Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elizabeth Lennox

So Chapter 8 of Consequences is available on Lit.

I've been doing a lot of writing the past couple of days but most of it is for ebooks.  My favorite trio is tearing up the pages in Venus Aspiring so far! 

I've also been doing a lot of reading and I've gotten hooked on one author in particular, especially when it comes to the blackmail romances.  Elizabeth Lennox has a TON of ebooks available on Amazon and I've now read all of them. My favorites by her are the five books detailing the romances of the Attracelli family.  She's really great when it comes to the yummy alpha males and thinking up interesting story lines.  The Attracelli family has some of her more unique romantic entanglements.

I do also love her blackmail stories. She's the first author to get me interested in Sheik stories.  I'm still not interested in all of them, but I've read every single one of hers and I've branched out to a couple other authors since reading hers.  There's a lot to be said for the modern day Cinderella stories when done right.

Eventually I'd like to do some blackmail stories, the way she does, but I'm not sure I'm up to the task at the moment. Some of her story lines get pretty complex. A lot of them are based on miscommunication, but she manages to make it believable most of the time instead of making me bang my head against the wall wondering why the characters are behaving so stupidly. I mean, I do that some of the time with her stories as well, but not as badly as a lot of other miscommunication romances. 

So she's my spotlighted author at the moment... in case anyone cares what I read =P I recommend her at any rate.

Now back to my own stuff!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Special Treat as a Thank You!

Venus School has sold over 100 copies on Amazon.com so as a special thank you to everyone who has bought a copy I've posted the entire first chapter of the second book in the series, Venus Aspiring, here.

Thank you so much to everyone for reading my writing! I hope you enjoy having a teaser chapter for Venus Aspiring available. So far I've completed Chapter 6 on that book and I think about about 1/3 - 1/2 way through the book.

In other news, submitted the next chapter of Sarah's Private Dick yesterday so that should be up in a few days.

Thank you again to everyone who reads my stories, checks out this blog, writes reviews, sends me feedback, etc. It really makes it all worth it =)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

YAY Saturday!

I went to the gym today, which is becoming my story planning area LOL. I'm finding it easier to think things through while running on the elliptical. My goals for this weekend are to finish Sarah's Private Dick (everything is sooooo close to being resolved!) and get more writing done on Venus Aspiring.

Feeling a little bad because Consequences apparently didn't quite follow what the reader who requested the story had originally hoped =/  That happens sometimes, but I always feel bad about it. Sometimes it's just too easy to have mixed communications and misunderstandings, especially when it comes to trying to describe what you'd like to have happen in a story. I try to stay to the request as closely as possible, but somewhere we got our wires crossed and it's gotten too BDSMy. Chapter 8 has already been submitted, but I'm hoping to hear from the reader by the end of the weekend for their opinion on my suggestion on how to get the story back to what they want. That or I'll just have to write them a short story now that I know.

I think one of the things that I struggle most with, both in my life and as a writer, is the worry that I'll let people down. Especially when it comes to highly anticipated stories or stories where people feel they have a stake in the characters. I talked about this a little bit when I was writing Venus School and deliberating over the three endings, but it holds true for every story that I write. Even more true for the reader request stories.  I am always honored and flattered that there is interest in what I write and so I don't want to disappoint people who start following me as a writer.  When I'm writing someone's requested story then I feel those emotions even more deeply because someone has entrusted their fantasy to me, which is a very personal thing.

So all that being said, I'm going to go ahead and get back to work because I'd like to hit my goals for the weekend! =)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Side Characters

Side characters are one of the things I struggle the most with when it comes to telling a story.  There are so many things to consider - how much they effect the main characters, how much of their story I want to tell, how much time to spend on them, etc.  Some side characters become rather important, like Diana and Roger in Allison's New Life, some serve a purpose but we never see much of their story, like most of the characters in Sarah's Private Dick.

One thing that I've been trying to do lately is have more side characters. Venus School had Charity, Nick, Paul, Trina and Vanessa, even though I didn't spend a whole lot of time on any of them. Oh, and Mr. Winter (kinda love him a lot... he's back in Venus Aspiring by the way, which I'm really excited about). The various teachers, etc.  Some of them got more attention than others.  And for the rewrite that I did for Kindle, Hilary ended up getting some more air time.  Now that I'm working on Venus Aspiring, her side of the story is cropping up more and more as well.

Having side characters makes me want to explore their stories, which I can't always do.  I've been reading a lot of romance series lately where the first concentrates on a couple, but of course they have friends / family as side characters, and then the next book concentrates on a favorite side character from the first book - a friend, brother, sister, etc. And the series will go around through that entire group of friends or the entire family.  I'm planning on doing that eventually with Venus School in two ways. One will be through the school group of friends - I definitely want to write a novella for Nick and Fiona and one for Charity and Paul as well. The other will be through the Justin and Chris' group of friends at home, which is a bunch of yummy Doms that I started writing about while I've been working on the book this week. That will be a separate series and the first one will be available on Literotica, although it won't be out for awhile obviously, since I'm concentrating on these other stories first =)

Sometimes I skip the side characters, because I want to just concentrate on the two main ones.  I think it makes it... not unrealistic, but less complete.  Consequences is like that right now. I've had requests for something to happen between Dana and Jenny. One thing about writing erotica is that people tend to want all the characters to be getting it on with each other, but that was never my intention with this particular story. Dana serves a very small purpose and we won't be seeing much of her now that Jenny's had the push into depravity that Dana was trying to nudge her towards.

I submitted another chapter for Consequences yesterday, and I believe Chapter 7 came out on Lit today.  I'm still working on the next chapter for Sarah's Private Dick. I've been rather distracted from those two series the past couple of days because I've been really into writing Venus Aspiring and I like to use the creative juices while they're flowing! I'm hoping to have the next chapter of Sarah's Private Dick submitted by the end of the weekend.  Another thing about side characters is that having them tends to slow down the writing process because they sometimes have a different agenda from the main characters. Patricia decided she wanted dinner with Sarah and Derrick and WHOOPS off we are on a tangent. I think I've gotten them back on track to the main story line though and that chapter should be finished soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Billionaire Romances

I've been reading a lot of these lately.  I'm not sure why. They're so unrealistic, but they're also a lot of fun. Elizabeth Lennox has a ton and I got rather hooked on her for awhile. Lots of yummy alpha males and miscommunications that are rather frustrating. But I read them anyway, even when I want to strangle the characters for not talking to each other and creating a lot of needless drama in their life.

I might have to try my hand at one of these eventually. I'm having trouble coming up with story lines. I'm a little in awe of the authors who manage to do so, actually.  Especially the blackmail ones. They're exceptionally creative. If anyone has any ideas for me, feel free to share =P

The other thing that reading these makes me want to do is write some more realistic romances, every day romances that people can actually relate to instead of wishing for the fantasy. I've got a few ideas coming along with that, although Sarah's Private Dick or Venus Aspiring could probably be considered my first foray into that arena. Of course, the latter is also menage, so some people might consider that pure fantasy but I'm doing my best to make it as realistic as possible =)

I worked a ton on Venus Aspiring yesterday, I think I'm probably about a third of the way through the book.  I'm hoping to finish it earlier than my target date of August 31, but we'll see. I'm not going to get my hopes up until I get closer to the date! Probably going to take a bit of a break from my favorite trio today and try to get some more done on the chapters for Literotica. 

Also, I've put up the cover for the third Poker Loser book up on its page if you're interested. Unfortunately I don't have a description or teaser excerpt yet, but I'll let you know when I do =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Venus Aspiring Teaser

Yesterday I submitted Consequences Ch. 7, which was another combination of reader requests.  Trying to combine reader ideas has been both challenging and interesting, although I'm probably not going to be able to do all of them, I'm glad that I've been able to work some of them in.

I'm also about halfway through the next chapter of Sarah's Private Dick and hoping to have that in soon.

And I got a ton of work done on Venus Aspiring. As promised, here's a teaser excerpt!:

During the afternoon Jessica pulled Hilary into the women's room to give her an update on her lunch with Olivia, the fact that she'd forgiven the other woman, and get her opinion on what to do.

"Both of them?" Hilary asked a little incredulously.  It was one thing to experiment at a school, far away from everyone else, but that sort of thing didn't work in real life did it?

"I know," said Jessica, slumping. "It's... god I feel like such a slut."

"Oh no, don't! That's not what I meant at all. I was just surprised.  I mean, you went to the school for BDSM stuff, I didn't realize that you had an interest in... um... what would you call it anyway?"

"Menage romance, I guess," said Jessica with a small laugh. Romance indeed.  Had there even been any romance when she was at the school? It seemed like it. The little touches they'd given her. The way they had taken care of her over the weekend.  Or was she imbuing everything with special meaning because of her own feelings? Although Olivia had seemed pretty convinced that the men had fallen head over heels for her.  And she believed Olivia. Mostly. It was just hard to think of herself that way, so attractive that she'd managed to nab two completely gorgeous and sexy dominant men. Who, if Olivia was telling the whole truth, were ready to come running if she but crooked a finger at them.

"I don't know... I mean... I think I'm just going to try to get to know them and see if anything is even there. Make sure I haven't fallen for who I thought they were in my head. It's not like I can say I really know them."  

"That seems reasonable," Hilary said.  The two girls looked at each other in the mirror.  Hilary sighed as she pulled her ponytail holder out of her blonde hair and brushed it back, redoing it.  She gave her friend a teasing smile. "I'm a little jealous actually, two men and here I'm struggling just to find one!"  

Jessica gave her a wry smile, knowing that Hilary was making the joke because the idea made her a little uncomfortable. Hell, it made Jessica pretty uncomfortable.  Part of her was wondering if she was crazy, even telling Olivia and Hilary that she thought she wanted both of them when she didn't really know either of them. But she couldn't imagine just being with one of them... that weekend spent with them together and alternating time with them had been perfect. She wanted that again. 

Did that make her greedy or perverted or just outright skanky? It definitely didn't make her feel good about herself. Especially since she could see Hilary struggling with the idea, much more than Olivia had. That's what it would be like.  

She made a face at herself in the mirror and both of them giggled.

"Maybe I'll date them and find out that one of them is actually perfect for me and the other is perfect for you."   But as soon as she said it a rising tide of green jealousy rose up in her.  Which one would she be willing to part with? As wrong as it was, considering that she wanted to be with two men, she hated the idea of seeing either of them with another woman.  Not that either of them were hers. Yet, according to Olivia.  

Hilary was watching her with sympathetic eyes, seeing Jessica struggle with her feelings. While she might not entirely understand it, it was obvious that Jessica really did have feelings for both of them.  And, knowing her friend as she did, Hilary was pretty sure those feelings went a lot deeper than Jessica was admitting.  She obviously didn't want to see either of the men with Hilary, and Hilary couldn't really blame her.   

"That's okay," she said, reassuring her friend but also keeping her tone light, so as not to embarrass Jessica by letting her know how transparent her true feelings were. "I have this policy of not sleeping with anyone my best friend has. Leads to complications."  She winked saucily. It was true too. "Besides, if they're as kinky as you are they'd probably think I was a prude and they'd send me screaming the first time they tried to spank me."  

Both of them laughed.

"You're getting kinkier," said Jessica, relaxing as she grinned. Hilary always knew exactly what to say to calm her down, set her at ease. She could tell that Hilary was still struggling with her desires that the e-books had brought up, the strange realization that she wanted to be dominated.  That's not the kind of urges an independent modern woman was supposed to have.  Being with two men was even more taboo.  Jessica made a face again and then sighed.

"How can you not judge me?" As soon as the question left her mouth she wished she hadn't asked it. How could she possibly expect an answer she could live with. "Never mind."

"No, it's okay," said Hilary slowly.  Jessica tensed, feeling like she was standing on the edge of a cliff as her best friend in the world, the one who always supported and loved her no matter what, thought through her own feelings. "I guess... I can kind of understand it. The fantasy at least. Two men, each one providing what the other doesn't to your life.  The sex sounds hot. I get the fantasy. I'm just not really sure how it would work in reality. How neither of them could become jealous. Would fights turn into two against one? And I know that half the reason I'm being so understanding is because you're my best friend and I love you no matter what."

"But if it was someone else you'd probably think she was a slut."

Jessica's shoulders slumped, her emotions overwhelmed by all the problems that Hilary had just so succinctly listed.  Those and so many more.

"Maybe I'm just asking for trouble. There are no guarantees that I'll feel the same way once I start getting to know them. I don't know why I'm wrapping myself up in knots over bare possibilities."

"Probably because deep down you don't think you're going to change your mind about caring for both of them," Hilary said.  "You're scared about putting yourself out there, even just a little bit, because everything might blow up in your face."

Too much truth right there. No wonder talking to Hilary always helped Jessica sort through her problems. She had a way of seeing right to the heart of things, especially when it came to how others might react.  That's exactly what Jessica was so frightened of, why she had ran. Not because she was angry. Although she was. Not because she'd been deceived. Although she had. It was because she was damn scared.


Hilary laughed.  "I know that look on your face. You looked that way when you decided to tell Sean that you wanted to be tied up."

"Yeah and look out how well that turned out for me," she said dryly.

"Well it got you to the school."

Looking at herself in the mirror, Jessica sighed. "I guess I'm getting into the car then."

Hilary rolled her eyes. "Please don't ever tell anyone else that you got your inspiration for life from that movie. I will not judge you for taking on two men, but I will judge you till the end of time for it being because of that movie."

The night before she'd asked Sean to tie her up for the first time he had finally convinced her to watch Transformers with him. It hadn't been as bad as she thought it would, the story was actually kind of interesting even if it was a little silly, although he didn't appreciate all her inappropriate giggling.  Justin had thought it was great that she'd giggled her way through the attempting-to-be-series/dramatic moments of the Chuck Norris movie they'd watched together. At any rate, there was one scene that ended up striking her dumb with its profound message.  The yellow car had just pulled up to Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox and she asked him if he was seriously considering getting into the car.  He'd turned to her with this challenging look in his eyes, full of adventure and asked "Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?"

That one sentence had turned the way she looked at her life on her head. Jessica had never been gutsy. She'd never even been particularly brave.  And her life had gone along, humdrum moment after blah day, while she never took a single risk or even stepped up to the plate to try out a challenge.  Okay, so it had just been a line from a movie, not even a deep movie, but it had changed the way she looked at herself. Given her the courage to ask Sean for what she really wanted.  Kept her from chickening out about the Venus School.

Maybe she would end up heart broken. Maybe she would end up with only one or neither of them. But when she looked back on her life, didn't she want to at least know that she'd tried?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Exploding Through the Block

So after taking a weekend to do a lot more reading than writing, and also spending some quality time with my friends and hubby, I've started this week off feeling pretty refreshed and getting a lot of work done, which makes me happy =)

Thank you so much to everyone who left a review on Back in the Game by the way! I'm glad that people seem to be enjoying it! Unfortunately there do seem to be occasional problems with downloading some stuff, but I've only heard from a couple people about that so it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem, but I'm very sorry for the people who are having difficulties =( My suggestion at this point is to contact Amazon, because it seems to be an individual download issue.

In the meantime... Chapter 6 of Consequences is out on Lit. and I'll be submitting Chapter 7 this evening. Yesterday I submitted Chapter 7 of Sarah's Private Dick, so that should be coming out in a couple of days. I'm about halfway through Chapter 8. At first I thought Chapter 8 might be the last chapter, but now I'm thinking it's going to be Chapter 9.  Patricia has slowed me down a little, although I'm enjoying it. Patricia cracks me up. And it's a good thing too, I definitely don't want to rush the ending!

I've also been working hard on Venus Aspiring, and I'll probably post a teaser except on the blog tomorrow for that one. So far I think it's going really well.  Hilary's actually popping up quite a bit more than I had originally anticipated, but she gives a really great foil to Jessica's desires so it's helping a lot with Jessica figuring out exactly what she wants. At the moment she's fighting really hard to have both of the men, and I think they're going to let her. Of course, what comes next is the hard part - telling everyone else. Hilary's finally starting to come around, but she's also not too judgmental when it comes to anything to do with Jessica.  That's not going to be the case all over, because I just don't find that realistic.

At the moment Venus Aspiring is looking good to come out at the end of August, which means I'm right on track.  Planning on staying that way too =)

Next up for Lit, once I'm done with Sarah & Derrick's story, will be a couple of stand alone shorts that I've gotten reader requests for. And another stand alone that I came up with, because I'm a masochist who likes to play around in the Loving Wives category and see what feedback I get for various storylines.  And then I may try to venture out another romance series... which is something I haven't done in awhile.

I know, I'm really into the romance stuff lately. What can I say? I'm getting soft on the inside ;)

I even came up with a series idea yesterday that started out with non-con and ended as a romance. Which I want to write almost entirely to see if I can pull it off LOL. We'll see. At any rate, I'm feeling very refreshed and creative this week! Check back in tomorrow for an excerpt from Venus Aspiring =)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back In The Game (Poker Loser 2) FREE Today!

Today you can download Back in the Game for free!

If you're familiar with Allison's New Life, here's some changes to expect:

1. Allison no longer has any kind of sexual relationship with Diana or Chad

2. Allison thinks that Todd is gone and not returning

3. A heck of a lot more plot involving Allison's job, her attempts to make things work with Roger, and her parents.

4.  Roger is no longer quite so dull. I actually kind of ended up with a little crush on him by the end of the book. He's a good guy.

5.  Slightly more satisfying sex with Roger. Some new sex scenes with Todd.

6. Romance is much more abundant and overall I feel like the book is more emotionally satisfying.

7. They do not end in the same place because there's going to be a third book! YAY!

I hope you enjoy. And leave a review please ;) It's the nicest thing you can do for me!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank you!!!

Thank you everyone for the reviews! They really do make a big difference for me. Back in the Game will be available for free download tomorrow (and, you know, if you want to leave a comment on that one after reading it that'd be great too! ;)  If I get enough reviews on books I won't bother doing the deals, I'll just go ahead and do free promotions without asking.  I really appreciate those of you who take the time to leave some feedback on amazon! 

 Yesterday I got a lot of work done on Sarah's Private Dick, I'm pretty close to finishing the next chapter, and I submitted Chapter 6 of Consequences, so that should be out in a couple of days.  Consequences got interesting yesterday, because for the first time I wrote something based off of two reader requests. I get a lot of comments on this story and I've gotten several requests in feedback form for various scenarios between the characters, so I went ahead and wrote one yesterday. It turned out really well and was challenging for me as well, so I'm going to try and keep doing that as long as it fits in with what the original requester wanted.

I also got some work done on Venus Aspiring yesterday. I'm really hoping to have that one out earlier than my August 31 goal date.  I've written about a fourth of it so far I think (based on how long my books usually are).  It's a lot more complex than Venus School of Sex was, in some ways, because the characters are now having to deal with reality. It drives me nuts when I read erotic threesome romances and all of the side characters (friends and family) accept the threesome relationship, no problem.  Yeah... that's not going to happen for Jessica, Justin and Chris.  Not that they've announced their relationship yet. They're still dealing with the aftereffects of Jessica finding out that Fire and Flood followed her home and trying to figure out what they want (and how it will work). I know that some people will feel that a threesome relationship is a fantasy, no matter what, but I'm going to at least try and make the situation somewhat realistic.

So for the next few weeks I'm going to concentrate on writing rather than formatting anything else to get it out on Kindle until next month when I'll release Gift of the Goddess and Wanna Bet for Kindle along with Venus Aspiring.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's Make a Deal

So Back In The Game came out so much faster than I expected, which I'm really excited about. It's not at all like Allison's New Life but I think that people who enjoyed Forced Bet will really like it. I've definitely moved more into erotic romance than straight-up erotica with it.

One of the reasons I do the free promotions is because I want to make sure that people have the opportunity to download stories that are free on Literotica for free to their Kindle. However, Back in the Game is so different from the Literotica version that it doesn't really qualify.  Another reason I do it is in hopes that people who download for free will do me the very large favor of writing a review, because the reviews on Amazon.com make a big difference for me in terms of marketing.  It's really the best thing you can do for me.

I'm able to keep track of how many people have downloaded an ebook, both during the free promotion day and before and afterwards, and I also know how many people read this blog.  Both numbers are in the hundreds. So let's make a deal...

Currently I have:

7 reviews on The Venus School of Sex

1 review on To Spank a Schoolgirl

2 reviews on Lady Peasant

2 reviews on Forced Bet

4 reviews on A Compilation of Erotic Short Stories

1 review on Exclusively Anal

0 reviews on Gentleman's Maid

2 reviews on Office Play

But hundreds of people have downloaded all of these, so I'm hoping that this deal will appeal to you if you're one of them.  If I get five more reviews total (good, bad, mediocre, whatever) - so one person could just go through and review five of the books or five different people all review one book or whatever combination - then I'll do a free promotion day for Back in the Game. 

I won't be able to make this same deal for the Venus Rising series because I already said I would do free days for them with no strings attached, so I'm taking advantage of Back in the Game being released to hopefully tempt some of you into giving me a hand with the reviews again.  I'll probably keep doing deals as we go along, especially as I start writing more books that will never be available on Literotica.

Speaking of Lit - the next chapter of Sarah's Private Dick is out (if you haven't already read it on the blog).  I'm about halfway through the 7th chapter and about 3/4 of the way through the next chapter of Consequences, so hopefully will be submitting at least one of them sometime today.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Editing Back In The Game

So, while I didn't get any work done on Consequences or Sarah's Private Dick like I wanted to yesterday, what I did do is finish Back In The Game and started editing it. Which is exciting because hopefully editing won't take me more than a few days (although I'm pretty busy this weekend) and I'll have it submitted to Amazon sometime next week.  Editing is important because (if you read any of my work on Literotica which I rarely take the time to thoroughly edit, I just kind of spot check) you'll know that I occasionally misspell words or my fingers move too fast and I write the wrong word entirely or my grammar gets away from me. Especially commas. I have a thing with overusing commas.

The other reason editing is important is because my book has usually changed by the time I've gotten to the end. The characters have developed further, their storyline has taken a new route, and so I've got to go back and make sure that some of that is included in the beginning.  Roger's character, in particular, went through a lot of changes for Back in the Game, changes from the way he was in Allison's New Life as well as changes throughout the re-write. Personally I like him a lot better in this new edition.  He's a lot more interesting, sexier, and the sudden change from gentleman to dominant and rough isn't as out of nowhere.  One of my friends who's a big fan of this series always was bothered that there wasn't more foreshadowing to the other side of Roger's personality.  He also always wanted to know how Roger and Diana got together, which I may eventually end up writing a novella for, but I've put some more details into Back in the Game as well.

There are so many differences between Back in the Game and Allison's New Life that they're completely different books. I cannot say this enough because I don't want fans of Allison's New Life to be disappointed. Back in the Game is definitely an erotic romance, as I define it. Yes there is sex. Yes there is a lot of it. But there's a lot more story than sex, unlike Allison's New Life in which I found a way to incorporate sex into every chapter.

Allison in Back in the Game only has sex with two people: Roger and Todd. No more Diana and Chad fooling around, although they still have their non-exclusive relationship going on between the two of them for the majority of the book.  There's a lot more going on with her parents.  She's torn between her old way of life and the way she actually wants to live. And she's struggling to forget about Todd for the most part, convinced that he doesn't have feelings for her and that he's not going to be coming back for her.

I've seen advice on writing romances that says the hero and heroine should never, ever have sex with anyone other than each other. Well... eff that. In this case that's just not realistic. Actually in a lot of cases it isn't. If you're truly trying to get over someone you don't just say 'oh I can't do this, I feel unfaithful...'  If a person really believes that the other isn't coming back, they're going to do everything they can to get over them, including sleeping with someone else. If they're still worried about what the other person would think, then they don't really believe that they're not coming back. That's just my opinion.

I'm getting more into the idea of writing realistic romances... or well, more realistic anyway. I'll talk more about that later. But suffice to say, Allison doesn't sleep with as many different people as she did for the Lit series, but she's still going to sleep with Roger. That's just how I roll.  Plus, I kinda ended up with a little bit of a crush on Roger now, I have to admit. He got so much more interesting in this version.

The book also does not end where the Lit series did, it ends beforehand. But that's because there's a third book coming, which I'm looking forward to a lot now =) Probably will be coming out either late fall or early winter.

Anyway. I'm going to be working on editing that as well as writing more for my other stories... if anyone who left comments requesting specific things for Consequences are reading this, I saw your requests and I will do my best to incorporate them into the story as much as I can while still following the original requester's fantasy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gentleman's Maid Free On Kindle Today!

So, partly in response to the anonymous commenter who was incensed that I deleted their comment... I just want to say that I don't delete comments unless they're calling me names.  Even if a comment doesn't have any constructiveness to it, I still don't delete it.  I have never deleted a comment from the blog and I haven't deleted a comment from Literotica since... well I can't remember when.  But if you think you left a comment and it's not showing up, then it's not me.

Anyway. Consequences Ch. 5 is now available on Literotica. 

And I've made Gentleman's Maid available for download - today is its free promotion day!  Please leave feedback (I promise I won't delete it ;)  I wrote a short extra chapter as an ending for it that is not available on Literotica (and won't be).

Doing the formatting to change a story that I've already written takes a lot less time than writing new ones, which is nice because I can get some of the ones that I want to make available on ebooks out pretty quickly. But it does take away some of my writing time as well. *sigh* Trying to balance it out!  I'm getting soooooo close to being done with Back in the Game, hopefully I'll be done with that by the deadline I set myself (July 31) and Venus Rising is coming along quite nicely.

So I'm going to get to it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sarah's Private Dick Ch. 6

So, I tried to submit Sarah's Private Dick to Literotica last night, but I guess they were still doing work on it or something. At any rate, I decided that means that my blog readers get another special treat today... I was going to write about some stuff that I've been reading lately, but instead you can just read Chapter 6 here.

There's no sex in the chapter, it turned into mostly plot. Despite my intention for them to have sex. But Sarah wanted a cliffhanger and I don't argue with Sarah. Derrick might be an alpha male but I can push him around with my little finger when I feel like it. Sarah's the troublemaker. He might come up with a surprise now and then, but she's the one who digs in her heels and won't follow directions.

Of course, if you read it now that means you'll have an even longer wait for Chapter 7... which might possibly be the last chapter to the series. Possibly. If the characters cooperate. Which only one of them really has been. But I can't blame Sarah, she's going through a lot right now. It's not surprising that she'd want some control over her situation.

Consequences is still going to be going on though. I thought it was going to be the shorter series, to be honest, but Uncle Max is really stringing things out.  He's got a lot more self control than I thought, and I have about as much luck getting him to do what I want as Jenny does. She's upping the ante though, in the next chapter which I submitted yesterday and should (hopefully) be out in the next couple of days. If the person who left the marriage proposal on the previous chapter is reading this blog - sorry but I'm already happily married and hubby and I aren't into sharing. But thanks! =)

After Sarah's Private Dick is over I'm probably going to do a couple of stand alone story requests that I've gotten, people have sent in some interesting ones. And then I think I'm going to try and finish either From Terra or Witch. Probably the latter, because I really didn't give the former much of a story line. Those are just kind of me getting out my ideas for weird sex.  Which is fun but I have to be in the mood for that. It'll probably be one of those ones that I never finish, just give a peek into the character's life every now and then.

So that's what's up. Enjoy your illicit look at SPD Ch. 6. Hopefully Literotica will be back up and running and let me submit today!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How I Write

I had it pointed out to me that Sarah's Private Dick should be in the Romance Category rather than Interracial, because romance between two characters is romance, no matter their skin color. I rather liked that point.  But I didn't realize exactly how romantic it was going to get when I first started writing.  Sarah and Derrick kind of took off on their own, falling for each other before I even realized what was going on. I knew the attraction would be there, but they really ended up clicking.

Does it sound weird that I didn't know what the characters were going to do? Probably. But it's true. I always have a basic outline to a story, but sometimes that outline has to flex or bend, or outright change halfway through the story. I recently wrote an entirely new outline for Venus Aspiring, because Jessica, Justin and Chris were not behaving the way I had originally thought they were.  Things got more complicated.  Partly because the men are both alpha males who don't always do what I want them to. And also because the three of them are not communicating with each other the way I thought they would. *sigh*

I recently wrote feedback to Cherise Sinclair, one of my favorite e-book authors, and she was kind enough to respond to me with a little insight into her next book, and she mentioned having the same problem. Unruly characters who weren't following her original plot plan. It happens. But that's when the best moments of the story happens too, when things get off track because the characters have come alive. One small moment can change the entire way a story is developing.

For Venus School of Sex, that moment was the weekend at the school, when Justin, Chris and Jessica were able to get to know each other as people. Originally I'd been planning to skip writing about the weekend, just have Jessica hanging out with her friends and only briefly running into Flood and Fire. But when I started writing, all of the sudden Jessica's hike turned into something spectacular with Flood, her art class with Fire got personal, and they spent all of Sunday not having any sex at all, but getting to know each other. It completely changed the dynamic of their relationship and, I think, made for a much more emotionally satisfying story. It's great when things like that happen.

Anyway, I got a bit of a surprise with Sarah's Private Dick, apparently Derrick found a little extra something under the pictures in the hidden drawer, which he didn't let me know about until today. I'm not done with the chapter yet, but I'm getting there. Hopefully will have it submitted this evening. In the meantime, here's a little excerpt from it, just for fun:

Derrick felt unexpectedly reluctant to leave Sarah’s house that morning. He’d wanted to stay curled up next to her in bed, although he didn’t think she’d be up for another go around.  Not that he should anyway.  What had he been thinking?  She needed to be tested. And now he did too. Although he would have needed to be tested anyway, after their first bout of incredible sex. Maybe that’s what he’d been thinking. Already exposed, might as well just keep on going and get the maximum of pleasure out of it.

Yeah, real smart.  It was pretty obvious which head had been doing the thinking last night. At the same time, he couldn't regret it. He might if he turned out to have something, but some goofy inner instinct kept telling him that everything would be okay. It was probably wishful thinking. Ignoring that little voice seemed like the best idea for the moment. Even if it had led to one of the best nights of his life.  Sarah was like an addiction. He couldn't get the taste of her out of his mouth, the feel of her off of his skin, or the image of her out of his head. Truth be told, he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to badly enough.

But he had things to do. Underneath all those pictures had been an entirely new set of ledgers. He'd packed the pictures into an envelope and put them back in the drawer, tucking it under the desk so that Sarah didn't have to look at them unless she really wanted to, and then taken the ledgers with him.  Hopefully these ledgers were for the missing money that Martin had been skimming.

He'd called Nick and let him know he was on his way over.

"Hey buddy," he said when Nick answered the door, thrusting the small stack of papers at him. Nick rolled his expressive dark brown eyes.  Derrick's best friend looked like an accountant, although a very in shape one. Tall and slightly gawky, he had a good amount of muscle from running constantly. Definitely not a body builder, his lanky and lean body was incredibly fit and he'd never had any trouble picking up girls who went for the geeky type.  The two of them made an interesting looking pair, both so tall, but Derrick being much broader and dark as night where as Nick had lily-fair Irish skin that burned the second he stepped into the sun.  Even though he wasn't a redhead he hadn't been able to escape the curse of the fair skin.

And, being Derrick's best friend, Nick knew something was up the moment he looked at his friend.  A man couldn't have a night of incredible, mind-blowing sex without it leaving behind a kind of glow. He raised his eyebrows at Derrick as he let him into the house.

"What have you been doing?"

Derrick realized that he had a rather goofy grin plastered on his face.  One that wouldn't quit even when he tried to tone it down. "Ah. Gathering evidence." He nodded at the stack of papers that Nick was now holding.  Nick eyed him suspiciously.

"Gathering anything else while you were at it?"

Although it was impossible to see a blush on Derrick's dark face, he could feel his mouth stretch even more. Damn smile gave him away completely. Not that he ever lied to Nick anyway. "Ah... maybe."

"Not an immediate yes followed by a shrug? She must be special."

Huh.  Despite the many times Derrick had responded to Nick's question about a woman, he'd never noticed his automatic response before.  Yes, Sarah was special. He didn't want to shrug her off. He wanted to go back and do it again, and again, and again... after a moment he realized that he was staring into space and now Nick was looking at him with his own loony grin.

Letting out a low whistle, Nick laughed. "Oh, you've got it bad. Who is she?"

This time Derrick did shrug, but in a defensive kind of way. "The client. Her name's Sarah."

"You dog!"  It was not said in a complimentary way, and Nick punched his shoulder. Hard. "She's a widow!"

"I know," Derrick said, backing up with his hands in the air. "It just kind of happened.  I found a hidden drawer that those," he pointed at the papers as he backed away from his righteously indignant friend, "were in and it also had a bunch of pictures of her husband and several other woman.  And then she just... kissed me."

Nick stopped advancing, but he was still glaring. "What, so you threw her a bone? Pun intended."

"No. Look... I like her. We had lunch yesterday, sort of by accident, when I went by to check out the office at the restaurant. I liked talking to her. And then we went back to her place so I could look through the home office again, and I found that stuff...." He ran his hand over the top of his bald head in frustration. "Look, it would have taken a saint not to respond when she kissed me like that.  She's gorgeous. She wanted me. I made her dinner afterwards.  And breakfast this morning."


Aw crap.  That's what he got for babbling.  Derrick spread his hands wide in front of him, shrugging helplessly.  To his surprise, Nick burst out laughing.

"Man have you got it bad."

Shaking his head, Nick turned and headed towards the kitchen. Relieved that the third degree was over, Derrick followed.  Was Nick right? How bad did he have it? Considering that part of him was already thinking about making another stop by her house today, for no other reason than to tell her that his friend was looking over the ledgers that he'd found, Derrick was sure that Nick was right. He had it pretty bad.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Sarah's Private Dick Ch. 5 is now out on Literotica.com.  I'm still working on Chapter 6.  Chapter 5 is pretty much just sex, sex, sex LOL.  Derrick and Sarah had quite a bit of sexual tension to work off. Chapter 6 is going to deal with the after effects of their night together as well as her discovery about Martin and Vincent.  I don't think it's going to be the last chapter, but it might be. Either way, so far I'm really happy with the story!

I also have another novella out on Kindle, To Spank a Schoolgirl, which will be available for free download tomorrow.  This is probably the roughest story I've put out for Kindle so far, I didn't really change anything from the original on Literotica. 

Now I'm off to do more work so that hopefully I have more to talk about tomorrow LOL.

Thank you to everyone who's been so supportive of my Kindle ebook endeavors, as well as reading my work on Literotica!

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Back In The Game Excerpt

Today is another day when I don't have much going on, although I've been working hard. One of the things that I've noticed about working on the ebooks is that I feel like I have less to show for it, since I'm not posting things to Literotica quite as consistently! Although that's also because my chapters for Literotica have been take more time to write as well, with all the plot and character development that I've started doing =)

So I'm going to give you a little peek at one of the things I've been working on which is the second book in the Poker Loser series, Back in the Game, a re-write of Allison's New Life.  Except that, as you'll be able to tell from the excerpt if you've read the original, I've changed so much of the story that it barely resembles the original.  It reminds me of when I go to see a movie that's based on a book but they've changed everything except the character's names. That's pretty much what's happening here, and I think it's making the overall story a much more enjoyable read.  Don't worry though, the main love story hasn't changed, just all the side stuff.


“Hey Allison.”
The soft voice behind her made Allison wince.  Roger.  As if this week hadn’t been enough of a pain in the butt.  After receiving the Christmas gift from Todd, Allison’s holiday had taken a sharp turn for the worst.  Diana was away with her parents in Aspen for skiing which meant that the apartment was rather lonely and the friends she’d made at work all had their own plans with families in town or them going out of town, so she was stuck alone a lot of the time unless she felt like being with her parents. That led to some pretty painful dinners, with her mother making sniping comments about her lack of a boyfriend and wondering why she hadn’t hung onto Roger harder. Her father just ignored her and spent most of his time soliloquizing about his own life or talking to her mother about the upcoming holiday party.
Which is where she was now.  Christmas had been two days ago, and she hadn’t even had Chad’s company because he’d spent the holiday with his mother this year.  So now it was Saturday night and her father’s company holiday party.  She was dressed in a long red velvet dress with a slit up the back and little chiffon cap sleeves, with her green Murano glass jewelry, and her hair up in a delicate French knot.  Unfortunately her beauty didn’t give her any confidence when she had to turn and face the man that she’d broken up with.
“Hello Roger,” she said, putting a proper hostess smile on her face.  Turning her head she smiled at his date.  Was it just her imagination or did it actually look like she was standing with her nose in the air? “Hello Veronica.  Are you two having a nice time this evening?”
Veronica gave a derisive little sniff which made Allison’s insides clench.  She might not entirely enjoy all of her parent’s parties, but that didn’t mean that this bimbo could denigrate them.  The low cut purple dress and dripping silver necklace drew attention to her breasts, which Allison was pretty sure had been artificially augmented since the last time she’d seen them.
“We’re having a wonderful time,” Roger said, apparently unaware that his date didn’t seem to share the same opinion.  That or he was just being polite. “Your parents throw a great party.  You look fantastic by the way.”
Now Veronica was staring utter daggers at her.  Allison smiled graciously, ignoring the sneering look of the artificial blonde.  Her hair color probably wasn’t any more real than her breasts.
“Thank you,” she said, smiling up at him.  Roger really was perfect and her heart still hurt a little that she couldn’t care for him more. “You’re looking pretty fantastic yourself. You too, Veronica. I love your dress.” The blonde tossed her head, giving Allison the smallest smile possible.  
“You look so… festive,” Veronica said.  It sounded like it could be a compliment or an insult, depending on how Allison wanted to take it. She could see Veronica’s silver nails digging into Roger’s tuxedo jacket. Obviously the woman was jealous.  Not much that Allison could do to reassure her, not that she was sure she would if she could. Veronica would never believe her, because that’s not how she herself would behave.  She was an eminently toxic personality.
“Excuse me,” Allison said without acknowledging Veronica’s words, trying not to enjoy the flare of temper in the other woman’s eyes too much. “I see someone I should probably say hello to.”
Fortunately she wasn’t lying, her father’s right hand man had just arrived, and it gave her the perfect excuse to high tail it away from the couple before her contempt for Veronica could come out of hiding. That poisonous woman didn’t deserve Roger at all, but it’s not like there was a lot that Allison could do about that.
Diana showed up not too long after that and Allison gave her roommate a heartfelt hug, relieved that she had someone whom she could walk around with rather than flitting from group to group on her own. The two girls giggled and relaxed as Diana told Allison all about Aspen and the cute guy that she’d met and had a fling with there.  Allison chuckled, but couldn’t help but feel sorry that Diana and Chad obviously weren’t going to become an item.  In fact, over dinner Diana was already eyeing the offerings around the room before dismissing them all as being ‘too stuffy.’
After the food was cleared away a few people drifted towards the dance floor, some of the men – including her father – disappeared outside, which probably meant that they were going to smoke cigars, and people began table hopping as conversations picked up again. Left alone at their table, Allison was about to tell Diana about the Christmas present that Todd had sent and get Diana’s opinion when Roger approached them.
“Good evening ladies. Allison, would you like to dance?”
Even though she’d much rather stay and talk to Diana, there would be plenty of opportunity to later and she didn’t want to hurt Roger’s feelings again by rejecting him over something as simple as a dance.
“Yes, thank you,” she said, putting her hand in his and allowing him to help her to her feet.
Roger really was a wonderful dancer, and she relaxed as she let him lead her around the dance floor, weaving expertly between couples. He never stepped on her feet or ran her into anyone, and dancing was always one of the things she’d enjoyed doing most with him.
“How are you?” he asked.
“I’m doing well,” she said. “Ready to finish my last semester of school.”
“How’s the job going?”
“Still loving it, to my parent’s dismay,” she said, grinning up at him and he laughed. “I might even stay on there after I graduate. I really like the people I work with and being in Human Resources is fascinating.”
“Yes, I can’t see you staying at home and spending all your time planning fabulous parties, although I’m sure you’d be good at it if you wanted to.”
Allison made a disgusted face and he laughed again.  It was nice to be here dancing with Roger, sharing jokes and conversation again.  She realized that she liked him quite a lot, but as a friend, not as a romantic interest. Despite her yearning for Todd, she’d missed Roger’s company too, just not for the same reasons.
“How are you doing?” she asked.  “Is my father treating you all right?”
“I think he was a little disappointed,” said Roger, his voice lowering and softening. “But he doesn’t treat me any differently.” His hand tightened around her waist for a moment and Allison sighed.  At least their break up hadn’t changed anything significant for Roger. “Are you sure we – there’s nothing –“
She winced and shook her head, speaking a low voice. “No, I like you a lot Roger. And I can’t deny that I’ve missed your company, but in the way that I miss Diana’s when she’s not around. I like spending time with you, I care about you as a good friend, but there’s just no spark for me.”
“There doesn’t always have to be a spark,” he said.  Startled Allison looked up into his eyes. Soft, warm, intelligent.  A hint of a spark, but she realized that was just sexual chemistry not a romantic spark, and it was a hidden side of him that he never brought out to play with sex.  But she wanted to be with Todd.  And in this moment she realized that Roger’s feelings for her didn’t actually go any deeper than hers for him.  He cared about her. Loved her as a confidant and a friend, wanted her to be happy – heck, wanted to make her happy – but sweeping romantic love? That wasn’t there in his eyes at all.
Surprising him, Allison grinned. “You aren’t in love with me either,” she accused.
Roger shrugged his shoulders, but he couldn’t help laughing at her. “I’ve never been in love.”
“Oh,” she said, taken aback by that momentarily.
“I’m pretty sure my parents aren’t in love either, but they have a warm, wonderful, caring relationship,” he said. “They’re a good match. We are too.” Allison thought about that for a minute, looking away from him.  She saw Diana watching them with a look of speculation on her face. Veronica was bright red and angrily glaring at them.  And her parents were watching, standing next to each other but not touching each other.  Allison realized, for the first time in her life, that she’d never seen any hint of her parents being in love either.  They were socially acceptable, they were compatible and they did seem to care for each other, but there was no romance between them. No spark.
She shivered, suddenly feeling cold. Was that what she could expect for the rest of her life? A warm marriage with no real passion, trapped by the social expectations of her family and peers? 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Considering Feedback

I don't have much going on today... just working on my regular projects.

Consequences Ch. 3 is out on Literotica.  Things are heating up, which I hope will make readers happy. It's another slow start story, but so far it's fun to tease.

Yesterday I submitted Chapter 5 of Sarah's Private Dick, the way I'd hoped to.  Chapters 4 and 5 were so much fun because Sarah and Derrick finally got to work off some sexual tension.  Well, a lot of sexual tension. It took them two chapters to get it all out.  I've started work on Chapter 6 today which is going to continue the plot along, although I'm rather hopeful that there will also be more sexy time. I really like these two.

It was kind of surprising to me how many people have let comments applauding the face that Derrick is a sensitive, generous, caring black character... apparently that's unusual on Literotica? That kind of makes me sad.  Granted, I'm always turned on by a dominating male presence, but I like to think that Derrick has that along with all the other attributes that make him a whole person instead of just a caricature. I grew up in a mostly African-American and Latino neighborhood and I've seen the stereotypes made real and I've also seen people who buck the stereotypes. Same with any other color. At heart, people are people.  But I'm glad that readers are enjoying the story and that I've done something different (apparently).

Something else that's been interesting about this story, I once received feedback from a reader who described himself as a black man who really liked one of my Interracial stories, but he had one small gripe with it.  According to him black men don't call their penises cocks, ever, they only call them dicks.  I'm not sure if he was truly qualified to speak for all black men in the country, much less the world, but it is something that I've kept in mind.  Mostly because, as I thought back to my high school years, I realized that all of my black friends did always talk about their dicks. Not their cocks. So for Sarah's Private Dick I only use the word 'cock' when writing from her point of view. 

One of the many ways in which reader feedback has effected my writing.

As a writer I'm a big fan of constructive criticism.  I was an English major with my focus in creative writing so I got very used to having people tear apart my work. And as long as they're saying something useful, with suggestions on how to fix the perceived flaws, I tend to thrive on that.

Despite the fact that there are plenty of people who write something useless like "this story sucks" without saying why, I always make it possible for people to leave comments. Partly because (of course) I like the comments with praise, and partly because I like to hear the constructive criticism and suggestions that people make. While it's not always possible for me to follow them, I usually end up branching off with other ideas because of what people have written.

Heck, I've even gotten ideas from having people write completely useless, mean criticism.  Anonymous Gets Hers is still one of my favorite stories that I've ever written. I found it incredibly satisfying on many levels!

I appreciate almost every comment that's left / feedback letter that I get.  One of the best things about Literotica is that people aren't afraid to say what appeals to them and what doesn't. I feel like writing, esp for a website like Lit, is a relationship between the writer and the readers.  And, like any relationship, it's important to have a dialogue rather than a monologue.  I write a story, I get feedback. And I love it when I get feedback from people who say they don't normally leave it. Because that's a new avenue of dialogue that's just opened up in the relationship. Any good relationship has a lot of dialogue. So thank you all for keeping this relationship so great =)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Promised Booty

So a few things going on today... Consequences Ch. 2 is out on Literotica as is Sarah's Private Dick Ch. 4.  I'm a big fan of Chapter 4 because we get a revelation AND sexy time! I'm almost done with Chapter 5 and hope to be submitting it by the end of today.  The characters are still working off all the sexual tension that I built up. Poor Sarah's going to have some trouble walking after this, but I don't think she'll mind at all! I'm enjoying the hell out of the story and where it's going.  Consequences is also starting to get a little sexier and I'm having a lot of fun playing with the dynamics in that one... very different from my usual Incest/Taboo stories I think.

Thank you so much to people who have been writing reviews, I've now started some sales on Amazon that are from people who didn't originally follow my blog / know about me from Literotica thanks to the fact that I have good reviews on my books! That kind of thing really means a lot to me. =) If I'm in any way successful then it's because of you!

And, as promised because I now have 5 reviews on Venus School of Sex, here's my butt ;) :

Temptation for more reviews? If I get at total of 10 reviews on Venus School or 7 on any of the other ebooks I have out on Amazon.com then I will post a full chapter from Venus Aspiring on my blog - unless I hit the total on Forced Bet, in which case I will post a full chapter from Back in the Game.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tease Chapters

Yesterday evening when I was checking my comments/feedback on the chapters that came out on Lit yesterday, one caught my eye and got me thinking.  The comment was that Consequences Ch. 1 was a "tease" story and so they only rated it 3 stars, purely because it was a tease.

I have to say, that kind of makes me wonder about people who think that way.  Is it because of the 'instant gratification' our society has now?  We no longer have to wait for dial-up, the internet is in our pockets in the form of a cell phone. Text messages that aren't immediately returned are cause for anxiety and possibly anger. Trips across the country that used to take months or years (man I loved playing Oregon Trail when I was growing up) can now be done by plane in a matter of hours, even if the flight is delayed it will take less than a day.

To me the difference between the chapter series that I write and the stand alone stories is that of a one night stand versus a relationship.  And I don't necessarily mean a relationship that has turned sexual.  I have had two extremely satisfying relationships that were nothing but big long teases, however I remember the emotional connection I had with them and those memories turn me on a lot more than any memory of a one night stand ever has.  In fact, I rarely think about my one night stands and when I do I don't get aroused. When I think about the two guys that I flirted with - for years - and never got any further with, I get rather hot and bothered.

I write plenty wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am stories, because sometimes that's what I'm in the mood for. A quick, hard and rousing get in and get out with satisfaction.

However, for Consequences the reader requested more seduction and lead-up, and I was happy to oblige because I think there is just as much merit in a 'tease' chapter as there is in one where there's sexual action.

I've noticed it's not uncommon for chapters without sexual activity to be rated lower on Literotica and that's always bothered me. Not so much because I care that much about the scores (although I won't lie, seeing a little red H always gives me a good feeling) but because I think that's a poor scale to judge a story by.  Did the tease get you going? Was the writing good? Did you want to read more?

If the story or chapter left you hot, swollen, aching to know what's going to happen next, then why would you denigrate that? I'm not the only author who gets comments like that. I read as much as I write. Do I get frustrated by other author's tease chapters? Hell yeah. But that's great. It means that it was sexy writing.  It means I'll be coming back for more later.  I'm going to flirt with that story. Make big eyes at it.  Let it caress me, tempt me and leave me wet and wanting. 

And when we do get it on it's going to be hot. Sizzling. Because I'll have been anticipating it for that much longer.

At any rate... I've got 3 chapters of Consequences submitted along with Chapter 4 of Sarah's Private Dick, which got hot. Finally. Speaking of teases. Chapter 5 is staying hot. I have a feeling that Chapter 6 is not going to be as hot and people will just have to be okay with that ;) It will get hot again eventually. The characters are busy working off all the anticipation and tension that got built up and damn is it worth it (in my humble opinion).

I got some more work done on Back in the Game (Poker Loser 2) and Venus Aspiring (Venus Rising 2) yesterday... really liking where they're going. I'm right on track with Back in the Game to have it out at the end of this month. If you're expecting anything like Allison's New Life you will probably be disappointed.  If you're expecting a sequel to Forced Bet then I think you'll be very happy.

More thank yous to those of you who have been leaving Amazon.com reviews. I check them every morning to see how many I've gotten and if I need to post a booty pic on here yet. We're close! And I really appreciate it. I will continue doing free promotions as long as I keep getting reviews =)

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Venus School on Kindle for Free Today!

So the Venus School of Sex is available for free on Amazon.com today - fortunately it wasn't a long wait for them to get it out and under the promotion =) I'm still surprised I managed to get it out so quickly after finishing it for Literotica, but there wasn't a lot of re-writing or additions so that helped. That and I really sat and did nothing else for a very long time LOL. Worth it though! I'm excited I was able to get it out so quickly.

I've now updated the Venus Rising Quartet page at the top of my blog with a link to the new e-book and also the cover and a teaser for the next book, Venus Aspiring. Yes I've already started working on it. I'm not entirely sure when it will be out, but my goal is for it to be by September 1, 2012. So far I've managed to complete my work before my goal dates, but I'm trying not to get cocky about that. =)

At the moment this is my new goal schedule of releases that I've set for myself:

Complete Sarah's Private Dick for Literotica - July 31, 2012

Back in the Game (Book 2 of Poker Loser) Amazon release - August 1st

Complete Consequences for Literotica - August 15, 2012

Venus Aspiring (Book 2 of Venus Rising) Amazon release - September 1st

And somewhere in there I'd like to complete my re-write of Submission, although I've stopped trying to set a date for myself of when that's going to be. I've already got plenty going on so I'm just kind of playing that one by ear.

Oh, what's Consequences? That's the new series that I'm starting on Literotica, Chapter 1 came out today. It's a reader request story.  I think part of the reason I like doing reader requests is it usually jolts me out of my comfort zone and gives me ideas to write about that I wouldn't have come up with myself. I still have my own ideas of course, but right now a lot of those ideas are being used for the e-books ;)

I'd like to do a short story for the Erotic Couplings category at some point but I'm low on ideas... anyone want to help me out? Please leave a comment or on any of my stories / send me feedback off my Lit profile if you have suggestion!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has started leaving reviews on the e-books, it really does make a huge difference for me!  Remember, once I get 5 on a book I'll post a sexy booty pic of the illustrious author ;) So far my Erotic Short Story compilation has the most reviews on it. So thank you, thank you, thank you for everyone who's taking the time to do that! It really makes me feel like doing the free promotions is worth it!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lady Peasant & Venus School

I did not get quite as much writing done as I might have liked this past weekend because I gave into peer pressure. By which I mean, reader pressure ;)  I spent most of my time formatting and editing Venus School for Kindle and guess what? I finished it. So that should be out for Kindle in a couple of days (although, don't forget, I will run a free promotion for it after it comes out). 

The inserts (nothing big) and new ending can be found here.

Why the change to the ending on Literotica? Well, here's the thing, while I do think the story could have gone the way it did on Literotica, I also think that it could have gone badly for the two men because, in the end, they were deceiving Jessica the entire time that she was there. If I were her, I'd be kind of pissed about that.  So Venus Aspiring, the next book for Kindle, will be about Justin and Chris actually having to romance and woo her and also about their struggles to be a threesome in real life. Because I love Menage books but it drives me nuts when I read the ones where all the friends and family members happily accept the threesome and no one thinks it's even a little weird, much less immoral or wrong. I don't buy that.  They're going to have to fight for their relationship and fight to have it accepted by the other people in their lives.

So that's what's going to be going on with the Venus Rising Series.

Now, as a special promotion, today you can get Lady Peasant on Amazon.com for free:

What I do ask is that you please leave feedback on some of the e-books that you're buying! It's the best thing you can do for me and it makes it worth it for me to do the free promotions, because it brings me to the attention of Amazon.com and the more people that download my books and then leave a review, the better they market me.  Plus I'm trying to tempt you with a personal incentive that if I get five reviews on any of my e-books (even if they're nothing but 1 star and "this book sucks" - although of course I hope that's not the case ;) I'll post a sexy pic on the blog. More specifically - naked booty pic.

I received an email asking if I would be making the Wanna Bet series available on Kindle - absolutely.  And everything that I convert to Kindle from Literotica I will run the free promotion for and they will all be priced at 99 cents after the promotion, which is the lowest I can charge for them. At the moment I am already planning on making Gift of the Goddess, To Spank a Schoolgirl, and Gentleman's Maid available on Kindle as well.  If there are any stories / series on Literotica that you would love to have on your Kindle, just let me know and I will make it available (although it does take me some time to do the formatting so it won't be right away, but definitely less than a month).

So that's what's going on today... I'll let you know when Venus School's free promotion runs!

Also, special thanks to Queen who has left me reviews on 2 different e-books so far - I think you'll enjoy the Venus School's dedication page when it comes out ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Conclusion to Venus School

So the Conclusion to Venus School is up on Literotica! I hope you enjoy it. There are three endings and I kind of layered them - as in, each ending furthers the story a little more and I didn't start over at the beginning just because there was a new ending.  I had a lot of fun writing it, doing something a little different for me, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

The third Chapter of Sarah's Private Dick is also out.  No sex in this one but the plot is making me very happy, the sexual tension is driving me nuts and I'm working on Chapter 4 now and it looks like something sexy might be happening in that chapter.  Very excited!

I've also started work on my next series, which is a reader request in the Incest Category about an Uncle and Niece called Consequences. This is going to be a seduction / descent into depravity piece with some BDSM overtones and should be very interesting to write and work on keeping it different from the ones I've written before. I'm going to be doing some new things with it and that's rather fun =)

I also have another novella out on Kindle. It's also available on Literotica, but I'm trying to make things more available for download.  Lady Peasant is currently 99 cents - tomorrow and tomorrow only it will be free.  I'd like to keep making new releases available for free, but I have one favor to ask in return - please leave some kind of feedback on amazon.com =) It makes a big difference to the website in terms of how much they promote me.

And, just to make it fun, if I get at least 5 reviews on ANY of the works that I have out, I'll post another sexy pic of me on the blog.  That's fair right? ;)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trapped Indoors!

That's kind of how I feel today. It looks gorgeous out, I would have loved to get out and do something, but I've been inside all day. The gym I go to still doesn't have power (so frustrating!) and I didn't get much sleep last night because I've been too wound up and haven't been expending enough energy. I am getting out of the house for a bit tonight and having dinner with some friends which is good, because I've been spending all day reading and writing!

I still can't believe Venus School is done. I've started formatting on it and getting it ready for Kindle, but that's going to take a couple of days at the very least. Hopefully Literotica will put out the final chapter in the next couple of days. I hope you enjoyed the first alternate ending that I posted yesterday! The full chapter has two more endings in it, and to be honest I feel like they get better and better. Or at least, I felt my satisfaction grow with each one. I can't wait to start on the next book in the series.

Chapter 3 of Sarah's Private Dick was submitted yesterday. This is probably one of the slowest moving / plot-building stories I've ever written. Normally I like to make sure that every chapter has sex when I write for Literotica, but I'm trying something different.  I started that with Submission, but I didn't keep it up, and those chapters were much shorter. So this is fun and new for me!

I've now posted an excerpt from the re-write of Allison's New Life, which I've re-titled Back in the Game, on the Poker Loser Trilogy page at the top of this blog. The re-write is right on schedule so far, hoping that I'll be able to release it onto Kindle in early August.

Speaking of Kindle... if you missed my blog post last night, don't forget that you can download my Erotic Short Story compilation for free today =)

So, as you can tell, there's been a lot of writing going on. Now I'm going to go take a much needed break before getting back into it!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Special Treat for my Blog Followers!

So I think half of the point of having a blog is being able to reward the fans / readers who are particularly dedicated and who make what I do worth it.

I've posted the first alternate ending of Venus School of Sex here (clicky).  The entire last chapter has been submitted to Literotica, but it won't be out for a couple of days (it always takes at least that long, sometimes longer over the weekend) so I wanted to do something for all of you who have been so supportive of me and saying such nice things about this series! It really means a lot.

I want to make reading this blog worth it, so the other thing I'm doing is letting you know about my promotions... when Venus School comes out for Kindle I will announce it and also run a promotion to make it free for the first couple of days. Someone asked me if I will be charging for the subsequent Venus Series books.  The answer is yes I will cuz a girl's gotta earn some dough and this is part of how I've chosen to supplement my living, but I will also run the free promotion for the first day that they're each made available... and of course make sure that this blog is duly updated =)

In that spirit, tomorrow you will be able to download my erotic short stories for free.  They're revised and expanded, but not entirely new works.  Unfortunately I can't do this with all of my stuff, but I can with the short story compilation and I will with future works. And as long as you're keeping up with the blog, I'll make sure you know about it!

Early Bird of Sex ;)

I really do feel like the early bird, considering that I'm getting things done a lot faster than I thought I would! I am currently about halfway through the last alternate ending for Venus School, and I'm really hoping to get the story submitted to Literotica by tonight.  I also did a quick update on my Venus Series page (accessible at the top of this blog) to reflect my goal release dates for the Kindle.  I plan to be working on getting it ready for Kindle this weekend.  Yay!

I will admit, the first two endings go by a little bit faster than I might have liked, but that's because I wanted to make sure that I led up to (what I see as) the grand finale ;) It's been really interesting writing three different endings. 

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the third chapter of Sarah's Private Dick.  So far these chapters are much longer than chapters for my Lit stories normally are, but I think that's because I'm doing a lot more with the plot and characters.  Thoroughly enjoying it too.  I'm almost to the part where I think things are going to start really heating up, so that makes me happy.

If you're wondering where I'm getting my covers from, I found this great site called BigStock.com where you can buy the rights to images.  Also, if you use this link to shop then you're supposed to get 50% off: http://bigstock.refr.cc/B8NPGVP any image.

 Anyway, before I get back to work here's a sneak peek at another one of the endings:

When Hilary trotted off to the bar to order another drink, Jessica was left alone for a moment. Sighing she wondered whether or not she should just leave.  It was just too hard to be out and seeing men without comparing them to her instructors for last week.

"Hello," said a deep voice to her side. Jessica looked up, startled, into a pair of warm brown eyes. It was the two guys that had reminded her the most of Flood and Fire.  Up close they were even more good looking, and she felt the first stirrings of interest in her body. Well that was new and welcome.  Definitely the first time it had happened since she got home.  Was it pure serendipity that there were two guys who resembled the instructors that she'd fallen for at her firm? Hilary would call it a sign.

"Hi," she said, smiling up at them.  What a difference the Venus School had made; a month ago she would've ducked and run, way too shy to even respond to them. In fact, she was pretty sure that she recognized these guys, and that she had done exactly that the last time they'd tried to talk to her.  That was pretty much her standard response to any guy that she thought was out of her league. It was too scary to talk to them and not worth the effort of trying to get over that.  Now, even knowing they were out of her league, she found that she wasn't scared.  Deep down she now knew that she was sexy, she knew what she wanted from men and just because they were gorgeous it wasn't going to send her running for the hills.  "I'm Jessica."

"Justin," said the one who had said hello to her.

"Chris," said the other one, sidling around him so that they were standing side by side.

Wow, another Doublemint duo.  They looked similar, although they had different noses, Justin had higher cheekbones and Chris' eyebrows were more arched than Justin's.  Very cute, both of them. Sexy too.  Okay, it might be worth sticking around if gorgeous men were going to come talk to her.  She wondered why they hadn't come over before; normally two guys wanted to find two girls to talk to, and Hilary still hadn't returned from the bar. 

"Nice to meet you," she said.

"We snuck up on you this time," Chris said, grinning at her playfully.  "Didn't want you to run again when you saw us coming."

Justin smiled, but gave Chris a warning look. That was another difference between them, Chris was obviously more playful and flirtatious whereas Justin had that dominant, "I'm going to smile at you and you're going to melt" thing going on. A thought tugged at Jessica but she dismissed it as too silly for words.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Hilary, obviously abandoning her to the two men, as she walked over and joined another group of their co-workers who were chatting again. Traitor.  But her best friend didn't look at her, so Jessica didn't have the opportunity to glare.  Heat pooled in her stomach as she looked back at the men and realized that she was the focus of two very intense gazes.  They looked like they wanted to eat her up.  Or was she just imagining it because they reminded her so much of two other men?

Feeling overheated Jessica decided that it was time to retreat, even if they made fun of her.

"Well, I hate to tell you, but I think it's time for me to go," she said with a smile to take away the sting of her words.  "I was only here for a quick drink."

Justin frowned, his eyes going to the empty martini glass in her hand. "How many of those have you had?"

"Just two."

"You just finished that one.  You can leave in thirty minutes, after you have a glass of water."

He said it so simply, so matter of fact, that Jessica actually nodded before she caught herself. Then she gasped at his audacity, and her response to it.  Heat flashed in her eyes. How dare he?

"I'm fine," she snapped.

"Come on, let's go dance," said Chris, moving to her side and tugging at her arm.  Justin nodded at her, approving this activity.  Between the two of them they had her completely mentally off balance, Chris distracting her from Justin's demand, Justin distracting her from Chris' manhandling.  She felt like she was being swept up like a tiny shell in an ocean wave, and she had no idea when she was going to come crashing down onto the sand.

Less then two minutes after Chris had her out on the dance floor, his body moving so close to hers but without rubbing against her in a lewd way, Justin had joined them and he had a glass of water for her.  Jessica glared at him but took the glass of water.  Whatever. She was thirsty and it wasn't a bad idea. After about half a glass she was debating trying to retreat, but Justin put his hands on her hips from behind, holding her in place between him and Chris.  Unfortunately her body responded with absolute delight, being sandwiched between the two of them, attuned to her need for sex, her desire to be between two men.

"Drink the whole thing," he growled into her ear, and heat shivered through her.  She had the straw in her mouth before she had time to think about it. Dammit.  Apparently going to the school had also brought out her submissive tendencies completely, whether she was having sex or not.

She was about to pull the straw away from her mouth when Chris put his fingers under her chin, holding it in place. His eyes were smoldering with sex and lust.

"Suck," he said. Jessica automatically sucked in a mouthful of water. And then sputtered as she tried to breathe it in instead of swallowing.

Behind her, Justin laughed, wrapping his arms around her as she coughed.  Ugh. How unsexy. 

"Sorry sweetheart," Chris said, his eyes dancing. "I thought you'd know to swallow."

Jessica glared at him about to take him apart for inappropriate sexual inneundo to a co-worker, when Justin's fingers stroked the sides of her hips.  She had a sudden in drawn breathe down her burning throat as heat flashed through her. There was an answering flame in Chris' eyes, pinning her back against Justin. Whom she suddenly realized had a throbbing erection, pressing against her ass.  Part of her wanted to move away... the other part of her wanted to grind back into him.

Her body was primed for sex. She'd gone from having multiple orgasms a day and amazing sexual experiences for two weeks straight, to nothing for the past 5 days.  Now she was in a fantasy situation, with two men, who were both acting interested in her, and had her caught between them.  The situation was so similar to her experience at the Venus School that her mind finally, reluctantly, caught up with what her body had been trying to tell her from the very beginning.

"You... it can't be... You're..." She floundered for words, too afraid to actually say them. Chris moved forward, trapping her between them, and she could feel her heart beating rapid-fire in her chest, her eyes were opened to their biggest as he loomed over her.  The sexual response was immediate, and she tightened her thighs together as her pussy flooded.  He glanced up and over her shoulder with amused and wary eyes.

"I think she's figured it out," he said.  Jessica gasped.  It was true.

Before she could react Justin was already moving, tugging on her arm and pulling her toward the exit.  "Let's go somewhere else."

Chris played rear guard.  No one noticed that they were leaving.