Monday, March 28, 2016

200 Likes = Chasing His Bunny Teaser!

I hit 200 likes today on Facebook

Kind of a big deal for me.  I'm honestly thrilled that 200 people enjoy my writing enough to follow me on Facebook and check out what I have to say there... I'm honestly not sure it's often all that worthwhile although I at least try to keep it entertaining!

I know with 100 likes I did giveaways, etc. but my brain has been dead and I've had no time to prepare, but this still deserves something special!  I'll do a giveaway when I get to 250 =D  Today, I'm going to do what I said I wouldn't and post a teaser for Chasing His Bunny, which releases in just a few more days!!!! 

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading, following, commenting, and just in general being wonderful fans.  I hope you enjoy the teaser and that it gets you even more excited about the upcoming book!


"What?"  Bethany barely had time to jerk in surprise before her brothers had created a fortress of flesh between her and Mr. Suddenly-Acquisitive.

"Excuse you?" Brice growled, and she didn't have to see his face to know that he was glaring at the other man.  "What did you just say to my sister?"

Ugh.  It sucked being so much shorter than her brothers.  They were like mountains.

"I said-"

Big, unmovable mountains.  Whose ticklish spots she was well versed with.  The big guys squealed as her fingers stuck into their sides, shocking their audience as they jumped out of her way.  More than one soldier brought their weapon up again, obviously nervous, until Alpha Asshat turned and snarled at them.  The weapons were hurriedly lowered.

"What did you just say to me?" Bethany demanded as she shoved her way past her brothers.  Brady put his hand on her arm, trying to tug her back behind him.  Without even looking, she bent his finger back while simultaneously stomping on his foot.

"Son of a bitch!" He muttered, shaking out his hand.  Beside her, Brock and Brice were shifting into place, making themselves honor guards since it was obvious that she wasn't going to let them be a barrier.  The injured Brady had moved back a step, but Bethany was willing to bet he'd just put himself into position to protect the less combative Bailey.  Totally acceptable.

Mr. Still-Needs-To-Answer-The-Question looked at them with something akin to amusement.  So glad she could provide entertainment.  She glared at him, ignoring how utterly delicious he looked with that tiny little smile on his mobile lips.  

"I said, what did you just say to me?"

That smug smile faded as his eyes moved away from her brothers and back to her.  How flattering.  "You're mine.  You're my mate."

Bethany snorted.  "I most certainly am not."

While she’d been born a human, everyone knew exactly what shifters thought about mates.  She didn’t remember much, but she knew that mates were a forever deal.  Yeah, not happening.  She wasn't ready for a mate.  Hell, she wasn't ready for any kind of committed relationship much less one that couldn’t be ended.  She was a needy, lustful, and eager young virgin who had been cooped up in a cage for far too long.  There was no way she was just going to hop into bed with the first guy that wanted to claim her and stay there.  Although, she had no objections to the hopping into bed part.  That was the good part.

"Yes, you are," the man growled, looking even less patient.  He thrust out an arm.  "Smell me."

The scent of man, pine, and something wild, like a cold night’s frost filled her nose.  Her nipples got even harder and her pussy creamed.  She was totally on board with the sexual reaction - if he wanted to play hide the salami she knew a few good hiding spots – but the rest of it?  Nope.  Yummy smells or not, tempting or not, monster inside her insisting “mine” or not, she was going to be a free-wheeling, commitment free (at least for a few years), little sex machine.  That was the sum of her current relationship goals.

"Whoop-de-do," Bethany said in a bored voice.  She’d gotten pretty good at controlling her reactions while she was in captivity; the bland face was the easiest to maintain.  Don’t react so that they don’t know they’re getting to you.  "You smell good.  You can't be the only man on the planet with that particular attribute."

Something beeped and one of the soldiers looked down at a device they were holding and then back up.  "Steele, we need to move."

"Shit.  Fine, let's get going, we'll sort this out later," he said grimly.  His gaze caught Bethany's.  "And we will be sorting this out later.  Now come on."

Stepping forward he reached out to take her arm, and of course, got himself a bloody nose for his trouble.

Friday, March 25, 2016

One More Week!

Only a week away from the release date for Chasing His Bunny!  Pre-order now for the special 99 cent price if you're a Kindle reader =)  (other platforms will get three days of the 99 cent price upon release, before changing to the $2.99 regular price)

I'm SO excited to share this story... it's one of the most fun ones I've ever done writing-wise, in large part because I think Bethany (the heroine) is the most sassy character I've ever written.  And I feel like that's really saying something.  lol.  I do love the sassy characters and the growly alpha males, what can I say.  It was also fun and a challenge to write my first shifter novel, since it means that each main character has a secondary consciousness that also has to be considered.

A huge thank you, as always, to my faithful and incredibly helpful beta readers and my talented cover artist RaineyCloud9.  Can I just say how much I fucking LOVE this cover?  Like seriously!  Look at the bunny sitting on the Y!  And the Wolf C! How did she even do that?!  It's so amazing!

While you're waiting for that, I have a new story up on Literotica, Maid for Trouble.  First chapter in a short serial that I'll be doing for the website =) Spank-y, BDSM-y, coercion-y, Victorian era stuff.  Writing stuff for Lit always helps my brain relax from writing the more plot / character driven stuff that I do for the novellas / books.  Sometimes it's really nice to just write straight-up sex scenes without having to delve TOO deeply into the other stuff.

I am struggling through the last few weeks of my day-job's busy season.  UGH.  I cannot wait to be back to five day work weeks.  My brain is completely melting down lately.  There's not much more to go, but at the same time, the days that are left are going to be the craziest as everyone sprints towards the finish line.  BAH.  My writing has trickled down to a much slower pace, but that's okay because I still have two books coming out in the next two months so I feel like there's a bit of a buffer, which is WONDERFUL.  I'm really enjoying doing the pre-order thing.  I didn't think I would, but it's actually super helpful.  One of my beta readers caught an inconsistency between Undisciplined and the work I've done on Gabrielle's Discipline and I was like SWEET, I can actually go back and change what I've done in Undisicplined, since I haven't finished editing it anyway, instead of having to entirely rework GDs!

GD is really coming along nicely.  I've still got some work I'm doing on Undisciplined (editing and adding in some scenes that the beta readers requested / suggested), and I can't wait to share both.  I think that Undisciplined really helps make Gabrielle more of a sympathetic character (I swear, she really is) and I'm having a lot of fun with her and Felix butting heads in GD.  In some small ways they remind me a liiiiiittle bit of Edwin and Eleanor, but with some pretty key differences.  Too much fun!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm off to see Batman vs. Superman.  So far I've heard very mixed reviews but hey... I saw Batman & Robin in theaters, this can't be any worse!  Plus... WONDER WOMAN!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Now Available for Pre-order: Undisciplined

Amazon was a little bit slow, but Undisciplined is now up and available for pre-order!!!

You can thank all the readers who requested more information about what was happening between Gabrielle & Felix during Philip's Rules for this little novella =)  It will be released on May 1st.  I had a lot of fun writing it and getting into the nitty gritty of what was going down between these two, which has been very helpful in getting into their characters as I begin working on their book!  I'm about three chapters in to Gabrielle's Discipline and really happy with how it's going so far.  I'm aiming for a June / July release date for that one, and then I'll be back working on Stronghold.

Gabrielle Astley is quite used to being an afterthought, a burden, a nuisance. As the only child - and a useless female one at that - to a Baron, she was both spoiled materially and neglected emotionally. After her father's death, his third wife and her stepmother is remarried, to the stern and cold Marquess of Dunbury. Since the new Baron wants nothing to do with Gabrielle, the Marquess is her new guardian and Gabrielle finds herself in London, receiving her debut. Despite this turn of events, she can't quite shake her spite of her stepmother, and her attitude lands her into hot water and her first spanking at the hand of her guardian. 

The Marquess seems eager to marry her off, and Gabrielle has no objection to that goal. London has everything she ever wanted - glamor, excitement, and, for some reason, quite a few people actually seem to like and take an interest in her. When the Marquess' best friend, the rakish Felix Hood becomes one of those people, Gabrielle finds herself hoping for more than just a standard ton marriage... until she begins to realize that he's not interested in her for herself, and his interest may actually be in someone close to her. 

Felix Hood had no thoughts of settling down in marriage - as the youngest of three brothers, he should be the last to wed. However, when he meets his best friend Philip's new ward and is tasked with the duty of helping guard her against any unsavory suitors (as well as guarding Philip's new wife from Miss Astley's waspish tongue), he can't help but be entranced by her. She's not the usual milk and water miss that is served up to the gentlemen of the tongue; she's prickly, funny, and has a touch of sadness in her eyes that he longs to discover the cause of so that he may vanquish it. But he's not convinced he's ready for marriage, and his hesitation over formally courting her leads Miss Astley to turn to her other suitors, making him wonder if she's really worth the chase. 

This novella was written at the request of readers who wanted to know what was happening between Felix and Gabrielle during Book 1 of the Bridal Discipline Series, however it is not necessary to read Philip's Rules in order to enjoy this novella. 

Undisciplined is approximately 30k words and contains steamy sexual situations, hot alpha males, and just a bit of discipline.

In other news, I submitted a story to Literotica last night, so hopefully that will be up within the next couple of days =)  Also, newsletter receivers got the one and only teaser for Chasing His Bunny yesterday... I am so excited for April 1st this year!  (and I swear, even though it's coming out on April Fool's Day, it's a real book!).

I'm really excited to be able to start doing pre-orders... I'll admit, I didn't initially feel like it was that great a thing, since I was all about getting my books out as fast as possible, but it's really giving me the opportunity to do more editing / clarifying of the story that might not otherwise get done.  I think it's going to make for better books overall and hopefully everyone will be happy with the end product.

Also, as always, a HUGE thank you to RaineyCloud9 for the gorgeous cover!