Saturday, November 30, 2013

Little Extras Just For You!

So, I like to think that reading my blog is worthwhile for all of you who do, but I also like to think that one of the reasons it IS worthwhile is because you get to find out little things about the characters / books that you wouldn't otherwise get to know.

Just in case you didn't know, I have Pinterest Boards for all of my books and I currently have a complete Marriage Training board (now that the story is complete) if you want to see all the characters who were featured in it =)  After it comes out as a book the board name will change to reflect the series and I'll start adding other pictures as I work on the series, but at the moment, it's a completed board.

If you read Stronghold and were completely sidetracked by the description of the salted caramel butter bars... guess what?!  They're a real thing!  I really did find them on Pinterest.  I really did make them.  And the conversation between Leigh and Angel as they eat them is remarkably similar to that of my best friend and I.  She came over for a girls' day the first time I made them.  Funny enough, like Leigh, if I remember correctly, she was having man troubles that weekend too.  And yes, the butter bars made it all better.  LOL.

As you know, I've started on Taken by the Wolf and the first chapter is up.  I'm about a third of the way through the second chapter.  Comments are already starting to make me think about things that I hadn't really focused on yet (like the Wolf's motivations and why the Moon families let him get away with it) and I've come up with some cool answers (I think) that will be revealed as the story goes along. 

This past weekend I didn't get a ton of writing done, but I did get some done, all on Seduction by Spanking.  I'm really hoping to get that out sometime in February if not before.  And it's going really well.  I'm having fun expounding on the previous characters' relationships, developing Wesley and Cynthia's and forwarding the plot line for the fourth book between Alex and Grace a little bit.  Yay!  And in the meantime, I'm letting Rick and Maria percolate in my head a little bit because she's having a bit of a personality crises, but I think she'll be falling in line soon and then I can get started in earnest... although I have already written the first bit of the book anyway.  And yes, there is a picture of her up on the Stronghold pinterest board if you're interested in taking a peek. I've got all the characters from Stronghold up there as well.

So those are my fun little tidbits for you!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... hopefully I'll have good news about submitting Chapter 2 of Taken by the Wolf by the end of this week!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I love Thanksgiving.  Not quite as much as I love Christmas, but pretty close.  Mostly because I see a lot of people who take large chunks of their lives for granted and I like to think that today, maybe, they look around and realize all the blessings they have and they are appreciative of them and of the people who bring those blessings to them.

So this year... I want to go over some of the things I'm particularly thankful for.

I'm thankful towards Literotica for being such a wonderful platform for providing stories and entertainment.  The internet is truly an amazing place, and as frustrated as I can get sometimes with the website (and especially how long it takes my chapters to post), there are people behind the scenes who work hard on it and make it a wonderful and open place where all sorts of people who are interested in many different things can gather together.  And it allows us to reach out and find each other and say "Hey... I'm not alone... there's a lot of other people interested in the same kinky shit as me!"  I think that's wonderful.

I'm thankful for my fans... for the people who have left me comments and sent me emails, all of which keep me motivated to keep writing (honestly, I'm a feedback whore... you put in feedback and the writing machine works better!).  I'm incredibly thankful for those of you who started pushing me to make stuff available on Amazon last year.  While I will probably never be able to quit my day job, it's SUCH an incredible boost for me to know that I am a published writer and that people actually WANT to read what I'm putting out there.  I absolutely do not take it for granted and I know that I wouldn't be doing that if it wasn't for all of you.  I'm especially thankful to those of you who read this blog and continue to make me feel like I'm interesting and worthwhile =)

I'm especially thankful towards those of you who leave me reviews on Amazon and Smashwords.  It only takes a minute, but it makes a huge difference to me.  Even the people who leave reviews like "ugh, why would any woman want to be spanked?!" leave me with a good laugh because hey... sometimes stupid people are so dumb it's funny (I mean seriously, how hard it is to read a book description before you buy it?).

I'm thankful for my husband, who is ever supportive of me (and helping me with research ;)  I'm especially thankful of my friends and family, who know what I do and, whether or not they know my penname, think it's awesome.

And I'm thankful for the never ending stories that are running through my head, the people who constantly give me suggestions and ideas for new stories and on how to improve the stories I'm putting out there, and for the many little worlds that I get to inhabit and share with all of you.  I won't lie, I understand that it's a gift and not one that everyone is blessed with.  I just happy to be uncommonly lucky, and even more lucky that I type REALLY freaking fast and enjoy writing.  I'm also thankful that I have a day job that allows me to keep doing what I love on the side.

So yeah.  There's a lot to be thankful for... what about you?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taken by the Wolf

YAY!  Literotica got the first chapter of my new series, Taken by the Wolf, up and out before Thanksgiving!!!!  I find that very exciting because I wasn't sure whether or not they would =)

Super happy... hopefully people will leave feedback (*hint*hint*)... what's already there is encouraging! 

Anyway, that's all I have to say today ;)  Hope everyone that's celebrating has a good holiday weekend!  And for any of you that are celebrating this year's once-in-a-lifetime event, Happy Hanukka!  (For those of you who don't know, I say once-in-a-lifetime because the next time it coincides with Thanksgiving it will be the year 7-something!)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Moving On

Been a while since I rambled...

Lately there have been some comments left on either Amazon stories or Lit that make me face palm.  With Amazon it's usually because they say something in their comment that they didn't like about the book, that if they'd just read the book description or the Author's note they would have known before even BUYING the book lol.  There was one who didn't like that Dealing With Discipline had so many spankings and punishments and didn't understand why the women would be aroused by it... um... did you even LOOK at the book description?  On Lit... for some reason my Loving Wives stories have been getting a bit more attention again and people have been commenting on those - my favorite was the one who said that the husband should have gone to get professional help to deal with his issues rather than throwing his wife into infidelity.  Um... then it wouldn't have been a Loving Wives story, would it? LOL.  I do love it when people act like the characters might be real, but sometimes it goes a little far.

Still, gives me a pretty good laugh even as I face palm.

I truly do enjoy constructive criticism, but there's a lot of criticism that comes my way that either isn't at all constructive or shows me that the person giving it entirely missed the point of the story.  La.  But that's just part of writing, I suppose.  It was like that in my English classes as well (I was a creative writing focus... shocking right?  I always wonder what my professors would think of what I did with my degree hahahahaha).  The nice thing about having written for a class was that part of it was learning how to deal with criticism, constructive and otherwise, and also how to give it.

Been feeling a bit bad lately because I can't read as many other people's stories as I would like to.  There are a lot of authors out there that I'd like to spend more time checking out, especially on Lit, but I just don't have the time.  And when I do have a bit of free time, my first thought is usually "I should really work on a story."

And then of course I have my social life and the holidays and blah blah blah.  Nerding out tonight and going to see the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special - the Day of the Doctor - in THEATERS!  WOOT! Because sometimes I just need to take a break from the sexy stuff.  And also because I'm a giant nerd.

Speaking of the sexy stuff... I'm waiting on pins and needles for the first chapter of Taken by the Wolf to be released on Lit.  I'm dying to know what people think.  After writing a super popular story like Marriage Training turned out to be, I'm always nervous about starting a new one.  Will people like it as much?  If they don't, will they be mean about it?  lol.  Which I think might be part of why I chose to write Wolf instead of the other series I was considering, which was about a family set in Victorian times.  I wanted to get as far away from Marriage Training as possible and write about something so completely different that it would be impossible to compare them.  So we're set in the future, instead of the past, there's not a school involved (I do like those school storylines, don't I?), and I'm already planning for a bit of a love story but there's also a tried and true villain!

I should warn you all, there's going to be quite a bit of exploration - on my part - in Wolf.  There's going to be MF sex as well as MFM, MM, MMF, FF, etc.  Pretty much every combination I could possible do.  I'm also going to explore a bunch of fetishes / kinks that I haven't really done as much with in the past, and lots that I have - plenty of bondage, anal, whips and chains, but also electricity, fisting, cock & ball torture, age-play, pet-play, medical play, etc.  However, I will be staying away from blood and needle play and I don't think I'll be doing golden showers or anything.  But lots of mindfucks!  Honestly, I think I'm going to enjoy the psychological stuff as much as the physical.

Dammit... now I've got myself all excited about getting feedback again, because I'm talking about the story and I don't know when Lit is actually going to release the first chapter!  Bah.  LOL.  I'm just dying to know what people think.  And in the meantime, I'm also working on the second chapter, as well as Seduction by Spanking (I think I'm about a fourth of the way through), a second book for Dark Angel about centaurs, and I've started the very beginning of Rick Winter's book, Taming the Tease, as well as a couple other small projects that I give my attention to when I can.  Bah.  Sometimes I think it's amazing my head doesn't explode.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Now Available: Final Chapter of Marriage Training!

Both happy and sad!  The final chapter of Marriage Training is now out on Literotica!

I am sad to say goodbye to Gabriel and Vivian... but at the same time I'm also excited to be moving on to my next project.  And I do love seeing how people feel about the ending.  This particular story ended up being quite a bit more romantic than I originally planned... hopefully I ended up marrying the romantic part and the darker parts well.  Cuz I had wanted it to be a lot darker.

I've already submitted the first chapter of my next series, Taken by the Wolf, to Lit... so hopefully that'll be out next week!  Between the holiday contest and Thanksgiving, who knows... but one can hope.  Sooooo looking forward to that one, mostly because I already know I'll be able to include romance for those soft at heart out there, but that it will in no way detract from the darker stuff and the mind fuck that I'm going to have going on.  Very much looking forward to it!

If you haven't checked out my previous two blog posts... def do cuz you're missing out!  I've got a new release under a new penname (and thank you Sir Nick for writing a review!!!!) and yesterday I posted a teaser for Seduction by Spanking, the third book in the Domestic Discipline Quartet, which is coming along wonderfully.

So yeah... lots to enjoy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teaser: Seduction by Spanking

Just as promised, it's teaser week!  I couldn't wait until Thanksgiving to share another little peek of Cynthia and Wesley with you!  Next teaser will probably give a glimpse into one of the other couples.  Both of them have bits of their story that aren't finished yet and so are continuing into this book.  Right now I'm working on a particularly intriguing scene between Edwin and Eleanor... he's agreed to give up control in the bedroom for once and she's taking full advantage of it.  I'm not sure how long he'll last though!  Hahahaha.

By the way, if you haven't had a chance yet, check out yesterday's blog... I've got a new penname and a new release under that name.  It's not free anymore, but it's still only 99 cents for now!  I'm sorry to those who don't have Kindles (I've missed you Gem!) =/   Someone did tell me that even without a Kindle, if you buy Kindle items you can read them if you have the google cloud?  Not sure if people feel that's a viable option, but it's supposed to work that way I think.

Anyway. Back to the matters at hand... teaser time!  Enjoy =)

Sighing, Cynthia trotted gamely after Lord Spencer, frowning down at her dress as she did so.  She'd never been so easily dismissed by a man, especially not with her bosom so exposed.  Men did like her bosom, she'd found, and most of them were easily distracted when given a good view of it.  Lord Spencer had looked, but only for a moment and then he'd moved on to other things.
Maybe he was one of those men who preferred other dishes?
He certainly didn't seem the type though.  Of course she was only going by rumors about the men in question, but they did seem to dress a great deal fancier than Lord Spencer.  The Earl looked as if he didn't care a fig for his appearance, at least not when it came to style.  Though she thought he might be the most dashingly attractive man she'd ever seen.
Tall, shoulders as broad as a soldiers, and those pants hugged his legs tightly enough that unless he was wearing some very clever pads, he had most superbly muscled legs she'd ever seen.  Too bad he was apparently a stuffed shirt despite his roguish reputation and dress.
When they reached his study, Lord Spencer didn't turn to look at her until he'd reached his desk.  
"Close the door."  Once she had, he nodded at the chair in front of his desk.  It was a large, cushy armchair with broad arms.  More than once she'd snuck into the study for a quiet place to read, on those rare occasions when she was in the mood.  The chair was incredibly comfortable, not to mention welcoming.  
From his position leaning against the desk it would also give him quite a view down into her cleavage.  Cynthia smiled.  Maybe he wasn't as immune to her as he appeared.  That was a nice thought.  Although he just scowled at her even more when he saw her smiling. 
With another sigh, she moved across the room and settled down into the chair.  Again his eyes flicked down into her bosom and then away before coming back to her face.  It didn't look as though he was having any trouble keeping his gaze away from her exposed skin either.  
"Explain yourself."
"Explain myself?" she asked rather wonderingly.  How did one explain oneself?  She was just... herself.
Lord Spencer glared at her.  "Where were you, who were you with and why did you go?"
Oh, explain her actions.  Nearly as difficult as explaining herself when it came right down to it.  "I was out, with no one, because I was bored."
She'd found, over the years, that it was best to keep things simple when she lied.  The more vague she was and the less she had to remember, the easier it was to stick to her story.
Unfortunately Lord Spencer just looked even angrier.  Quicker than a snake he had his hand around her arm and she found herself lifted out of the chair, and just as quickly yanked her back down so that she was over his lap.  Squealing, she threw her hands out in front of her, pressing them against the ground so that she didn't slide right off of his thighs.  An iron bar was placed across her back, holding her securely in place, and her skirts were thrown up, followed by a quick jerk of fabric that pulled down her drawers.

"OUCH! Stop!"  Outraged, Cynthia bucked, but it was completely useless as his hard palm came down on the other side of her buttocks to give her a matching handprint. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Release: Demon Duo


I now have an alternate personality.

This is something that I've been wanting to do for a REALLY long time and have been trying to get my crap together for almost half a year now to get it done.  A while ago I noticed that there are a LOT of short stories on Amazon that are selling for the same price as my full length books.  And I was like man... what do I do to get into that market?

Well, a lot of it is the darker side of erotica, or the kinkier side - the breeding fantasies, dubious consent, supernatural creatures, pseudo-incest, etc.  Really it doesn't have anything on Lit, but the quality is supposed to be better.  So I've been working on revamping some of my Literotica works, which is nothing new, but it's aimed at a particular crowd.  Eventually I want to add some fetish works as well - breeding erotica, age-play, pet play, etc.

My new penname is Dark Angel and her first book is out - the Demon Duo.  It's a two in one and for today and today only, it's free.  That's the bonus of reading my blog.  Even after today it's only 99 cents... until I get the next book out.  Then it goes up to $2.99 like the other shorts in this genre.  Personally I'm not a fan of pricing books that high when they're short, but it seems to be working for other people, so I figured why not try it?  But new books by Dark Angel will always be 99 cents until the next book comes out.  I figure that's the best way to do it. 

Anyway, pick up the freebie (and please leave a review!) and I hope you enjoy my new alter-ego!  New books for Dark Angel will be announced here and on twitter, just like Golden Angel's books are.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Check out Jacqueline George!

Jacqueline George, who's a delightful writer, has kindly provided me with a synopsis and some links to her latest! 

I like the idea of Europe. Yes, that might sound pretentious, but it’s just so full of beautiful and interesting things. I live on Cape York in Queensland. That’s about the same size as Michigan or the UK, but we only have ~20,000 people. From here to the nearest supermarket is about 150 miles. (We do have a mini-market in the village, an absolute gold mine for the chain that owns it because there is no competition...)

We drive past miles and miles of nothing to get to Cairns, our nearest real town. When we go to Europe on holiday, how many villages, people, cities, international borders would we have passed in the same distance?

Hidden away in the corners of the countryside are places where people have been living for thousands of years. They walk past a thousand year old cathedral every day on the way to work, and they don’t even notice! They have art galleries everywhere. They have lots of caf├ęs that really, really want you to sit down over a coffee and cognac to discuss the world, art, politics...

Ok, so I’m being romantic, but Europe does romance too! Sophisticated food, and romance to go with it? Just hold me back! I swear, if only they had coconut palms like my garden, I would live in a garret and eat dried bread just for the fun of living there.

Europe in Love is just me putting some of my passions down on paper, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the writing. It is a mix of ancient and modern, fact and fantasy, and you can read an excerpt here.

Better still, click this Christmas Present to claim your free gift - a copy of Jacqueline and Another Sexy Year and that will be a lot of fun!


Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at 
So that's something fun to check out while you're waiting for Marriage Training to finally come out on Literotica =) In the meantime, I'm still working hard on Seduction by Spanking which is coming along nicely!  Cynthia is just devilish and it's so nice to be with the rest of the cast again; I'm looking forward to sharing a teaser!

Friday, November 15, 2013


The last chapter of Marriage Training was submitted last night.  So hopefully it'll be out sometime next week, although Lit is running its Holiday Contest right now and sometimes stories take longer to come out when there's a contest going on.

Honestly... I'm not really sure what the response to the last chapter is going to be.  It ended before I thought it was going to.  I really thought there might be more story to tell, but I got to the end and realized that's exactly what it was... the end.  I even tried to write an epilogue and it just didn't work - Gabriel was done.  I think I could have gotten Vivian to cooperate, but Gabriel just wasn't having any of it.  Not sure why.  I decided not to push it though, because I'd rather have it end and have people going "noooo why did it end there, I want more!" than to force something and have people like "wow... that kinda sucked... it felt really off."

But I really did enjoy the last chapter.  Gabriel had me creaming my panties at points, even when I was getting frustrated at how slow he was taking things (man has some serious self-control).

I'm back to concentrating on Seduction by Spanking, YAY!  Cynthia, as ever, is amusing the heck out of me.  I'll probably post a new teaser to get everyone in the mood sometime later next week.  Heh.  Maybe on Thanksgiving, just to amuse myself.  We'll see.  It'll depend somewhat on how much writing I get done between now and then =)

I've also already gotten started on the beginning of my next series, The Wolf, and I'm already enjoying getting to do something that is definitely dark.  Yeah,  I'm going to work some romance in, but this is definitely going to be different from anything I've ever written before and I'm really excited about that.  I want to play around more with mind fucks, as well as exploring some more extreme stuff, and I'm finally going to have the opportunity to do that... *happy dance*  And hopefully people won't judge me too badly for the f.u.s. my my comes up with lol.

Anyway... that's what's going on right now... keep your eyes out for the last chapter of Marriage Training, although of course I'll announce both here and on Twitter when it's out =)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dammit, Just Bang Already!

I sometimes feel like yelling that at my characters.  Which is silly, because I know the build-up is a big part of the enjoyment of a story, but it can also be frustrating when I want to move on to the next part and I can't because I still have to get past the big sex scene and they're taking their sweet time about it.  Playing games, as it were. 

In case you're wondering, Gabriel has decided to seriously take his time with Vivian and move at a much slower pace than I had originally intended.  The two of them are just playing with each other now and I'm like... okay guys... let's try to pick it up a little... 


Gabriel just REALLY likes foreplay as far as I can tell.  

And it's not that I don't want to give them the time to have a great scene, I do, I'm just feeling impatient and slightly pressured because I know people are waiting on the chapter and I lost some time working on it because I was on vacation and so it's already going to be a longer wait than usual... not to mention the fact that I'm so close to the end that my brain has already started working on the next story a little bit.  And I want to be able to spend more time working on Seduction by Spanking.  

I'm getting back into the groove of writing which is good =)  Thanks to everyone who leaves me comments / feedback in between stories, because that definitely helps to keep me motivated to keep writing!  Doesn't matter whether it's on a story that I am currently working on or that I wrote years ago, it absolutely makes a difference in how much writing I get done during the week.  

Hopefully I'll finish the last chapter of Marriage Training and get it submitted by the end of this week... that's the goal that I'm trying to focus on at the moment =)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Vets!!!!

Thank you veterans... I can't tell you how much your service is appreciated.

I've got a friend overseas right now that should be home in a little over a week and I am just SO incredibly thankful that every time he's been stationed overseas he's come home safe and unharmed, but I know what he and all the other members of our armed forces risk on a daily basis.

Don't forget to show your love for these incredibly giving and wonderful members of our community, who make the incredible sacrifice of being away from their family and friends on a regular basis, for far less pay than they deserve, less support than they deserve in terms of medical and psychological care, risking the fact that the government might screw them over in the end, and for very little in the way of reward.

Also, and this is just as important, don't forget to show your love for the family members of our armed forces.  The spouses, whose bravery in giving themselves over to such a risky love and such a long distance one, the children who grow up without their mother or father by their side, and the parents who support their children in these risky endeavors.

Thank you, all of you, for your sacrifices, your passion and your service.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Last Chapter of Marriage Training & the Future

So I am now working on what I think is going to be the last chapter of Marriage Training!  At least for Literotica.  Eventually (once I finish it) it will be coming out in book form, completely expanded and with a lot more going on that wasn't part of the Literotica story (such as some of the behind-the-scenes stuff with Dr. Monroe and Mrs. Banks that Vivian was unaware of).  Woo-hoo!!!!  I'm super excited about finishing up the story, although a little sad as well, but as with Venus, I can still be happy since it's not like I'm going to be completely saying goodbye to the characters.

I figured this would be a good time to talk a little bit about what's coming up in the future (although of course I don't have exact dates for everything yet, although I do have some goals).  After I'm done with Marriage Training for Literotica I'm going to be starting a new series that I haven't quite decided on a name for.  Rather than the past it's going to be set in the future, although I wouldn't call it Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

The basic premise is that the richest families have moved to an installation on the moon, while Mafia-like regimes have taken over business on Earth (which is where the poor live).  One of those regimes is led by a man known as The Wolf - occasionally the scions of the Moon Families will visit the Earth (for culture / education / vacations, etc.) and be kidnapped by The Wolf.  No ransom, and everyone is returned eventually, sometimes after a few days, sometimes after a few months.  Those who come home after a few days always talk of wild sexual orgies and deviance (those who are kept for a few months never talk about it), and it's become a popular past-time for the younger generation to risk The Wolf and take their vacation on Earth.  99% of them are never chosen to become one of his toys, but the inherent danger makes it fun.  He only takes individuals and couples, so traveling in a group provides some protection.  Alex is on vacation with his girlfriend, best friend and best friend's girlfriend Bella, when he and Bella discover their significant others cheating on them.  Angry, they leave the hotel and are on their way to the space shuttle port when they're knocked out by gases... they've been taken by The Wolf who is intrigued and delighted to have amusement in the form of a couple who is not a couple.

I'm rather excited about it.  I'm finding that the set-up is making it easier for me to plot out a lot of the darker stuff that I've been wanting to play with and haven't been able to... and also do more with mind-fucking, which I've enjoyed dabbling in during Marriage Training.

For books... next up on the docket is Book 3 of the Domestic Discipline Quartet, Seduction By Spanking, featuring Wes & Cynthia which should be out this winter.  Book 4, featuring Alex and Grace, I'm aiming to release Summer 2014.

Stronghold series!
Taming the Tease - featuring Rick Winter has the goal-release date of Spring 2014.
Protector - featuring Lexie & Patrick in Fall 2014
Bound to the Past - featuring Andrew
Future books will feature Michael, Jared, Leigh and Olivia (order undecided)

Stronghold novellas
Outside Stronghold - featuring non-BDSM romance stories about the siblings of the Stronghold characters including Jake (Lexie's brother), Percy and Captain (Angel's brothers), etc.
The Venus Effect - featuring some of the characters from The Venus School of Sex and what happened to them after they returned home, including Charity & Nick, and Paul returning to Fiona.

The Society of Sin series - although Marriage Training is not the first book chronologically, it will be the first book published in this series.  Chronologically speaking, it will fit in between Rex of the Dark and Dark Decisions (All of these are working titles and subject to change).  Stories will range from BDSM to swinging to Loving Wives themes.  There were some wild house parties and orgies back in the Victorian era and I'm looking forward to putting my own spin on them.

Marriage Training - revised and greatly expanded from its Literotica version
The Dark Marquess - Audrey Prescott is hired by the Marquess of Salisbury as a governess for his two daughters, Daphne and Hazel.  A sensual beauty, Audrey has always had trouble with her baser instincts, especially when it comes to attractive men, but she's always resisted because most of her employers have been married - although that hasn't stopped the ladies of the house from eventually firing her when their husbands won't stay away.  A widower with two daughters seems to be the perfect solution, although once Audrey is installed in the household she soon realizes that the whispers about the Marquess' wild reputation and deviant behaviors barely touch the surface of the truth.  Can she protect her charges from the decadence and dangers of the Marquess' household when she's so attracted to them, and the Dark Marquess, herself?
Sold to Sin - Daphne's story
Choosing Darkness - Hazel's story
Resisting Rex - Evangeline's story (first introduced in The Dark Marquess)
Dark Decisions - Emily's story (first introduced in Marriage Training)

Society of Sin Novellas - a series of novellas featuring some of the side characters and their various relationships, will include swinging, lesbianism, gay male, and BDSM stories.

So yeah.  That's... pretty much enough to cover the next couple of years.  Although, of course, there will be other things that I'm working on for Literotica.  But this is what's going on in my head book-wise.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm Back! & MT Ch. 18

So it turns out that Marriage Training Ch. 18 did not come out while I was away (weird that it took so long) but it IS out now, so if you have some time today check it out and leave me a comment =)  Now that we're away from the school entirely I'm curious as to what people think!  It's always a little weird when a story's basic structure changes after so long of being the same. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been sending me feedback about Stronghold!  I'm soooo glad that people seem to be enjoying it =)

Did notice on Amazon that someone mentioned I didn't really go into more about Michael & Leigh (the reviewer said Leslie but I assume meant Leigh) at the end of the book, but there's a reason for that... they're not going anywhere.  They're part of the Stronghold gang now and they're going to have their own books to finish up their stories!  Woot!

Anyway.  I had an AMAZING time on my vacation.  I did not bring my laptop (which was probably a good decision) and so I got no work done, but I am feeling completely refreshed and hopefully I'll be able to jump right back into writing tomorrow.  Cruising is the way to go!!!!  I also got to swim with Dolphins which has been a lifelong dream of mine (when I was a kid I wanted to be a dolphin trainer) and it was seriously the most amazing experience of my life to date (not that I'm that old, but in the past 30 years I've done some pretty amazing things and this one definitely is now at the top!).  Hubby and I had a wonderful time, we went with friends and it was a ton of fun as well as being able to take time out to be romantic and get some QT and TLC ;)

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