Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike

Yesterday I submitted Chapter 19 of Venus School and Chapter 1 of Sarah's Private Dick.  I think that Venus School got pretty hot... I tried hard considering that my favorite trio took a more expected sexual position for a Menage this time, my goal was to try and keep it kind of new and fresh despite that. Hopefully I succeeded =)  She also has a conversation with Nick. I like that kid a lot.  Definitely going to do something with him at some point.

I'm really happy with the first chapter of Sarah's Private Dick too, even though there's (gasp!) no sex.  I know, I started out Submission with no sex as well, but there's barely a hint of sex in this one and it's MUCH longer than the first chapter of Submission. In fact, the most interaction between the two main characters is over the phone. But I had a lot of story to set up. And character to develop. Tension to build. =) Overall I think that people will like it hopefully, but I did warn that there would be no sex in the first chapter. Probably not in the second either. But I think I may have another two favorite characters coming up in this. They make me happy.

Chris Hemsworth: Sex God is out on Literotica today. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Even if it's just "Wow Angel, you are a silly, crazy person and I'm not entirely sure I believe you're that weird" (trust me I am).

NOW. On to the title of this post. I went to see Magic Mike last night... the first thirty minutes of the movie I was like yes, this is awesome, holy crap did you see that body roll that Channing Tatum just did where he was humping down against the stage, I want to be under him! Also... got a lot of Channing Tatum ass shots.  Without the thong. One was within the first five minutes of the movie... you would think this would guarantee a good movie, but unfortunately there was plot. And the plot was... a little long. To me, the main relationship wasn't developed enough, and at the same time the rest of the plot took too long. It dragged a little. Pacing was weird.

 Unfortunately it did end up mattering what the movie was about. More than I expected it to. However... the parts where there was sexy dancing and hilarity were great.  Also, someone they don't show, was Kevin Nash.  Whom I recognized immediately. Which makes me cool. Just saying.

Overall it just wasn't what I expected. I think if they had shown more of the plot during previews it would have bothered me as much, but what I got from the previews was - 1. stripping 2. love story. But there's another story going on in there, about how the lifestyle of stripping turns to drugs, drinking, etc. and it ends up taking up most of the time. It was rather depressing. Which... is not what I thought would happen when I watched the movie. They almost made up for it with the ending.

I would like to take the first thirty minute and the last fifteen and squish them together. Oh, and add a sex scene. THAT would be a good movie. To me =) Or, at least, it would be more of the movie that I saw advertised.

Speaking of advertisements... whoever decided to do two previews of INCREDIBLY SCARY MOVIES before Magic Mike is a dumbass and an asshole.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Masters of the Shadowlands

Ugh. Still sick. GO AWAY EVIL SICKNESS. Bah. I haven't been able to talk with a normal voice since Monday evening. Lovely. Anyway... on to the good stuff...

I've submitted Chris Hemsworth: Sex God (woot!) which made me very happy. Definitely the longest standalone story I've ever written. I hope people enjoy the long build-up and don't get frustrated with me... and hopefully also enjoy the glimpse into myself. I'm halfway through the next chapter of Venus School and I've also started work on my next series, which is going to be called Sarah's Private Dick and will be in the Interracial category.  It's going to be a much more involved story (plot and character development wise) than I usually do and I'm really looking forward to basically writing a book that I'll be posting on Literotica. So far it's looking like the first chapter isn't going to have any sex in it at all, because I'm building up the plot line. I have to thank a reader for the story idea, which was so wonderfully involved in their description of what they wanted to read that it's making it really easy to put together an erotic romance. Hopefully they aren't disappointed that it's not straight up erotica =P

I don't know why I can't just concentrate on one series at a time, but I can't. It's easier for me to write if I can switch back and forth between two.  Usually the two series feed off of each other - Submission and Venus School definitely did. And it tends to add an extra dynamic to both that I'm working on. So if anyone's wondering why I'm starting a new series when I still have one to finish... that's why. =) I just can't do one at a time! (Kinda like Jessica... hmmmm ;)

At any rate, wanted to talk a bit about an author that I've started reading a LOT of, that really has some fantastic BDSM books with incredibly yummy Doms. Cherise Sinclair's Masters of the Shadowlands series is fantastic (as is her involvement in the Doms of Darkhaven books).  I was a little skeptical after reading the first Masters of the Shadowlands series, because the Dom in it is an empath and I don't really like mixing my sex with my fantasy, but that is the ONLY book where there's anything psychic/fantastical/supernatural and it's not made a huge deal of. The rest of them are all incredibly delicious Doms, with a variety of issues, mixing with fun (and occasionally hilarious) subs, all with their own variety of issues.  She weaves some seriously fantastic story lines and I have a lot to learn from her.

So that's what I've been reading while I've been sick, and has been keeping me motivated for writing (along with all the wonderful people who have left comments/feedback for me to read on Lit and here =) I'm hoping to get the next Venus Chapter submitted by the end of today, along with the first chapter of Sarah's Private Dick.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final Submission Chapter

So the final chapter of Submission is now available on Literotica =) So far people seem pretty happy (although I did have one person asking if it was the last chapter... um yes, that's why it says Conclusion! lol).  I can see where I could keep writing, but for the purposes of the story I think I'm done.  However, for Alanna and David fans, I have been asked by a publisher to write their story, but along the publisher's guidelines. Which is going to change the story a lot, actually, and I'm looking forward to it.

The beginning will be very similar, but for the book version they're actually going to be separated and have to find their way back together. People who wanted to see a more independent Alanna will probably enjoy it.  I'm working on that now and I'm rather excited to try their story from a different angle (more of a romance that straight out erotica).  Similar to my plans for Venus School, I have a few more books that I'd want to write - they'll be about other characters in the book that I'm going to be introducing (Ms. Bliss is one of them!) and we'll be able to see a little bit more about what happens with David and Alanna through the other characters. So I'm excited about that as well!

For now my focus is moving over to Venus School, which is only a few chapters away from completion, and I'm rather excited about that too.  That trio keeps doing unexpected things that surprise and delight me and make it a lot of fun to write about them. I can't wait to see how their next menage class goes, and I'm even more excited about what happens when they get home!

In the meantime... I'm still sick. Blah. But feeling slightly more focused today so I'm going to get right to working on my writing again... hopefully I'll have something submitted by the end of today!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stupid Sickness & Hemsworth Teaser

I hate being sick. It always feels wasteful. I have a lot less motivation to do... well... anything when I'm sick.  Which is not surprising, but I don't like it. 

So far today I have not gotten quite as much done as I would like. I have started the next chapter for Venus School, which I'm enjoying cuz we're getting another little peek at one of my other favorite characters in the series, Nick. I think he's adorable, and his whole thing with the girl back home Fiona... yeah, definitely going to explore that eventually!  Chapter 18 came out on Literotica today, featuring Jessica in her first menage class.  I had a really good time writing that one, so I hope you enjoy it! No she doesn't get sandwiched... not that she doesn't want it to happen. But she's gotta wait for Friday for that. I had fun trying to get creative, so we'll see what the audience reaction is.

While I've been sick I've started working on the re-write to Allison's New Life, which will eventually be book two in the Poker Loser series that I'm writing for Kindle.  It's sooooo much more work than I originally anticipated though... I thought writing Forced Bet was bad, with all the changes that I made to it. Ha. I didn't even think about how that would effect the second book. It's barely a re-write. I'm basically writing an entirely new book at the moment because so many of the character dynamics have changed - Chad and Allison's, Diane and Allison's... the closest one to staying the same is Rogers and even he's changing up a bit.

Some of the biggest changes so far: Diane and Allison moved in together in Forced Bet,  so they're already living together by the time book two starts.  I'm putting in more hints of Roger's wild side (which if you've read Allison's New Life, you'll know that he does have one).  And I'm giving Allison more of a life outside of sex. She's also spending a lot more time pining over Todd and trying to replace him with Roger and no time having hijinks with Chad. As sad as I was to see that sexy time go, it's just not who her character is anymore.  The book is turning into a real romance, and I'm only in Chapter 2. Ack!

And I've also done some more work on my Chris Hemsworth fantasy... which is starting to turn into one of the longer shorts that I've ever written.  Mostly because I put a lot of work into the back story rather than plunging straight in with the sex (I know, not my previous style, but I've been getting more and more into developing a plot lately, even though it takes me longer and is a lot more work ;).  Hopefully I'll be done with this one soon... but until then, here's a little teaser:

"Here, let me," Chris said as she reached for another handful of popcorn. Angel turned her head in surprise, and her lips parted automatically as Chris held two pieces of the salty treat up, teasingly, in front of her mouth.  Stretching out her neck, she quickly nabbed them before he could pull them away, her lips closing around his fingers.  The startled laugh he gave her was like sweet chocolate sliding down into her belly, mixing with the buttery crunch she was chewing on. 

Just because she couldn't make the first REAL move didn't mean she was a complete chicken.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to feed the animals?" she asked, teasing. "Some of them bite."

"Maybe I like it when they bite," he said, and leaned over, catching her mouth in a kiss again before she could respond. He was good at that. Of course, it helped that the second he turned those gorgeous blue eyes on her, her brain melted and her stomach dropped and it wasn't like she could breathe much less form a sentence.  The taste of him on her tongue, flavored with popcorn, was purely masculine.  The popcorn bowl suffered a small upset as they leaned into each other, heedless of the snack between them.  Chris' arm vacated the back of the couch and wrapped around Angel, hauling her onto his lap. 

God that hair... she got her hands into it again and moaned with the sensuous pleasure of it.  Good hair was such an incredible turn on.  If he had any doubts about whether or not she wanted to jump his bones, he certainly didn't any more... and speaking of that particular bone, it was digging into her thigh and sweet thundering Thor, he really was well built everywhere.  Nice to know that he wasn't immune to her either.  She might not be a model, but she liked to think that she was pretty attractive in her own curvy and natural way.

He kissed wonderfully. Passionately.  And she responded wholeheartedly, letting herself indulge in getting her hands all over his gorgeous upper body.  The more she squirmed around on top of him, trying to get in a more comfortable position, the tighter his arms held her - and she had to admit that excited her.  Angel had always been involved in sports and there had been many times when she‘d taken down a confident guy in an arm wrestling match. There‘d be none of that going on, not with Chris‘ impressive bicep size. Having a guy that could restrain her with just his hands was hot, hot, hot.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Completed Submission & Personal Info

Yesterday was a busy day! I submitted the very last chapter of Submission (can't believe it finished!), which is more just kind of a wrap-up chapter than anything else. Did it get a little cliche? Maybe. Where there a few "well that's convenient" moments? Possibly. But that's how romances tend to work and it made me happy. Sometimes real life works that way too, and everything made sense in the context of the story so I'm pretty happy with it. Won't lie, I'm a bit of a sucker for happy endings.

I also submitted another chapter for Venus School, so that we finally get to see Jessica in her first menage class with Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood... maybe I'm fooling myself but I feel like there's a fair amount of anticipation for these classes and how they go, so hopefully people aren't disappointed. It didn't go exactly how I thought the class was going to go, but I think that's good.  The more I'm surprised as I write it, the better of a story it seems to be for people to read (if I go by the comments and feedback that I get). 

So... I had a request to write a little bit more about myself on this blog. Insight into the writer I guess... so here we go. If you have anything that you'd like me to write about in particular in the blog, or story ideas, please always feel free to contact me.

I am 28 years old and was married last year to the second boyfriend I've ever had.

I started writing for Literotica at first because I wanted to read a specific kind of story, and then because people kept asking me to and I loved feeling like I was good at something.  I'm a theater kid, so any kind of applause / positive feedback is like crack for me.

I love Shakespeare, histories (especially Tudor era!), Fantasy & Sci-Fi.  I was an English major and I have more books that I have clothes.  I rarely watch TV but I love movies.  I also love reality TV when it has to do with competitions (not so into the 'daily lives' thing).  My favorite movie is Love Actually and my favorite book is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

I love being outside and my next big planned purchase is a laptop so that I can do some of my writing outside.

I do write other than for Literotica.... I currently have a novel that I'm submitting to agents, hoping that someone will pick it up. If not then I will start the debate of whether or not to self publish it and whether to do it under my real name or a pen name.

I write because I have to or else there would constantly be story lines and characters running riot through my brain with no outlet.

And... for more about me you can read Chris Hemsworth: Sex God when it's finished and out on Literotica because everything I say about myself is true, I kept to dialogue that I would actually say, actions I would actually do, and thoughts I would actually have.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Putting Myself In a Story

So I submitted Chapter 17 of Submission yesterday, I can't believe how close I am to finishing out this series for Lit. On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to re-writing it as a BDSM romance and submitting it to a publisher. It's going to be different from my other re-writes, because it's not going to follow the same story line as what I have on Literotica, other than the very beginning (although even that's going to have a lot more information and some variances).  But it will have the same characters and I'm really glad that I don't have to let Alanna or David go quite yet.

I've gotten a little bit further on the next chapter of Venus School, but obviously my focus has mostly been on Submission.  After this I'll be more focused on Venus School.

I'm not sure why, but I have a lot of trouble concentrating on only writing one thing at a time. It's easier for me if I can switch back and forth between projects after awhile.  Yesterday, in between working on Venus and Submission, I started a new short story that I'll be posting on Lit when it's finished. The beginning is a dream that I started to have about Chris Hemsworth, the end of it will be the way the dream should have ended (in my humble opinion ;)

This work is pretty different because it's the first time I'm writing a piece that's starring myself.  A lot of the time I'll insert pieces of myself into my characters... lookswise especially. Many of my characters have big boobs and dark curls, hazel eyes, healthy but not slender figures.  And a lot of them are submissive but bratty (aren't I a treat?).  Alanna has my love of books. Allison (Poker Loser) had my sense of daring and adventure.  Diana (Allison's New Life) took on aspects of my more dominant side, which rarely gets to come out and play. Kerry (Wanna Bet?) had my curiosity. And sometimes I'll add elements of my husband into my characters too... David looks a lot like my hubby. I've had a lot more blonde male leads, period, ever since I met him. Jen and Alex (Alex's Anal Adventures) have so many physical similarities to my husband and I that it's kind of hilarious for me to re-read that one.

But this is the first time I star as myself, and am writing myself - both looks and personality - completely into a story.  It adds an element of vulnerability for me that I have never experienced before. And also a little bit of wondering whether it's really appropriate for Lit... will other people be able to relate? Will it turn them on? Or will it be what theater people term "actorbating" - i.e. acting for yourself rather than the audience. I have to admit, I find myself almost hesitant to share it because I feel like it would be a little rougher for me to read negativity about it. Constructive criticism never bothers me, but sometimes people write seriously mean feedback on stories without any kind of explanation or helpful words. Why? I have no idea.

Celebrity stories are not something I've done well with in the past. And they're definitely not something I would consider my forte. But this story is in my head, has been since I had my dream about Chris Hemsworth last week, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere until I get it out. So we'll see. If I don't put it up on Lit I'll def share it on here... but I'm hoping that I'll be brave enough to really put myself out there. Because I don't like backing down from challenges.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Writing

So today is a big writing day for me, partly because I'm trapped inside after getting sunburned yesterday. OUCH. Anyone wanna come rub some aloe on me and maybe make me some food so that I don't have to leave my computer?

At any rate.  Since the re-write of Poker Loser, titled Forced Bet, is out on earlier than I had originally hoped for, I'm hoping that perhaps I'll be able to finish Submission and Venus School earlier than my self imposed deadlines as well =)

I've been working on Submission since this morning and I'm about 3/4 of the way through Chapter 17. Only one more chapter to go after that and it will be done! Crazy. I should have Chapter 17 finished and submitted before dinner time today, giving me time to work on some other things =)

I've started the next chapter for Venus School, there will be four more chapters total (unless I get another sneaky chapter like Charity did... girl just wanted some attention for herself, can't blame her).  The next three chapters are going to focus on the Menage class, and then I'm going to write a final chapter... with alternate endings LOL. So that probably won't be a quickly done chapter, but hopefully it will be satisfying for everyone.

As I'm winding down with these two series, I have a couple of upcoming projects on my plate, both reader requests.  One is in the Incest / Taboo category, which is not my favorite category to write in usually but I do  like a challenge and I like to try and keep an open mind for other people's fantasies. And when someone throws a detailed and interesting plot line in the middle of a bunch of compliments about your writing, it's hard to turn down. The other project is in the Interracial category and is going to be my Literotica experiment with trying to write a true romance (i.e. as much plot / character development as there is sex... and also a lot more build up before the sexy time commences!). I'm working on plot outlines and am getting really excited to be writing both of them.

I also want to send a special shout out to Queen, who is so often vocal and enthusiastic in her comments for me, and has now done me the great favor of writing an Amazon review for Forced Bet. I get a lot more feedback on Lit than I do on Amazon, so it's great to have a review and get a comment on the new material! I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart =)  And I'm also glad to know that you thought I accomplished what I set out to do, and write a more romantic and fulfilling version of my original story Thank you soooooo much!

Okay... now I'm off to finish Chapter 17 of Submission!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Short Update

Just got back from camping out... awesome. Love camping.

Got a little bit of work done on Submission Ch. 17, which should be finished tomorrow and started the next chapter of Venus School.

Have a couple plot outlines that I'm developing from reader requests that I'll be starting as soon as these two are done.


Friday, June 22, 2012

New For Kindle: Forced Bet (Poker Loser)

So I had a WTF moment this morning when I signed into my Lit account. I went to check and see if the next chapters of Submission and Venus School had been put out yet, and while the Venus School one had, Ch. 16 of Submission had vanished!!!! WTH?! Then I go and check "New Stories" and right under Venus School Ch. 17 is "Mastering Submission Ch. 16."

Umm... I can 100% guarantee that is NOT what I put in the title bar when I submitted the chapter. I check daily to see if my next chapters have posted yet, and yesterday it was listed as Submission Ch. 16.  So I sent a quick PM to the powers that be and hopefully can get that cleared up... but I'm wondering how on earth it happened in the first place! Hopefully people realize it's NOT me that did it.  It also reminds me of the Sunday chapter that I wrote for Venus School,  which I thought I had put in the Non-Erotic Category but ended up in Erotic Couplings. I thought I had just made a mistake, misremembered or something. Now I'm wondering if I did do it right and for some reason my stuff isn't going through the way it's supposed to.

That's a rather unsettling thought.  I'm hoping that things will be fixed and quickly. It's just really freaking weird.

At any rate... OMGoodness a lot going on today!

Ch. 17 of Venus School is out, as is Chapter 16 of Submission (just under the wrong name).

AND, Amazon has my re-write of Poker Loser (which is now titled Forced Bet and is the first book of the Poker Loser trilogy) now available!:

That was fast.  Came out much faster than I thought it would!!! I'm very happy with the way that it came out... if you liked the original and wanted to know more about both Todd and Allison as people and how they ended up playing that fateful game of Strip Poker, then you'll like this.

Here's my "book cover" description for it:

Allison, a snobby rich girl who has been raised to be a miniature version of her snobby rich parents, has a secret: she wishes for all the experiences that her lifestyle has kept her from having. Especially the sexual ones. When she drunkenly admits this secret to roguish, lower class, scholarship student Todd, several years older than her and much more experienced with life and sex, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of fantasy.

It all starts with a game of strip poker, and when competitive Allison finds herself with the losing hand she recklessly bets her own body for the night... and Todd uses the opportunity to videotape their activities and blackmail her with it, just the way she had told him she wished someone would. No longer constrained by her need to be the good daughter, "forced" into debauchery, every Friday night Todd takes her on a different "date," fulfilling one of the fantasies that she never dared admit to before.

As Allison learns about passion and sex, she finds herself starting to learn about falling in love too. But does Todd love her back? Or is he just enjoying having the game?

Forced Bet is 51,700 words long

I would love to get some feedback on for anyone who can take the time to write a review! And thanks for reading =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Submission Challenge

When I'm writing I tend to need inspiration, which comes in the form of reading... so I wanted to hype up an author that I've been reading while writing my own stuff.  Her name is Jennifer Denys and I've read two of her Kindle e-reads, The Submission Challenge and Submissive Training. I actually read them out of order, but it didn't matter to my enjoyment since they're about different characters.

To my delight, Submissive Training was about a seminar that is almost a scholastic atmosphere... not really at all like my series Venus School, but I did learn a lot about BDSM while reading it.  It was fascinating to think that there are training schools that really exist. Kinda makes me want to go...

At any rate.  These two stories both feature fairly feisty women, one who does not consider herself submissive, and the other who knows that dominant men make her melt but she's not sure she's submissive enough for the Dominant that she's interested in.  They both make somewhat bratty subs, although one obviously more than the other, and the contrast between the two books shows two different takes on how BDSM relationships can work.

And of course, there's a little bit of romance, a lot of mutual attraction, and some misunderstandings to keep the stories interesting.

All in all, they're fun little reads, don't cost much, and I really enjoyed them. That's my two cents on those.

In other news... still working on the next chapter of Submission... I hate to say it but I'm taking a short breather from Venus School this week while I try to finish Submission, since I'm only a chapter and a half away. I'm still working on it, but I'm more focused on Submission.

Also I'm incredibly distracted today because I had this SERIOUSLY hot dream about Chris Hemsworth, at least hot in the flirting and propositioning, and then even in my dream I'm like "No, I have a husband." So WTF was the point of the dream? I may end up having to write a story about it. And make myself single. Normally I don't write in the Celebrity section, I haven't since I stopped doing the Survivorphile Contest, but for him I may make an exception.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romance vs. Erotica & Excerpt

I finished and submitted chapters for Venus School and Submission yesterday, which made me very happy, although the chapter for Venus School was a little bit shorter than I might have liked. It made me realize that my focus has definitely changed from the sex to the plot, and I need to focus more on the latter because the sex is just an interlude... so the next chapter is going to be a little bit longer and get right to the important stuff... the menage class! ;)

Writing for Lit is so interesting because I feel a lot of pressure to have some kind of sex in every single chapter that I post. It's what usually ends up the chapter - going out with a bang as it were. But it means that the plot and character development often get pushed aside for what I see as the point of erotica: the sex.  Romances are different, to me, they have more plot and build up and eventually there's sex but usually not until several chapters into the book at the very least, and there's always more plot than sex.  Erotica has more sex than plot.

Which is why, in my opinion, Shades of Grey is more of a romance than erotica... it just barely has more plot than sex. Although it toes the line.

I write mostly erotica. Lots of sex, little bit less plot, and very detailed descriptions of everything that's happening. Oh, and I use dirty words ;) Woot! However, I am starting to try and make the foray over into more of what I consider romance, especially with the efforts I'm putting out on Kindle. Poker Loser in particular has been interesting to re-write because the further into re-writing the story I've gotten, the more the characters have changed. I think it's making for a better, fuller story and I'm looking forward to putting it out... I'm about 90% finished and hope to have it out on Kindle by next week.

So because of that... here's another teaser excerpt:

Although Allison spent almost her entire Thursday afternoon hanging around the library, until she absolutely had to go home or be late for family dinner, there was no sign of Todd. She’d hoped that he might show up and give her an excuse to see him before Friday but he was nowhere to be seen.  In fact, he hadn’t been outside the gym when she’d walked by earlier either.
It was rather disheartening to think that he might be avoiding her.  But, she reassured herself, she was probably over thinking things. Assuming that he wasn’t outside the gym because he was staying away from her seemed incredibly self-centered.  The fundraiser that he was working on was coming up in a few weeks, right before the end of the school year. So promoting it and trying to meet the new goals that had been set was probably keeping him really busy.
And it was absolutely ridiculous to feel disappointed about not seeing him.
Dinner with her parents that night dragged. They were obsessing over a backyard pool party that her dad was having for his clients on Saturday afternoon.  Allison hated the yearly event, although she was required to attend and be a good hostess. Her father’s lecherous old clients always enjoyed a good gawk at her in a bikini. It was the only day of the year that she didn’t feel comfortable swimming. 
The upside was that, stuck in full planning mode, her parents were basically ignoring her.  There weren’t a lot of details to be planned, since the same basic format for the party was followed every year, but a few days before the party her parents would always go into a frenzy, as if something major had changed last minute.  So Allison was able to eat as quickly as possible, occasionally adding a meaningless comment or opinion when her parents would ask about the appetizers they were planning on serving, the arrangement of the dessert table or whether or not they should cancel their usual string quartet and update to a DJ.
Allison wasn’t in the mood to focus on these discussions, although usually they were what she enjoyed most about the event. Normally she would sit with her parents and banter, arguing back and forth about the pros and cons of changing things, before everyone decided to keep things as is.  She didn’t want things as is anymore.
Her focus was all on the next day and her upcoming 'date' with Todd.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Behind

So, as wonderfully relaxing as my beach trip was this past weekend, I'm now definitely a little behind on my submissions for Literotica... sorry for the wait! Hopefully it will be worth it.

I'm almost finished with the next chapter of Submission, and I'm about a third of the way finished with the next chapter of Venus School.  As anxious as I am to get the next chapters up, I'm trying to keep myself from rushing because I don't want to let people down on the quality after such a long wait!

I've noticed that the closer I get to the end of a series, the harder the writing becomes. Trying to reach a satisfying end for everyone - the characters, myself and the wonderful people reading - is daunting. The good news is, I'm getting very close. The bad news is... these chapters tend to take me a little longer to write.  They just don't flow as effortlessly as the earlier chapters.

And, of course, I suffer from writer's insecurity. What if people don't like where I go with it? What if they're disappointed in the next chapter? Submission has been especially hard for me in this regards because David is not my usual easy-to-write Dom. Between the pressures his society puts on him, the pressure he puts on himself and Alanna's own burgeoning sexual awakening, there's a lot going on for the poor man. And trying to stay a step ahead of Alanna isn't exactly easy.

Plus I keep thrusting them into situations that I'm unfamiliar with and have never written about before. I was so relieved when the chapter about Alanna's punishment was well received. That was such a hard chapter to write. Now I'm bringing them back together, but their relationship is still being tested because the meeting with Curtis is hanging over them. He'll be the next chapter, and I have to admit... I'm not looking forward to it.  Not because I don't want to write it or because I think it will be bad (I certainly hope it's not) but because I truly don't like Curtis and I don't want him anywhere near Alanna.

I know, I'm weird. She's not real. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

At any rate. Right now Alanna and David are at a swanky party that (on Demagon) apparently includes exhibitionism of some of the Repiban slaves (all of them willing).  Alanna's getting an eyeful and rather enjoying it even though it makes her a little frightened to think about being in their position.  There's a lot more touching / visual stimulation than she's used to, and while David's taking good care of her (at least, I hope people will agree with me on that) it's definitely pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone.

Cuz that's really what it's all about, isn't it?

Edit: Finished Chapter 16 of Submission - Hooray! Working on the next chapter of Venus School and hopeful that I will have both submitted by the end of the night tonight.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Poker Loser Excerpt

A few weeks ago I started re-writing Poker Loser, similar to my re-write of Office Play, for Kindle. I had several reasons for doing this. First of all... Allison and Todd are two of my favorite all time characters.  It's possibly some of the best work I've done when it comes to plot, and yet I felt like there was a lot still lacking. Also, it ended up turning into a kind of romance by the time I was writing Allison's New Life and so I wanted to re-write the first two installments.  I also want to write a third installment, completing their story, for Kindle.

But that's for the future. Currently I'm working on the re-write of the original story.  My basic idea behind this was to give more back story into both Allison and Todd, develop their characters (a LOT more) and also some of the side characters.  If you were a fan of the non-consent / reluctance beginning of their relationship, you'll probably be a bit disappointed.  This re-write is going for more of a seduction / blackmail fantasy line.

So far I haven't added in a ton of sex, not like there wasn't already plenty in there to begin with, but I am re-writing a lot of the scenes and I've added a few interactions between Todd and Allison during the weekdays when they're not on their dates. I think that the set-up for Allison's New Life is going to be a lot better too. Chad has become much more realistic, Todd has become hunkier, less of a jerk and more of a heartthrob (I hope) and Allison is more sympathetic and truly enjoying her plight for the most part. I'm also introducing Diana early, although originally she didn't appear until Allison's New Life.  Allison's parents are also a lot more present (and obnoxious, IMO) and give her a whole new set of motivations and reasons behind her behavior.

I'm really enjoying the re-write. I'm about two chapters away from being finished and then I'll be able to start the re-write for Allison's New Life.  Although it probably won't keep that title. It'll probably have something to do with poker. Anyway.

One of my friends was always bothering me because he didn't like how Poker Loser started with the poker game. He always wanted to know how Allison and Todd got there. It bugged him that there was no lead in. So when I started the re-write, that was the first thing I started working on... how did Allison and Todd know each other and how did they end up playing a game of strip poker?

Here's a little excerpt (unedited) from that new portion of the book:

“So Allison.” Todd’s eyes traveled over her face and down her neck to her cleavage, eventually skimming over the skin of her thighs.  She had to resist the urge to tug her short skirt down. Something about the way Todd looked at her made her feel naked and vulnerable. “What made you agree to get a drink? I didn’t think you were actually going to say yes.”
Allison snorted. “Well maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do.”
“Is that an invitation to get to know you better?” Instead of sounding turned on, he sounded amused.  That really got under her skin.
“You wish,” she sipped her martini, looking away from him.  There was a small knot in the center of her stomach. Allison was used to guys who asked her to dinner, showed up with flowers and took her somewhere nice.  Whatever Todd was doing, it was way outside of her experience. It made her feel unsure and excited. 
A finger trailed down her thigh and Allison shivered, feeling herself become instantly wet between her legs.  Shocked eyes turned to look at him. No man just reached out and touched her like that. The smirk on his face made her want to slap him.
“What do you wish, Allison?” His voice was lower. More intimate.  She found herself leaning towards him without knowing why.  The fingers that had just touched her leg brushed across her face, sweeping tumbled curls back and tucking them behind her ear. “What do you want?”
God what a question. What did she want? Allison bit her lip, looking at him. What she wanted she could never have.  A normal life. The option to jump in the sack with the hot man in front of her and have a one night stand.  But if it ever got out… even now she was risking her father’s wrath by being in a bar with him.  Of course, no one here would know her. It wouldn’t get back to him. She should be safe. But this was not behavior he would approve of, and her company would have him infuriated. No lower or middle class men for his darling girl.
Fingertips trailed across her cheek and curved under her chin.  Todd’s thumb pressed against her parted lips, rubbing the lower one sensuously.  Allison barely managed to stifle the groan in the back of her throat. His dark eyes seemed to burrow into her, reading the rebellious and wild nature that she kept carefully confined, hidden away behind the socialite fa├žade and mask of upper class respectability.
With a wrench, Allison leaned back, pulling herself away and giving a half laugh.  “What do I want? I want to be able to just be me.”  Making a face she took a long swallow of her martini, looking away from him as words tumbled from her mouth. “Sometimes I wish someone would just come along and make me do all the things I really want to do.  Capture me and take me away. Or blackmail me so that at least I wouldn’t feel guilty.”
Todd leaned forward, the movement caught her eye and she turned to look at him again. The intensity in his gaze made her insides tighten in a way that she’d never felt before. “And what do you really want to do?”
Allison looked back at him, her heartbeat increasing as if she were running a race.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Venus School of Sex

So, after Poker Loser, Venus School of Sex is probably the most popular series that I've ever written. Obviously, it's not done yet but hopefully it'll stay that way as Jessica finishes out her last week of school =)

I really like the characters and I've had a lot of feedback about how people want to know more about what happens with Jessica, Justin and Chris after they return home.  My thoughts about them and the fact that I originally started the series knowing that I wanted to write more about Hilary, Jessica's best friend, and possibly about Nick, her main study buddy, led to my idea for a quartet called Venus Rising.

This is, obviously, not very far in the works yet... but I've got the basic ideas. It'll be written / made available on Kindle.

I'll start off with Venus School of Sex, I already know the edits and re-writes that I want to do, including more of Hilary in the book and what's going on back where Jessica, Justin and Chris live... Hilary's going to be the one to figure out that Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire work with Jessica. 

Venus Aspiring will be Jessica's story returning home.  I'm going to be writing 3 alternate endings for Literotica, this story will start with a fourth alternate "ending" where Hilary blows the lid on Justin and Chris after Jessica tells her all about Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire... who is rather hurt and embarrassed by what she sees as a deception by them. They're going to have to not only woo her in the real world, but try to figure out what kind of relationship is going to work for all of them.

Venus Desiring will be focused more on Hilary, although since she'll be spending a lot of time with my favorite trio, their story line will advance as well.  She's going to be learning a lot more about sex / BDSM just by being around them, and it's going to lead her into interesting parts of herself that she hadn't been aware existed.

Venus Transcendent will complete both of their stories, although I might write a few short novellas afterwards. 

I also want to write a story (or book, not sure which yet) about Paul and his quest for Fiona once he returns home, and I'll probably title it "Mars" something.  But I don't really have even a basic plot line figured out for that one next.

But yeah. That's where I'm planning on going for Venus School of Sex. Here's a basic timeline of summer goals that I have for myself on current projects:

June 30: Complete Submission for Literotica

July 1: Release Poker Loser for Kindle

July 15: Complete Venus School for Literotica

August 1: Release Allison's New Life for Kindle

August 15: Submit alternate plot line of Submission to publisher

August 30: Release Venus School for Kindle

We'll see how those go before I try to plan more goals for the future!!! I do also have another story that I'm working on, an erotic re-telling of Dracula, whenever I need to get into a different head space for a little bit, but I'm not setting a goal for that one at this point LOL. It's great for doing a different writing style so that my other stories don't start sounding too similar and I'm going to keep using it for that until it finishes organically.

Originally my blog today was going to be about the re-writing of Poker Loser, so I'll write that tomorrow and post a small teaser excerpt of some of the new writing for it. Like Office Play, it's changing a fair amount (for the better when it comes to plot line) as I do the re-write.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Counting the Hours - Hour 3

For those coming late to the party... this is the third and last chapter that I wrote for Counting the Hours, a story that I am probably never going to finish.  At the end of it I realized I wasn't interested in continuing the story because I didn't have enough invested in the characters.  It ended up being more of a mental exercise than anything else, and it gave me some ideas for future stories, but I'm at the beach without computer access and otherwise this story would have never been available anywhere... so hopefully better here than nowhere.

This chapter gets back into the mental anguish aspect of Wendy's torment by the demon Larxx.

Hour Three

Friday, June 15, 2012

Counting the Hours - Hour 2

So, if you missed yesterday's post... I'm soaking in the rays at the beach. However, to make sure that my blog didn't go completely neglected, I'm also sharing three chapters from a story that I started recently that will never see the light of day anywhere else because it doesn't have enough of a plot line. But it's good writing. And if you like Erotic Horror / Non-Human... hopefully you'll dig it. The original idea was to alternate the chapters between mental and physical anguish.

Hour One was mental.  Hour Two is physical. It gets a little gory, although not nearly as much as some stuff I've written previously.

So here's Hour 2

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beach, Counting the Hours & Picture

Sooooooo... I'm leaving for the beach this evening. The most recent House of Fantasy story came out today in the Interracial section.  Chapter 13 of Submission came out as well, which was SUCH a hard chapter for me to write.  Chapters 14 and 15 have been submitted.

I've also submitted Chapter 16 of the Venus School, which was kind of a surprise chapter for me.  The most fun thing about writing is when the characters do something I'm not expecting... sometimes they've just gotten away from me, sometimes I just don't predict their behavior all the time.  Jessica was supposed to be having a heart to heart with her roomie and then going on with her next day at school, and instead Charity went off on her own tangent and ended up asking if Jessica would be willing to let Charity "study" with her. Apparently I was feeling the need for a little girl on girl action. Whatcha gonna do. So that chapter is now submitted as well.

While I'm away at the beach I'm going to leave you with this...

I started writing this story. Had a great idea about what I wanted to do with it. Demon makes deal with girl that he'll release her brother's soul - which is owed to him because brother has been dabbling in black magic - if she'll spend 12 hours being tortured by him.

Unfortunately by the end of Hour 3 I realized that I was never going to finish. There wasn't enough for me to be invested by.  But that upset me cuz I thought I'd actually written some pretty good stuff. I might still make a short story about some of the future hours that I had ideas for but never actually got around to writing.

Normally this kind of story would have just gone into the trash bin for me. I didn't want to share it on  Literotica because it wasn't never going to finish. There IS a climax at the end of each hour, and they'd work as separate stories... but the underlying story requires 12 hours. Or at least, more than the 3 that I wrote before realizing that the plot is too thin for me to stay invested in writing.  (This is the problem with writing stories that have real plots that I'm totally into. *sigh*).  However, by happen chance I am away at the beach this weekend, have no internet or computer access where I'm going and so won't be able to write for Lit or update this blog.

What I have done instead is schedule my blogs to post automatically, sharing an hour each day of a story that will never been seen anywhere else.

Granted, it might not be to everyone's taste as it's Non-Human / Erotic Horror type stuff... but it doesn't get too gory because I was going to save that for later hours.

So here is the beginning / Hour One 

Oh, also, I posted some pics on the Amateur Pic Feed on the bulletin boards at Lit... seems a little weird to post there and not here, so here's a special one for everyone who comes and reads my blog =) :

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Always gotta love the Hump Day.  Although today is actually my Friday... I'm heading out to the beach for the weekend tomorrow. YAY! I can't wait. it's been too long. The ocean makes me happy. I should write something about mermaids....

Anyway.  The next chapter of Venus School is out, and that means that (hopefully) the next couple chapters of Submission will come out while I'm away this weekend.  I've been focusing more on Submission than Venus School this week, in part because I know I'm getting pretty close to the end of Submission, and Alanna and David have really gotten inside my head. Plus trying to come up with something new for Jessica to do with Mr. Fire in her next Light BDSM class.

Not that there aren't plenty of other things they could do... but I've been trying to keep things different and push Jessica a little more with every class. Had a lot of fun with her and Mr. Flood's class (which is the chapter that's now available on Lit) and now I've gotta either top that or, at the very least, make it just as good. No pressure! LOL

So that's percolating in my brain right now. Stories do better when they have time to percolate.

Anyway, if you've been following, you may have noticed I gave my blog a face lift. Trying to make it easier to follow for people, and also to find things again. And just prettier. I like the new background. =)

Red is the color of sex.

That's from Kinky Boots right? Great movie.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This story is getting intense. To me, anyway. Maybe for you too. I hope so.

I mentioned in yesterday's blog post that Alanna had done a major mess-up, mostly through being too impulsive, being a little too pampered and acting out selfishly.  It turned into such a hard chapter for me to write, perhaps the hardest thing I've ever written, because both of my main characters were so miserable.  One of the things that I love about David, and that I've gotten several comments on, is how sweet and caring he is.  Granted, I haven't been reading that much BDSM on Lit, I've been reading BDSM romances on my Kindle, but I've received several comments about how many times there are harsh / cruel Masters and how much people are enjoying reading about David's tenderness.

He wants to be tender. He cares so much about Alanna and he loves her the way she is. But in Chapter 13 he is forced by circumstances to become so much harsher with her than he ever wanted to, and in some ways harsher than I've ever had any Master be.  Not because of the physical punishment, but the emotional stuff and the training that he's going to have to put her through. If it was up to David, I have a feeling he'd spend all his time spoiling Alanna.  I think it's better for him that he's not going to get the chance to - especially because it would mean that eventually she'd mess up and it could have been ever WORSE than it was... but it's rough on.

Because David's so upset about how he has to treat Alanna, that in turn makes her upset because she's disappointed her Master, has to face her own selfishness and the fact that she's been taking him and his attention for granted, and also deal with a physical punishment that hurts him emotionally.

By the time I was done with this chapter I was rather emotionally wrung out myself.  I wouldn't be surprised if people hate this chapter, cuz the truth is... ain't nobody happy in it. But I do think it makes for a better story. At least I hope it does. 

In some ways I feel like I'm taking a bit of a risk with Chapter 13. Which is good for me as a writer. It's just also scary. I've never written a chapter for any story like this.  Normally I shy away from real conflict between characters who care about each other, because that's not sexy... but I've been trying to be better about keeping things real and having more of a plot line and more character development and emotional growth between them... and the best way to grow together is to get through some kind of hurdle together.

So this is my hurdle Chapter (maybe because it's Chapter 13 and therefore the bad luck chapter? LOL). And man does it have some ripple effects on the rest of the story line.

I'm about halfway through Chapter 14 now.  It's possible that the story will extend to 19 Chapters, but at the moment I'm planning it for 18.

Monday, June 11, 2012

So Many Ideas...

Swirling around my head...

Last night I was so inspired by what I had spent my afternoon reading that I managed to finish and submit another chapter for Venus School and got a lot of work done on the next chapter of Submission.  The chapter for Venus School was rather short, but that happens sometimes. It really seems to depend on what the characters are doing. I think that Jessica's going to end up having to confront her feelings sometime this week... maybe with Nick.  Which, by the way, I'm rather curious to know what happens to him after he returns home... does he get Fiona or not? I might have to explore that eventually.

Jessica's going through a lot of ups and downs in my head right now.  It's hard falling for someone that you know you can't have. I"m looking forward to her reaction for the ending when she realizes that she can!  I've actually thought of four different possible endings for her story... I'm considering posting 3 of them on Lit to satisfy people who are currently reading it, and using the fourth as the beginning of a book.  If I put Venus School into book form I'll also probably add in some more stuff that happens prior to her leaving for the school, and also include some stuff about her best friend. Whom I'd also like to write about.

We'll see!

In the mean time... while the just submitted chapter for Venus School was rather short, the chapter I'm working on for Submission has gotten rather long. It's actually a struggle for me to write, because Alanna's managed to put her and David into a bad position... and now he's going to have to give her a much harsher punishment than he ever wanted to. On top of that, there's the possibility of being separated looming over them. It got much more serious than I had originally intended... I love Alanna's spirit but her newly awakened passions have definitely starting ruling her more than her head.

By the way, if anyone's wondering about her instructor, Ms. Bliss, yes, I did have the TV show Good Morning Miss Bliss in mind when I created her.  It's on Netflix right now and, to my surprise, the lessons in it still hold up. I was quite pleased and that's how Alanna's tutor got her name. 

I've been getting a lot of reader requests lately, which I would love to honor, but it's going to take awhile unfortunately.  I don't want to start too many new things while I'm still trying to finish out series that I hadn't finished before.  Of my old series, I'm going to be working on completing either From Terra or Witch next.

And in the meantime I'll be putting out a few short stories.  I try to indicate whether or not a story is going to be a series or not by submitting it as "Chapter 1"... if it doesn't have that then I rarely continue the story.  I wish I could make everything into complete plot lines, but I don't have the time (and sometimes I have no ultimate storyline in mind).  I think of the short stories as little glimpses into people's lives, a window that opens during a fantastic sexual escapade and then, at the end of it, we close the shutters and where they go afterwards, we may never know.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Masters at Arms

So what do I do when I hit a roadblock for a story?

I read.

And omgoodness did I find some good motivational material today! I've been reading a lot of erotica lately, because it gives me good ideas for my stories, but I've been reading BOOKS rather than Literotica.  I got hooked onto a new author because she sells the prequel book for free on, it's call Masters at Arms at it gives some sexy back story for the main characters of her books. Two are out so far, the next one should be out very soon and I cannot wait!

I was struggling with the next chapter for Venus School, but I'm feeling much more in the right head space after reading all the fantastic BDSM hot Dom erotica that Kallypso Masters has put out.  A lot of it seems really real and I like that there's every day drama going on in them, things that I can really relate to. As much as I love the Lexi Blake and Shayla Black, the female characters seem to be constantly in major danger / on the sidelines of big conspiracies.  Which is a lot of fun, but it's nice to get sexy Doms who are retired army men and doing their normal every day thing.

So I didn't get much writing done today (or last night, despite my good intentions), because I was doing a lot of reading and getting past my writer's block... which means that I'm not going to go ramble a lot on this blog because I need to go write some more now =)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grammar Check!

ARGH. I hate grammar.  And words that are misspelled but that the spell check doesn't pick up.

Want to know a secret? When I see a misspelled word, I usually don't realize it.  Is it dyslexia? Maybe. Never been tested. If it is, it's very mild. But it's not laziness. I do the same thing with numbers. I'll look at 24 and I'll read it as 42. And no matter how many times I look at it, I'll still see 42. This, at one time, spurred me to use an editor. But then that means waiting on someone else's time table before my story is released. Because editor's are under no obligation to edit quickly.  So, since pretty much my second story ever, I've just said eff it. 

That means I sometimes get comments from people about my bad grammar / word that was out of place. I know. I'm sorry.  But if you want free stories quickly... sometimes there's a price to pay. I do try and that's all I can say about that.

Why am I talking about grammar today?

Cuz it's 10pm and I haven't written anything yet today.  I was at Baltimore's Hon Fest (which was AMAZING) all day and then went to see Snow White and the Huntsman this afternoon. How was it? I'm sorry, I can't tell you... I was too distracted by the amazing sexiness of Chris Hemsworth to do anything but concentrate on how much I want to just roll around on top of him.

No, but seriously.

I don't think I could even handle writing a celebrity fantasy about him, he makes my head go numb inside cuz all the blood is flowing to my other thinking parts. Yeah that happens to girls too. At least, that's what it feels like.  It's amazing I can form coherent sentences when he's onscreen - although admittedly most of them center around how much I want to rub up against him like a cat.

It was a pretty decent movie. I enjoyed Bella much more as Snow White.  What's her real name? No idea. I'm terrible with names. Kristen something, right? Anyway. She still did a lot of heavy breathing stuff, but this time it was because she was stuffed into rather sexy corsets.  Other than a weird scene at the very end that had lots of heavy breathing, I really liked the movie... The wicked step mother gets a back story that makes you at least understand why she's wicked instead of just making her an evil person. Snow White isn't just a vapid little girl who needs a man to rescue her, she's pretty bad ass on her own and does a lot of rescuing herself.  Including taking out the wicked stepmother. The dwarves kicked ass.  Fantastic special effects. And, of course, Chris Hemsworth. NOM NOM NOM.

If he'd taken his shirt off during the movie it would have been perfect.

Anyway. I'm off to work on the next chapter for Venus School of Sex, Jessica's Monday afternoon Light BDSM class. I probably won't finish it tonight but I'll get a little bit done.

Needless to say, I didn't submit anything today. But I'm about halfway through the next chapter of Submission and I've just started the Venus School one. So much to fantasize about, so little time.  In my head, Justin (i.e. Mr. Flood) is looking Hemsworthy right now. yuuuuuuuuuuuum.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Longer vs. Shorter

I realized yesterday that I write the same way I used to date.

I was working on re-writing and expanding Poker Loser to have more of a plot line, more character development, more interactions and I noticed how very little it has of that - especially in the beginning - compared to my current stories Submission  and Venus School.  One of my friends told me that it's one of his favorite series that I have on Lit. but it always really bugged him that it starts off with a poker game and there's not really any lead-in.

My response was that when I'm on Lit, I'm not looking for a story, I'm looking for quick down and dirty sex.  However, when I read romance novels I want some tension, some build-up, some bumps along the way before the characters come together for an awesome climax (pun intended).

Which is exactly how I am when it comes to men. I don't date, I'm either in a relationship or I'm having a one night stand with someone that I trust but will then immediately stop being interested in / flirting with afterwards. I've only ever had 2 relationships, and I married the second one. The first one lasted for 7 years. In between the two, if I was very attracted to a guy - especially someone I had been attracted to during my first relationship - I'd sleep with him. And then never call again. Well, not never, but make it clear that it wasn't going to happen again. Not because the sex wasn't good. Just because the interest was now satisfied and I didn't want a relationship so it was better to just get my fix and go.

Sounds harsh but I was always very clear and honest about my intentions. And I'd learned not to let things go farther than one night. I did try to date, once, right after my first relationship.  Was totally open about the fact that I was rebounding and that I didn't want a relationship.  Thought that would be enough. It wasn't. I learned that guys can get just as emotionally involved with or without my own emotional involvement.  For me, caring about someone isn't enough. I need that quintessential spark. I had it in my first relationship and I wasn't going to settle for anything less.

Thankfully I met my wonderful husband. And we took our time getting to know each other before anything seriously intimate happened. In fact, in both of my relationships it was months of being together before we had sex. This being in sharp contrast to the one-nighters.

Now, for Literotica I'm finding that I still want to write the quickies that have a satisfying climax at the end of every chapter or story, but as I'm starting to think about book plot lines and possibly longer stories, I want to draw it out a little. Make the characters work for it a little harder.  I use Lit for the quick and easy one night stands and tend to stick with my romance novels (and lately BDSM eBooks) for when I want something more long-term.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poker Loser Redux

Yesterday I submitted another chapter for Submission.  Alanna's being a feisty slave and gets some more punishment, and she does some attempts at topping from the bottom.  And David finally takes her anal virginity.  So that was a lot of fun. Today I think I'm going to take a short break from writing more for that or Venus School, just to clear my head a little. Sometimes I need to do that.

Instead I'm planning on revisiting an old story - Poker Loser.  Allison and Todd were too of my favorite characters. Although it started out just a random short story, reader requests and the fact that I rather liked the characters turned it into the many chapters of Poker Loser.  And then fans of the series convinced me to keep going with Allison's New Life.  Now I think I'd like to revisit it like I did Office Play, only more so. I want to turn it into an actual book, with some back story as to how they ended up playing that poker game, etc.  And develop the characters a little further. It's not going to be the exact same story.  Like I did with Office Play, I'd like to add a little bit more of a romantic development to it, so I've gotta figure out how to smooth out the fact that it originally started as a non-consent story =P When it's ready and out for the Kindle I'll post about it of course.

I also have a friend that's been bugging me to write Roger's story for forever, as a spin-off.  I may end up doing a whole little thing for that, I always enjoyed Roger's turn around.

But for today I'm gonna focus on Todd and Allison. 

And hopefully that'll help me figure out what Jessica, Fire and Flood are going to be doing during her second week of school.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being Curious

So, along with my own writing, I do a lot of reading. Especially BDSM-y stuff.  I've kind of transitioned from reading (and therefore writing) about things that just sound painful, to being very curious about the actual lifestyle. While I used to have several good friends who were involved in the lifestyle, I have unfortunately drifted from them over the years.  I miss having that connection.  And people to pester when I'm filled to the brim with questions (which is constantly).

Today I read a book called Submissive Training and in some ways it reminded me of the Venus School except that it was all BDSM related and took place at a conference. I really hope the author knew what she was talking about, and it certainly seemed (to me) like she did. I wish I could write about stuff like that, but it's not what I know.  Which is why so many of my BDSM stories are people being introduced to the lifestyle... I don't know enough to write about people actually living it.  

As for my own writing... I submitted Chapter 11 of Submission yesterday.  So now 10 & 11 are in and waiting to come out.  Alanna cracks me up when I'm writing her.  Partly because she's completely naive and partly because she's just so darn feisty.  Chapter 10 deals with her first punishment, which is in the one locked room in David's house.  Which she doesn't get to see, of course. Chapter 11 brings her back to the locked room, but for pleasure. And she still has no idea that she's in a dungeon. I'm looking forward to Chapter 12 because it's going to bring a new aspect of her training into play - one that she's going to resist which means YAY! more punishment! LOL. She just enjoys it so much that it's hard not to give it to her.

The next chapter of Venus School has also been submitted.  However it's under the non-erotic category, which I know I hardly write in... but Jessica's Sunday took a little longer than I thought it would and it was either going to be a BDSM chapter with a ridiculously long intro before it got to any of the BDSM-y stuff or I could just submit it as Non-Erotic.  Which, I was originally planning on doing the former, but then the relationship-y / emotional / getting to know each other stuff ended up becoming its own chapter.  So that's kind of fun. It's more of a teaser chapter than anything, but I (hope) it shows how their relationships and feelings are developing and gives a deeper insight into the characters outside of the fantastic sex they're having.

Also... I just have to reiterate how much I love seeing that readers are so invested in the characters and who they want to get the girl.  I'm seriously considering writing a follow-up book.  Obviously I'll finish out the series on Literotica, cuz I like happy endings (and I don't like the idea of shorting people by suddenly switching over to book form), but I have an idea for a book about them once they get back into the real world and have to actually make the relationship work (whoever wins).

I've also started to write the next chapter for House of Fantasy, this one will be in the Interracial category and it's focused on large male equipment, but it's also the first time that I'm writing a chapter for the House where the main character is wrong about her fantasy.  I'm really enjoying this series, but I'm a little worried because I've only got about two more ideas for chapters for it... so if anyone has ideas for a fantasy they'd like to see the House fulfill, please email me or leave a comment on one of the previous chapters!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New for Kindle... Exclusively Anal

This is a short compilation that is now available on Kindle, and it's the first that I've done that has several all new stories which will not be published / available anywhere else rather than just re-vamped / extended stories (although it has a few of those too)

Exclusively Anal:

Woooooooo! I'm rather excited about it =) I really enjoyed writing the three new stories, they got pretty interesting.

The first one is called Party Games and it's about a husband and wife, Ryan and Ana, who really like to play with the backdoor.  Before every party they go to they have a ritual that includes some fingers and anal-lingus before Ana gets plugged.  During the party Ryan uses the vibrator in the plug to drive Ana wild until they sneak off to fulfill their desires and finish their 'game.'

From Porn To Reality is about a girl named Penny who has just moved in with her boyfriend Josh.  When her computer goes on the fritz she doesn't think anything of using his while he's at work.  Out of random curiosity she looks at his Favorites list and discovers that Josh has a fantasy he's been hiding from her.  When Josh comes home and catches Penny scrolling through everything on his computer, she has to decide whether or not to indulge her new curiosity.

My Best Friend's Sister: Luke practically grew up with his best friend James and James' annoying little sister Violet.  Three years younger than the boys, she was the bane of their existence.  When Violet returns from her first year away at college, Luke accidentally ends up as a voyeur to her anal masturbation while she cries out his name. Will he risk his friendship to give Violet the birthday present she wants from him?

So yeah. This were a lot of fun to write... it was hard not to share them on Literotica, but I feel like if I'm going to be publishing stuff on Kindle then I need to make it worth paying a couple of dollars for it and that means having material that's not available anywhere else.

The other stories available on Kindle is the re-vamped and extended Office Play and a collection of short erotic stories that have also include some re-writes / extensions. And I'll be working on some more stuff to make available on Kindle =)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Current Projects & Feedback

I got my first feedback from someone who's reading this blog as well as my stories yay! Thank you CJ for letting me know =) I'm enjoying writing this blog, it helps me organize my thoughts and also just get out some of the rambling that I have going on in my head, but I'm hoping it'll also be good insight for people who enjoy the stories and maybe insight into me. I know I'm often curious about other authors and who they are and how that effects their writing. So yeah. I appreciate the feedback!

Current projects! Obviously Submission and Venus School are ongoing.  The chapter detailing Jessica's Saturday night (the description of which is 'Jessica is overwhelmed by Flood and Fire') has been submitted. I'm now working on the next chapter (Sunday) and debating on going right into the school week or submitting it in the non-erotic category.  I'll probably do the former. 

The second week of classes isn't going to be as detailed as the first week, I'm probably going to focus on one class per day, two at the very most.  I have her schedule already figured out (and she will definitely be taking the Menage course for those who enjoy the group scenes).  The series will end with a finale after she returns home; I don't want to leave people hanging wondering what happens when she returns to the real world and finally gets to know Chris and Justin as their true selves in her life! At the moment I am fairly sure I'll be writing 3 separate endings.  I'm touched by how involved readers are with the characters and the amount of feedback I'm getting rooting for one over the other, or for both. Those kind of comments tell me how invested people are and it makes me feel really good about the story as a whole.

I have written an outline for Submission. I'm currently in the middle of writing the next chapter, and there will be 18 chapters total. For those who don't think that's enough of Alanna and David, I'm actually writing an alternate storyline for them which will be submitted to a publisher that expressed interest in it.  The storyline for Literotica is basically their life together without any outside influence.  The story line that is being written for the publisher is going to be a BDSM romance and involves outside forces which are trying to separate them, and how their relationship develops because of that (and as they fight to remain together). I'm having a lot of fun writing two separate story lines for them, in part because I enjoy the characters so much and it's interesting to see what they do when put into different situations.

Outside of the series... yesterday I submitted a Mind Control story titled Truth Will Set You Free, which is not a category I'm used to writing in.  I find it refreshing to step outside my comfort zone for the shorter stories.  The other stand-alone short story that I'm working on is called Counting the Hours and will be submitted either under Novellas or Erotic Horror. More on those in a later blog.

For my self-publishing stuff that I have going on, I'm in the middle of formatting another compilation which will have 3 original stories unavailable anywhere else and will be (like the others) available on Kindle. Looking forward to that since it's my first one with completely new works, which I will not be putting up on Literotica at all.  Although it will also have some of the popular stories that are on Literotica as well, but edited and re-vamped.

I just constantly have things going on in my head. And I can't write without thinking of even more new stories that I want to write.

For the future... I want to complete more of the series that I haven't finished yet and have left people hanging on for years.  From Terra will probably be my next completion, now that I've finished Behind the Story and Living With Uncle John.

When it comes to completely new stuff, after Submission and Venus School are done I'd like to go historical and do some stuff with ancient Rome and the emperors with the worst reputations.  A reader suggested / requested a Mars School (ie. similar to Venus but with a male main character) and I'd like to do that but I'm feeling a little under-qualified for writing it. We'll see. I've also been contemplating doing a couple of spin-offs of popular stories - I have ideas in mind for a re-telling of Dracula, the Hunger Games (into the Sex Games), and some of Shakespeare's characters. So that's where I'm at today. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head and it's making it hard for me to concentrate.

I'm going to cut the rambling now, otherwise this post is going to get out of hand.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Loving Wives

This category on Literotica always interests me so much.  For one, there are a large number of people who read in it that apparently hate the category.  It doesn't matter whether the husband is a wimp who eats cream pies or whether he's the instigator of a gang bang where he controls both his wife and his friends, people always freak out and complain.  The scores always work the opposite of my other stories too.

I've noticed that with most of my stories the score starts out fairly high and eventually gets lower, as people see it in the "Top" story section, read it and think "Well, it's not actually THAT amazing" and so give it a 4 or lower and eventually I settle somewhere in the 4.3 - 4.75 range (with an occasional 4.8-er that makes me feel all proud and gooshy).

Because I'm a curious kitty (and possibly a bit of a sucker for punishment) I love to write in the Loving Wives category and I like to try to do something different, just because I want to see how people will react. And, also, despite being married and having never cheated on anyone ever, it doesn't bother me to see it in a fantasy as long as both parties are consenting to the sharing of the spouse.  If it's just a straight up cheating story that makes it un-sexy to me, but it doesn't bother me if other people are indulging in the fantasy. It's just not mine.

I also think that I tend to have a rather open mind about this kind of thing... my husband and I have talked about having threesomes before, but the main problem is that neither of us is very good at sharing. However, the fantasy is there. I would be perfectly fine with having a threesome with another woman as long as she didn't touch my husband. But I'd prefer a threesome with another man, but again... not sure I'd be okay with him touching my husband in any way. And my husband has the same view. So it's something that we occasionally tease each other about but are never serious with.

But the fantasy of it... that's kind of hot. We keep it in our heads, and it occasionally makes its way into my stories.  Same with the swinging husbands and wives, as in Wife Swap.

I'm always curious if the people who feel compelled to come and trash every Loving Wives story have ever been cheated on, which would give me more sympathy for them, or if they're the cheaters and are trying to amorilate their sense of guilt by saying how awful it all is. 

Personally, I had a fun with my second House of Fantasy story about a husband who wanted to give his wife an experience with another man.  Since he'd been with other women before her, seeing turn about as fair trade. I also enjoyed making him somewhat jealous, but mostly turned on, and having him "reclaim" her at the end of it rather than wanting to see her do it more often. It's fun to play around with the tropes and try to do something unexpected.

What is not unexpected is the low story rating and the unconstructive criticism. However, reading what people who actually read the story think was, as always, actually quite interesting.  I love seeing how many different kinds of people there are in the world.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Culture Shock

So I just spent... I don't even know how long reading Sir Nathan's Culture Shock on Literotica.

Oh. My. Stars.

Is there any actual sex? No. Which he warns about at the beginning of the story. But holy crap. One of the hottest things I've ever read.  For anyone with BDSM fantasies or interests I feel like it's a must-read. Reading it brought up some of my own memories, not just of my own burgeoning interest in BDSM but also because of the fact that there was no sex in the story.

When I first started reading Lit stories and began finding myself reading more and more BDSM stories, I was just like the main character in Culture Shock.  Wildly curious. Incredibly turned on.  And feeling like someone had hit all my buttons - this was what I wanted. Craved. Needed. Had no idea how to get.

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship at the time.  In some ways it wasn't his fault - and I know how fucked up that sounds but it's true. Neither of us knew how to handle being together, we were high school sweethearts and by the time we got to college we were all wrong for each other and neither of us wanted to give up.  When I started expressing an interest in the BDSM stuff he tried... but it just ended up being an empty practice. Left me yearning for more.

Enter Mike. The moment I saw him, the very first thing that I thought was "Holy crap I want to tie him up... or have him tie me down..."  Instant chemical connection.  I name a lot of my dominant story characters Mike. Which is kind of funny because it turned out that Mike was actually submissive.  But I didn't know that then. I just knew that he looked at me and I felt like he saw inside me to that need. The day I met him I did one of the bravest things I've ever done: I walked up to him and asked to touch his hair.  Not my usual style. I'm excessively shy when meeting new people unless I'm surrounded by a bunch of other people that I'm friends with.

Eventually he and I became good friends. He took care of me like a good Dom would in many ways. Checked up on me, held me when I cried, supported me, and he was a big part of the reason I was finally able to get out of my relationship gone wrong. 

We never had sex. Or even kissed. We slept together constantly. We did go skinny-dipping once - my story River Walkers is about that all the way up until the characters actually start getting it on. That was pure fantasy on my part. I loved cuddling up to him in his bed. I trusted him implicitly.

The most sexually arousing experience of my life that didn't end in anyone getting an orgasm was with Mike. He and I would go to a goth dance club a lot.  Then one night he asked me if I wanted to go to a BDSM club. I said yes, of course. I was dying to see it, even from the fringes.  He picked out my outfit to wear. Very conservative.  Black one shoulder shirt made out of lace, the front of it had material underneath the lace, the back did not.  Short black skirt. Black fishnets and boots. 

The club was dark. Sexy. Filled with people doing things I'd only read about.  There were nooks along the wall where people were tied or chained up.  Being spanked. Whipped. Flogged. I huddled against Mike, feeling completely out of my element, terrified and incredibly horny.  He stuck by my side all night - except for 10 minutes which I'll get to.  Mostly I just watched. Several people came up to try to talk to me and I practically hid in him. A couple of them complimented him on me. Which just turned me on even more.

Then Mike told me that he wanted to be whipped.  Would I be okay if he left my side so he could go do that? I said sure. Trying to be Miss Independent.  Well he took off his shirt and gave me his jacket, and I held them while he got up on a platform in the middle of the club with one of the Doms - who was tall, older, muscular and sexy as hell and whose name I can't remember - had him lean forward against a table and then began whipping him.  I started off watching from the side, but then I moved around and watched Mike's face. The look of lust and excitement and fulfillment was exactly what I craved.

I wanted to jump him so bad, but mostly I wanted him to be doing that to me.

Afterwards he put his shirt back on. Asked if there was anything I wanted to do.  I couldn't make myself tell him that I wanted what he had just done. But there was something else I was curious about. I pointed to a corner where a girl was tied up and being worked over with an electric wand. I have this awful vice known as overwhelming curiosity. I wanted to know what it felt like. So Mike took my hand and led me over, told the Dom that I was curious about the wand. He was very kind, smiled at me reassuringly and said that he would let me feel it on low.

Mike held my left hand as the Dom touched the wand to my right... it felt tingly and hot and dangerous. He moved it up my arm.  I was panting, half with excitement and half with fear and I started squirming a little.  Mike reached up to the nape of my neck, slid his fingers through my hair and took a handful, and then he pulled my head back as the wand ran over my collarbone. I nearly fell apart just from that.

Afterwards he held me.

I think I had a tendency to bring out Mike's dominant side, but not enough that we ever moved past being friends. I did consider him an intimate.  And it rather reminds me how much I miss him.

Anyway. The point to all this rambling is, those are the memories that Culture Shock brought up for me. It's a fantastic piece. Sometimes the build up can be just as satisfying as the actual event.