Friday, June 28, 2013

Stronghold Teaser

Ok, so a lot of people have been asking about Stronghold =)  Which is great!  I'm so excited that so many of you are interested in the Stronghold Doms and the new series that's going to be spinning off of the Venus Quartet!  I am focusing more on getting Dealing With Discipline out as soon as possible, but I am also doing some work on Stronghold so that hopefully there won't be too big a time gap between Discipline's release and Stronghold's release.

In the teaser on the Stronghold page and at the end of Venus Transcendent, we got a peek at Adam Rawn and the other Doms checking out Chained, a club closer to Rick Winter's area of the woods.  I figured for the second teaser I should give you the point-of-view from the female side... meet Angel:

Going into the club was the hardest thing Angel had ever done in her life.  
She'd deliberately chosen Chained because it was a new club and it was in Virginia, much farther away from her home than the club that she really wanted to join, Stronghold in DC.  There was slim chance of anyone from Stronghold being at Chained, regulars anyway, because once people became comfortable in a space they tended to stay in that space.  Even kinksters who liked to push boundaries.  Maybe especially kinksters, since they had to be able to trust the people they were with. 
This was the second time Angel had ever been to a BDSM club, the first time was when she had been in college up in New York City.  Since then she'd realized that she was submissive but she didn’t have any friends down here who were in the scene.  Actually, other than her best friend Leigh she didn’t have any close friends who were female and just contemplating the idea of talking to one of her guy friends about her kinky desires was enough to make her blush, so she was making this difficult journey alone.  It was absolutely terrifying. 
Getting out of her car Angel smoothed her hands over the long embroidered jacket she was wearing.  She'd dressed very carefully tonight because she was going to be doing something way outside of her comfort zone - she was going into a club as a Mistress.  It was dishonest, which rankled her, but she had done her research and she knew exactly how dangerous it could be for a new sub entering public scening, so she'd decided that until she garnered some more experience in the public setting that she would go to Chained and present herself as a Mistress. 
She taught her students all the time that the first step to keeping themselves safe was not to put themselves into dangerous situations.  To her, putting herself in a position to be tied up and at the mercy of someone else was a pretty much her description of a dangerous situation when she had no one to watch her back and her only information about these clubs was second hand. Eventually, once she was more comfortable in the club and felt more confident about her ability to keep herself safe, she would go to Stronghold as a submissive.  No harm done to anyone and she'd have a nice and easy introduction into the world that she'd been fantasizing about ever since she first heard about it.  
Fervently she wished she had a friend that she could do this with so that she didn‘t have to pretend to be something she wasn’t.  Angel was an inherently honest person, although she also loved doing theater as a hobby and knew herself to be a good actress, and if she'd had someone to go with her to the club then maybe she could have just started off at Stronghold without any of the lies.  Unfortunately she didn’t have anyone she felt comfortable asking to go with her, even though her best friend Leigh would probably have come because she was a really good friend, she would have wanted to leave the entire time.  Not to mention that there was no way her boyfriend Michael would approve.  And Angel didn’t think she’d feel like a very good friend for having forced Leigh into such an uncomfortable position. 
Twenty five years old she’d only ever had two serious relationships, the second one had ended over a year ago and since then she hadn’t dated anyone seriously.  Neither of them had been able to give her what she craved, had been able to make her feel the excitement that she got reading a BDSM book.  Sure she’d had orgasms when they had sex, but it always felt like there was something missing and eventually that had led to the end of each relationship.  And sure it didn’t help that most of her closest friends would guys, but she figured someone confident enough to be a Dom would have be secure and confident enough not to mind that she had a lot of guy friends, right?
Lately she realized that she wanted a man with that confidence, that security, one who was sexually controlling in the bedroom… at the very least she needed to try it out, to see firsthand whether or not this was a lifestyle for her.  And if it was, then maybe she could find someone into the lifestyle that she could have a real relationship with.  
Tonight she was dressed in thigh high leather boots with 6" heels that she'd originally worn as part of her Halloween costume this past year, with leather shorts and a brocaded green skin tight top that was boned like a corset but had an Asian inspired mandarin collar and little capped sleeves.  It covered her upper body completely except for a wide swath between the neck of the collar and her bust, showing over a generous amount of cleavage.  She'd straightened her hair and worn it loose, letting it flow over her shoulders to swing halfway down her back – almost two inches longer than when she let her natural curls play.  Black lace gloves and the embroidered jacket completed her look, although she'd take her jacket off when she got inside.  It was a damn sexy outfit and she was pretty sure that it fairly screamed 'in charge.'  Which is exactly what she wanted to be for tonight. Had been practicing to be. Tilting her chin up haughtily she strode towards the steel door of the concrete building.
When she signed in at the front desk (pseudonyms were allowed although when she'd filled out her form for the guest pass she'd had to give her real name and the pseudonym she planned on using) she put her name down as Mistress Angela before handing her coat over to the girl behind the desk, a sexy blonde wearing a naughty secretary outfit.  The irony wasn't lost on Angel and she gave the girl an approving smile, which made her flush happily as she took Angel's coat.
"Welcome to Chained, Mistress Angela," she said. 
"Thank you dear," said Angel, sliding into the role that she'd assigned herself.  She'd never wanted to pursue theater as a career, it was too volatile and not very stable financially, but that hadn't stopped her from pursuing it as a hobby in her free time.  Even though she'd only moved to the area a few months ago she'd already been cast in a show at a community theater.  Which was where she’d heard about Chained in the first place.  Tonight was going to be the performance of her life because she wasn't on stage.  Acting was so much easier when you knew your cues and lines. 
Still, she could feel her nerves humming the way they did when she was standing in the wings, waiting for the curtain to go up.  And that's exactly where she was right now; this lobby was the wings and as soon as she stepped past the hulking (and kind of hunky) bouncer through that door then she'd be center stage.  Well, not quite.  She'd be surrounded by the other players, but she assumed many of them would be very good at reading body language.  At least that was always how it seemed in the books that she read.
Hopefully her acting training would be enough to cover all that up. 
The lobby was tastefully decorated in dark reds and grays with hardwood floors, giving it the feeling of a boudoir almost.  When she walked into the main area of the club she was surprised to realize that she found it rather overwhelming, almost tacky.  The space was bigger than she'd expected, with a dance floor to her left, a bar straight ahead of her, and a wall lined with little alcoves for playing to her right.  Chandeliers flickering with multi-hued lights hung from the ceiling, red velvety curtains were tied back at the edges of the alcoves - obviously you could use them to create a more private area for yourself if you desired, and the dance floor had neon lights blazing over it, creating patterns on the floor.  Everywhere she looked the walls were covered with either bondage equipment or artwork (and there didn't seem to be a theme to the photographs and paintings or any attempt at arranging them in a way that would be pleasing to the eye).  The bar in front of her was decorated to look almost like a tiki bar.  Seriously?
It was like whoever owned the place couldn't decide what they really wanted the space to be about and so just threw together a bunch of ideas from different walks of life. And the music was pounding loudly enough that she could barely hear anything else.  Yeah, this place was obviously new.  There were people walking around, some of them involved in scenes, some on the dance floor and some at the bar, wearing all sorts of interesting and revealing clothing.  Angel's found herself examining a small group of men at the bar, four of them, all extremely attractive and wearing various amounts of leather.  
Dominants, definitely.  She could feel the wash of heat straight through her body as she saw their self-assured movements, their predatory eyes flickering around the room.  But she didn't show any of that on her face, leaving it a careful blank.  All four of them were handsome, attractive, but it was the blonde one that looked half-Viking, half-Pirate, facial hair making a neat frame around a sensuous mouth, that caught her attention.  Or, rather, he caught her gaze in his and she found herself struggling not to lower her eyes immediately from the sheer force of his gaze.

That's what a submissive would do though and that’s not what she was tonight. Struggling to maintain her expression, Angel gave him a careful nod, very slight and without taking her eyes away from him, acknowledging him as an equal.  He gave her a nod back and smiled.  The hard look in his eyes made her want to melt.  Or get down on her knees and beg him to tie her up, spank her and fuck her.  Instead she straightened her spine and curved her lips in a small smile back.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kinds of Submissives

Something I've been pondering lately due to comments on Marriage Training.

I think there are a lot of different kinds of submissives.  The ones that I've noticed most often in books is the "brat."  The submissive who is constantly pushing at their Dom, usually in an attempt for punishment or because they just can't help but act out and constantly test the control/domination of their partner.  I've also noticed that stories with bratty subs tend to refer to non-bratty subs as 'passive' or 'uninteresting.'

Yet turn that around and you get the occasional story with an eager-to-please, obedient sub whose Dom looks at the bratty subs with slight disgust for subs who are constantly trying to top from the bottom and who is pleased with his sub's desire to "truly" submit.

Honestly it kind of reminds me of the fat vs. skinny women war going on in social media.  Lately there have been a lot of e-cards, memes, etc. talking about "real women" having curves and "no one wants a stick figure."  Okay... I get some of the sentiment behind this - and I've used a phrase or two myself on occasion (although usually in reference to an ex-friend of mine who used to deride me for being "fat") - but why do we have to run down the people who are different from us in order to feel better?  Should curves be celebrated? Absolutely!  But why does that have to involve making the people who are naturally less curvy feel bad about themselves?

That's kind of how I feel when it comes to the submissive thing.  I didn't notice it before now, but there are a lot of authors who do that.  I'm not sure if I have been, but I know I'm certainly going to try not to.  There is no one right way to 'submit' or to 'dominate.'  I truly believe that.  People do so according to their personalities and they look for someone whose style of submission or domination complements theirs, but that shouldn't mean looking down on someone else because theirs is different.

For Venus I know I deliberately tried to write both.  Jessica was always a little bit more of a brat, although she doesn't really mean to be, and Hilary was always eager-to-please and not interested in misbehaving.  Eventually I'm going to have a sub or two in the Stronghold series that is very bratty.  It's fun to write the brats.  But honestly, I also get tired of the brats sometimes and enjoy the more quiet and peaceful submission of characters like Hilary and Vivian (Marriage Training).  The characters who submit because they want to, because they want the carrot rather than the stick and are motivated by praise.  Vivian in particular - she responds with arousal to pain, but she feels the punishment keenly because she hates to disappoint.

Yet I don't consider her particularly docile or door-mat or "passive."  She's going to have to run a very large and complex household after all and she's training to do so along with the erotic training that she's receiving.  Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think I modeled her after myself.  I basically run the household in my relationship - although I also have control of finances, which she won't other than the household budget and her pocket money because of the time period - and I'm very much an eager-to-please kind of person in the bedroom.  If a Dom wanted a brat, I would not be a good choice.  I much prefer to hear a consistent "good girl."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another tease for Dealing With Discipline

So for this teaser I wanted to give a little glimpse into what's going on with Irene and Hugh, since my last teaser dealt with Eleanor and Edwin.  The jumping back and forth between the couple in London and the couple on their honeymoon out in the country is fascinating and fun, since at the moment their relationships are in very different places.


Stonehaven was much larger than any residence Irene had ever been to, even out in the country.  It fair took her breath away, even if Hugh hadn't been doing that on a regular basis throughout the entire carriage ride. He'd helped her put her glove back on as they'd driven down the lane, but even so his touch still burned when he helped to hand her down from the coach.  The small smile on his face indicated his pleasure at her reaction to his family home. 
Indeed, the carriage ride had served to make Irene look almost deliciously disheveled; softer with wisps of hair around her face that had escaped from her coiffure.  The wrinkles in her dress only made him wish that he’d been responsible for some of them.  While she looked less sophisticated, she also looked much more approachable… less like a model of what a proper young lady should look like and more like a flushed, happy young woman.  He’d like to make her look even more flushed and happy. 
But he would not descend on his wife like a ravening beast, even if he felt like one after torturing himself the entire carriage ride by touching her soft hand, watching her soft lips as she spoke, and smelling the sweetness of her skin as it permeated the small confines of the carriage. 
“Welcome to Stonehaven dearest,” he said, lifting her gloved hand to his lips.  For once she didn’t blush at the contact, she was too busy examining the house with something akin to awe.
It was beautiful, larger than any house she’d ever been to before, and yet somehow as welcoming as it was imposing.  While she’d known the reputation of the house as being made entirely of stone, she hadn’t expected the dappled appearance of the walls.  Most buildings she had seen that were made of stone were done so in rocks of the same color.  
“Is it really stone?” she asked, blinking as she stared up at the impressive four stories and the many windows.
“Hence the name,” Hugh said with a grin, wrapping her hand around his arm as he began to lead her towards the entrance.
“I always wondered which came first,” she mused. “The name or the house.”
Hugh laughed.  “The house, although the stone was taken from the quarries around the land here so I can see how you might have thought otherwise.  If the area had been known as Stonehaven already it would have only made sense to build the house with it.  Although of course inside there’s wood paneling on the floors and walls.  It’s only the outside of the house that’s made with stone.”
“It’s beautiful,” she said honestly.  She rather liked the uniqueness of its structure, although by modern standards it was rather mundane, without the more decorative elements that seemed to be all the rage.  Irene thought that the simplicity of Stonehaven’s lines were very appealing and the various hues of black, white and grey seemed more than enough decoration.
Her husband seemed pleased by her appreciation of the house although her admiration was nothing but the truth.  For herself, Irene enjoyed the tour although she was quite sure that she wouldn’t remember the location of every room that he showed her.   Fortunately they would spend most of their time in the public rooms and the East wing, which is where the family’s rooms were. 
“This is my room,” Hugh said and Irene felt a vivid blush rising in her cheeks as he led her into one of the bedrooms along the second floor hall. 
“Oh…” she said as he crossed over to open the drapes a bit more and let more light in.  The room was furnished with heavy wood and moss green drapes and cushions, without the slightest hint of a woman’s touch.  The heavy bed was huge, larger than any she’d seen before and she walked forward in amazement to examine it more closely.  The four posts were carved with nothing more than a few swirls around their lengths, the coverlet on the bed a slightly lighter shade of green than the curtains and cushions of the chairs.
Suddenly she was aware that Hugh had moved and he was standing behind her. Standing very closely behind her, his hot breath on the back of her neck making the little hairs all over her body rise.  The infernally strange reaction that she seemed to have every time he was near had slowly dissolved during the long carriage ride as she’d become accustomed to his presence, but now it had returned more intensely than ever.  Turning to face him she took a step back, discomfited by the gleam in his eye, only to run into the bed.
The gleam seemed to shine brighter as he took a step forward, effectively trapping her between himself and the very large piece of furniture.
She could barely breathe as her husband looked down at her, one lock of blonde hair falling across his forehead.  For some strange reason she wanted to reach up and brush it back, but she was too frozen to move.
"Well, our room really," he said, the smile on his face softening and he stepped back as if he was aware that he'd startled her.
"Our room?" she echoed, her mind struggling to catch up with what he was saying.  
"Yes, our room," he said, stepping towards her and reaching to grasp her hand.  The very closeness of her body set her heart thumping madly, her body thrumming with a strange kind of physical awareness that she'd never experienced before.  It was similar to the disquiet that he usually stirred within but but much  more intense.  "I know it's not considered fashionable, but I would prefer to share a room with you, if you do not object."
"Oh..." she said, unsure of how she should react.  But she did want to be a good and obedient wife to Hugh, even if her heart was with another man, and her husband obviously wanted her to say yes.  "That would be nice."
The smile that lit up his face told her that she had made the right decision and he brought her hand up to his lips, turning it so that he could lay a kiss on the inside of her wrist.  The touch of his lips against that bare patch of skin was so intimate, so shocking to her as a young woman who had been quite sheltered by her parents even by the standards of the ton for unwed virgins, that she quite thought her knees might give way beneath her.  What was this strange power that Hugh had over her, that he might make her so discombobulated? 
"Good," he said, and then, before she quite understood what he was about, he pressed his lips against hers.  
This was nothing like their kiss at the church, Irene realized that immediately.  The long hard line of Hugh's body moved against hers, trapping her between him and the bed, and she let out an involuntary moan.  He took advantage of that parting of her sweet lips to thrust his tongue in, claiming her mouth.  Irene was shocked by the blatant indecency.  Was this the marriage act?  Or part of it?
It couldn't be though... it wasn't night time and they weren't in the bed... and it was nothing like the descriptions her mother had given her.  Irene felt breathless pleasure, a strange sense of rising excitement in her breast as her heart fluttered and she found her mind melting away into a sodden heap of sensation.  Little thoughts flitted through the back of her head, warnings about Hugh's physical effect on her, alarm at her reaction, and persistent cries about Alex... all of which seemed very far away in comparison to the reality of her husband's hard body, his caressing hands, and the taste of him in her mouth.

Irene's response to his kiss had Hugh going up in flames, his self-control rapidly unraveling.  He felt quite certain that she had no idea she was whimpering in the back of her throat, the sound completely innocent and yet wildly erotic.  The movement of her body against his thigh seemed completely reactionary, instinctive, and not at all aware.  With her soft, supple body trapped between him and the bed, he was able to caress her through her dress, internally cursing the corset which kept him from feeling the softness of her breasts.  Instead he placed his hands against her bottom, cupping a handful of each mound and pressing the v of her legs more firmly against him.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Currently Working on and After Bedtime Ch. 4

The final chapter of After Bedtime is now available on Literotica!

Crazy.  I originally wrote that one for the Survivorphile contest, just to have something in the Incest/Taboo category.  I definitely didn't mean for it to be a chapter thing... although that's happened with several of my stories where I didn't mean for them to go beyond the original story and then I either got inspired by people's comments or it was specifically requested that I continue.  It's a good way to write =)  Seriously, feedback keeps me constantly motivated (well, unless it's super negative and then I go back and read all the good feedback to remind myself that most people like my work).

Going by the poll from last week the vast majority of you are big fans of the butt sex, so I'm probably just going to keep on trucking with my usual, although I'll throw in more standalones that are focused on other things ;)  My series... well it just always seems like a natural progression to eventually include the booty.  

SO.  I am just past halfway through Dealing With Discipline and my next blog post will be a teaser for that.  YAY!  Things are getting interesting... it's much more involved that I originally thought it would be.  But that's a good thing.  The characters are really coming to life for me.  

Work on Stronghold continues, although I'm more focused on Discipline for now.  I'm about 2/3 of the way done with the next chapter for Marriage Training and I've just started work on my submission for the Nude Day contest... I'm not entirely sure I'll have it ready in time but I'm going to try.  I got so many good suggestions from you all for it, and while I guess it could work for the summer contest it would really be better for the Nude Day one.  So that's gonna be taking a lot of my focus as well =)

I've gotta figure out what I'm going to work on when I'm done with that though... I might have another vote because I'm torn between doing more standalones and starting an easy series.  By an easy series I mean one where there's not a whole lot of plot... kinda like the After Bedtime series lol.  Thoughts?  Feel free to share... 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chapter 8 of Marriage Training

Chapter 8 of Marriage Training is now out on Literotica!!!!

I'm sure it's going to get several comments about Vivian's character and the *totally surprising* introduction of a bit of anal play during her evening sessions.  LOL.  But I also give a few hints about what's to come in her training... stuff that I'm very much looking forward to =)  I'm excited about changing things up a bit in the discipline area, although next chapter is going to deal with Vivian's weekend.

Also working hard on Dealing With Discipline. At this point I'm pretty sure that I won't be finished with it by the end of June, but I should be done with it sometime in July.  Which is a month before I initially said I'd be done with it, so that would be good =)  I'm about halfway through it right now; there's a lot more characters and a lot more plot going on in this book so it's taking longer than the first one did to write.

I've also started on my submission for the Nude Contest on Literotica... it's probably going to take me a little bit to write but I'm excited that I'm going to have a submission for another contest!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Taste: An Aristocratic Femdom Love Story

Recently I've had a couple of questions come my way about Dommes.  Definitely not my area of expertise, but as Queenie has convinced me that Olivia of Stronghold needs her own book I realized I needed to start branching out and checking out some Domme books.  I've found a couple that I like - such as Vanilla on Top - but which still have elements of alpha men in them though, they're more of "switches" than 100% Fem-Doms. 

I had the good luck to be contacted by Beth Taylor the author of Taste: An Aristocratic Femdom Love Story, asking if I would read her work.  This isn't exactly an erotica story, although there are erotic elements and moments, but it's definitely one of the most beautiful emotional stories I've ever read in terms of BDSM. 

The main characters are twins, Freddie and Luke, and Luke has recently read an email he shouldn't have and is shocked to find out that: 

1. His twin Freddie is cheating on Steph whom they've both known for all their lives and have deep connections with / love for

2. The woman he's cheating on Steph with is abusive and controlling

At least that's how it seems to him.  He's further shocked when he confronts Freddie about this relationship - demanding that such contact be handled through either e-mail or text for "documentation purposes" since he's no longer sure that Freddie should be trusted with their family's heritage due to these shocking revelations - and discovers that his friend isn't the least bit ashamed of the relationship that Luke has uncovered. 

What ends up really throwing Luke back, however, is when Freddie reveals that the woman who sent him the email is Steph and that he doesn't consider what she does to him abusive.  In fact he likes it. Loves it.  Luke freaks out a bit, no longer knowing how to deal with the fact that neither Freddie or Steph are who he thought they were.

Or are they?

This novella deals with a very realistic reaction that someone might have to discovering that their loved one is involved in a BDSM relationship, specifically one where the woman is in charge.  The writing style is rather different but surprisingly easy to fall into and I thought it ended up adding to the emotional appeal of the story.  The back and forth between Freddie and Luke is extremely realistic and rather eye-opening... I wish I could make some of the people who comment on my stories read it.  There is so much emotional and mental upheaval going on between the twins, as well as between the third partner in Freddie and Steph's relationship, Philip, also a long-time friend of Luke, Freddie and Steph.  

This is the kind of story that deals with breaking open people's conceptions, with having your private life exposed to the people you love, and with the intricate relationships that are possible between people who love each other... whether it's two or more of them.  

My only complaint about the book?  I wish it was longer.  I'd love to see where these characters go.    

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Angel Whispers

Angel Whispers is actually a scent from Glade, although I don't think they make it anymore.  But it always made me giggle.

I'm currently thinking about writing a humor & satire piece about Twilight, which led me back to some of the previous H&S pieces I've written because I wanted to see how I did those... which led me back to the ones I'd written in conjunction with drksideofthemoon aka The Bri-Guy.  Made me laugh and also made me think about how many of the stories I've written have something behind them that no one knows about.  I figured that a blog is kind of a place where people share little things like that, so here are some of mine...

All of the Angel / Tonya / Bri-Guy (Angel to the Rescue, Impotent Bri-Guy, Angel Rescues Majestic Wang,  stories started with drksideofthemoon, whose hilariously brilliant mind I was never quite able to match but I truly enjoyed trying.  Majestic Wang is actually what I call my husband's penis. (This was back before we were married when we had just started dating).  Drksideofthemoon and I had a pretty good email correspondence going for awhile but we sadly lost touch years ago, around the same time he stopped having as much time for writing.  Still kinda miss having that back and forth.  These pieces often contained bits of my real life or some of my thoughts behind the stories that I've written, it's kind of interesting how that kind of stuff comes out easier in the humor/satire stuff.

You may notice that there are a couple names that pop up on a regular basis in my stories, those being Doug and Michael/Mike.  Doug was a reader that I had a long-time correspondence with, literally over years, before we sadly lost touch as well.  I tried to see if his email still worked last year but it didn't which made me sad.  He was kind of like a pervy big brother to me and he liked to see his name in stories, so I would often use it, especially for stories that I thought he'd particularly enjoy.  Michael/Mike is a guy that I had a crush on for yeaaaaaars.  Strangely there was some pretty heavy sexual tension between us despite the fact that we're both submissive in the bedroom.  Have you ever tried to see two submissives getting it on?  Let me give you a clue: they don't.  They just flirt a LOT and wish the other one would just freaking take charge. LOL.  I still like including the name in my writing, it's just kinda gotten to be a habit with me.

River Walkers is actually about him, my fantasy of a day that I spent with him.  It's all true up until the characters actually start getting it on.

So... I got really addicted to Sims when I was in college.  I would make neighborhoods full of all my friends and then I'd make bad things happen to the people that I didn't like.  I can't tell you how hard I tried to get my pet dragon to eat my friend's girlfriend that I hated (for good reason... we're no longer friends because she doesn't believe in him having friends outside of family, especially not female friends. grr).  Eventually I moved on to putting some of these characters into my stories.  They never get happy endings.  I also have a few ex-friends that have made it in the same way, either by using their first name or making a character look like them.  The titty torturer started out that way I'm ashamed to say.  I have to say though, it's extremely cathartic.

I have a minor obsession with Greek mythology, which is why there are so many of those.  That's pretty straightforward.

Ouija Nightmare was inspired by my rampant fear of Ouija boards.  Okay, maybe rampant fear is an over exaggeration, but they creep me the eff out.  I was also the kid who was afraid of mirrors cuz of that darn "Blood Mary" kids game (turn around three times with your eyes closed in the dark in the bathroom saying "Bloody Mary" each time and she'll appear in the mirror in front of you). 

So yeah.  Those are some of my Angel Whispers.  Hope you enjoyed getting a peek into the dark side ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Story: After Bedtime Ch. 3

So far the vast majority of you appear to be pleased with the amount of butt sex that I write... poll is still available to the left =)  Very good to know!  Although I'll continue to throw variety in since there are those who would like to see that as well and a little variety never hurt anyone.

I kinda noticed something about myself as a writer... if it's in the BDSM, Non-Con or Incest category, 99.9% of the time there will eventually be butt sex.  If it's in the First Time, Erotic Couplings, or Romance, 99.9% of the time there is no butt sex.  So that's a good way to know what's coming =)

Speaking of butt sex - although there is none in this chapter it IS mentioned which apparently makes some trolls believe that it belongs in the anal category - Chapter 3 of After Bedtime is now out on Lit! 

I really need to get something submitted soon cuz that's the last of the stuff that I already have submitted.  I'm about halfway through the next chapter of Marriage Training, so if I'm lucky maybe I can get a lot of work done on that today and get it submitted in the next couple of days.  Vivian's training is changing up a little bit, which is exciting and I'm very much looking forward to her upcoming weekend now that she's started to get in a bit of a routine when it comes to orgasms.  I'm going to give you a hint... for the first time she's going to get into a lot of trouble. ;) That'll be in Chapter 9.  Woot!

And, as usual, I'm working hard on Dealing With Discipline and Stronghold.  At the moment I don't know if I'll be able to finish Dealing With Discipline in time for the end of the month, but I'm trucking along pretty quickly and the story is going really well.  It's just that it keeps getting a little longer as I continue to add to the characters and the story line... but it's making me really happy.  I'll probably post another teaser sometime next week or the week after =)

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Happy Monday and enjoy the new story!

Friday, June 7, 2013

POLL: Too Much Butt Sex?

Chapter 7 of Marriage Training is out on Literotica... WOO!

And I'm not sure... but I think I may have picked up some trolls who dislike anal sex.

Granted, I've been writing a fair amount of anal the past couple of weeks, but if they realize that I write a lot of it then why do they keep reading?  Trolls both annoy and amuse me.  The level of stupidity is ridiculous, the fact that they think they have something legitimate to say even more so.  I'm 7 chapters into a story that obviously will have elements of anal play and anal sex, that's made clear from the get go.  Oi vei. LOL

Same thing is going on with the After Bedtime series.  Had someone say that it should be in the anal sex category, but then people in the anal category would be complaining that it belongs in Incest.  Plus... there hasn't been any anal sex yet.  Although, again, it should be clear from the first chapter that it's heading that way. 

Kind of amused me since I didn't do ANYTHING anal in Her Best Friend's Dad, my most recent stand-alone. 

Still... it's made me a bit curious and I make it my business to cater to my loyal fans and I figure those that follow my blog are the most loyal.  Do you think I'm writing too much butt sex? 

Vote in the little poll box to the left plz =)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Story: After Bedtime Ch. 2

So, literally after years of requests, I've finally started writing some more chapters to After Bedtime.  I never intended it to be a chapter story - I wrote it because I had to write Incest/Taboo for the Survivorphile contest and although I made the father a step-father, it could be considered almost an age-play story or even a Daddy-Dom story, although mostly age-play.  Even though I didn't know what that was at the time that I wrote it.

At any rate, people have been asking me for years to write more on it - despite the fact that it never got that red H denoting hotness.  Recently I got an email from yet another fan informing me that they have been waiting 8 years for a follow-up.

Well, I've been waiting longer than that for Melanie Rawn to finish her damn Exiles of Ambrai trilogy and I immediately felt bad for causing someone that kind of frustration.  Even though I never said that I would be writing more for After Bedtime, I could definitely see where people would probably think that I would since I referenced future events.

Chapter 2 is now available and I should be submitting Chapter 3 sometime this week.  There will be a total of four chapters.  This is not going to be a plot heavy series, I'm not planning on rounding it out to some kind of real romantic conclusion, I just wanted to give the people who asked a little bit more when it came into peeking into Kara and Daddy's life.  It also means that the writing goes MUCH faster since I don't have to concentrate on plot... it's kind of nice to take a break from my other writing in order to work on it.  Kind of like picking up a good Harlequin after reading a bunch of Bronte.

Speaking of my other work... I submitted another chapter of Marriage Training which should hopefully be out sometime this week.  Lit seems to take a while to publish lately so no guarantees on when.  I've been doing some major trucking when it comes to Dealing With Discipline, I think I'm about a third of the way through and looking to finish it up by the beginning of July, and yesterday I finished chapter 3 of Stronghold so I'm doing pretty good there too!  Makes me happy to feel like I'm getting so much done!