Thursday, January 31, 2013

Re-Release of Poker Loser Books

Thank you thank you thank you to whoever commented on my last blog post and suggested that I "clear formatting" on my word documents. It worked!!!! According to the Amazon preview tool both Forced Bet and Back in the Game should now be Kindle Fire friendly. Those of you with Kindle Fires, since you missed out on the original Freebie day, tomorrow both books will be available for free on  Please let me know if there are any formatting errors that prevent you from reading the story, on the previewer it looked like everything should be fine all the way through, but it's always good to know.

So... very happy that's done! It's nice to have a whole series finished and now I can turn my focus to finishing Venus Transcendent and that series! YAY!  Which will then mean it's time to start on the Stronghold series LOL. It just never ends... but that's okay.

I am finally starting to feel more like a human being and less like a zombie, so hopefully that means I'll be able to get more writing done. I've been a little slow about it these past couple of weeks, I know... whatever illness I had just completely drained me. Last week I think I went to bed after 9pm once. I was in bed by 8 for the most part. eek! Not my usual lol.

Hope everyone had a good January!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Loving Wives Fantasies

So I'm working on yet another Loving Wives story, done in two parts and I just submitted the first so that should be out in a couple of days, and it's making me think about why I find it such a fascinating category. It's not just that the category gets such mixed reviews, not to mention evoking some very strong emotions from readers, but for a new wife (married just over a year), I'm finally getting a peek at another aspect of this category.

The thing is, being married does mean that I do not notice other men. Just as I noticed them while I was single or dating or engaged. The biggest difference is that there is now no chance of me being able to fantasize about them without doing one of four things:

1. pretending that in my fantasy my husband is dead (which is so not appealing to me for many reasons)

2. pretending that in my fantasy my husband and I are divorced (also not appealing, although less unappealing than #1)

3. pretending in my fantasy that I'm cheating on my husband (again, not appealing but somehow less unappealing than the first two since it's not like I'm going to fantasize about the probably aftermath)

4. pretending in my fantasy that I'm not married (and this tends to make the fantasy hard for me to picture)

My husband watches porn. I have no problem with this. I know there are some women out there who are all 'omg, he's watching porn it means he's not attracted to me / he's cheating on me with those porn actresses.'  Whatever. I think that's ridiculous, but that's just my opinion.  Although I give it out freely.  Anyway, it certainly doesn't bother me. I'm pretty secure in the knowledge that even if he had the chance to cheat on me, he wouldn't, and I don't think that looking at porn is going to make him more likely to. I also don't count looking as cheating.

So I don't really count the fantasies that go on in my head as cheating either.  And can I help it if, in my head, it's sexier that my husband is either watching or participating in some manner? I just find it highly preferable to killing him off or having our marriage go under. This new perspective is making it harder for me to write in this category actually, because I want everyone to be happy in the end and yet I want it to be believable too... and then I started thinking, ah who cares if everyone finds it believable? The point is, I'm coming at it from a new perspective, one that I hadn't realized before I became a married woman and started thinking about my own fantasies. Even before I was married, I've only ever done long-term monogamous relationships (2 total boyfriends in my life and I married the second one) so it's no surprise that I've always had a bit of a fascination with the category.

It's just that one day I really want to write a story that even the anti-LW category people can't quite bring themselves to hate. That's probably never going to happen but hey... it's a goal. 

For those of you with Kindle Fires... I hope you're sending me some love because the only way I can figure out how to fix the formatting issues with the first two Poker Loser books is by re-typing the entire things in fresh word documents. Somehow the documents they were originally in got corrupted or something and copying and pasting just copies the issues.... so I'm retyping the books. My wrist hurts. Hopefully I'll be done with the first one in the next couple of days. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Today Only: Winning Hand!

Free today! Tomorrow it'll be back to its regularly scheduled price.

For those of you with Kindle Fires... for some reason this book doesn't seem to have the same formatting issues as the first two. I am trying to fix the formatting issues and I'll make an announcement as soon as (if) I manage to do so for the first two books. I don't know why they have issues for the Kindle Fire and this one doesn't. *sigh*

At any rate. Working on fixing it. Among other things. Still sick too. *Sigh* It's liiiiiiiiiiingering. Not a fan.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winning Hand: Free Tomorrow

So there was a slight miscommunication - Winning Hand's freebie day will be tomorrow =)

I'd write more blog but I have to run off to work. Ack!

And please don't forget to leave a review!

For those of you with Kindle Fires - I'm not sure why the first two books have such issues but I'll try re-uploading them later today and see if that helps. It seems to have worked for the Venus School.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Now Available: Winning Hand

Today Winning Hand is still it's normal price, tomorrow it'll be free for a day =)

Please, please, please leave a review!!!!!!

Allison and Todd are finally together - but at what cost? Her parents are not only refuse to have anything to do with her, they're still trying to interfere in her life by trying to convince her ex-boyfriend to get back together with her. It's not a situation that Allison wants to deal with, although at least Roger knows well enough that he and Allison don't belong together. Still, now that she's moved in with Todd, can she ever reconcile with her parents? And how will the estrangement effect one big question that Todd wants to ask her?

This is the final book in the Poker Loser Trilogy, as Allison and Todd work out the various kinks in their relationship and learn how to fight for their relationship separately and together.

This book contains BDSM - spanking; caning; oral, vaginal and anal sex; bondage an alpha male and his strong-minded girlfriend who don't always see eye to eye.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last Winning Hand Teaser

Ho-kay... so...

If you haven't seen the internet video "The End of the Earth" you should really check it out. Has me in stitches every time. And "Ho-okay... so..." has made its way into every day conversation on a regular basis. It's an old video, nothing knew, I'm just saying, if you haven't seen it you should check it out.

A couple of things before I give you the teaser...

I'm finishing editing Winning Hand tonight and submitting it, which means that there's a good possibility that it will become available sometime tomorrow which means that its freebie day will be on Saturday. Those of you who wish to buy it immediately can check my twitter, this blog or throughout the day tomorrow. Those who wish to wait for the freebie day, I'll make sure to let you know if it's going to be Saturday. 

Progress report on other works!: 

- I am about halfway through a standalone Loving Wives story (probably going to talk a bit about that for tomorrow's blog). 

- I have started writing the first chapter to Marriage Training. I would have started sooner but when I looked at the outline that I had for it I decided that I didn't like the storyline I had plotted out that much and I re-wrote the entire thing to be longer and (hopefully) more interesting. So far the writing style is different from a lot of my stuff in the past but I'm enjoying it. I have no idea what category it's going to go in, I'm still trying to figure that out. Possibly BDSM.

- I am 3/4 of the way finished with Beginning with Birching, the Victorian era domestic discipline story that I mentioned in my Now and Future Works blog post

- I am still at the beginning of Venus Transcendent but that's going to change now that I can focus on it instead of the Poker Loser Trilogy.

All in all, feeling pretty good about all that. Also I am at about 70% healthy, but considering that I've spent most of the week hovering between 20%-40%, 70% feels freaking amazing. And hopefully I'll be able to spend more time writing now that I'm not feeling so blegh. 

So! Here's the teaser for Winning Hand which (hopefully) will be available on Amazon tomorrow =):

"Looked for what?" Allison asked as she stirred the zucchini around, trying to make sure that each slice cooked at least fairly evenly.  Not exactly easy since the pieces kept flipping on top of each other; the pan was just slightly too small for them all to be laid out in a single layer of zucchini slices.  They were almost ready for the parmesan cheese. 

The kitchen smelled delicious.  Diana was stirring the 'homemade' spaghetti sauce that she'd created by taking a bottle of Prego and adding red wine and extra spices. Now she was slowly stirring it, occasionally testing the flavor. She'd insisted on wearing an apron over her casual blue shirt and dress slacks, not so much because she was worried about getting it dirty but because she liked wearing an apron when she cooked. The oven had breaded chicken stuffed with mozzarella baking in it, adding to the wonderful aromas.  Home cooking at its best as far as Allison was concerned.  Tasty, but most of all, easy.

"An engagement ring."


Diana rolled her eyes as she tasted the spaghetti sauce, dipping her finger into some of the sauce on the spoon she'd been using to stir. "Have you looked around to see if he's bought an engagement ring? Then you'd know."

"I mean... it's just a feeling. He hasn't said anything or hinted at anything... it's just... this idea that I get in my head sometimes lately. Not really enough to go snooping around for a ring."

"You don't need more than that to just look," Diana said persuasively. Allison bumped her hip playfully against Diana's as she lowered the heat on the zucchini and began sprinkling parmesan cheese onto the slices. The cheese didn’t need much heat to melt and it would burn pretty quickly if the pan was too hot.

"Let's say I'm right... then he obviously wants it to be a surprise and I shouldn't look," Allison said. "Or if I'm wrong, then there's nothing to find anyway." She turned off the heat on the zucchini now that the parm had melted just a bit onto it. Yum. "Is that sauce ready?"

"Yeah," Diana replied, glancing at the timer sitting on the counter to her left. "We've got ten minutes left before the chicken's ready."

"That's okay, it just means the cheese on the zucchini will melt a little more."

"Good," said Diana cheerfully as she turned the heat on the sauce down to simmer. She flashed Allison a wicked little look. "That gives us time to go searching!"

"Wait!" squealed Allison, laughing and following as Diana took off, not even bothering to remove her apron.  "You don't even know where to look!"

"Always start with the bedroom."

Amused, Allison followed Diana up to the bedroom, watching as her friend quickly went through Todd's drawers. She didn't do anything more than feel around for a jewelry box, so it wasn't quite as invasive as it could be. Then Diana moved on to the closet, but unless Todd was hiding it in his shoes there wasn't anything there to find. Somehow Allison wouldn’t have thought it’d be in the bedroom anyway, she went through Todd’s drawers too often herself. She had a penchant for wearing his t-shirts around the house. And his sweatpants. Somehow they were just more comfortable than her own. And she liked the possessively pleased look that he got in his eye when he saw her wearing his clothes.

"Have you done this before?" Allison asked as she watched Diana peek into the drawers around Todd's computer in the study.  "You seem to have a bit of a system."

"Oh, my parents used to hide Christmas and birthday gifts from me in all sorts of places," Diana said as she closed the last of the drawers and tapped her fingers thoughtfully on the computer desk.  "I definitely haven't searched Roger's place like this if that's what you're asking. We're not at that point yet."

"Do you think things might go there?" Allison was now genuinely curious.  So far she and Diana hadn't talked too much about Diana and Roger's relationship.  Sometimes she wondered if Diana felt that it would be too awkward, but she seemed completely casual about dropping that nugget of information.

"Maybe.  He's the first guy I've ever dated that I could see myself considering taking that step with."  Standing in the middle of the study with her hands on her hips, Diana examined the room as if a hidden compartment with a ring box might suddenly jump out at her. Allison put her hand over her mouth to cover her smile, it seemed rather funny that Diana was more interested in this search than she was, but truthfully she was happy with what she had at the moment. Maybe eventually she'd want to get married... but it wasn't at the top of her list of priorities right now. Not when she was concentrating on graduating in a couple of months.

"Is there anywhere else in this house that's just 'Todd's'?" 

"Ummm..." The toy room that he was creating sprang to mind.  Allison had honored her promise not to enter it, so if Todd was going to hide something somewhere in the house that would probably be the best place to do it.  She had no idea what was in there, he sometimes received large packages in the mail or brought things home that were wrapped up so that she didn't know what was going in there. Curiosity had almost gotten the better of her a few times, but she liked surprises.

Plus, he'd probably blister her bottom for ruining this particular surprise.  

"Where?" asked Diana immediately.

"Well... he's setting up a room for us to ah... play in," Allison said a little hesitantly. She knew that Diana wouldn't judge her for whatever Todd had in there, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that she was tempted to send Diana in there, even though that would definitely be pushing the boundaries of following Todd's orders.  Still, it would technically be obeying him, since she'd only said that she would stay out of there.  Nothing had been said about other people or friends.  "I'm not supposed to go in there until he's completed it."

Diana's face lit up. "Ooo, that sounds promising! Where is it?"

"The room across the hall from this one."

Immediately Diana scooted out of the office with Allison following close behind. As Diana turned the doorknob, Allison positioned herself next to the door frame, facing the opposite side of the hall so that she wouldn't even be able to see inside. 

"What are you doing?" asked Diana, giving her a strange look.  "Don't you want to see what's in here?"

She rolled her eyes. "Of course I do, but Todd told me not to look. I'm pushing it by letting you go in there."

"You're such a goody-goody sometimes," Diana teased as she practically pranced into the room. "Oh holy crap!"

The unfeigned awe in her voice nearly broke Allison's resolve not to look.  "What?"

"I'm not going to tell you." Diana giggled. "After all, this is supposed to be a surprise.  Damn. Now this is a sex room.  Hmm... here's some drawers... Maybe there's a ring in here...." The sound of wood sliding. "Oh my..."

Now Allison was pretty sure that Diana was saying things just to get a reaction from her. Although there was also honest delight and surprise in her voice, so maybe there were some really good goodies in there.  Shifting back and forth from foot to foot, Allison reminded herself that she would eventually get to see everything in there. More than see, she'd be using everything in there. 

Insistent beeping downstairs sounded faintly down the hall, just as she heard the front door open. 

"Diana! Todd's home! Get out of there!" she hissed before rushing down the stairs, heading for the kitchen. Todd home and the chicken ready. Well at least her timing when it came to cooking was getting better, she thought ruefully. Behind her she could hear Diana following her down the stairs.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last Chapter of Witch

YAY! The last chapter of Witch is now available on Literotica =) I hope you enjoy it.

I always feel good about finishing things. A little sad, but good too. So close to being done with Winning Hand and that's making me all excited too, in large part cuz I'm excited about moving on to working on other things.  It's always a strange feeling when I make the changeover... sadness about moving on and at the same time, excitement about the new. And happy endings make me happy so you know... =)

That's all for today. Teaser for Winning Hand coming tomorrow! Enjoy Witch!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Things I am waiting for:

My W-2s so I can do my taxes

Literotica to release Witch Ch. 4

My cold... throat... illness... whatever it is to finally give up and leave me alone

The weather to stop being so wretchedly cold

My blog to hit 50,000 views (not far away!)

The final conclusion to Winning Hand.

That last one I'm working rather fervently on, to the exclusion of all else at the moment. That's partially because being sick I'm having trouble focusing on more than one thing at a time and partially because I'm so caught up in excitement with Allison and Todd that I haven't hit a single block and they're the ones who always call to me when I sit and think 'so who am I going to work with today?'

The last chapter is written, I'm working on the epilogue.  Which is probably going to be long enough to be its own chapter, but to me it seems like it's epilogue material, not so much part of the main thrust of the story. *giggles* thrust *giggles* (Yeah I'm 5, so sue me). At the moment I'm pretty sure I'll have that complete by the end of Thursday at the latest, at which point I'll start reviewing and should have it uploaded to Amazon sometime this weekend.

And Amazon doesn't take nearly as long as some other websites *cough* to upload submissions, it should be available by next week. Woot! That's the plan at the moment.

I'll post another teaser for Winning Hand on Thursday, just to get everyone in the mood ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Now and Future Works

Not quite as grand as the now and future King.

Okay... so... wanted to do a general update of where I'm at, especially because I've started several projects that I haven't really talked much about on this blog. Not that I want to tease everyone with things that aren't going to be available to read for awhile, but I do want to introduce some of the ideas and the things that you can look for in the future. Anticipation is a good thing right? Get the juices flowing... put people in the mood...

Winning Hand, the final book of the Poker Loser Trilogy is almost complete. This book is focused on winding up Allison and Todd's romance and on Allison's fight to maintain her independence from her parents and be accepted for the person that she's become due to Todd's involvement in her life. Woo! And (as you might have guessed from the cover or if you've read Allison's New Life on Literotica), there's an engagement in the offing. WOOT!

As you know I like to have at least two books series going at the same time... helps me stave off writer's block.  Once I'm done with the Poker Loser Trilogy I'm going to start on a new series which will probably be about 4 books long, set in Victorian times called Domestic Discipline.  I have already started writing the first book, Beginning with Birching, which is going to be shorter length than the subsequent ones and is  an introduction to the characters and themes.  The stories will center around three friends - Edwin, Hugh and Wesley - as they acquire wives and use their own brand of discipline to keep them in line. The first book mostly centers around Edwin and his new wife Eleanor, Hugh's spoiled sister; subsequent books will tie in more than one storyline at a time (kind of like the Venus books).

Speaking of the Venus Books... I'm hoping to have Venus Transcendent done in early spring.  The focus is going to be on resolving the issues that were brought up at the end of the third book - Jessica's with her family and how she, Chris and Justin will proceed with their relationship, and Liam and Hilary working out her reluctance to submit as herself and a few other key areas of communication that have been found wanting.

After the Venus Rising Quartet is finished I'll be moving on to the other Stronghold Doms. I have no idea what I'm calling the first book in that series yet - that'll be a blog post for the future - but I do know what it's about. Master Adam is the first to get his turn up at bat; realizing that for the first time in his life he wants to settle down and find a submissive of his own, one that he can have a real relationship with rather than just playing at the club.  When he visits another club, closer to his friend Rick Winter's house, he runs across a Domme named Mistress Angela, who immediately catches his eye - which baffles him completely because he's never had any interest in a Domme before. Unbeknownst to him, Mistress Angela is actually Angel.  Submissive but anxious about going into clubs where she knows no one and feels vulnerable, she's decided to test the waters and get used to the scene as a Mistress at Chained, a club much farther away from the one she intends to eventually join - Stronghold. Running into a group of Doms, she finds herself drawn to one in particular, but is too scared to pretend to be anything other than a dominant herself.  Of course, she thinks she's never going to see him again, so what happens when she finally shows up at Stronghold as a submissive?

Those are the books I'm focused on. I've done some work on all of them at this point. There are a couple of other books that I'm working on as well although I'm not going to get into them at the moment because I barely work on them and so they're not going to be coming out for a good long while. But hopefully this was enough to wet everyone's appetite and get them excited about what's coming up!

Winning Hand I'm hoping will be out by the end of this month / beginning of February.

Venus Transcendent is aimed for early spring, as is Beginning with Birching

And I'm hoping to have the first Stronghold book out in early summer.

Busy, busy Angel! (and yes I named the character in the Stronghold book after myself... couldn't resist. I wanted to be in a story!)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sick but Still Kicking

Ugh. Hopefully not with the flu but that remains to be seen. Still managed to get a little bit of work done today which was nice... getting very close to finishing Winning Hand and I'm hoping to have it out by the end of the month. Crossing my fingers... and also focusing most of my attention on it.

Yesterday I submitted the final chapter of Witch.  Pretty happy with where it went. People who want more details on things outside of the storyline - such as explanations for demonic behavior / strictures, etc. might be disappointed. If I was writing a sci-fi/fantasy book I probably would've gone into all that for but Literotica my focus tends to stay on the erotic qualities. That and I like to allow people to use their imagination. I think overall people will be satisfied with the ending. SO that's good. Hopefully =)

Ugh omg I'm so tired. Despite the fact that I slept in till Noon (which I never do) AND took a nap. Blegh.

I wanted to write more but this will have to do for now. Keep your eyes peeled for Witch Ch. 4. Looking forward to starting Marriage Training.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Raining Rambles


Too much rain in my area the past few days. Not a fan. Gives me a headache and makes it hard for me to write. And maybe snow tomorrow? Although I could do with a day at home. IF the office closes. *sigh* ah winter doldrums...

Despite all that, I am making progress. I'm about 3/4 of the way through Winning Hand, a couple chapters into Venus Transcendent, almost done with Witch Ch. 4 and about a third of the way into a standalone reader requested story. And very much looking forward to starting Marriage Training.

I think I've mentioned that I've got a bit of a Victorian-era obsession going on? It started with my interest in Steam Punk but it's definitely more than that. Which is why I'm really looking forward to Marriage Training. It's not just the Victorian era, it's also the Regency era. In fact, in some ways the Regency era is even more fun because there was so much open debaucherousness going on thanks to the example of the Prince Regent. During the Victorian era the debauchery was still there but hidden. Which makes for all sorts of good fun.

Plus, for someone like me who's into the BDSM and spanking and stuff, there's the domestic discipline that was happening. I actually want to write a whole little series about period domestic discipline. All the good stuff that happens behind closed doors.

Granted, there were plenty of bad things about the time period too. Eventually I'd love to write a steam-punk novel. I'm starting to think that eventually I might need more than one pen name to write under... at least two. One for books that are more romantic and ones that are more focused on all the naughty, dirty stuff. We'll see. So far I'm mostly writing naughty dirty stuff, even though I do have some ideas for some romances =) I enjoy writing the erotica so much that I'm not sure when I'll get around to writing the ah... less graphic stuff. And I've definitely got plenty of ideas for the naughty stuff.

I'm looking forward to having the Poker Loser Trilogy done, because I'm looking forward to working on some new stuff. But I have to say, it has been very nice to work with Todd and Allison again. A completely different experience from writing a new story with completely new characters.  Kind of like hanging out with old friends that I haven't seen in a very long time. Unfortunately it's almost time for us to break it off again =/  But I'm enjoying it while it lasts. And soon I'll be spending more time with Jessica, Justin, Chris, Liam and Hilary which I'm really looking forward to. Although I'm also looking forward to finishing off their stories. Not that I haven't enjoyed them, but I am looking forward to getting to know the rest of the guys at Stronghold a little better =) I hope you are too!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Witch Ch. 3

YAY! Chapter 3 of Witch came out yesterday. Made me happy. Took it awhile! =)  Some people might not enjoy how hardcore/brutal it becomes by the end, but there's reasons for it... and those who do enjoy it should be warned that Ch. 4 probably isn't going to have anything nearly that rough. So far it's not looking like it anyway. I'm enjoying finishing out the story.

Last night I went out for the first time ever wearing a skirt and no panties. I was wearing a garter and stockings.  For ladies who contemplate it... I will say it was a little scary and made me feel really sexy. Although attaching the garter belt to the stockings was a major PITA.  Took me 20 minutes. Pretty worth it for how it made me feel though =) And I was wearing a knee length skirt that had NO chance of flipping up cuz it wasn't loose enough around the thighs to be capable of doing so, which also helped with my confidence in my attire (or lack thereof).  Sometimes it's fun to be a little naughty. Helps me think of things to work into my stories.

Someone asked me what I do when I have writer's block.  To be honest, that's usually why I'm working on more than one story at a time. I can usually just move over to a different story, work on that for awhile, and when I come back to the story that blocked me I have a whole new vantage point. If I find that I'm blocked from ALL of my stories that usually means that I'm just not in the mood to write, so I'll try reading. And then that usually gives me a new vantage point to return to my writing from. Very occasionally I'll bitch about it out loud to someone until I think of something new, but for the most part I don't have anyone IRL who reads my stuff so when I get blocked and do that it's more of me venting and talking to myself. It's not my usual tactic for getting around the block.

Anyway. Hopefully I'll have the last chapter of Witch done soon so that I can start on Marriage Training!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Angel Recommends

I swear, the wait between submitting a story and having it go live on Literotica is strangely long lately. *sigh* It always varies throughout the year but right now I'm feeling particularly impatient because I want to know what people think about the next chapter of Witch!!! It's rather anxiety-inducing to have to wait this long for it to even come out. Bah. After all, it's been awhile since Chapter 2 came out =P

Anyway. I occasionally get requests from people on what stories, out of my collection, I think they might be interested in. Most recently had someone asking about the rougher stories, so I decided to put together a little list of the ones I'd recommend for people looking for these specific things:

- An Unconventional Beginning
- Chris Hemsworth: Sex God: although this doesn't have the kind of ending that most romance afficienados would probably like best
- Christmas Eve Surprise: be forewarned, has anal sex, but I personally don't think that makes it less romantic
- Crusader Found
- Lady Peasant
- River Walkers
- Sarah's Private Dick
- The Return
- Tricked with a Treat
- Wanna Bet? - not a straight up romance, it has a lot of elements that some people might not find romantic, but I do.

BDSM-y / Alpha Males / A Little Rough Stuff:
- Being the Maid (which could also fit under romance but there's too much roughness in there for me to put it in that category)
- Allison's New Life - on and off, depending on which chapter you're reading
- Gentleman's Maid
- Doug's Fantasy
- Gift of the Goddess
- Girl Interrupted
- Little Minx - this one verges on being in the Very Rough category
- Poker Loser - some of this could end up in the Very Rough category as well
- Submission
- The Photographer Ch. 3
- Truth Will Set You Free
- Venus School of Sex
- Whispers in the Dark Ch. 2

Very Rough:
- A Night In Paris.
- A Rough Sorority Rite: Girl on girl
- Contest: Alternate Chapter (and some of the other chapters)
- Allison's New Life Chapters 18-20, 22-25 are some of the rougher ones written for Allison and Todd, although of course there's also a bit of romance in there too =)
- Demon Victim: This is more emotionally rough / mental sadism than true erotic torture
- House of Fantasy: Elena's Story
- To Spank a Schoolgirl, Spanking Karla, Karla Returns, Karla's Final Visit - one of the few series that I wrote with different names for each chapter.  In each chapter the spanking and sex gets rougher.
- Keeping It In The Family
- Office Play - this one starts off in BDSM-y/rough territory but by the end has moved into the Very Rough. It was the first story I ever wrote and I strayed rather deeply into the fantasy rather than keeping it at what the human body would actually be able to handle.
- Ouija Nightmare
- Sick and Wrong
- The Titty Torturer

Obviously I've written a lot more than just these, but for those looking for specific things, this is what I'd recommend =)

and in the meantime... I'm about halfway through Winning Hand - goal is to publish by the end of the month... and for Literotica, hopefully Witch Ch. 3 will be out any second now!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Up Next: Marriage Training

It looks like the next series I write for Literotica will be Marriage Training! 74% of the vote is pretty definitive =)  Which I'm rather excited about. Lately I've had a minor obsession with Victorian romance/erotica so it'll be fun to try my hand at doing some of my own. I think that the closest I ever really got to that was Gentleman's Maid. I always saw Being the Maid as being about a century or two earlier than the Victorian era, so that wasn't quite the same.  My idea for Marriage Training is similar to The Venus School of Sex in that it came from reading another book that didn't completely satisfy me - Childebride Island by Alice Liddell.  It has a great storyline but it ended too soon, in my opinion.  So I'm going to write my own in the manner that I want and with the ending that I want =) YAY!
Seems like I'm on a bit of a historical bent lately with Being the Maid, Witch, and Marriage Training.  I'm okay with that though. There are some other Victorian era stories that I want to write, that I'll be making into books, so it's good practice for me to lead up to those.  There's a lot of fun things about the Victorian era, not the least of which is how truly debaucherous it was behind its veneer of prudery. Lots of fun!
Working on Chapter 4 of Witch and pretty happy with the way things are shaping up. I think it'll feel really good to complete it considering that it's literally taken me years to do so =D And I'm feeling really good about the ending. I do like ending the stories that I'd started and never got around to finishing, although it's harder than writing completely new stories. Trying to match my old writing style can be difficult. Fortunately the first couple chapters of Witch are fairly close to my current writing style. Some of the other ones that I haven't worked on finishing yet might be harder to match the original feel of the story. But I do like challenges =)
So that's what you have to look forward to from me in the near future. I know I'm looking forward to it =) And it's always nice to know that I'm going into writing a story that people definitely want to read!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thinking About Demons

The thing about demon sex is that you can do much more interesting things with a demon than with a human.  Especially when half of the point of the story is punishment that goes far beyond anything someone would actually be able to do in real life. Which is the fun of a fantasy.  With Witch Ch. 3 I've hit that point where I'm not even sure if I'm actually turned on or just plain fascinated. Combining the unreal elements with the real taxes my imagination sometimes and makes me wonder wtf is wrong with me that I think of some of this stuff... but at the same time I think it's just part of the human condition to use fantasies to push us beyond what would actually be possible. And when you throw a demon into the mix, all things become possible. 

Including multiple cocks ;)

Witch is definitely going to be four chapters... I thought I could do it in three but then things got a little bit more complicated. That happens sometimes. I really shouldn't predict how long something is going to take me until I get closer to the end of it, especially something like Witch where I'm coming back to work on it after having spent several years with it unfinished. I cant' remember whether or not this was the direction I originally intended the story to go, but I think it was along the same lines at the very least.  

It looks like Marriage Training is probably going to be the next series that I write, which I'm looking forward to. I enjoy writing in the Victorian period... actually have some books in that period that I'm working on when inspiration strikes, although right now my book focus is still on Winning Hand.  Once that's finished I'll be concentrating on finishing Venus Transcendent and then I'll be alternating focus between Victorian era and Stronghold Doms for more books =) And once I'm done with Witch I have some reader requested stand alones that I'm going to be putting out along with the new series. Lots of stuff going on in my head right now! Which is always fun. 

Submitted Chapter 3 of Witch today... hopefully Chapter 4 won't take me too long!

Winning Hand Teaser

It's been awhile since the last Poker Loser book came out and I've been working hard on getting the final book together. I think I'm about 1/3 of the way done with getting Allison and Todd's story wrapped up. However, because it's been so long and there's been so much interest in the Venus Rising books and the Stronghold Doms that I figured it couldn't hurt to post a little teaser for Winning Hand to put people in the mood to remember Allison and Todd fondly and want to read the next part of their story.

Of course I'm still working on Venus Transcendent as well, but my goal is to finish the Poker Loser Trilogy first. After Venus Transcendent will come the first book for the Stronghold Doms - Master Adam's. And in the meantime, I'm very close to being finished with Witch for Literotica, although now I'm starting to think that it might take two more chapters rather than the one I mentioned last blog post. Leonard just became more complex than I originally realized. Still should have the next chapter for that out soon!

Don't forget to vote for what I'll be writing next (Voting to the left, descriptions of the possible stories in the blogpost before this one)... voting ends on Wed. Right now Marriage Training is in the lead.

And here's a little teaser for Winning Hand:

To her surprise, Todd didn't take her to their bedroom, he took her to one of the free rooms upstairs that they hadn't decorated yet. They'd talked about making a few of the rooms into guest rooms or an office, but this particular room they hadn't agreed on yet. There was nothing in it at the moment and the floors were hardwood with no padding. She really hoped he didn't want to christen this room today because it didn't seem like it would be very comfortable for either of them. Unless of course they used the wall...

Todd stood behind her, one hand splayed across her stomach, the other caressing her hip. Hot breath on the side of her neck, through her hair, made her shiver as she leaned back against him, her hands resting on the one he had on her stomach. 

"So, I think I know what I want to do with this room," Todd whispered in her ear, his tongue flicking over her earlobe.  Allison felt like she wanted to melt, like she actually was putty in his hands.  That had always seemed like a cliche saying to her, but as his hands began to move over her body, inflaming her senses, she actually felt like she was something to be molded by him. Like she would sink down to the floor if it wasn't for his hands and arms holding her up, his long, hard body available for her to lean on.  The bulge in his jeans pressed against her ass and lower back and she rocked against him, enjoying the way his breath hitched.

"What do you want to do with it?" she asked in a husky voice.  The emptiness of the room made their voices echo even though they were speaking softly.

"I want to fill it with toys."

"For all the good boys and girls?"

"Well, for one girl who is not always good." Todd bit down on her sensitive earlobe and she gasped, her muscles quivering as she went up on her toes for a moment. Her breasts thrust forward and he squeezed one hard, his fingers searching for her nipple through the fabric of her shirt and bra.  Allison shuddered as liquid heat seemed to travel from her ear and breast straight to her pussy, she could feel her slick folds rubbing against the inside of her underwear as her restless movements caused the seam of her tight jeans to shift and slide against her. "And sometimes is very bad."

She moaned. "I like that idea."

"Good. I'll start tomorrow.  But after today, you're not allowed back in here until I bring you in. I want everything to be a surprise."

And with that, Todd turned Allison around and flipped her over his shoulder. If she hadn't been so turned on she'd probably be laughing. Instead, as he carried her back to their bedroom, she worked her hands into the back of his pants and did her best to grab at his butt, enjoying the way his muscles flexed beneath her hands while he walked. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Vote for My Next Series

When I first mentioned that I'd be finishing Witch, I think I said it would be finished in two more chapters. I think I lied. I think I'm only going to need the one to wrap things up satisfactorily. Which I'm pretty happy about, to be honest. Not that I don't want to finish the stuff that I've left unfinished, but truthfully, I'm a lot more interested in writing new stuff. Not surprising. But I hate it when authors leave stories unfinished so I really am going to do my best to finish all the series that I started and never completed.

And of course, I'm working on my books as well.  I am really chugging my way through Winning Hand, the third (and final) book in the Poker Loser Trilogy.  I don't know how long my current writing pace will be able to continue since I'm also about to enter the 'busy season' of my day job and that's going to be taking up a lot of my time since I'll be working overtime and whatnot. Trying to get as much done as I can.  At the moment I have Winning Hand slated to come out this Winter and Venus Transcendent to come out this Spring. I haven't tried to guess a concrete month for either yet.  I'm aiming for February for Winning Hand though. I just don't think I'll quite have it done before the end of January, despite how much work I've been doing on it. At the moment I think I'm about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way done with it. Things are moving along nicely, it's just a matter of getting it all written out.

As usual I'm a bit torn about what to write next. Since I think I'm going to be done with Witch very soon. Asking you to vote on what to write next worked out very well the last time - Being the Maid was definitely a big hit - so I figured I'd ask for votes on my next series again =) To be honest, I also like getting reader input on what I'm going to be writing next, not just because it helps me decide but because it makes me feel like I'm giving something back to the readers who support me.

So... here are the options, I'm in the kind of mood where I could be happy working on any of them. Voting tab is to the left, voting will remain open until Wednesday January 10th at which point I will start working on the story with the most votes:

1. "Complete" the Instruction series. A lot of people asked for a furthering of the story - I haven't written an outline for it  yet, but it will def involve introducing men into the equation.

2. Becoming His Baby Girl - a Daddy Dom is asked to take over care of a friend's niece after she was abandoned by her father who ran off with a younger woman. She's been placing her Uncle in the role of Daddy and has been exhibiting a lot of brat behavior, Uncle is a Dom and recognizes the characteristics of a Baby-Girl in her so asks his friend to intervene.

3. Marriage Training - Set in the Victorian Era - a penniless nobleman sells his daughter to Mrs. Cunningham's Training School which guarantees a good match within the nobility following training. The school quietly specializes in training brides for men with specific tastes within the ton, giving them social graces, etiquette training, etc. as well as preparing them for the special requirements the men have in the bedroom.

4. Material Girl - A Loving Wives story - Wife has been cheating on her husband because she's rather shallow/materialistic and doesn't appreciate him. Husband finds out and hatches revenge/blackmail plan with his best friend to teach her a lesson, and win her back but only if she learns to appreciate him and his love for her.

5. Freaky Friday - This one would be a little bit like my House of Fantasy series in that each chapter would star different characters who may or may not have any connection to characters from other chapters.  The basic gist is two people switching bodies and learning about themselves in the process. I have a number of scenarios - 2 female enemies switch bodies, a husband and wife switch bodies, 2 female best friends switch bodies and give each other permission to get it on with the hubbies, male and female best friends who secretly have crushes on each other but are dating other people switch bodies, etc.

Vote and I'll know what you're most interested in seeing from me next!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Original Outline: Being the Maid

I was talking to my husband about how much my longer stories change from when I first write the outline till when I get to the end.  Especially when I'm writing a book, my outlines go through many, many changes, which I often mention on my blog.  He said I should put up the outlines on my blog, because people might be interested in seeing how the story changed from my first conception of it to the actual finished product.  I thought that was a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately I don't have the original outlines (or even the second outlines) for any of the Venus stories, I tend to throw the old outlines away - although I'll probably stop doing that now and just post them on my blog later if you guys indicate that you like reading the outlines.

What I do have is the original outline for Being the Maid.  This is exactly what I wrote down in my little notebook of ideas, word for word. I didn't ever write a new outline, despite the changes that it went through and the fact that the actual story diverged greatly from the outline that I originally wrote, so I only have the one outline to share. But I think it might interest some people to see just how different the final product ended up being from my first thoughts about how it would go, as the characters and story developed. Personally, I'm much happier with the way things ended up going than I would have been if I'd forced myself to stick to the outline... that's just how writing goes sometimes.

So here we are... the way it was supposed to happen:

1. Maid & Lady are captured by 4 bandits. Leader (sadist) takes the Lady, other 3 get the maid. Garrett, handsome, almost caring, smart and charismatic. Blaine, indifferent to her, uses her. Samuel, almost as sadistic as leader, doles out any punishments. The 3 use her until they're sated - she also sees some of her lady's ordeal & tends to her after.

2. Lady takes out anger on her. Morning starts with Sam using her. Garrett tends to her body, confusing her. The men agree to take turns of nights with her. Blaine gets her first.

3. Night with Samuel.

4. Night with Garrett.

5. Her lady tries to escape - trades places with her maid for a night.

6. Same and Blaine go on a mission, leaving her with Garrett for two nights.

7. Sam and Blaine return and use her hard.

8. Garrett goes on a mission - makes his fortune, decides to leave bandits but wants to take her with him. Fight breaks out, ends with Samuel and leader dead. Garrett takes her and Blaine takes lady. They travel and consider escape but have nowhere to go. Garrett treats her like a lady, her mistress is getting jealous.

9. Lady tries to seduce Garrett, maid realizes she's jealous because she has feelings for him, runs. Garrett hunts her down, makes her confess. They separate from Lady & Blaine and head off for a new life together.

And that's Being the Maid. At least, the way it started off. It's amazing how much characters can change a storyline once they start really settling into their own identities.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions

So every year we all make resolutions, but I'm a little different. I have a habit of fulfilling mine. =) Crazy right? I tend to think of them as goals rather than resolutions. This year seems especially important because I'm turning 30 in August and there are some things that I feel I should have experienced by the time I'm thirty that I have not yet. I've separated my goals into two categories: Life and Writing
Life Goals for 2013
1. Go to Hooters. I've never been. I know, they aren't that great, but it seems like everyone except me has been to one.
2. Go to a strip club. People are legitimately shocked when I tell them I've never been. Heck, I'm shocked. LOL.
3. Lose weight. My weight went up this year and so did my blood sugar. Need to work on the not becoming a diabetic thing.
4. Fully pay off at least one credit card, preferably two.
Writing Goals for 2013
1. Finish the two books series that I've already started (Poker Loser and Venus Rising)
2. Publish at least one Stronghold book
3. Win another contest on Literotica
4. Complete at least three series that I started for Literotica and never finished
Those seem like pretty good goals for the year =) Anyone else got some goals that they want to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!
Happy New Year!!!!!