Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Whopping Lemons

Our Cruise got canceled!!!!  DAMN YOU SANDY!!!!

They actually let us get on the boat too, we were on it, had lunch, did a scavenger hunt and had started unpacking before they made the announcement that the Coast Guard said we couldn't go. SO UPSETTING. I wish they just hadn't let us get on board.

One of my friends compared it to losing their virginity and thinking that it was going to go to a hunky and skilled sex god, only to have him replaced with a lecherous and dirty old man.  LOL.

The great thing about my group of friends, however, is that when life hands us lemons, especially big whopping lemons, we break out the tequila and salt. So we drove out of the hurricane area down to Florida and I will STILL be in Harry Potter world on Halloween and on top of that now I'm going to get to go to Disney World too! So this week could be a lot worse.

I'm still sad about the cruise, but at least the week isn't totally ruined.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chapter 6, Cruising & Venus Teaser!

So at the moment it looks like I'm still on schedule for my vacation - thank goodness! - despite Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully things will remain that way! In which case, I'll be leaving tomorrow and be gone for a week.  I may get some writing done while I'm gone... I may not. Unfortunately I did not finish Chapter 7 of Being the Maid in time to submit it before leaving (and I 99% sure I won't have time to today) but Chapter 6 is now available on Literotica! I'm already getting comments about the 'twist' with Garrett... and so far no complaints that Bridget spent the night with Patrick so that's good!

Since I'm going to be gone for a week I figured I'd also leave you with a new Venus Desiring teaser. Enjoy!:

Walking into the main part of Stronghold was incredibly scary. This visit was already so different from the first time Hilary had been here.  Although at least she'd had Jessica with her for the first part of this evening.  The last time they'd been here they'd skipped a few steps, since Hilary wasn't getting more than a tour and Justin and Chris were already in the process of setting up a membership for Jessica.  Now Jessica was signing the papers for her membership, as well as reading through the Club Rules and signing a copy of those. Hilary was only signing the latter.  Both of them had their medical records ready to go too, showing them to be completely clean. 

Patrick, the owner, was somehow both comforting and scary as he walked them through the Club Rules, explaining wherever they had questions - or just where he thought a point needed to be driven home. Never interrupt anyone else's scene. Show all Doms respect. Don't do anything you weren't comfortable with. He explained how there were Dungeon Monitors on hand to take care of any problems, and many of them were friends with Justin and Chris whom they'd already met, so they should never try to stop a problem on their own but go find one of the Dungeon Monitors, who would be wearing a black vest with an orange border to identify them.  

Stronghold's Club safeword was Red and if they yelled it then the DMs would be there in a heartbeat. There were always two DMs upstairs patrolling the hallway, although of course they should never go up to a private room with someone they didn't trust, and they could always come to Patrick to vouch for anyone who wanted to take them up there. This was said with a wink at Jessica, who had already been up in one of those rooms.

She really hadn’t had any questions to ask, other than wanting to know what the Introduction Scene would include and what she would have to do for it.  Fortunately Patrick set her right at ease, explaining that she wouldn’t be touched any more than she wanted to be. Sex was not a requirement.  Neither was complete nudity for that part. But she wanted as much of the full experience as she could get. Not sex but… something.  Otherwise how could she really know if this was what she wanted?

Still, sex - or even foreplay - with a stranger wasn’t really her thing.  When she expressed her hesitations over that, Patrick reassured her that she would have at least met the person who’d be in charge of her scene and that if she didn’t feel comfortable going through with the scene this evening then she could always just spend some time talking with him and getting to know him and come back later for the Introduction Scene.  He also offered to assign Olivia to do her introduction scene, but she wasn’t comfortable with that either.  At the very least she needed to feel attracted to whomever she was with for it to be a real experiment and she’d be much more attracted to one of the very attractive men that she’d met here than to Olivia. 

Patrick also reassured her that she would be in one of the private rooms tonight. 

Personally Hilary liked the idea of the private rooms a lot better than the more public spaces, especially since it was possible to pull the shades on the windows upstairs if you wanted true privacy. Although, of course people would still be able to hear them, but that was a good thing since the DMs were listening too. She wished they'd gotten this briefing last time, she would have known to yell Red when that Dom, Nathan, was trying to push her into coming with him. But no one knew that she would need this kind of information last time since she'd already known she wasn't going to play.

Of course those thoughts brought her right back around to Liam. Hilary glanced around the club, only to realize that not only was Liam there, but they were headed right for the group of men he was standing with.

Her stomach seemed to tumble over itself as she nearly stumbled on her high heels. Jessica reached out and squeezed her hand with encouragement, but it couldn't do anything to stop the rapid fire beating of her heart as her pulse accelerated. Patrick had explained that Hilary would have an Introduction Scene tonight with a Dom that he trusted not to overwhelm her with the more (to her) frightening part of BDSM. She'd been so anxious that she hadn't really thought through the fact that she'd met a lot of the Doms that were Patrick's closest friends last week and that of course he'd choose one of them to introduce her to the scene. No wonder he’d grinned when he’d reassured her.

Liam. He'd chosen Liam. Deep down in the pit of her churning stomach she knew that he'd chosen Liam. Did Patrick know? Had he watched her orgasm in Liam's arms on the dance floor? She hoped not. God she hoped not. But either way, she knew, with her deepest gut instinct, that he'd chosen Liam to initiate her. Because that was just how her life worked.

Although Liam wasn't the only one watching at the approaching girls.  Of course Justin and Chris' eyes were on Jessica.  The bartender that she'd met last week, Andrew, and their friend Rick were also with them.  Only Liam's gaze never strayed from her and her face heated to a bright red as he practically caressed her body with one lingering look. 

She was back in pink. Olivia had taken her shopping again and had really enjoyed helping Hilary put together an entirely hot pink outfit.  Pink bustier with racing stripes that pushed up her breasts and showed about an inch of stomach between it and the pink latex skirt she was wearing. No bra necessary although she had a hot pink thong on underneath the tight skirt. The skirt laced up the sides to the waistband, showing off about an inch-width of her legs from the hem to the top of the skirt. Her shoes were pink too. 

Hilary liked pink. She liked standing out in a room full of people wearing mostly darker colors. Pink was cheerful. It made her feel pretty and feminine. 

Now she was wishing that she'd worn red or black or anything that would make her feel brave and not like a frothy dessert that was being offered up to a predator. Something like the dark red corset and black skin tight shorts that Jessica was wearing. Something that was sexy and strong. Too late now.  Also too late to turn and run. Did she even want to run? She wasn't sure. But that was kind of the point of being here, to find out and be sure. So no running. 

But she still dropped her eyes from meeting Liam's steely scrutiny.  It was too much. The worst part was, out of the group that was here, she was the most attracted to Liam.  He was the one she would probably choose to start with, if she had a choice. Well, if she was able to give up her pride and admit it, after his patronizing dismissal at Adam's party. On the other hand, how great would it be if he had to give her an introductory scene so soon after telling her that she wasn't ready for this? 

As soon as they reached the group, Jessica was swept away by Chris and Justin. Hilary looked wistfully after her friend, who glanced over her shoulder and gave Hilary an encouraging thumbs up.  Truth be told, she would have preferred a chaperone for the rest of the evening. But it wouldn't be fair to deny the trio their time together in the club just because she was feeling like a hot pink cream puff. Her anxiety was combined with anticipation.  Liam looked hot.  He was wearing leather pants and a white button down shirt that was hanging open to show off his muscles, it looked casual and wonderfully sexy and she wanted to run her hands over all that smooth skin and the thatch of hair in the center of his chest. Remembering the feel of his hands on her, the way his thigh had felt between her legs, wasn't helping her nerves at all. The other Doms were all good looking men but she couldn't take her focus off of Liam. It was like he was a magnet and she was just a little wayward piece of metal, slowly being dragged closer and closer.

She felt incredibly vulnerable and confused.

"Hilary," Patrick said gently, in that wonderfully comforting voice of his.  Such a strangely soothing voice for a rather intimidating man. "I know you two have already met so no introductions needed; I'm going to leave you in Liam's capable hands for the evening." Putting his hand in the small of her back he pushed her forward and she looked up at him feeling slightly panicked now that this was actually happening.  Now that he'd confirmed she was going to be at Liam's mercy. The anticipatory gleam in Liam's eyes didn't make her feel any better. 

I want this, she reminded her self. I want to know. I need to know.

"Come here honey-girl," Liam said with a caress in his voice, holding up one hand, palm facing upwards. That authoritative voice called to her, even though he was a smaller man than Patrick his voice was actually deeper, and she found herself stepping forward and putting her hand in his without thinking. His fingers closed around hers and she realized what she had just done. Feeling trapped she started to try to pull away, but Liam tightened his grip on hers. "Look at me."

Their eyes met and she was caught. He really did have the most incredible eyes; molten silver and burning hot, the same heat and desire that she'd seen the last time she'd been here, all the way until he'd taken her off of the dance floor and back to the bar.  She wanted to tell him not to look at her like that but she couldn't find her voice, couldn't pull away; all she could do was stare up at him, wide-eyed and waiting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aroused by Readers?

Halfway through the last week before my vacation - whoo-hoo!!!! I need a break like woah. Plus being on a cruise ship might give me some more story ideas ;) hahahaha. Not that I really need more when it comes right down to it, but I do write them all down and hold onto them for later until I have the time and am in the mood to write them. Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll, the next thing I work on will be completing Witch, but first I have a stand-alone reader request that I'm working on right now before I start on that... a fan enjoyed Contest a lot but always wanted to know what would have happened if Danielle had to do her night with Doug, and suggested writing an alternate chapter.  Readers who enjoy the rougher stuff that I write will probably enjoy this one as well.
I submitted Chapter 6 of Being the Maid yesterday so hopefully that will be out in the next couple of days. I have no idea whether or not I'll finish Chapter 7 in time to submit it before I leave on vacation, but I will try. Chapter 6 is going to make people either very happy or very upset, going by some of the comments left on Chapter 5.  It is, by far, the longest of the chapters so far.  Almost as long as some of my longest stand alones. Those of you who did not want her to have a night with Patrick.... too bad ;) But I think most people will like the circumstances under which it happens. It also allowed me to do a rather creative scene that wouldn't have worked with any of the other characters and that I enjoyed because I haven't done anything like it before.  Garrett also finally decided to speak out in Chapter 6 and there are a few segments from his point of view.  There's a lot going on emotionally / character development / plot wise in Chapter 6 and some tension has entered the camp that wasn't there before.  Honestly, while I understand that some commenters didn't want Bridget to have a night with Patrick, I'd planned all along for the events of Chapter 6 and I think that people who didn't want it to happen will enjoy it more than they think. I hope so anyway =)
Lately, each series that I write has become my new "favorite," and this one is no exception. I'm truly enjoying where the story is going and also enjoying the challenges of having a non-con story that is turning into a bit of a romance.  And, also, the fact that having so many different men with different personalities / styles is allowing me to get really creative with the scenes =D
I had a reader ask me if I get turned on by knowing that my stories turn people on. Ummmm yes. Somewhat. It appeals to my exhibitionist side, which is too shy to actually do anything in front of people. It also appeals to the part of me that is a bit of an attention whore and it gives me a large sense of satisfaction to know that I've written something that people find enjoyable, period. I occasionally get feedback from people that I find more creepy than a turn on, but I also get feedback from people that I find arousing. It's a fine line. Anonymous feedback of that quality is usually the best because when people want me to write back to them about that kind of thing it just makes me uncomfortable. Just being able to read their thoughts and not having the opportunity to write back is better. I once had someone write me saying that they fantasized about being under my desk and orally pleasuring me while I wrote. Which, was kind of hot, I have to admit. Fortunately they didn't leave an email address for me to write back to or I would have felt more uncomfortable than hot. Lately I've been getting some feedback from a reader who likes to describe their reaction to reading my stories and he never tries to get me to contact him back, and I find that kind of hot too. I'm too much of a voyeur to not enjoy that.
Sometimes it becomes a turn off though, usually when people are trying to get me to engage with them in something beyond story requests or chatting. On some level I can understand that people might think because I write stories online that I would be amenable to engaging in other online activities, but the truth is I am incredibly devoted to my husband and have no interest in engaging with anyone else, in real life or online. I answer emails with questions or story requests, or just to acknowledge and thank someone for taking the time to write to me and send me compliments, and I enjoy reading about people's reactions to my stories. But that's about where it stands. I once had a couple of emails go back and forth between me and a guy that was requesting a story and eventually ended up trying to start up a... what would you call it... sexting over email? And when I told him that I had no interest because I have a husband he said that it didn't bother him. Um.... obviously it bothers me!
*face palm*
At any rate. I love getting feedback. Occasionally the feedback is hot. I love knowing that people enjoy my work. And I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of Chapter 6 of Being the Maid - especially since, having read all the anti-Patrick comments, I now feel like I've done something controversial. OOooooOOOO. hahahaha.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Rough Sorority Rite

I've been on a major Being the Maid kick the past couple of days... part of it might be the good reception Chapter 5 is getting now that it's out, but I think the main thing is how much is going on in Chapter 6 that I find exciting.  There's a lot going on with the plot and the characters, some conflict that wasn't there before and also some rather inventive scenes... I'm enjoying trying out some sex scenes that I've never done before. It's always nice when I can find something new to write about =) I'll talk more about it later but I don't want to get too into descriptions of what to expect until it's closer to being released. Suffice to say, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have it finished and submitted sometime this week, and I think it will end up being the longest chapter in the series so far (which should make some people happy =)
I know I've talked about how with this particular piece, the plot / character development creates the tension, rather than the sex since there's lots of sex constantly going on... well Chapter 6 is going to have the plot / character tension exploding all over the place! I'm having a good time with it. It's also amusing me how many people have a thing going for Samuel.  I was thinking that I liked him more than I should, but I didn't really expect other people to like him too! So that was a rather fun surprise.
A Rough Sorority Rite is now available on Lit.  Compared to some of my older stories this isn't one of the roughest that I've written, but it is one of the roughest of recent stories that I've written. It's all girl-on-girl erotic torture... I combined two reader requests, from an anonymouse requester and a reader called Gemini. I hope you enjoy it!  I did enjoy getting to write something a little rougher, and I think that writing it at the same time as Being the Maid meant that Bridget got off a little easier than I may have originally planned, because Lacey was taking all the punishment. Which is good because, as one reader noted, Bridget needs things to be a little gentler than a lot of my other non-con female characters. She's not as into the rough stuff as, say, Allison.
I'm going to be writing another reader request stand alone next (while working on Being the Maid of course) and then I'll be finishing up one of my old series that I never completed.  Which one? Well that's up to you ;) There should be a poll over to the left with the options, vote for one and whichever one gets the most votes is the one that I'll be working on completing!  If you want to read about the series before you vote then click here.
Thanks for helping!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Figured Out How To Make A Poll!

Okay, so I haven't figured out how to put a poll in my posts, but if you look to the left of this post on the sidebar you will see a poll available there =)

I believe I mentioned that I want to finish some of my series that I'd started a long time ago and never got around to? Well the ones listed on the poll are the series that people have been recently been requesting that I finish, so I'm going to finish one of them and then do a new standalone. And, of course, I'll be working on Being the Maid as well.

Fortunately I'm in a rather open mood so I'll be happy finishing any one of them, which means it's up to you, dear readers, to help me make the final decision on which one gets it's conclusion first! I'm hoping that by finally being able to offer a poll I'll get more responses than when I do the 'comments' votes.

From Terra is a Sci-Fi / Fantasy series about a human girl in an alien whorehouse. In every chapter she has a new customer, which is always an alien that she hasn't encountered before and they all have sex in new and different ways because of their different body parts. This one is about 5-6 chapters from completion.

Instruction is about two female cousins... to be honest, I cannot remember how I had originally intended to continue this series, but people REALLY want it continued / finished so if this one gets the most votes then... well... I will figure something out LOL.

Seducing the Queen is another one that I'm not sure how I intended it to end. I put it in Sci-Fi / Fantasy and re-reading it I'm not entirely sure why, but at the moment I have a storyline about magic in my head, somewhat Arthurian influenced. Probably about 3-4 chapters away from completion. And the chapters would probably be a little longer than the first one.

Witch is about a young girl who sells her soul to a demon for revenge. She's got a rather pure soul and has to be punished for the deeds she does with her black magic, but there seems to be something going on with the demon that goes beyond punishment and into something much more gentle. This is about 2 chapters away from completion.

So vote in the poll to the left please! Voting closes at the end of the day on October 24th.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

About Requests

Chapter 5 of Being the Maid is now available on Literotica! YAY! Going by the comments it seems like people are enjoying reading about Garrett and Bridget's first real night together =D Good stuff! I enjoyed writing it so that's always nice to know hahahaha. 

So, I have been getting a lot of reader requests lately. Which I love, because other people come up with ideas that I never would on my own and it means that I can write much more interesting stuff than I could on my own. Also, it always makes me feel really flattered that someone wants me to write their fantasy.

The other thing I've been getting a lot of lately is people checking up on requests that they have previously made.  All I can say is... it's a long wait. For several reasons. One is the sheer amount of requests that I get in. I have a loooooooooong list of requests from people.  Another reason is because of the way I'm trying to streamline my writing at the moment. Working on two series simultaneously for Literotica while also working on stuff for Kindle was just too much, so I've knocked it down to working on one series at a time and occasional stand-alone stories (many of which are also reader requests) to ensure good quality and a timely pace for my work.  The third reason is because I'm also getting a lot of requests to complete series that I started a long time ago on Lit and never finished. I want to finish these because I feel like it's kind of... um... rude I guess is the best word?... not to. I don't want to leave people hanging. Esp when I'm getting multiple requests/comments asking me to complete the series. I'm going to be trying to focus on finishing up a couple of those in the next month (Instruction, From Terra, and Witch being the ones I get the most "PLEASE FINISH THIS!" requests from).

And the most important reason is desire. Mood. Attitude. Whatever you want to call it, I can't write a good story without it.

Can I write a story that I'm not in the mood to write? Absolutely. I can force myself to it. But anyone who's ever worked on any kind of creative project knows that there's a huge difference between forcing yourself and being motivated.  When I force myself to write something it takes me twice as long and it's not as good. I have to be in the mood. This is part of why I work on more than one story at a time, because if I'm not in the mood for one I can work on a different one.

I do try to work down my list of requests in order that they were made... but I do not always work in strict order. Sometimes I have a flash of brilliance about someone's request and it gets bumped up to the head of the line... because it will be so much faster for me to write that story and it will be a really GOOD story rather than trying to force myself to write something else that I'm not really feeling at the moment and am having trouble being interested in.

Unfortunately the creative urge does not always work the way I wish it would.

So if you're waiting and have been waiting for awhile... I apologize but that might not change any time soon. But I will get to you. 

On the plus side, I have a story submitted - A Rough Sorority Rite - that actually combined TWO reader requests (Gemini, if you read this blog, this is one for you and I hope you enjoy since I know a lot of my more recent stuff hasn't been as much your style =) and I'm going to keep on taking requests and writing them. And I'm getting a laptop tomorrow and I'm hoping that will help increase my output =D Here's hoping!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Give Me Safeword Suggestions Please!

A "safeword" is used in BDSM when a submissive is in too much pain / turmoil / etc. to continue with the scene.  Different relationships within BDSM use safewords in different ways - with a Master and slave relationship safewording can mean the end of the relationship, rather than just the scene. With a sadist and masochist, it can mean that the masochist has hit their pain threshold. With a newbie, it can mean that they've become too uncomfortable with what's happening - maybe because they feel that the Dom has gone beyond the discussed boundaries of the scene, maybe because they're having an overwhelming and unexpected emotional reaction, maybe because they've hit the point where they trust the Dom they're working with.

Safewords are important because sometimes your automatic instinct is to say "no" or "stop" but in a BDSM relationship that might not actually what you want, it's just an automatic reaction when someone is pouring hot wax on your sensitive bits. So having an agreed upon word to immediately halt the action is important.. A standard safeword, often used in BDSM books and IRL (as far as I can determine) is "Red," which is often used in combination with "green" and "yellow" - like a stop light. Green means that the sub is good, comfortable and ready for more. Yellow means that they need a moment to collect themselves or that they want to stop and discuss something / need reassurance / etc. but it is not a "stop" safeword, the Dom will continue.  Yellow is often used when a sub is doing something completely new which the Dom knows will push their boundaries. Red is the immediate STOP and the scene is over.

People often have their own personal safewords that they use, a word that they will remember in the middle of a scene and that is something you wouldn't otherwise hear in a scene. One of my favorites that I once saw in a book was "Houston" - as in "Houston we have a problem."  I laughed my ass off over that one.

For my own books, I'd love to have some unique safewords and (hopefully) some funny / original reasons behind the safeword.

So far this is what I've come up with:

"Uncle" - as in "say uncle."

"Kitchen" - which came from "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"

"Checkmate" - possibly a chess player? (ok, you can see that I suck at this... please help me out)

"Monkey" - long standing fear of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz

yeah okay. so those are some of the ones that I've come up with. Safewords usually have some kind of meaning behind them for the submissive who chooses it, because it has to be a word that they will remember no matter what.  I've noticed that in most of the books that I've read it seems to come from a life event. My own personal preference is to choose a word that I find unsexy (like, for me saying "Daddy" would be an instant mood-killer, but for someone in a Daddy Dom relationship that obviously wouldn't work because it would actually be a turn on.).

So. Any suggestions? Please leave it in a comment section! It may end up in a book ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thoughts on Hump Day

Yesterday I submitted Chapter 5 of Being the Maid =)  I have ten chapters planned, so as long as there are no more 'surprise' chapters (like chapter 3) then we're halfway through the series! And this chapter ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. Should be fun! Also getting close to the point where I think Garrett's going to want to speak up and have his own viewpoint heard.  It's coming much later than I originally thought it would but I'm looking forward to it.

I'm finding that, in my old age (haha, at least compared to when I first started writing ;) that I'm preferring stories with more of a plot line over the 'quickie' stories that I used to write. Although I can occasionally still churn out a 'quickie', if it takes me longer to write than a couple of days I grow bored with it. That seems to be happening with Sins of the Sorority right now... and I'm probably going to change the name. I have a feeling I'm knocking it back down to a one parter and some of the scenes that I envisioned will end up being in some other story. Which is not a bad thing. I've just found that unless I'm engaged in a full on plot, like for a novella or book, I lose interest in writing.

Most of my interest lately has been garnered into Being the Maid and Venus Desiring, although I do have a new storyline that will eventually be made available in book form that's a Victorian era erotic romance. I've been reading a lot of Victorian era books lately, some romances and some steampunk, and it's definitely effecting my inspirations. I really wish that I could buckle down and just work hard on one until it's finished, but I can't help but jockey back and forth. Too many ideas going on to just stick with one for awhile, even if each individual book would be finished faster that way. *Sigh*

At any rate. I'll be submitting the sorority story by the end of this week. I think I'm about halfway through Venus Desiring at this point... I hope anyway. And the next chapter of Being the Maid should be out in a couple days and hopefully chapter 6 will be available sometime next week.

In the meantime, I will be pondering possible plotlines for a standalone called "Binders Full of Women" ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

*Cracks the Whip*

Back to work! And by work I mean my job and also my writing =D

I'm... mostly over my cold. Like, 85% over it. However, this is such a vast improvement to how I felt all week last week and most of the weekend that in my head I'm feeling GREAT! Hopefully tomorrow will be even better!

The good news: I've gotten some good work done because I'm feeling better.

The bad news: I'm still not finished with anything.


I have this bad habit of starting books when I'm still in the middle of writing other ones... although I'm trying hard to focus on the ones that I've already got going. I'm 5 chapters in to Venus Desiring and things are going really well with it... I hope you've all enjoyed the teasers that I've been sharing. It's looking like it's probably going to be a little longer than Venus Aspiring, probably because I need to fill in a lot of back story for Hilary and Liam, and Jessica, Justin and Chris still have their own story going on. I doubt anyone's going to complain about it being long =) But just an FYI, that means that the November release date might need to be pushed back (especially because I'm going on a week long cruise in a couple weeks and unless I get a laptop before then, that's an entire week that I won't be getting any work done... even if I DO get a laptop before then there's no guarantee I'll be getting any work done =D)

 I'm about 2/3 of the way through the fifth chapter of Being the Maid.  And really enjoying it. Garrett and Bridget are a lot of fun for me, especially now that they're finally getting their first real night together. I don't count that first night that he spent with her in his bedroll because he chivalrously didn't take advantage of her presence since she was already so sore.  So this is their first real night, Garrett is just as sexy as I thought he would be and Bridget is actually surprising me... he calls her a little minx and I have to agree! Hopefully that's something to look forward to for people =) I'm hoping to complete that chapter by Wednesday. I'd like to get chapter 6 up before I go on vacation.

Sins of the Sorority (I originally considered calling it Pledging but changed my mind) is taking forever to write. I'm probably going to make it into a two-parter just so that I can get some of it out on Literotica soon. It was supposed to be a standalone but I'm just having too many good ideas for what should go into it and I'm caught between making it forever long or cutting out some of the stuff that I want to write. So I'm going to go with making it long. I just have to finish up the first scene and then I'm going to submit that part and start on the second scene. It's only going to have two scenes though. If you're wondering what I'm talking about I mentioned it on my Productivity blog post. In fact, just for funsies, here's a little snippet:

Lacey Alexander knelt, blindfolded, with the other girls who were pledging Delta Beta, the most prestigious sorority on campus.  Quite possibly the most prestigious in the nation.  Over a hundred girls had tried to rush on her campus alone and she still wasn't entirely sure how she'd been so honored to make the final cut. With so many girls competing, the sorority had their pick of the best, brightest and most beautiful. Girls with the grace of a southern belle and the brains to run Fortune 500 companies.  Being in Delta Beta almost guaranteed one of the brightest futures possible because of the connections that were created through the sorority.

They didn't care about where you came from either. The sorority took in everything from students were on full scholarships to students who had never spent half a minute thinking about the cost of something before buying it.  In fact, Lacey wasn't entirely sure what the members were looking for other than beauty, grace, social skills, brains and the overwhelming desire to join.  There seemed to be an indefinable "it" quality to every single one of the girls who had made it through the past weeks as the sorority members thinned the herd.  Some of the most beautiful girls had been cut along with some of the smartest.  Although, of course, those that remained were both stunning and intelligent.  Some shown with more of an inner beauty than an obvious one.

Being quite beautiful, with pale creamy skin that never tanned, and goldish-red hair that she kept in short waves down to her shoulders, Lacey fit in very well with all the other beauties. She had a curvy body with just a little pouch of a stomach, gorgeous 34DD breasts that were tipped with nipples of palest pink, and big green eyes that a boy had once compared to jade. 

But beauty alone wouldn't get you in.  Most importantly was the overwhelming desire to be part of Delta Beta, because going through pledging was utter hell.  Lacey had done things in the past few weeks that she'd never imagined in her life. Not just embarrassing things like only being able to wear footie pajamas to her classes for a week.  Although she'd lost her virginity on her 18th birthday, nothing had prepared her for the sexual demands of the sorority girls during rush.  At any point, Lacy could be ordered to get on her knees and eat a member's pussy. And had done so, many, many times.

Now tonight was the last night that she would have to get through and she knew that the sorority members were going to make it hard. Already they were pinching, groping, sticking their fingers into Lacey's pussy which was becoming wetter by the second. All of the pledges had been ordered to kneel down with their knees spread, naked, before putting their blindfolds on and clasping their hands behind their backs. The position made all of them incredibly vulnerable.

The adrenaline and arousal pumping through her veins made it hard to keep still, especially as fingers wriggled between her legs and tugged at her nipples.  Every now and then one of the pledges would let out a low moan.  Anxiety was running high. There were so many rumors on campus about what happened the last night, about the sexual debauchery and possibly even sexual torture that pledges would be forced to go through, to prove how much they wanted to be in Delta Beta. Lacey wanted it a lot.

Not just wanted. Needed.  Lacey knew that this was the best chance to get out of the near-poverty that her family had been living in, to have a bright and shining future guaranteed.  Being on scholarship, she knew that the best thing for her was to get into Delta Beta. All sorts of connections would open up for her and her life would no longer be uncertain. 

All she had to do was get through tonight and all those open doors would be hers. Waiting for one of the sorority girls to choose her for the night was one of the most torturous experiences she'd ever had.

Not Zara, not Zara, not Zara, she thought silently to herself, almost like a prayer.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Angel's Conversations

Real conversations that happen in my house. Why? Because I'm hopped up on cough medicine and feeling like sharing. *evil laughter*

Hubby: Wanna watch Warehouse 13?
Angel: Yeah, can you put it on pause, I need to poo.
*Hubby cracks up*
Angel: What?
Hubby: I love you.
Angel: Well that's just weird.

Angel: Ever since hubby started working with autistic people and learning tactics to deal with them he's become a lot harder to annoy.
Friend: What does he do?
Angel: Mostly it just seems to be a lot easier for him to ignore me.
Friend: Aw, but he loves you.
Angel: Yeah, like you love a chihuahua.
Other friend: That is a surprisingly apt description.
Friend: How do you love a chihuahua?
Angel: You feed it, you pet it, you play with it and you do your damnedest not to kill it.

Hubby: Mmmm arugula... I love you arugula....
Angel: Hey! You're supposed to love me!
Hubby: I do. I love you both.
Angel: Unacceptable. I'm leaving you and beginning a love affair with... hot dogs.
Hubby: Why am I not surprised.

Angel: I HATE YOU!
Hubby: You're sick, calm down.
Angel: It's fine. Whatever. I have one more.
Hubby: You're going to end up hurting yourself.
Angel: Hot dog.
Hubby: This is so much more fun then when you're drunk.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Being the Maid Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Being the Maid is now out on Literotica. It's probably going to be the shortest chapter of the series, because originally it was supposed to be Chapter 3, so it's beginning is in Chapter 3 and then I got sidetracked with Garrett and Bridget... so now Samuel finally gets his turn. He's a lot rougher, even with Garrett's help in 'prepping' Bridget, than I had originally thought he would be, but then I decided that since it's in the Non-Con/Reluctance category, that's probably better. And it definitely fits with his personality. He didn't like my original plans for him apparently. I think what he ends up doing is hotter anyway. Chapter 5 will be Garrett's night with Bridget =) Looking forward to that one! There will also be some other stuff going on plot wise that's going to change the way things are going and I'm looking forward to that as well.

So yeah. Happy that's out. Right now I'm at home sick again for the second day in a row. Not a happy camper about that. I think it must have been the change in weather. The good news is that it does mean I've been able to get a fair bit of writing done on Venus Desiring, and I'm going to try to do more today. Also going to try to get more done with stuff for Literotica of course.

A publisher has expressed interest in my stories for their erotica line... so it's possible that some of my works might soon be available in print and for e-books other than the Kindle. I'll keep you guys updated about that once I know more. Needless to say, I'll be really excited if it does happen =)

And in the meantime... stay classy and send me healthy vibes pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Venus Desiring Teaser

Here's a snippet from Venus Desiring... getting a look at Liam at work and who he is. I have to say, I like Liam a lot, despite the fact that he's not the kind of Dom that usually turns me on. I like stories with Doms who are into bondage and restraints, whippings and hard spankings, and Liam is a much gentler Dom in some ways but he's also a lot more demanding. It's an interesting and challenging perspective to write from and I'm definitely enjoying it.

The section that I chose for today's teaser actually has nothing to do with Stronghold or Hilary, it's pure Liam.  If anyone who knows more about Kung-Fu / martial arts / sparring spots any mistakes / misrepresentations please let me know. As much as I researched for writing this scene, it's not something I have any first hand experience with so I certainly wouldn't mind feedback from anyone who does.

I hope you enjoy!

Sitting on a mat in the exact center of the Kung-Fu school that he'd started and now owned, Liam breathed in a steady meditation pattern, all of his senses calm but alert as the slight ripples of air caused by the vents passed over his skin.  He liked to meditate before any of the brown or black sash classes, but especially before the class with all of his friends in it.  They were all proficient in the solo forms, but tended to prefer having classes in the sparring firms.  There was something to be said for the release of sparring with each other, completely different from the release that they found at Stronghold, but just as important in its own way.  

Emptying out his mind and relaxing his body beforehand helped him to focus. He always invited his friends to join him in his pre-class ritual, but they rarely came.  Which was why he owned the dojo and they just attended classes. The amount of discipline and time involved for him to stay on top of his game, where he wanted to be, was much greater than any of his friends would be willing to put in.   He'd also never had such a hard time meditating. Normally he was able to slip into the peaceful state with ease, enjoying the focus on his body and the cleansing of his mental facilities.  Of course, he'd never had such a frustrating evening at Stronghold as he had the night before. And there was no one to blame but himself. Maybe he really should consider dating a vanilla girl.  

Hilary immediately came to mind before her pushed her out again.    

He was pretty sure that he'd royally pissed her off by challenging her at Adam's Labor Day party.  And he didn't like to date friends of friends. Or friends of friend's girlfriends.  It was just asking for trouble if, when, things didn't work out.  

Taking in a deep breathe, Liam let it out on a slow seven count until his lungs were completely empty.  Footsteps echoed down the hallway outside, heading to the dojo from the locker room and he mentally blessed the interruption.  Opening his eyes he looked up to see Adam standing in the doorway. The muscular blonde cocked his head as he looked Liam over.  

"You look like shit," he said baldly.  

"Thanks," replied Liam, his voice dry.  

"Late night last night?"  

"Yeah, but not for any good reason.  How was the newbie?" Liam stretched, let himself roll back and then kipped up to his feet in a flash of movement.   The nice thing about Adam was that he usually knew exactly what someone was asking even when they didn't say it.  It was also a little scary how well he could read people, but it was why he was trusted with so many of the newbies who wanted an introductory scene to the club. All of Patrick's friends took turns with it, but Adam probably did more than his fair share.  

"Too curious for you even if she didn't enjoy a higher level of pain than you'd want to give and a bit of a brat."  

"Sounds like your kind of girl," Liam mused. Adam shrugged noncommitally.  As far as Liam could tell the other man wasn't all that interested in finding a sub that would fit into his regular life as well.  There were plenty of subs who were compatible with his needs, and even more who wanted to play with him at the club, but Adam hadn't found one that he liked outside of the bedroom.  He didn't want a brat, he said, he just wanted someone who would challenge him, right up  until he handcuffed her, spanked her hard and fucked her brains out. Personally Liam just thought Adam made impossible standards because he didn't feel like settling down yet.  

"She won't have a problem finding a good Dom," Adam said as he settled down onto the floor to stretch.  Liam joined him, loosening up his muscles after sitting still for so long. 

It wasn't long before Patrick, Justin and Jared wandered in as well.  Andrew was the only one that Liam was really expecting that hadn't shown up, but if he'd had a late night with the sub at Stronghold last night then he might not come.  And if Justin showed up without Chris that meant there was no way Chris was coming. The two of them were practically living with Jessica at this point and Chris' absence meant that the other man hadn't been able to get him out of bed.

He made them all stretch out a bit, although not as much as he’d done on his own before they arrived.  As they loosened their muscles and started on their kata - forms - the energy in the room slowly and subtly shifted. All of them were becoming more alert, more in tune with their bodies. And most antsy, in the way that a room full of dominant men will, especially because Liam found himself in a more challenging mood than he often did.

At the end of the hour he was itching to do something more physical than forms.

“Spar?” he asked, in hopes that one of them might take him up on it.

“Spar,” Patrick immediately answered, stepping forward with an air of relief.  The big man towered over Liam and he felt his blood hum with anticipation.  The other men in the room grinned and began talking quietly, probably placing bets. Although they all enjoyed sparring, it was rare that anyone would jump into a match with Liam.

“Adam, referee?”

“No problem,” said the blonde man, grinning amiably.  If their friends were setting bets then someone would need to keep track of the hits and points.

Despite being the shortest of their group of friends, Liam was more than a match for any of them. Including the biggest of the bunch, which Patrick undoubtedly was. The club owner was taller, stronger and had a longer reach than Liam; but Liam was faster, had better balance and was damn good at getting under Patrick’s guard.  Plus, owning the dojo did give him a bit of an edge since he worked out more than any of them.

Balancing on the balls of his feet, Liam took a good hard look at his friend. Patrick looked… frustrated.  There were hints of circles under his eyes, despite his dark skin, which said he hadn’t been sleeping that well.  A tension in the way he held himself that a normal class hadn’t been able to work out.

In short, he looked an awful lot like Liam felt.

A wash of calm slid through him as they faced each other and saluted each other.  Some people might find it strange that violence calmed him, but sparring took the same kind of focus and control that a scene at Stronghold would and it relaxed him in the same way. The tension that he’d been feeling for weeks was finally dissipating. Why hadn’t he had a sparring match sooner?

He and Patrick flowed towards each other, half-circling but always moving forward.  Neither of them were in the mood to try to toy with the other, they both wanted the contact. 

Patrick’s leg lashed out and Liam easily blocked it, sweeping it to the side as his hand lashed out towards Patrick’s midsection. The big man spun away, quickly for someone of his size, but Liam was faster and he followed with a kick that landed in the meat of Patrick’s thigh muscle.  During a competition match that wouldn’t be allowed, but here in his own dojo, with his friends, they would spar full contact, except for head shots.

“Hit,” said Adam.

And so it went on like that, exchanging blows and blocks.  At one point Patrick managed to sweep Liam’s legs out from under him, but Liam immediately kipped up and got Patrick in the back as he brushed past him. 

“I hate it that you can do that,” Patrick half-growled, half-laughed. As tall as he was, it was a lot harder for Patrick to kip up from the floor. Although he had impressive stomach muscles, he also had to get that much higher in the air in order to get his legs fully under him and land on his feet.

Liam just grinned at him and feinted a lunge at his right side.

By the end of the match both men were running out of breath and had collected their own set of bruises, but Liam had amassed the most points. As usual.

Still, Patrick didn’t look at all disappointed at having lost the match. He’d also lost a lot of the tension in his shoulders and was looking a lot more relaxed. Liam was feeling pretty good too, as though he’d managed to work out all the angst that had been plaguing him. 

No one else was interested in sparring today, apparently only he and Patrick had the extra energy to work off.

“Good match,” he said, reaching up a little to pat his friend’s shoulder. “How’s the chin?

“Not bad. Probably won‘t even bruise on my skin,” Patrick replied, rubbing the piece of anatomy in question.  It was true that his mocha skin tone was a lot harder to mark up, although of course Liam had managed to give him a few.  However, hitting him on the chin had happened completely by accident when Patrick had tried to duck out of the way, forgetting that Liam’s height difference made that a hell of a lot harder for him. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you back for it. Soon.”

“Sure, sure,” said Liam with a laugh. Chances were Patrick would just find some kind of scut work for him at Stronghold, maybe ask him to spend a few nights tending bar.  He wouldn’t realize that giving Liam an excuse not to have to try and find a sub would probably be a relief at this point.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Well I managed to be rather productive today, despite being under the weather. Ugh. Major sore throat. Not a fan. I've had so much tea today that I feel like I'm going to float away. Lots of honey too. Hopefully I'll get a really good night's sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.

At any rate. I completed Being the Maid Chapter 4, although it is a shorter chapter than the previous ones. This is in part because of the fact that Chapter 3 ended up being a surprise chapter. So hopefully Chapter 4 will be out on Literotica in the next couple of days and I'll be able to get Chapter 5 done pretty quickly. Chapter 4 is Samuel's evening with Bridget. He was a rather fascinating character. This is a more traditional non-consent chapter, so it'll be interesting to see its reception by readers. There is, of course, a little bit of Garrett. And it ends with the Princess again.  I'm sure this will garner her even more fans... hahaha *sarcasm font* lol. It's fun writing from her point of view, I have to admit. She's just such a wonderful bitch character.

I also did a little bit more work on the stand-alone reader request piece that I mentioned before. I think I'm going to title it Pledging. It's actually a combination of two reader requests. I had one request for a story of a black woman dominating a white woman and both of them loving it and I had a request for for a story of girl-on-girl dominance / pussy torture / reluctance.  The two seemed to make a good combination and I came up with a sorority pledge story. Granted, I never rushed, so it's entirely a fabrication of some of the craziest hazing stories ever, but it's still fun to write. Sometimes I really do enjoy getting rather brutal, much more brutal than I would ever enjoy in real life. It's actually one of the few ways I enjoy writing girl on girl stories, is if they have an element of dominance / debauched innocence about them.


Well, frankly, I think vaginas are gross. LOL. I know, weird right? But true. As often as I write lots of complimentary words about them and make them sexy, IRL I think they're super gross and ugly. I could totally be bisexual if it wasn't for vaginas. The wet thing grosses me out... the spongy texture grosses me out... I don't want to touch my own, much less someone else's. So girl on girl stuff can be difficult for me to write. Actually, any female-receiving oral sex scenes aren't that easy for me to write because it's something else that I think is kind of gross. I enjoy it somewhat as foreplay, but if I think too much about what's going on it becomes a turn-off.

Not what you'd expect from a Literotica writer, right? Hilary has a lot of my viewpoints on this in Venus Desiring which has been fun. I worked on that a bit today too. Tomorrow I'll post a new teaser for it =)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Favorite Stories

I noticed lately that I mentally wince whenever I get a comment or feedback from someone who's read one my new stories and says "I'm going to check out your other stuff!" (or equivalent thereof). Mostly because... I have a lot of stuff that I'm not particularly proud of. I mean... I'm proud I wrote it. When I wrote it I was pleased with it. But more than once I've thought about starting over under a different penname on Lit, just so that people wouldn't go and read my old stuff and think about how it's not as good as the new stuff.

Cuz let's face it... it's not. I've got a lot of good quickies, sure. But my idea of what makes a Romance or what's a good BDSM story has changed sooooo much over the past seven years. Yeah... seven years. I mean, it makes sense that my writing has grown and changed during that time period, but I know a lot of the time people don't look at the date that the story was published, so someone might go from reading something really well written to something that's... not. I feel like I'm tricking people! False advertising!

Okay maybe that's a little overdramatic, but it's kinda true. So... for anyone who reads this blog and hasn't read all my stories and is daunted by the fact that there are over 600 offerings... here are my personal favorites.

1. Poker Loser and Allison's New Life still remains one of my favorite stories. To this day I'm still blown away by the response that series gets. Poker Loser was my second attempt at writing for Literotica and the characters really took on their own life; I definitely hadn't meant for them to end up being romantic, but that's what happened. Of course, this series was effected by my lack of experience with BDSM, but overall it's still one of my favorites.

2. Chris Hemsworth: Sex God... I mean, this one should be kind of obvious why it's one of my favorites. A fantasy come to life =)

3. Demon Victim is one of the few Erotic Horror stories that I've written that I ever go back and re-read. It's not my favorite category, but sometimes I come up with something truly dark that ends up turning me on despite myself, and this short series was one of those. I think that part of the reason it interests me is because of the struggle of George's psyche as he finds himself in an awful situation as well as the struggle of those around him as they see him become something terrible. That and the whole 'be careful what you wish for' message, which has always been one of my favorites. I'm not entirely sure that this series wasn't partially inspired by a Goosebumps book that I read growing up.

4. Gentleman's Maid was inspired by one of my favorite erotic books to read, The Captivity of Celia.  I like this one because of the older man / younger woman dynamic and also because of the whole debauching of an innocent aspect, especially an innocent who loves every second of it! For the version I have published on Amazon, there were a few small changes as well as an extra chapter at the end to help finish out the story.

5. Mr. Sexsational I still haven't got a clue where I got the idea for this story. Or where I got half the material in it. I can't read it without laughing out loud. I apparently really went all out when I wrote it and it still amuses the heck out of me. I'm honestly not sure I could write another spoof humor piece this good ever again.

6. Snowed In, which is a Loving Wives story. One of my better ones, in my opinion, although since it's in that category the scores aren't that high. Going back and re-reading it I'm always rather pleased at how it turned out, especially since I wrote it years ago. It's a fun fantasy.

7. Submission is definitely one of my favorites, although sometimes I feel bad that it doesn't contain the main precepts of BDSM - Safe, Sane and Consensual. It's the consensual part mostly, since Alanna IS an actual slave, but since it's a Sci-Fi piece I feel like maybe it's okay? Anyway. It's one of my favorite pieces.

8. Truth Will Set You Free is not my usual kind of story but I think that's one of the reasons I like it. Mind control sometimes turns me on and sometimes doesn't; in this story I think I like it so much because of how it brings about the confession of untapped fantasies, leading to some sexiness. Plus the fact that the wronged man gets a better girl in the end than his cheating ex.

9. Venus School of Sex. Obviously LOL.

10. Work Quartet: This one was kind of a fantasy of mine for awhile, so it was fun to write it out. The subsequent chapters went away from my original fantasy, but were still a lot of fun to write and I enjoy reading them. Then again, I'm big into anal so that makes sense. =)

Anyway. So those are my favorites. A little glimpse of what goes on in my head. If you want to know what my favorites of other people's stories are you can check out my Literotica page.  Woo.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Being the Maid Ch. 3

Chapter 3 of Being the Maid is now out on Literotica =)

Already, getting inside the Princess' head is causing some comments. Mostly cuz she turned out to be kind of a really big bitch. LOL.  She kind of fascinates me actually, although of course I like Bridget better. But with the Princess there's definitely an element of schadenfreude, unlike with Bridget.  I was kind of wondering what the response to the Princess would be and am actually pretty amused by the comments so far.

I've started work on Chapter 4, which is Samuel's night, and that went in a slightly different direction than I thought it was going to. He surprised me... I honestly thought that he was going to be more like Patrick in bed, but he's got his own thing going on. They really are all very different characters. Which is fun for me!   The Princess is insisting that she get more showtime as well. 

On the side I have started working on another stand alone story that's going to combine two reader requests... I've been getting a lot of requests for woman on woman domination / non-consent stories lately, which is a new twist for me. I actually don't usually have a lot of call for that. Although I've written some in the past. So I've started trying to write a new one. It's not going to be a series because it's not something I usually have a taste for, I'll enjoy writing one every once in awhile but it's hard for me to stay interested in it because it's not one of my main kinks.

And still working hard on Venus Desiring of course. So much going on! Gonna get to it =)

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ugh... Weekend...

Not that there's anything wrong with the weekend of course. It's just that it's going to be a very busy one. Tomorrow night I'm gonna be on a party bus which means I'm going to be out till 2am which I haven't done since my bachlorette party last year... which was also on a party bus.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's going to be fun, it's just that I'm FINALLY feeling tired and starting to go to bed a little earlier and I just know this is going to fuck up my sleep schedule again.

Which, in turn, makes it harder for me to write.


For some reason Literotica is being really slow to post new stories. Not sure if maybe the Halloween contest is slowing down other story's posting time? I can't imagine why, it doesn't seem like there are hoards of new stories in the contest or anything. I'm still trying to read all of the other stories. There are some really creepy ones, probably cuz it's the Halloween contest ;) Seriously though, some of the Erotic Horror ones are really well done on creepiness factor although I'm not sure they're the sexiest thing in the world, but that's also just cuz I've never been one to think that scary is sexy =D

I hope everyone has a good weekend! Make sure to check out the Halloween contest =) There are some good stories up.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Hump Hump

Except not. I'm too tired. Insomnia what?

Hubby hit on the novel idea of trying to get me to go to bed earlier by jumping on me. Which worked. I just wish he'd done it at 11 or midnight instead of 1am LOL. Could've gotten to bed even sooner!


I just submitted Being the Maid Ch. 3.  This was an interesting chapter to write. The characters got away from me again. It's not as long as the previous two chapters partly because it's a chapter that was never supposed to happen. *sigh* Which happens sometimes and makes the stories even better in the end but it's just annoying sometimes when you have something all planned out and then other people - who don't even actually exist - come in and muck it all up!  Esp since they don't actually exist.

Needless to say, Garrett had more trouble keeping his hands off of Bridget than I originally expected. And, perhaps not unsurprisingly, Princess Eleanor demanded more of a role in the storyline. I hadn't originally planned on doing anything from her point of view. Bitch just butted in.  Although, she is quite fascinating. I think this chapter definitely bring something new and interesting to the storyline. I just hadn't expected it. Funny how that happens sometimes.

Non-consent story and the characters are raping my plot-line!

Well not really. Just adding to it. I guess. Except that Garrett was supposed to have more self control. He keeps trying to rush the storyline.

It's kind of fascinating for me to write from this angle. Normally romances are all tension, tension, tension, seduction, teasing, tantalizing and then finally you get to the hot sex.  This is completely different. Lots of sex, from all angles and various men, and the tension (at least I hope there's some tension) is all about where the characters are going to go emotionally and what's going to happen to them. Complete opposite from a lot of the stories I've been writing.

I've also been getting a lot of seriously fascinating  reader requests lately... I will, of course, do my utmost to fulfill them. I've just got a lot going on in my own life, in addition to the fact that I may soon be on a rather tighter writing schedule for non-Literotica stuff soon... A publisher has expressed interest and I'm really super hopeful, but it would mean that the books I write need to come out on a pretty fast time frame, because that's what they want. So I'd be spending a lot more time writing the books. But they've expressed interest in the Venus series and that would be pretty awesome if it actually came out in print. So we'll see!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Too Much Rain Too Little Sleep

That's how I'm feeling about today. I hate grey rainy days. Most of the time. Some of the time they fit my mood. Today it's just making me tired. Kind of craving chili. Don't have the ingredients for it at home. *sigh* Not sure I want to go through the rain to the grocery store too. There are days when I really wish hubby and I had a second car.

Anyway. I suppose gloom and doom might be considered acceptable for October? It is Halloween-y season after all.  I'm already planning my costume.  Although I have to admit, I kind of want to dress up as Lily for Halloween... I love the little pink go-go girl costume I came up with for her.  That was probably the most fun I've ever had writing a Halloween story.

I've checked out a couple of the other entries into the contest - gotta suss out the competition - and I've come across a few really good ones and a few that I think were kind of rushed. Good quickies, but I've noticed that readers who are voting on the competition tend to want more meat to the stories. 

I'm not voting cuz I'm kind of... you know, biased. But it is fun to read some of the other stories.  The one about Malice in Wonderland was pretty good, although some of the emotional stuff seemed kind of rushed and there were a few weird moments in it (guy finally gets to sleep with the girl that got away and he wants her to keep her wig on so that it reminds him of his dead wife? what???? how is that romantic? or erotic?) but overall a really good story and pretty hot. I also liked the M&Ms one. I totally felt the heroine's pain when there was one M&M missing from her grouping.  I thought it was a really cute story dealing with a character that had OCD and I loved the way it was handled. The erotic part got a little weird for me when the parents became involved via phone... but it was still an interesting story and I know there a lot of people who DO like that kink that would enjoy it =)

Those two have been my personal favorites so far (other than mine of course ;)

This is the first time I feel like I might actually have a chance of placing in a contest... I used to enter the contests more frequently but I would do the quickie stories. And I usually didn't plan it out beforehand the way I did this time.  So it'd be nice to place, since I put a lot more effort into it, although just the fact that it's got a little red H next to it right now makes me happy =) Normally contest entry stories have lower scores because of trolls who come by and vote low just to do so, so anytime my score stays above 4.5 in a contest I'm thrilled.

Anyway. Back to my writing! I'd like to get the next chapter of Being the Maid submitted by the end of this week, but it's turning into a rather long chapter =D Not that I think there will be many complaints about that.  Things are happening a little faster between two of the characters than I originally planned and I'm having to hold them back.  *sigh* Characters are always trying to rush in.

I'm also working on Venus Rising, simultaneously of course.  Liam and Hilary are about to have their first scene together and I think it's going to be different from any erotic scene I've written. Ever. Which... is really exciting.  I think I'm about a fourth of the way through the book right now =)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Contest Submission

Soooo my submission to Literotica's Halloween contest, Tricked with a Treat, is now available up on Literotica! It's 38 pages in word which makes it about 6 pages in Literotica. LOL. Wee bit of a difference there but whatcha gonna do?!  I'm pretty proud of it, because I think there's a good storyline in there as well as hot sex... I hope you like it as much as I do. Don't forget to vote at the end =)

Not much going on other than that, just writing, writing, writing and hopefully will have a new Being the Maid chapter out soon! I've been doing a fair amount of reading lately, so it's been giving me good ideas.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and enjoy the new story!