Monday, April 27, 2015

Hathor: Milking Meggie is On Sale

Some of you may remember that when I wrote the first blog post about Hathor: Milking Meggie, I said it would be on sale in April.  That time is now!  Thank you to the reader who commented on the original post and gave me the nudge nudge... I thought Amazon was supposed to let me know when it went on sale but they did not.  Still, it's not too late to get it for a reduced price!

Anyway... I am almost done with Homeschooled for Literotica.  Only one more chapter to go, about Becky and Ben's wedding night, which I'm really looking forward to writing.  This series did not go at all the way I thought it was going to when I started writing it all those years ago, but I'm very happy with how it has gone.  I'm much more into HEA endings than I was back then lol.  I'm really looking forward to getting to the reader requests; I always feel bad about making people wait for those so it's going to be a relief to get them off my shoulders now and then I'm going to start writing one of two longer stories that was requested by a lot of people... probably Samuel's story as a follow up to Being the Maid or Trish and Jordan's story from Taken by the Wolf.

For book writing... I'm about 1/3 of the way through Pieces of Stronghold.  Trying to make it a novella and not a novel although it's hard.  I just want to keep writing and writing and writing... so far I'm liking the different POVs, although that makes it harder as well, to have a cohesive story line.  I think I finally got it figured out though.

I haven't had much time to write lately though.  Vegas last weekend was AMAZING.  Had such a good time there, got some good story ideas, and also some ideas for Hilary's Bachlorette party, which will be coming up at some point in a book or novella I'm sure =)  Unfortunately I also seem to have brought home some kind of cold, along with jet lag, along with some allergies (came home and everything was in bloom, which is gorgeous but.... yeah).  So I've been kinda zombie like and haven't gotten much more writing done than I did during busy season.  Hopefully, as I'm starting to feel better, that will change soon.

This past weekend I did lots of other creative stuff... Facebook followers got to see some of my crafting work =)  There's a convention I'm going to at the end of May and I now am totally done with my Harley Quinn and Bellatrix Lestrange costumes (other than more nit-picky stuff with Bellatrix's sleeves, which OMG are such a PITA... almost makes me wish I'd just bought a dress instead of making it myself).  I've still got some stuff to do for Hubby's outfits though, but I finished his Joker vest and I'm almost done with his Death Eater cloak.  I also helped one of my other besties with his Riddler outfit.  WOOT.  It was a very productive weekend, just not for writing LOL.

This week I'm hoping to get back into productivity when it comes to working on Pieces of Stronghold.  I also want to get some bundles together.  RaineyCloud has graciously put together bundle covers so that people can buy the full set of completed books (Venus School Quartet, Domestic Discipline Quartet, Poker Loser Trilogy) if they so desire.  One totally new announcement - Venus Desiring is now available in paperback!  At some point in the near future, I'll hopefully also be putting out Venus Transcendent in paperback as well and then I'll do some autographed giveaways for the full set.

I've been slacking on getting a website together... ack.  Something else that I need to focus on this upcoming month!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Angel Recommends: Fracture

Happy (Belated) Release Day to Amanda Byrne who is a fantastic author and whose book Fracture came out yesterday!  I've got my copy and I can't wait to dig in =)

Fracture by Amanda K. Byrne


Every nightmare has an end.

There’s no way Nora can ignore the beating. Same heavy boots. Same curses, same pained groans. But that was two years ago, and this a different man, a different part of war-ravaged Sarajevo. This is her second chance. She has to try.

And then she’s stuck with him, nursing him, putting up with him. Declan’s an ass. He’s rude and tactless. He’s arrogant. Dismissive.

Charming. Intense. Caring when she needs it most – and least expects it. He tears away the numbing fog that’s been her constant companion and offers her a way out and a way home.

And it damn near destroys her.

Nora’s survived two years in a war zone. Can Declan show her how to live?

Buy it here: AMZ | BN | KOBO | iBooks | GR


     I burrow further under the blankets. It’s too damn early to get up, too warm, too comfortable.
     “Nora. Get up.”
     On a whimper, I open my eyes. Grey light streams through the living room window. Living room? Did Ryan and I fall asleep on the couch again? Bad habit. I thought we’d broken it.
     His shoulders are all wrong. Too broad. His scent is wrong, too. Not Ryan. Ryan’s gone, and Declan is not. I’m plastered against him. At his request, I remember, sleep clearing from my brain. For comfort, he’d said. Lifting my head, I try to focus on his face. The swelling’s gone down some more, the bruising around his eyes a gruesome yellow mask tinged with red. I trail my fingers over the bruising on his jaw. He doesn’t flinch, the hard gleam in his eyes not dissipating in the least. Such a difficult man to understand, Ryan’s opposite in every way. Yet here I am, molded to him like this is where I belong and I have no desire to leave.
     “Fuck,” he mutters. Heedless of his sprained wrist, he slides his hands under my arms and jerks me up, his mouth closing over mine before I realize what’s happening.
     The contact is a lightning bolt, piercing the last of the dream and the sleep haze and scattering it like mice before a cat. It leaves no room for doubt that this is exactly what he means to do, kiss me, no, ravage my mouth, his tongue slipping past my defenses when I part my lips unconsciously. His mouth moves with the confidence of a man who has been kissing women for a long, long time, kissing them and getting kissed in return. There is no asking in this kiss. He tells me with his lips, his teeth, his wicked tongue that we’re doing this, and we’re doing it now, so I’d better hang on. My mind threatens to blank as my body takes over, reveling in the increasing heat.
     Our noses bump, and he hisses, breaking the kiss. Shit. I’d forgotten about his injuries, the broken ribs and nose, the deep, throbbing bruises along his torso and thighs. A lapse. A side trip into insanity. Two people who’ve been thrown together by circumstance and nothing more, warm bodies to draw from. That’s all it is.
     I guess Declan’s not done being crazy because he grips my hips, positions them over his groin, and pushes up. I can’t stop the moan from escaping. My body’s completely taken over. It wants what’s between my legs and covered in layers of fabric.
     I dive for his mouth again, craving more. Needing more. He gives it to me, tongues thrusting and parrying in a primitive dance echoed by the rocking of our hips. One hand curves around my nape, his teeth nipping into my top lip as his other hand grips my hip, further encouraging their movement. It’s the sweetest, darkest kind of madness. I want to drown in it. I want it to sink me, sate me, whip me into a frenzy I haven’t felt in years.
     And as abruptly as it starts, it stops, Declan’s face impassive, his ragged breathing and the hard bulge under me betraying him. He shifts me to the side and sits up, pushing to his foot and hopping into the bedroom. He pauses in the doorway. “Who’s Ryan?”

About the Author
When she’s not plotting ways to sneak her latest shoe purchase past her partner, Amanda writes sexy, snarky romance and urban fantasy. She likes her heroines smart and unafraid to make mistakes, and her heroes strong enough to take them on.

If she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking hot chocolate, and trying not to destroy her house with her newest DIY project. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and no, it really doesn’t rain that much.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pieces of Stronghold Teaser

Soooo... I'm about to embark on a super busy couple of weeks in my real life.  The busy season at work is winding down (YAY!) and so I've been getting more writing done (DOUBLE YAY!), but the next two weeks are cray-cray for me anyway.  Wedding stuff this weekend and then next week a girls trip with my bestie and then lots of crafting stuff for AwesomeCon next month.  Woot!  This month is awesome.

Anyway.  So.  Pieces of Stronghold.  Gonna start off with a teaser from part of the book about Jared & Leigh.  =)  Enjoy!

(Just an FYI, this section starts off with a text message)

What time does a duck wake up?
Before her water bottle had finished filling up, she'd gotten a reply.
I don't know.
Giggling harder now than she had when she actually had received the joke text, she typed in the answer.
The quack of dawn!
She was going down the stairs to the basement and the exercise room when her phone rang.  Glancing at the screen, she blinked in surprise and grinned, a little butterfly of excitement fluttering in her stomach.
"The quack of dawn.  Seriously."  Jared's rich, deep voice was heavy with amused mockery.
Leigh laughed.  "Aren't you at work?"
"And you called me to scold me for a joke?"
"It's a really bad joke."
"You laughed and you know it."
He chuckled and she couldn't help but smile in return.  Leaning against the bannister at the bottom of the stairs, she tried to tamp down the slightly giddy feelings that always seemed to swirl inside of her when she talked to him.  They'd become friends pretty quickly, bonding over the fact that both of them had recently gotten out of relationships that had spanned more than half a decade.  No one else in their groups of friends really understood what that was like... most of them thought that Jared and Leigh were better off without their exes.  Leigh didn't exactly disagree, but no one else seemed to get how hard it was or why she still missed Michael sometimes.  
Jared got it.
It made her feel a special connection to him.  She was also totally willing to admit that she had a schoolgirl crush on him.  Having a crush felt nice.  None of the guys she'd dated or slept with had made her feel all giggly and teenager silly like he did.  It was just a silly, harmless crush that helped  distract her whenever she was feeling particularly depressed about Michael.  It was safe to flirt with Jared, because he knew that she wasn't looking to jump into a relationship, and neither was he.  They just liked to tease and flirt and make each other smile.  There had been so little happiness in her life since she and Michael had broken up - even before that really - which managed to pierce the bubble of misery she'd been living in, so she clutched at whatever bright moments she could.  
"Admit it," she insisted, still grinning.  "You at least chuckled."
"Yeah, okay I did."
"I knew it!" she crowed, pumping a fist into the air.  Making Jared smile on a regular basis was one of his goals.  As miserable as she was without Michael, Jared missed his ex just as much, and he had the added guilt of having hurt her when he broke up with her.  She could empathize, because by the time Michael had broken up with her, she'd had thoughts of breaking up with him, because she'd known that he was taking her for granted and that she'd become unhappy.  Of course, she'd hoped that instead of breaking up, he would have recognized that he needed to put more effort into their relationship and making her feel special and loved.  Instead, he'd broken up with her first.
But she could imagine having gotten to the point Jared had.  So she liked to make him smile when she could.  It made her feel good to help him.
"You're like a five year old," he said, but it didn't sound like he meant it as an insult.  Leigh took it as a compliment.  It had been a long time since she'd felt this carefree.  Michael had squashed her moments of loud brevity and silliness, wanting her to be more the model of the businessman's wife that he thought he needed.  That was definitely something that was going to have to change if they ever got back together.  There was no way she was going to squeeze herself back into that suffocating little box that she'd put her personality into for him.
"Just wait," she told him, still grinning.  "I bet I can find worse ones.  And you'll laugh at all of them."
"I'm sure I will."  Even though she couldn't see him, Leigh was pretty sure that he was smiling.  She could hear it in his voice.  "I have to get back to work.  I'll see you Thursday?"
"Yep, I'll see you then, although we'll probably talk before then."
"I'm sure we will."
"Because I'm going to send you more jokes."
"Okay.  Bye Leigh."  She could practically hear the amused grin on his face.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Coming Up: Reader Story Requests

So, for Literotica, looking at the little outline that I wrote for Homeschooled I realized that I'm almost done with it!

I finished a chapter today and I've only got one more chapter to go.  There is a possible continuation that I may do eventually, but (as much as I thoroughly enjoy Becky, Mr. Troy and Ben), there's something else I've been wanting to do for a long time... focus on story requests!!!


Now, here's the problem... If you don't follow my blog religiously (what's wrong with you?!) then you might not know that hubby and I moved this past fall.  When I did that, I lost an entire mini-notebook of story ideas (I have 3 - well, HAD 3, now I have 2), including some ideas that were sent to me by readers.  I was pretty upset about losing so many of my own ideas, and absolutely miserable about losing the ideas (and the contact info) from people who had sent me requests.  Even more frustrating was that I'm pretty sure the one I lost was the one with the most requests in it.  *sigh*  I had hoped that unpacking and getting the house organized would result in me finding the mini-notebook.

It has not.

I'm finally giving in and saying, it's gone and lost forever.  But, I'm hoping that if people cared enough to request a story from me, then perhaps they care enough to read my blog too.  So I'm going to share the story requests that I currently have; if you have requested a story from me in the past and you do not see it here, please comment / email me at and resubmit your request.  Because as soon as I finish Homeschooled, I'm going on a reader request binge.  I'm looking forward to writing a bunch of challenging shorts rather than series.  I need a break from the series for a bit and once my busy season at work is done, I'm going to be feeling super motivated and (hopefully) super creative, so it should be the best time for me to push my comfort level and work on things that I didn't come up with myself.

Also, if you have a story idea request... now is definitely the time to make it.

This is for Lit stories only.

Here are the current story requests that I have:

- Inc/taboo - girl does a kind of Wizard of Oz, except that she's taken to be married and it turns out the King of "Oz" is her uncle.  Wakes up to find her uncle giving her a sponge bath and wonders if it was a dream.

- Group - young man splits up from his friends, walking home when a car full of girls pulls up and asks if he wants a ride; ends up getting in and having a wild night

- Les / Non-Con - female burglar forces lesbian couple to have sex for her enjoyment then makes them watch while she takes a turn with each of them

- (no category decision yet) - couple brings younger / less experienced woman out of her shell, willingly or unwillingly

- Loving Wives - 45 year old paralegal gets taken at a bar by a dominant man when her husband walks in and loves watching her being taken for this totally free sexual ride

- Non-human - a sequel to "Government Testing"

- Re-write "Contest Ch. 9"

- BDSM - an erotic re-write of My Fair Lady / Pygmalion

- Group - BDSM humiliation story with specific characters (Arya, Mitch & Ethan)

Ugh.  Looking at this list kills me because I can kind of half-remember at least 5 more story ideas, but not enough to actually write any of them.  Anyway.  After I finish the last chapter of Homeschooled I'm going to try to do a sweep of Reader Requested stories... so if you have requested in the past and don't see yours on here or if you have one that you'd like to make, leave a comment or send an email!  I always email the reader when their story is posted, as long as I have their email address.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, if you're celebrating a holiday or if you're not.  Even though Christmas is my favorite holiday, Easter services are my favorite, so I'm looking forward to this weekend =)  Take care!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The End of the Line

Omg it's April... I can see the finish line for my day job's busy season... it's so close!!!

I can't wait.

Trying to write during this time of year is always interesting because I have a lot less time, a lot less energy and all my creative juices come and go like little lightning bugs flickering in the evening.  If you haven't seen lightning bugs before - they light up very quickly, go out just as quickly, and rather sporadically.

I have managed to get a bit of writing done.  Homeschooled Ch. 7 is out on Literotica.  Yeah, yeah, I messed up Ben's name.  I got him and Brandon from Hathor confused.  Considering the time of year it is, and how mentally exhausted I am, I'm just grateful the names were similar LOL.  I've worked 3 ten hour days in a row (work days, so I include Friday), plus 6 hours on Saturday... so I'm having trouble caring that I messed up a name on a free website.  I know.  I'm such a B.


Super glad that people seem to be enjoying Hathor, even if it's not their kink!  One of my goals was to make it enjoyable for everyone who likes alpha males / erotica in general... as much as I wanted to explore the kink, it's not something I'm super heavy into, so I didn't want to go very far in body modifications and stuff like that.  I'm really looking forward to the next Planets Apart book, which will take place on Hebe and be an age-play story.  That's a kink that I feel a deeper connection to than the hucow / milking one, so I'm pretty excited to write my own story in it.

In the meantime, I'm hard at work on Pieces of Stronghold.  I've decided that there are actually NOT going to be POVs from every single person / couple in the novella.  For one, it would no longer be a novella if I did that.  There's just too many of them.  I started writing a chapter for Rick and Maria before I realized that it didn't really add to the story line, and actually kind of distracted from the main point of the novella.  I kept what I'd written though, so that I can go back to it later and bring it out for either another novella or something else.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you've already seen a little teaser paragraph from Jared's POV and you know that he and Leigh will both be focused on in this novella.  I also put in Will & Gina's story, which was originally part of the Yellow Silk Dreams Christmas newsletter, in case anyone missed that.  I'm currently working on a chapter from Lexie & Patrick's POV.  There will definitely be POVs from Andrew and Olivia.  I think there will also most likely be POVs from Angel & Adam and Liam & Hilary.  There might be a POV from Justin, Jessica and Chris, but if there is it will be short... what I want to do with them will need its own novella =) Jake also may or may not get his own POV... no idea at this point.

So that's what's going on with me and the wonderful world of writing... Most of it isn't happening until my day life stops being quite so crazy, but I am trying to get at least a tiny bit of writing done every day so that I can feel like I'm advancing somewhat.