Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Win A Prize!!!!

Okay, so to celebrate the fact that I've now passed 200K views on my blog (I mean, that seems like a petty big deal to me...) I decided to hold a little drawing.  Thank you all for voting on what prizes you'd like to receive!

Grand Prize:  Winner's Choice

You can choose whichever you want - to be a beta reader for one of my upcoming stories, to receive a free e-book (currently out or upcoming), or to receive a free autographed copy of one of my books that is out in print. 

2nd Place:  To be a beta reader for either Claiming His Wife or Mastering Lexie

Two 3rd Place Prizes:  To receive your choice of free ebook - either a previously published book, Claiming His Wife or Mastering Lexie

For anyone's who's confused about what a beta reader is - I currently have two of them and they get my books chapter by chapter as I write them.  Then they email me back with suggestions / what they liked or didn't like about the chapter / continuity issues / things that piqued their interest / critique / questions / etc.  The upside is that you get to read the story first and be a part of its creation.  Things change when the beta readers point them out to me.  The downside?  It's a little bit like reading my stuff on Literotica, because there's often a wait between chapters.  I'm flattered that so many people voted for this option =P  Now, if you win 2nd and you would prefer not to be a beta reader, I'm not going to be insulted.  It is work and it takes up time.  I'll be happy to provide you with a free e-book instead =)

Anyway.  If you would like to be in the drawing, please either leave a comment with your name / what you would like to be called when I do the drawing, or email it to me at goldeniangel@gmail.com.  You can use your actual name, a nickname or your email.  Just something that you'll recognize after I hold the drawing and post the winners so that you can get in touch with me about claiming your prize.  Get your name in by Sunday August 3, I'm gonna do the drawing next Monday.

Please, only enter once.  I really want to be able to trust people and just do a regular drawing without having to have a whole bunch of specific rules, etc. If this goes well, I'll be doing it again in the future!!!  Also, I promise, emails will not be used for anything other than this.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taken by the Wolf - The End

The last chapter of Taken by the Wolf is now up on Literotica.  If you haven't read it yet and you're involved in the series, I suggest you go check it out now and then come back and read the blog after so that I don't accidentally spoil anything for you. =)

Geez... I can't believe I'm done with this series now.  It's my longest one yet!

I got to explore a lot of things that I've been wanting to, including going darker, non-con MM, messing with psychological stuff, medical non-con / torture, etc. etc.  Honestly, when I first started out the series, I thought it was going to go even darker than it actually did.  The Wolf was originally going to be 100% bad guy.
Honestly, I think I ended up being affected by certain events in the news while I was writing this piece.  The whole affluence defense down in Texas, global warming and the overuse of resources, the divide between the 1% and the 99%... I didn't really mean for this piece to get political, but in my head it kind of did.  This is, in my head, a way the future could end up going.  It's a bit of a commentary, but more just where I see things headed.  In a non-con erotic setting lol.
Anyway.  This is one of my few stories that went almost exactly the way I had outlined it, other than the Wolf ending up as a little bit of a Robin Hood type figure (although def not a hero).  I had originally imagined him as a heartless crime lord who was toying with the people from the Moon as a kind of power play.  Turned out, he ended up having a bit of a heart and it got attached to Alex and Bella - albeit in very different ways for each of them and it still wouldn't be what I would call love.  Maybe affection.  
There were a couple other chapters planned out that I ended up not writing, because they didn't totally flow with the story.  Cora and Trace were going to come back and get a night with Bella, doing whatever they wanted to her.  It was probably going to end up being something kind of similar to Contest: Alternate Ending.  Another chapter was going to be another ally of the Wolf coming to visit and doing puppy play with Bella, nothing painful but still humiliating.  Alex and the Wolf were going to watch both scenes and, of course, the Wolf was going to use Alex while that was happening.  There was also going to be another scene with the Moon officials (Ken Sr. at the very least), but the reader reaction to that chapter wasn't as positive, and to be honest, by the time the next scene came up I was feeling ready to be done.  No need to tack on more sex scenes that didn't feel like they flowed naturally with the story.
Trish was always going to stay with Jordan.  Originally because he was never going to let her go.  The story ended up becoming more complex as I explored the culture of both the Moon and the Earth and she ended up choosing to stay.  I'm sure some people will have a problem with that.  That's fine.  Honestly, I'm not sure I understand her choice 100% either.  In some ways, I definitely do. In others... not at all.  But it's what she wanted at the end.  
In my head, Alex and Bella do live happily ever after, albeit with some ups and downs.  I think Alex manages to change his society from the inside out once they reach the new colony.  Feel free to make up your own ending.  I was only interested in their story for as long as they're on Earth with the Wolf.  Honestly, the last chapter ended up being even longer than I'd originally planned, to wrap up what happened with them - originally I was just going to return them to the Moon and end when they got their memories back.  If I ever made this into a book, I'd continue the story line in a second book, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.
So yeah.  This is me, closing the chapter on the Wolf, Alex and Bella.  I hope you enjoyed!  Look for the next chapter of From Terra, coming soon.

Also, if you haven't voted yet, check out the blog post below and see what I'm offering for prizes for a drawing, celebrating the fact that this blog has over 200k views =)  The poll to vote is to the left!  I'm gonna be taking it down tomorrow night and announcing what I'm gonna do for the drawing.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Over 200K - What Should I Do?


Thank you lovely readers... my blog now has over 200K views!

That's absolutely incredible and I'd like to do some kind of thank you.  A lot of authors doing some kind of "drawing" when they wanna do a thank you.  The only problem is, I'm not sure what you all would like the most... so, as usual, I'm asking for input =)  

Possibilities are things like an autographed copy of The Venus School or Venus Aspiring (the only two books I currently have out in print)... a free copy of my next book, Claiming His Wife when it comes out (hopefully next month)... becoming a beta-reader for me for either Claiming His Wife or Mastering Lexie (reader's choice - involves getting the chapters from me as I write them and sending me feedback on likes / dislikes / suggestions, etc)... or maybe I should just do "winner's choice" and keep it completely open?  Depending on votes, I might do a "grand prize" and then a second prize and a third place prize depending on how the votes come out.

Poll is to the left, let me know what you'd like me to offer as a drawing prize! =)  Poll will be up through the weekend.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 26

Yay!  Chapter 26 of Taken by the Wolf is now out on Literotica.  Seems like people are enjoying it, although it started a whole new slew of comments about Jordan and Trish lol.

No, I won't be doing a separate story line / series for them.  I enjoy them, but I'm going to be done with this series soon and I don't think I'll be revisiting.  I've had some good times with it, but I'm also ready to be finished.  However, their POVs are not completely done, Trish has one more POV in the last chapter to complete their story.  I'm about 1/3 of the way through the last chapter I think.  Maybe even halfway.  It's hard to tell cuz there's a few things I need to do to wrap up the story.

I'm really looking forward to moving on to finishing From Terra.  I'm really feeling the alien thing right now for some reason.  LOL.  Also, I love Chryssa.  She's a hedonistic, spirited little thing... very different from Alex, Bella or Trish, even though in some ways she's in a similar situation.  It'll also be nice to get back to working on something less plot-heavy for Lit.  I really do try not to get too plot-heavy in Lit, but my past couple series have all ended up being SUPER plot heavy.  My brain needs a break.  Stuff for Lit is supposed to be the nice, easy stuff to write where I don't have to remember too much about what's going on in the story LOL.  At least, that's the way I've always thought of it.  Having to keep track of so many different characters, what they're doing, what they've already done, what their motivations are and how they change is freaking exhausting.  Mentally, that is.  Esp when I'm also already doing that for two other full length books!

So yeah.  That's what's out right now... if I'm lucky I'll finish the last chapter by the end of this week.  If not, then sometime next week.  And then I can move on to From Terra!

In the meantime - thank you to all of you who have picked up On His Knees, and a double thank you to those of you who have taken the time to leave a review!!!  One, it always gives me warm fuzzies to see reviews, and two, it really is super helpful for me, both in terms of knowing what people enjoyed / didn't enjoy about the book and also in attracting new readers!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Not the Last Chapter

So, chapter 26 of Taken by the Wolf has been submitted to Literotica, and it turns out it's not the final one.  I thought it was going to be, I really did, but then Jordan decided to do stuff to Trish in the scene that I was giving them, and then the Wolf decided he wants one last time with Alex and Bella... and things just got out of hand.  But there really will be only one more chapter after this.  No idea when the chapter will be out.  Maybe sometime this weekend or early next week depending on the website =)

Everyone seems to like On His Knees which makes me super happy!  I had a LOT of fun writing it.  Like, so much fun.  It's loosely based on my own experience =D  Hubby did good.  So did Liam, eventually. LOL.  I wasn't sure how it would be received since it's not like there's any real conflict or drama to the story, and Liam and Hilary aren't really hardcore BDSMers, but I really freaking enjoyed doing their role-play scenes.  Liam's so bossy, even as a patient in a naughty nurse scene hahahahaha.  I'm also glad I got to show what happened between Angel and Adam after the glitter incident, a little peek into what's going on with Patrick and Lexie while Rick and Maria were doing their thing, and get to know Andrew a little more.  He and Hilary are particularly close, which is going to make his book interesting.  I haven't decided yet whether he or Jared will follow Lexie and Patrick's book.  It'll probably depend on what happens in their book.

I'm about a fourth of the way through Claiming His Wife, which is not as far along as I would like to be at this point, considering that I'd really like to get the book out sometime next month.  We'll see if I make the deadline or not.  I might have to start spreading my goal dates out a little more.   Especially because I want to start getting more stories done for my Dark Angel name.

Speaking of which. I was in a MAJOR writing mood yesterday... but I just wasn't in the mood to write anything for stuff I'd already started.  I forced myself to, and I managed to finish a chapter of Claiming His Wife - which I was already 2/3 of the way done with.  Then I let myself go ahead and start working on the story that was literally pounding against the inside of my head to be let out.  It's a story that I've been thinking about for a while that I want to do for Dark Angel, and I wrote an entire chapter yesterday.  That's the difference between writing what I think I should be and writing what I'm feeling at the moment.  *sigh*  I get so much more done when I let myself write what I'm in the mood to, but if I did that all the time, I'd probably never actually FINISH any stories.  Well, that's not true, but it would take a freaking long time.

At any rate.  The one for Dark Angel is going to be my first breast milk fetish story.  Woooo!  LOL.  No idea if any of you are even interested in that, but I've had this idea for a while for a four part series, all featuring four different planets, each devoted to a different fetish.  Basically far in the future when mankind has spread out among the stars.  Criminals are sent to these planets to cater to the law-abiding citizens' fetishes.  They don't have to go, of course, they can choose to go to the Colonies instead, but the Colonies on new planets are dangerous, primitive, and most people don't really want to go there.  On the other planets, sure the inmates might end up as a human cow or puppy, but they'll also be fed, sheltered, and cared for.  There's a cow planet, a pony-play planet, a pet-play planet and a littles planet.  Some people emigrate there anyway, because that's their fetish, but the criminals are sent - it's fairly dubious consent, although it is a voluntary thing.  No extreme body mods or anything like that though.  Anyway.  That's something that's been spinning around in my head for a while and I've already got a chapter written.  No idea when it will be out since I'm already pretty full-up for this fall, but if I keep being in the mood to write it, and write as much as I did yesterday when I'm in the mood, who knows, might be out before the end of the year.

I'm trying to figure out what to call the series though.  Prison Planets?  Fetish Planets?  Punishment Planets?  No idea.  If you have a thought, after reading through the basic idea, let me know, cuz I'm struggling a bit with that.

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Release: On His Knees

My first ever Stronghold novella!!!

Liam and Hilary are in love, living in the same apartment, and Liam's ready to take the next step... he just has to get her father's blessing, find the perfect ring and construct the perfect proposal.

On His Knees is a Stronghold novella about what Hilary and Liam were doing while Maria and Rick were figuring out their relationship in Taming the Tease. There's sexy role play, some light punishments, and a lot of romance.

If you've been reading the Stronghold series, then think of this as a behind the scenes look at some of the content from Taming the Tease.  =)  I'm super excited to give a closer look at how Liam and Hilary got engaged, some more tidbits about Patrick and Lexie, as well as a little bit more insight into Andrew (who hasn't really gotten as much attention during the past two books).  Yay! 

Since it's a novella, On His Knees is only 99 cents and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Please, if you have a minute when you finish, leave a review!  It's the nicest, most amazing thing you can do for me if you enjoy the story =)

Friday, July 11, 2014

On His Knees in Four Days

Only four days away from Hilary and Liam's novella!!!  So very excited to share it with you all =)  If you didn't check out my interview (see previous post) and don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then here's your first look at the gorgeous cover that RaineyCloud9 (by designer Crystal Raine) did for me! -

I just love her work!  She's also redone the covers for the Domestic Discipline Quartet and the Stronghold cover for me.  My covers are looking so pretty!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me do happy dances.  I feel more like a real author now when I look at my books =)

Soooo what's going on with me?

Well I changed the name of Lexie and Patrick's book to Mastering Lexie.  Most of you probably don't even remember, I had originally titled it Protector, but then I recently decided that it sounded too much like it was going to have lots of action/adventure in it if it was called that.  Because, even though Patrick IS her protector, it's not like she's going to be in danger at any point in the book.  I don't think anyway.  However, she IS going to be hard work for him to take control of =P  I don't have a lot of work done on the book though, because I'm mostly concentrating on Claiming His Wife (Book 4 of DDQ) and finishing Taken by the Wolf.

Taken may end up being another two chapters instead of only one more... we'll see.  Jordan and Trish decided they wanted to take center stage again for a little bit, which worked out because I can show a little bit more of how the Wolf's soldiers can operate on Earth.  There's a lot of story to tell to conclude, but not all of it is sexy, so I've just gotta see how long it ends up being and decide from there!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Interviewed by Wicked With Ink

Over the weekend I did an author interview for Wicked With Ink, a blog by another Literotica author.  Pretty awesome!  She writes about a lot of interesting things in her blog, but I was her first author interview, and I'm very honored that she asked me.  You should check it out!  She came up with some questions that I actually hadn't heard from anyone before and I had a lot of fun answering them =)

She also has a reveal for the cover for On His Knees.  If you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then her blog is the first place you'll see the gorgeous cover that RaineyCloud9 did for me.  I did post it on Facebook and Twitter first, so the followers there will have already seen it =)  It'll be out next Tuesday!  Right now I'm working on the editing and making the changes that have been suggested to me.  Woot!

Things going on in my life are super busy... I'm struggling a bit with Claiming His Wife, the final book of the Domestic Discipline Quartet because there's so much going on and I'm worried that everything I'm writing sucks.  LOL.  I've been recently reassured that it doesn't, so that helps, and I'm getting back into the swing of writing, so hopefully I won't fall too behind and I will be able to have it out next month.  It'll also depend on things going on in my life, but that's what I'm aiming for.  Also, RaineyCloud9 has re-done the covers for the quartet and they are GORGEOUS.

I hope everyone who had a holiday weekend had a wonderful one, I know I did, and that you all enjoy my author interview and the new covers!  I'm looking forward to getting On His Knees out and Taken by the Wolf finished, all of which is happening this month!  YAY!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 25

Yay!  Taken by the Wolf Ch. 25 is now out on Literotica!

I know, it's been a bit since I've had a chapter come out... I had some trouble deciding what to do with it.  Originally I'd had the idea that Cora and Trace would return for a chapter, then I decided that would be drawing out the story for too long, and then I decided to combine them into this chapter, which is the beginning of the end.  I think there's only going to be one more chapter... it's going to be a looong chapter, but just one more.  And then I'll be focusing on From Terra, which I'm really looking forward to =D  I need something less complicated than the Wolf!

In the meantime, updates on my other projects... On His Knees will be out on July 15 (barring any unforeseen difficulties with Amazon / BN).  I'll have a cover to share with you VERY soon.  The awesome designer who did the cover for Taming the Tease came up with a fantastic cover for me, since I was having such a hard time choosing - and I liked her idea better than any of the pictures I was coming up with. LOL.  She's also redone the covers for the Domestic Discipline series for me, and I'll have those up soon as well!  Pretty excited!

Things are pretty crazy IRL for me right now, just have a lot going on, so I've been a little bit slower on writing.  I'm not as far along with Claiming His Wife, the last Domestic Discipline Quartet book, as I would like to be, but it's starting to come along a little better now.  It's difficult because this is the last book in the series and I have a lot of information to wrap up in it!  Irene and Hugh are the only couple that basically have their shit together.  I still need to wrap up Eleanor & Edwin's story, with a confession on her part and a declaration on his, and then there's Cynthia and Wesley's wedding night to handle (plus, whatever more trouble she gets into on the way) and Grace and Alex's reconciliation.  It's a tall order!

Plus, Lexie and Patrick are churning in the back of my head, as always.  I've started writing a little bit of their book.  It'll be the first book in the Stronghold series to have a prologue!  If you've read Taming the Tease, then you might have been wondering about exactly what happened when Lexie showed Patrick her new jewelry... of course she does give the girls a verbal description, but I would hate for us to actually miss out on seeing that go down.  So that's the prologue and then I'll be jumping right into the story!  There's also going to be some more glimpses of that couple in On His Knees.  Even though OHK takes place at the same time as TtT, Hilary and Liam see more of their friends than Rick and Maria did, so we get some extra information =)

I can't wait to share with you!