Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - Jealousy


“My lady, would you like to experience some of what the Society has to offer?”

Anthony jerked his head around and scowled when he saw Lord Conyngham bowing to Miss Stuart. He had gotten close without Anthony even realizing. The rake was well known among tonnish circles, sometimes skating close to the line but never stepping a toe over it. While he was happy to take lovers among the most scandalous ladies of the ton, he never, ever touched a debutante or cause a lady’s ruin. Discretion was his byword.

If he’d known Miss Stuart was a debutante, he would have never approached her, but Anthony could hardly inform him of the fact, despite the jealousy now ripping through him. If Miss Stuart attempted to go off with the cad, instead of staying by Anthony’s side…

Suffice to say, she had better not.

“Thank you, monsieur, but Captain Browne is taking care of me admirably,” Miss Stuart replied throatily. Behind her mask, Anthony could see her green eyes dancing with amusement.

“I can see that he is an adequate escort, but when it comes to actually experience everything the Society has to offer, he seems woefully behind.” Conyngham’s grin grew when Anthony scowled at him.

“She said she’s fine,” he snapped, his arm muscle tightening and pulling Miss Stuart closer to him. It did not feel like enough, not with Conyngham eying her up and down like he was considering a dive into her exposed cleavage, and Anthony pulled loose his arm so he could wrap it possessively around her.

“We could always share,” Conyngham suggested devilishly. He looked meaningfully at Miss Stuart. “Have you ever-“

“Mine.” Anthony growled the word and swung her away from Conyngham, whose quiet laughter followed them down the hall as he directed her to the next room.

“Did you just try to claim me?” It was impossible to tell from Miss Stuart’s tone of voice how she felt about that.

Yes, he had.

No he did not want to talk about it.

“It is the only thing men like him understand,” Anthony said shortly. Which was doing Conyngham a disservice – he understood and respected the meaning of the word ‘no’ but he also enjoyed needling his contemporaries. Anthony cleared his throat. “That is to say…”

He groped for the correct words to negate his slander of Conyngham’s character while still protecting himself from exposing his own feelings.

“Oh, I believe I know what you meant to say.” Miss Stuart smiled serenely, giving Anthony the very uncomfortable feeling that she did know what he meant to say. Tugging his arm slightly, she pulled him toward one of the doors coming up. “Let us check in here.”

The room was empty when she opened it, as sometimes happened at Society events. Not every room was in use all the time. Anthony sighed, and then startled when she pulled him into the room anyway.


The door kicked shut behind them and grabbed his lapels, pulling him in for a kiss.

Duty warred with desire and the latter won out.

They had already spoken with quite a few members of the Society and heard the same refrain over and over again. Besides which, there were three others also investigating. If Miss Stuart wanted an illicit rendezvous with him…

Wrapping his arms around her, Anthony pulled her solidly against him, taking over the kiss with fervor. Miss Stuart moaned against his lips, squirming in his arms as his cock hardened.

Pressing her up against the door, he felt around for the lock… and found the door was lacking one.

Anthony tore his mouth away from hers to check. His eyes scanned up and down, searching for what he already knew was not there.

“No lock,” he said, as Miss Stuart turned her head to see what he was looking at. She cursed low under her breath. “Never mind. We will stay up against the door.”


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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Spy Saturday! - FREE Book!


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Friday, August 26, 2022

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

TBT - Free Historical Spanking Romance!


Throwback Thursday to Philip's Rules which is now free for a limited time! CLICK HERE to download it from your favorite retailer.

When I first started writing the Bridal Discipline series I really wanted to write a different kind of spanking romance heroine - I wanted one who tried to be a good girl and was ultimately empowered by her spankings. So that's why Cordelia's punishments often happen after she's allowed others (namely her stepdaughter) to push her around due to her own insecurities.

I also wanted to have fun with a new kink, which is why she and Philip are always sneaking around and almost getting caught having sex in other people's houses during parties and balls LOL. I'm not sure what it would be called - it's sorta exhibitionist but they aren't ACTUALLY being watched. They do love the danger and the risk though.

I had so much fun writing this book and it's such a great kickoff to the series. Even as I was writing it I knew that Felix and Gabrielle would be next, and I was so excited to redeem Gabrielle.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - Her Excuse is that She Wants Him



Bloody hell. Bloody Captain Browne. Bloody betraying body.

Because she should be resisting him, should be fighting him, but the bloody man tipped her over his lap and her body lit up like the fireworks at Vauxhall. She should not like this as much as she did.

On the other hand, as long as she did like it, why deny herself the pleasure?

You are treading into dangerous waters.

The warning bells trilling in her head were not nearly as strong as the demands of her body. From the moment he’d picked her up over his shoulder and carried her off, Evie had been struggling with her desire. She could have forced him to let her go, but she used the excuse of not wanting to draw too much attention to them as a reason not to fight. Now she was over his lap, and what was her excuse?

A rough hand ran over the sensitive skin of her bottom and Evie had to bite back a moan.

My excuse is that I want him to do this.

Any other man and she would have been fighting like a hellcat, but with Captain Browne, all the things that should infuriate her made her want to purr for him.

“I said you would be allowed to help with the investigation.” Captain Browne lifted his hand and brought it down hard on her upturned arse, making Evie gasp at the hot sting of flesh meeting flesh. The pain was brief, stoking the arousal already churning in her core. “Only one person can be in charge and that is me.”

His hand came down again, making Evie squirm. Was it her imagination or was he spanking her harder than he had before? Evie closed her eyes, trying to ignore his voice and focus on the sensations. The way her skin tingled where he’d spanked her. The growing heat in her belly. The slick wetness between her thighs and the pleasure that rushed through her when she pushed her hips forward, rubbing her front against his hard thigh.

She could feel his cock pressing into her side, so she knew he was not unaffected by this either.

Two more swats came down on her bare bottom, one on each cheek, and Evie did gasp as his hand landed on spots that were already smarting from his previous smacks.

“If you wanted to come to the Tramp’s Den, you should have told me so.”

Two more swats.

“Would you shut up?” She turned to look at him over her shoulder. “You are ruining it.”

Captain Browne stared back at her with bemusement, his hand frozen in the air where it had been about to descend again.

“Ruin what?”

“My spanking! Stop talking!”

The utter disbelief that filled his eyes was almost comical, and if she was not so aroused and frustrated by his incessant chatter, she would have laughed.

“There is no point to punishing you if we do not go over why you are being punished. You put yourself over my knee easily enough. You know you have earned this, but-” That was enough of that, Evie shook her head, cutting him off.

“I am not letting you spank me because I think I deserve it.” The big oaf would think that. “I am letting you spank me because I like it.”


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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Scintillating Sunday - Spy Season!


Today's teaser is a little unusual cuz this book is already out and it's FREE! Click here to pick it up from your favorite retailer =) 



The sound of wood splintering behind her, Evie shrieked, even though she’d been expecting it.

The sight that met the soldier’s eyes was exactly what she’d intended—a gentleman and a whore, too involved in their physical pleasure to have noticed what happening on the lower floor. They were hardly the only ones, going by the shrieks and shouts she heard coming from the other rooms.

For one brief moment, as she’d felt the captain’s cock sliding into her, she’d actually forgotten the incoming threat, which added verisimilitude to her performance.

She’d carefully staged the tableau so the soldiers got a good glimpse of her bottom and the captain’s cock stuffed into her quim as soon as they came through the door. She was counting on them being far more interested in looking at that than at his face or the contents of the fireplace.

The cravat was burning merrily, but the evidence remained if one looked closely.

Evie wanted to be sure no one looked until the evidence was gone.

Turning her head and her upper torso, she kept bouncing on the captain’s cock as she widened her eyes at the sight of soldiers in the door. Two of them had actually come into the room, and one of them was standing in the hall. All three of them were watching her rise and fall, their gazes intent on her buttocks.

She allowed her pace to slow, sinking down on the captain until he was fully embedded inside her, trying not to think about how good he felt.

“What is it? What is happening?”

“Apologies… I… we…” the young soldier in the front stammered.

“Get out. Can’t you see we’re busy in here?” the captain snarled, his hands moving from her breasts down to her hips. Evie moaned and wriggled atop him, rising and falling slightly, though not to the degree she had before.

The third soldier, the one in the doorway, coughed and muttered something.

“Apologies. Please, do go on.” The soldiers retreated, pulling the door shut behind them. Only then did Evie sigh with relief, going up on her knees.

Her eyes widened when the captain’s fingers tightened on her hips.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The words came out in a low growl, far too low for anyone beyond the door to hear it, if they were even listening.

Despite her attraction to the man, Evie narrowed her eyes. Not even her uncle, the Spymaster to the Crown, succeeded in ordering her about. She was not about to let a near-stranger do so—regardless of their current… intimate circumstances.

“This was to save your life.” She waved her hand between the two of them. “Not for… pleasure.”

If she had thought of another way to divert suspicion from him, she would have. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. Even if someone remembered him from earlier, they would hardly suspect a man who was balls deep in a ladybird when he was a spy who had an important meeting.

The captain’s dark eyes were intent on hers, one eyebrow raising as if to question her intelligence.

“And if they return to find we have already ended our activities?” Before Evie could react or respond, the captain lifted his hips up, lifting her up as well, and he rolled.

With his greater weight and strength, not to mention his cock still filling her, there was little Evie could do to counter him. She ended up on her back, breathlessly staring up at him, with his hands pinning her wrists on either side of her head. A thrill unlike any she’d ever felt rushing through her, she clenched around his cock as her body responded to being overset.

Never in her life…

Because she would have never allowed it.

So, why was it so exciting when he overpowered her?

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