: put the heroine in a space brothel.


It was not actually supposed to have a romance but of course my brain took it that way anyway by the end. Which I enjoyed, so it was fine 😃 I know my brain does that lol.

I had a GREAT time writing all the alien peen I wanted (and some of them got WEIRD) and then adding in a dash of romance for a HEA. If you want a book that's basically pure alien smut... here ya go LOL