Thursday, March 31, 2022

TBT - The Mistress Gets the Man

 #TBT to Benedict's Commands!

When I wrote Benedict's Commands, it was because I had read SO many historical romances where the hero has been sleeping with his mistress for long enough that she's started to expect that they're going to eventually get married... and somehow that's treated as completely unreasonable on her part, as if it's just WILD that she would even THINK that the man that's been fucking her for the past year, spending his free time with her, and showering her with gifts would even CONSIDER marrying her... and then he goes on to marry the virgin he just met who turns out to be the best sex he ever had.

It's my least favorite trope, even though I do end up hating those characters because they're always written as being bad people as well, and I got mad and wrote Benedict's Commands with a widow who has been his lover for months getting a HEA with him. Not only that, but she'd had other lovers in between him and her husband.


Yeah, I like to do the things you're not supposed to do 🤷‍♀️

And you know what, I freaking love this book. I wish more people would read it. I can literally see in my sales that a third of the people who read this series skip over Benedict and Christina and jump straight to Arabella and Thomas. I don't know if it's because they just HAVE to know what happened to Arabella or if it's because some people just aren't interested in having a mistress become the wife, but it's a pattern that I can't ignore because it's like that every month.

Also, Benedict does something particularly naughty with her hairbrush.

Maybe next time I write this storyline I'll go even farther and there'll be a scheming virgin, planning on stealing the hero away from the mistress.... lol

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

99c This Week! - Dealing With Discipline


This series was the start of my historical romance journey! I wrote the first book (Birching His Bride, which is always free!) because I wanted to see if people might be interested in reading historical romance by me. But not regular historical romance, not even steamy historical romance - I wanted spanking historical romance. I wanted the sweeping romance that I was reading (I adore Stephanie Laurens, Lisa Kleypas, Sara Maclean, etc) but with spankings and punishment.

At the time, there were not a lot of options for BDSM / spanking historical romance. I found a lot of erotica, a lot of age play, and a lot of regular romance (and I did find Annabel Joseph!) but it was hard to find exactly what I wanted. So I decided to try my hand at writing them.

The first series is my Domestic Discipline Quartet and it's particularly naughty. It's not for everyone. It's far more bodice ripper than any of my other series, with reluctant heroines submitting to discipline, non-con and dubcon spankings, and wildly passionate sexy times in the aftermath.

And because it's my heroines, a little spanking is never going to stop them from doing what they want.

This week only, you can read Dealing with Discipline for just 99c!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - Lily's in More Danger Than She Realized



Head throbbing, Lily moaned as she slowly came awake. Something cold and wet pressed against the side of her head where she hurt the most.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

There was no answer. Hardly polite. She tried to move her arms, but they were behind her for some reason because… because she was sitting on a chair.

No. She was tied to a chair.

Lily jerked upright, her head snapping back, and she cried out as her headache exploded in a new burst of pain.

“Stop moving about.” The frustrated voice brought everything back to her.

The carriage ride back to Derbyshire. The highwayman. Her poor dead driver and his threat to Chastity. Going with him willingly. Trying to knock him off the horse – and failing miserably.

Groaning, she let her head hang back down, endeavoring to appear as pathetic as she could. Sadly, it took very little effort.

“There now. Better.” The man sounded very satisfied. Lily lifted her head again, much more slowly this time. She peeked at her captor through thick lashes. The inside of the cottage was gloomy, and his back was to the only open window, which made him hard to see. The light coming in through the window was not very strong either, as if the trees were blocking the sun, or perhaps clouds had rolled in front of it. Possibly both.

It appeared as though he was still wearing the hat and scarf, though he had pulled the scarf down to cover just under his chin and below. With the poor lighting, she could not see his face any better than she had when he’d accosted her carriage.

Keeping her movements slow, Lily looked around the room. The cottage was sparsely furnished and dusty, but showed signs of use. It was not completely abandoned. A hunter’s cottage? There was a table and chairs by the window with the drawn curtains, a small stove, cupboards and drawers, and even a bed. Lily turned away from the bed, her blood chilling. So far her kidnapper had not shown any interest in actually ruining her, but she could hardly forget the possibility was there.

Moving over to the far wall, where there were some shelves, the villain had his back turned to her while he opened up a box. Lily immediately pulled at the ropes around her wrists, testing how much give they had. She mentally blessed Evie, who had prepared her friends for all sorts of eventualities. Not just boxing and shooting, but things they thought would never happen to them – like being tied up with rope.

The highwayman had only tied her wrists and while it was tight enough, he’d used a thick rope that had more give than some she’d gotten out of in the past. It had been a while since she’d had any practice at this, but she was sure she could work herself free if given the chance.

When he turned back around, she froze, watching him warily, but he did not glance up at her as he went and settled down at the table. In profile, when he was walking, she could see his hawkish nose and dark brows, but when he sat at the table he did so with his back to the window, putting his entire face in shadow. It felt particularly ominous and she did her best to press her arms behind her back so she could keep pulling and stretching at the ropes around her wrists without being obvious.

“Well. Miss Davies. I have a few questions for you.” He placed the items he’d gotten from the box on the shelf in front of him, smoothing his hands over the paper and setting the pen against it before looking up at her.

Lily froze as several pertinent facts hit home.

He knew her name.

He spoke like a nobleman.

And he wanted her to answer questions. He was not writing a ransom note.

She might be in more dire straits than she’d realized.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Romance at a Glance Podcast Interview!


I recently got to speak with the Romance at a Glance podcast for their Authors at a Glance series and it was SUCH a fun interview! We had a great time chatting. If you'd like to listen in on your chosen platform, check it out by CLICKING HERE!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - A Season for Smugglers



Staring out the window at the rolling greenery outside of London, Lily heaved a sigh of relief. Across the barouche-landau, on the opposite bench, her maid looked up at her with an inquisitive brow before deciding Lily had not actually been trying to catch her attention and looked away again. Thankfully, Chastity was used to Lily’s preference for quiet reflection over constant chattering.

The lady’s maid had been a gift from the Duchess of Frederick, Lily’s godmother, during the Season, but they had rubbed along well, so Lily had asked if Chastity would extend her employment and accompany her to the country. It was a special boon because Lily had left for Derbyshire several days before her parents, permissible only because she had her lady’s maid to travel with her as an erstwhile chaperone. As there was no need to spend the night at an inn, she did not need a more formidable one.

Sighing happily again, Lily leaned back against her bench seat, inwardly smiling when Chastity ignored her this time. Several years older, Chastity’s sober demeanor was a good match for Lily’s quiet, bookish ways.

If she never had to go to London for the Season again, she would be perfectly happy. The only reason she had done so was her friend Evie had asked her and her other two best friends. Josie had thrived on her first foray into Society, and Mary had deftly dealt with her second Season, but Lily had hated every moment.

Gentlemen, she had discovered, did not like a woman with their own mind. At least, not the nincompoops she had been introduced to. Several had been drawn in by her relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Frederick, but they had not stayed after realizing Lily was the type to speak her mind. Which was a relief, even if it was lowering. She had always imagined marrying and having children, but if that was what London had to offer…

Unfortunately, the options in Derbyshire were not much better. Perhaps she would become an aged bluestocking spinster, firmly on the shelf, playing doting auntie to her friends’ children. After her first Season, Lily found the prospect far more appealing than she would have countenanced at the beginning.

Granted, she had not gone into the Season with high hopes, knowing well she was not what many considered ‘sociable,’ but whatever hopes she’d had were quickly crushed underfoot by the general attitudes of the ton. Her very first week out in Society, she’d heard the incredibly handsome Lord Broderick—with who she’d thought she’d had a very interesting conversation—remark to one of his friends that the only way she would find a husband would be to sew her mouth shut.

After that, to gauge the gentlemen’s reactions, Lily had become even more outspoken about her views and opinions. Like Lord Broderick, they were polite enough to her face, but she saw through their facades and overheard some of their comments, enough to know those gentlemen were assuredly not for her.

The carriage came to a sudden, jerking stop, tumbling the occupants about. Chastity cried out, flinging her arms wide as she was thrown forward, and Lily opened hers to catch her. They fell back against Lily’s bench, shocked by the abrupt halt.

“Stand and deliver!”

What? A highwayman? Lily and Chastity exchanged disbelieving looks before Lily quickly released her maid and knowing she was being a perfect twit, leaned out the window to see a man on horseback, wearing a long black cape and mask, pointing a gun at the carriage.

Botheration. This was the last thing she needed today.

“I said, stand and deliver!”

“We’ve already stopped,” Lily called back waspishly. “What do you want delivered? And how?”

“Miss, get back in the coach,” the driver ordered. Lily scowled. She was not out of the coach. Not truly. “I will deal with this blaggard.”

“No-“ But her protest was cut off and she watched in horror as her driver lifted his own arm, gun in hand, only to jerk back against the seat. The sound of the highway man’s gunshot seemed to echo across the fields and her entire body went numb with shock. The driver slumped and fell down to the ground, startling the horses and Lily was flung back painfully against the window’s edge, causing her to fall back into the carriage as the horses lurched forward.

Her maid screamed, but the movement was over almost as soon as it began, and through the ringing in her ears, she could hear the highwayman shouting something.

He stopped the horses from running away with us.

Is that good or bad?

They were not in a runaway carriage, but that meant they were now at the mercy of the highwayman.

He killed the driver.

And Lily did not even know the man’s name. Had not asked. A fact which she now felt wildly guilty about. The man had meant to defend her, and perhaps he had gone about it foolishly, but to pay with his life and she had not even known his name…

This is not a constructive line of thought and you do not have time to dwell. You can find out his name later. Right now you need to get you and Chastity out of this alive.

The door to the carriage was yanked open, and Chastity screamed again, quickly covering her mouth with her hands as a gun was leveled at them. The highwayman was dressed completely in black, his face mostly hidden by a black scarf wound around the lower half of it and the hat pulled down atop his head, but she could still see his cold, dark eyes as his gaze flickered back and forth between her and Chastity.

Fear for her life, the first time she had ever felt such a thing, paralyzed her.


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Friday, March 18, 2022

101 Things in 1001 Days - #24 Grand Rapids, MI

 I realized that I did something on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list challenge!

The last weekend of February, I went to Grand Rapids, MI with several of my author friends. We had an absolutely amazing time. It was not only my first time to Grand Rapids, it was my first time actually stopping to do something IN Michigan instead of just driving through it.

Now, granted, since it was an author retreat we didn't get to see a *ton* of the city, but we DID go out to this amazing restaurant, Merten's Prime, that was such a cool place with absolutely fantastic food.

I was a little obsessed with the wallpaper in one of their bathrooms and I kind of wish I could have it for my office. It was a really beautiful Victorian print. The whole place was decorated in this mix between austere industrial and intricate detailed beauty. The food itself was phenomenol... I mean, anywhere that serves four different kinds of poutine is my kind of place, regardless. But I got to try pretty much everyone else'se dinner too and it was fabulous (though, I have to admit, I did not taste Jennifer Bene's bone marrow... however, there was something eminently appropriate about watching her digging into some bones for her dinner lol). 

All in all, it was an AMAZING weekend, hosted by the extremely generous Zoe Blake and her Chef Hubby (who used the little two-burner stove in one of the hotel rooms to cook multiple meals for us!) and I would be thrilled to go back to hang out with friends again but also just to see more of the city!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

March Madness (Not the Basketball Kind lol)

 It is AMAZING how time flies!

February went by in a flash. The last weekend of the month I got to go on an amazing retreat with some wonderful authors - Alta Hensley, Addison Cain, Zoe York, Jennifer Bene, Livia Grant, and Measha Stone. It's always so much fun getting together with other authors, getting know each other, and also talking shop with someone who understands. 

Then March hit and wow... talk about a whirlwind.

A Mischievous Little Mardi Gras released the first week of March and then last week came The Duke's Pursuit! Two new releases, two weeks in a row... it's a lot.

I am THRILLED with the response to both books. They're so different it's a little odd to have them release so closely together, but I'm so happy that everyone has been enjoying them.

Now that those are out, I've got edits for A Season for Smugglers happening, I'm working on writing Law & Disorder, and gearing up for a massive binge of Bridgerton as soon as it releases =) CANNOT WAIT.