Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bound to the Past Teaser

I asked on Facebook whether people wanted the first Bound to the Past teaser to be from the past or from the present, and 99% said past.  I wasn't that surprised LOL.  

I had hoped to have the book out by now, but I've fallen very behind on pretty much everything in life ever since my grandfather passed away.  Some of it's trouble with motivation, some of it is that I fell behind and then with every new thing that I need to do, I end up falling even further behind.  Kind of sucks.  The good news is that I found my old therapist still practicing and am setting up an appointment for next week.  Lately I feel like I'm kind of in a fog most of the time and I need to get out of it and get back into really being me and getting the things done that I want to get done.  The other good news is that I'm somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way finished with Bound to the Past and I'm pretty sure I'll have it out by the end of September - although I will not be putting it up for pre-order, because I'm too far behind.  Going back to the old way of doing things until I can catch up!

I did manage to finish a story for Literotica yesterday, so keep an eye out for a new story by me in the next few days on there.  To demonstrate how foggy I am - I can't remember what I ended up calling it, but I do think it's one of the better stories I've put up on the site recently.  

Anyway.  What you really want - teaser.  Unedited.


"Yes, yes, yes, please, more!"
She arched her back, thrusting out her shoulders and her bottom as the whip fell.  Each time it landed, pain slashed through her, followed quickly by a pleasurable high that sent her soaring.  Her pussy throbbed around the vibrator inside of it, set on low, tormenting her with its minimal stimulation.  That torment only added to the arousal pulsing through her.
The whip slashed upwards, across her buttocks, and she shuddered with the sheer, sinful pleasure of it.  She felt like she was lost in an erotic haze, a head space that she only reached during a thorough whipping.  The pain was addictive, explosive, mingling with rising ecstasy.  She relished it even as it burned and stung her nerve endings.  
"More... please... harder..."
Pain sliced, agony flared across her shoulders.  Yes.
"Jesus Christ, Kathy!"  
Hands fumbled around her, a panicked voice, her limbs suddenly coming from from the wooden St. Andrew's Cross she was bound to.  
"No!"  She clung to the wood, not willing to relinquish the moment, not wanting to return yet - her craving hadn't been satisfied, her need not fulfilled.  They couldn't stop now!
"I'm sorry, Kathy, I'm so sorry...  Jesus Christ, you're bleeding."
Andy's panic finally registered in her brain, followed by his words.  Bleeding?  She was bleeding?  There was liquid running down her back.  Her blood?  The fog in her mind turned to glass and shattered, sending her crashing back to reality.  The endorphins that had protected her suddenly weren't enough.  The pain was agonizing - a single cut across her shoulders that did more than burn. 
She whimpered, clinging to her boyfriend's strong arms as he helped her down from the cross, her legs unable to support her.  The couch suddenly loomed in front of her and he helped her down on it, on her stomach.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck..."  Andy's sheer dismay and horror made her want to shrivel in on herself.  "I shouldn't have... not this hard.  This was too hard, Kathy, we shouldn't have... fuck..."
Humiliation seared her, making her shrink in further as she felt his gentle hands pressing something soft against her back, in an effort to stop the bleeding.  She asked for it.  Wanted it.  But... Andy thought it was wrong.  The bleeding bothered her a little, but she'd wanted that pain... needed it.  She'd needed more.  She felt so empty inside now, aching from the lack of satisfaction and from his disapproval.  
"I'm sorry... I'm going to - just stay here."
His panic didn't detract from the dominance in his voice, the expectation that she would follow his command.  And she did, feeling lost and confused, grateful for the order that allowed her to remain in place, trying to understand what was wrong with her that she could be bleeding and still not feel complete.
Andy came back, it seemed only moments later to her fuzzy brain.  Something cold pressed against the burning slash on her back, making her squeal. 
"Sorry, sunshine, I'm so sorry... Fuck, I can't believe I did this."
The pain in his voice made her heart hurt.  She reached out, blinking as she tried to focus on him.  Coffee colored skin, black hair, eyes so dark brown they looked black.  Filled with worry and guilt.
"Shhh, it's okay, I told you to, I wanted you to."  She patted his leg, trying to comfort him.
"You can't have wanted this... fuck, this is just wrong.  It's sick.  I made you bleed."
Wrong.  She was wrong.  Sick.  Because she had wanted it.  Wouldn't have called a stop to it.  The pain had been so delicious, made her feel so euphoric.  She wouldn't have stopped  him even if she'd realized she was bleeding.  She'd wanted more.  Heaven help her she still did.  
There was something wrong with her.  
She whimpered.
"Sorry, sunshine, I'm sorry, fuck... I think we need to take you to the hospital."
"No!  No hospital!"  They would have to explain how she'd been hurt.  They would call her in case of emergency number.  They'd tell her parents what she and Andrew were doing.  No, no, no, no...
"You're not thinking straight, Kathy, you were in subspace and now you're dropping-"
"No, promise me, no hospital!  I won't go, I won't!" She started to thrash, and he pressed his hand down on her lower back. 
"Okay, okay... stop moving, no hospital... fuck."

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What Rude Waitstaff?

Ok seriously... HUGE pet peeve of mine when I'm reading a book - the rude waitress who completely ignores the heroine, heavily flirts with the hero who (somehow) is completely oblivious, and is occasionally outright nasty to the heroine.


First of all, I've never seen this happen.  Ever.  I spent years working in the restaurant industry.  I have friends who still work in the restaurant industry.  I have never seen / heard of this happening.  I've never talked to anyone to whom this has happened or even seen anything on Facebook about this happening... so why the heck does it happen in like, every other romance novel?  As if this is somehow common?

A server might flirt, if they think that the person they're flirting with is single, but no one is going to jeopardize their tip money just because someone is hot.  Tip money is INCOME.  Servers don't make that much.  Income is important.  Insulting a chick who is out with a hot guy is not as important as rent, food, utilities, etc.  Not even to the younger servers who are still living with their parents or going to school.  They are working for a reason, and it's not just for fun.  Jeopardizing that, especially by being awful enough that a manager should really be called over, is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Also, as an aside, if you're ever out with someone, and the server DOES completely ignore you and act like a total jerk, and your date "doesn't notice," ditch the date.  Because they should notice if you're being completely ignored or if the server is being rude to you.

But it won't happen.  Because it doesn't happen.

Do you have any idea how many hot men I served every day in the restaurant?  Plenty of whom were single and wanted my number?

Besides which, TIP MONEY.  No one's going to jeopardize their income to flirt with a dude, who will probably then leave a shitty tip because you've been rude to his girlfriend.  Or sister.  Or friend.  Or whatever.

It's one of the stupidest romance tropes and it drives me nuts.

On to my own writing... Bound to the Past is going slowly but surely.  Real life has settled a bit and so I have more time to write.  Yay!  =)  I'm really enjoying Kate and Andrew and getting into both their past and their present.  They're fascinating to me, especially because they really did both get over each other and yet they're still connected and have all this past history, and new feelings for each other.  So much is the same and yet different.

It's fun =)

So that's what's going on with me now... ranting and writing WOOT!