Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awww.... Shucks!

That's how I felt this morning when I got one of the nicest emails that I've ever received from a fan.  Unfortunately this fan wrote to me anonymously and so I couldn't write back to thank them for their kind words... hopefully you're reading this now and so will know how much I appreciated hearing from you!

I get a fair amount of fan mail, I suppose, usually at least 3-5 emails a week. Like any other person, I adore being praised and half of the reason I write is because I love hearing from people who enjoy my work.  The other half of the reason is probably because otherwise I'd go insane if I didn't get these stories and characters out of my head and onto paper.

This particular email stood out, however, for sheer length and detail of everything the reader enjoys about my work, including the specific stories and what he liked about them. Constructive criticism doesn't always come from negative aspects of a person's work, sometimes it comes from positive as well, and it definitely changes how I might write in the future. Especially little details like 'I love the titty torture, but I wish there had been more pussy torture.' No problem. I can totally do that. And it challenges me because it's not something I've done much of, and I enjoy challenges =)

Something fascinating about this reader was that he liked the fact that I was a woman writing all these dirty stories. Which makes sense to me, because I suppose there are a lot of guys out there that think girls don't think about these dirty, depraved things in the same way they do. I happen to know a lot of women with those kinds of fantasies, but maybe that's just the company I keep =) Or maybe it's that a lot of our fantasies aren't something we'd ever want to actually experience or even role play with.  But I do have to admit, I'm always amused when people in my real life find out exactly how debauched I am inside my head. Although, admittedly, most of them only get little glimpses of it. There are very few who actually get to hear all of my intimate thoughts.

It's always fascinated me, over the years, how many people think I'm a sweet, innocent little thing who probably has never tried a position outside of missionary.  This might be because I usually don't curse in front of people who aren't my close friends, I tend to be rather quiet / shy when first meeting people, and I can really do the prim and proper thing when I'm in the mood for it. I've also got a great shocked face. It's always fun when someone will apologize for saying something raunchy in front of me and I blow them out of the water with something like "You know, anal sex is actually really pretty awesome if you do it right. I can give you some pointers if you need."

Anyway. That email rather made my day =)  As feedback usually does, but even more so in this instance.

Also making me particularly happy today is that I FINALLY finished my Halloween story. I'm going to edit it over the next two days (38 freaking pages... if anyone tells me this is too short I will make a voodoo doll out of them and stick pins in it!) and then submit so that it's out for the first week of October =) Good times!  I've been cracking the whip on myself to get this story done this week so now I'll be back to focusing on some shorter offerings as well as the next chapter of Being the Maid. And continuing work on Venus Desiring. YAY!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Year and One Day

That's how long I've been married =)

Celebrated on successful year of marriage yesterday. YAY! Ate the top tier of our cake. Well, part of it. Watched our wedding video. That's going to become a tradition, I've decided. And had crazy monkey sex. YAY! Now that's what I'm talking about.

In other good news... this is blog post 105 and this blog has had over 20,000 hits. YAY! You guys make me feel so good =)

Here's a little bit more of the Halloween story - which is now 30 pages long and STILL NOT DONE! Longest single entry I've ever written. Hands down. I think it might be one of the best too. This section picks up right where the previous teaser left off:

"I can see so many ways this could backfire," muttered Veronica.

To tell the truth, so could Lily but she'd thought through all of the consequences and had decided that the risk was worth it.  She knew that Paul might never look at her, Lily, the way he looked at other girls. But she wanted to try. Dammit, she just wanted a chance.  Even if the only way she could do it was hidden behind a mask.


Paul adjusted his Zorro mask as he and Rob headed up the front walkway to the party. "Is it on straight?"  

"Yeah, you look good," Rob said with a grin. "How about me?"  He adjusted the feather on his hat.    

"Like you're ready to rob the rich blind," Paul replied, with a slight emphasis on "rob" that made his friend snort.  He must be in a good mood, normally he hated Paul's puns and it was up to others to laugh at them.    

Giving his friend a once over, he had to admit they looked pretty good.  Rob was wearing dark leather boots, green pants and a dark green shirt with a brown leather vest over it which was belted closed.  There was even a plastic sword hanging from a scabbard.  Paul was similarly outfitted, but in all black, looking exactly like the legend of old.    

"Kind of funny that we're both dressed up as similar characters," he said.   

"Yeah well that's Lily for you," Rob replied as they reached the door. "Don't know what I'd do every Halloween without her.  That mustache she found for you is ridiculous by the way."  The two of them always managed to win some kind of costume contest, thanks to Lily's help with putting together very detailed costumes.  She was always on top of that kind of thing and never minded lending them a hand with theirs.  

"What is she doing this year?"   "Some party with her friends I think."   "No, I mean, what's her costume?  She didn't mention it to me."  Paul always loved seeing what she came up with.  Even as a middle schooler she'd had amazing costumes and they'd just gotten more detailed as she'd gotten older.  Last year she'd made an incredible Loony Luna and had even made her own radish earrings. He always admired her ingenuity and was a little disappointed that she wasn't coming to the same party as them. Not that she always did, but he hadn't even gotten a glimpse of her tonight since Rob had picked him up in a taxi on the way to the party.  

"I'm not sure," Rob said. "Hello... Lisa?"  

The pretty witch who had just opened the door, face partially hidden behind a sleek green beaded mask, grinned up at them. "Good job! Although I guess since I'm the one throwing the party I shouldn't be that surprise," she said laughing. "Mmmm... Rob and Paul!"  

"How'd you know?" asked Paul, bemused. The Zorro costume covered him up pretty well he thought.  

Lisa grinned at him. "You two always show up to everything together.  Without Rob's blonde hair I might not have recognized him, but you've got a pretty distinctive jaw line and put the two of you together..."  

"Okay, okay," Paul said rolling his eyes. "Stop now before we have to break out in a rendition of 'Guy Love.'"  

"You wish dude," Rob punched his shoulder.  

"Go enjoy the party guys," Lisa said, shoeing them off. "The bar's downstairs and it's turning into a dance party down there, we've got jello and syringe shots, kegs are on the back porch and beer pong is in the garage."  

"Fantastic," said Paul, heading off towards the back porch. Rob followed him and he returned to the conversation they'd been having. "So you have no idea what Lily's being for Halloween? That's kind of weird isn't it? Usually she won't shut up about her costume."  
"I dunno," Rob answered a little distractedly as he looked around the party, unleashing his most charming smile on a small group of half dressed women giggling and standing in a corner as they talked. "I think she's still mad at me after I told her off for trailing after us all summer.  Last week she said something about that maid from Clue."

Yvette. Paul stifled a groan at the image that flashed in his head of Lily in Yvette's outfit. Sweet mother of all that was holy.  For the first time that night he thanked his lucky stars that Lily had decided to attend a different party. He'd spent all summer doing his utmost not to notice how well she filled out her bathingsuits and those tiny sundresses, had been perfectly respectful during the times when she'd needed help with her sun screen, and had finally had to admit defeat to himself and hint to Rob that it would be nice if they could have more guy time. Although Rob didn't know it was because Paul had been at the end of his rope when it came to restraint from Lily, who had grown up all too fast and all too well.

He couldn't even hint that to Rob because he had no doubt that his best friend would cheerfully kick his ass if he had. Well, try to kick his ass anyway. But Paul probably wouldn't have fought very hard because he wouldn't be able to blame Rob for doing so.  If he found out that any guy had been having thoughts about Lily like the kind of thoughts that he was, he'd cheerfully kick that guy's ass.

Suddenly Lily's absence from the party seemed like a very bad thing.  Especially if she was prancing around in a Yvette outfit with her mile long legs and those gorgeous boobs pushed up and-

"Here."  Automatically Paul took the cup of beer from the Rob, only now noticing that he'd blindly followed his friend out onto the back porch. Thank god. He needed booze to clear away the rage that he felt at the idea of some asswipe hitting on Lily... God he hoped she hadn't gone as Yvette. Not without him there to watch out for her. Although who would have kept him in line then?

As forbidden fantasies went, Lily dressed as Yvette and laid out naked on his bed had to be-

"Dude are you okay?" Rob helpfully interrupted his reverie for the second time in two minutes.  He gave himself a small shake and took a sip of beer to snap himself out of it.

"Yep, good, just trying to decide where to go next."

"I'm going to go back to that group of girls we saw," Rob said with a wicked grin, heading back inside.

Girls. That was a good idea. Something to get his mind off of Lily.  Maybe he could find someone to derail his thoughts and fantasies from the utter train wreck they'd slowly devolved to this past year.  That would be ideal.

Stepping back into the house he was almost immediately halted.

"Oooo cool costume!"

"Thanks," he said, smiling down at the pretty girl. Her mask and wig covered enough that he couldn't tell if he knew her or not.

"What are you? A highwayman?"

"Ah sort of. Ever heard of Zorro?"

The slutty Raggedy Ann shook her head.  Dressed up as a doll and didn't know Zorro.  Talk about a warning sign for jail bait.  Giving her a casual smile he was preparing a friendly brush off when a vision in pink and white sidled up to them.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I have to admit, sometimes I get a little bit frustrated when a lot of time has passed (by which I mean a week) and I haven't been able to post anything new to Lit. This is probably why I end up having some shorter stories. I've been working really hard on my Halloween story, which I really want to have done by the end of this week so that I can submit it right at the beginning of October, and that's definitely a long story.  All of the Being the Maid chapters are turning out to be fairly long, which I think is a good thing overall, but it does mean I don't get that instant gratification =P And of course, Venus Rising isn't going to be out until it's completely done. But I've been getting a WHOLE lot of work done on that one lately and really enjoying it, so that's good.

Apparently I'm just prey to my generation's need for things to be done quickly. It really does frustrate me when I can't get enough writing done. On Friday I got a ton done but it was almost all on Venus Rising. Sometimes what I feel like working on really just depends on what my mood is. I did manage to get a little bit done on the other stories, but not as much. Hopefully after Halloween is over I'll be able to get some other stories out a little more quickly.  I think I'm feeling more pressure on this one cuz I'm entering it into a contest and it's making me harder to work on it consistently because I feel like I need to do a really good job if it's going to be an entry. Even beyond the pressure I usually put on myself lol.

The third chapter of Being the Maid looks like some of the plot is starting to develop a little more. Bridget fascinates the hell out of me. I don't think I've ever had a character quite like her. Makes it interesting to write because she's constantly surprising me.  In some ways she's almost handling her situation a little too well and I kind of want her to freak out a little more, but she's such a pragmatic and quick thinking little thing it's like she's too busy to slow down and do so. Fascinating. And the men don't give her much time to slow down either.

Anyway. That's what's going on right now. I hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I did =)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Author's Notes

I write them for a reason. I don't write one for every single story that I write. Well, I used to. Or at least, did a lot more often. But now I only put one in if I really think something needs to be said before a reader starts in on a story, usually it will have something to do with either the fact that the story was a reader request and thanking said reader OR it's because there's something in the story which may effect people's enjoyment of said story.

Like things taken out of historical context or an item being inserted into a time period when no such item existed. If I were to do this, like, say, with Chapter 2 of Being the Maid, then I would put such information into an Author's Note, to warn people who prefer historical stories to be 100% historically accurate.  Oh wait, I did that, and someone still had to comment on it.

I try to be generous and think that maybe they just didn't know what "anachronistic" was. Then I decided that no, I still have a right to vent because they were obviously on a computer reading said story and therefore could have taken .5 seconds to look it up. Like... seriously.


Drives me up the wall. Which, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, because anyone reading this blog has already taken the time to find the blog and to sit down and read it... which means that you already have more patience than someone who can't either (a) take the time to read a quick author's note or (b) look up the word anachronistic. So they're not reading this and I'm just venting to people who have more brains/patience/awesomeness than them. And to all of those who left follow-up comments to that original commenter, if you're reading this, thank you =) It's wonderful to be defended, even if you're not doing it so much for me as you are for the veracity of historical knowledge, it's still wonderful and makes me feel a lot better.

I almost feel like apologizing for the rant, but I kinda figure that's what the blog is for sometimes.

In writing news! I've started on the third chapter. Am now feeling extremely tempted to throw in a bunch of actual anachronisms. Just because I'm petty like that. Trying to resist because I don't want to ruin a story that I'm really enjoying.  Also liking the fact that this story starts out with a ton of sex and eventually develops a plot, which is opposite to a lot of romances / storylines.  Ohhhh the fun of non-con/reluctance! I won't lie, I'm not entirely sure where the story is going to go. I know that I want some romance added in there. And I had an idea of who Bridget's romantic man was going to be. Lately I'm not so sure. It could get interesting. We'll see.

The Halloween story is starting to look like the longest stand alone I will have ever written. I'm on page 17 and only halfway through the foreplay. Heh heh... people who critique that my stories are too short will hopefully eat this one up! That's the goal anyway =) This one's looking to be even longer than Chris Hemsworth: Sex God.

I've also written a whole bunch for Venus Desiring. Hilary and Liam are freaking fascinating to me.  I'm going to be writing some of my first ever role-playing scenes soon and I'm very excited about that. They're bringing out some facets of me that I hadn't known existed before. Liam is especially a challenge because of his preferences when it comes to BDSM. Really finding it enjoying to write, so hopefully people will find it enjoying to read. If it ends up being a comparable length to Venus Aspiring then I'm about 1/6 of the way done with it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Future Works

Chapter 2 of Being the Maid is now available!

It seems like there's a lot of interest in the Stronghold characters, especially Rick Winter (can't blame those of you who are dying to hear more about him, I have a bit of a crush on him myself), so I wanted to share my thoughts on where things are going to go with them.  Of course this is all very early in the game but I'm pretty well settled on the story lines that I have coming up and on the order that I want to write them in. I know this is a big tease, but hopefully a good one?

As I said in my last blog post, I was actually developing the characters and story lines for Stronghold before it became meshed with with the Venus Rising universe.  The idea came out of my interest in BDSM stories that involved following various members of a club - especially Cherise Sinclair's stories, specifically her Masters of the Shadowlands series and the Doms of Dark Haven series, as well as The Aerie Doms trio by Christina Thacher, the Rescue Me series by Kallypso Masters, The Dominion Brothers series by Talon p.s., etc. etc. 

Originally the Stronghold series was going to start off with Master Adam's story. Now I guess you could say that it's starting with the Venus Rising series, but once I move into the Stronghold Doms series his will be the first story as originally planned.  I have actually started writing it already although it's slow going because obviously my focus is elsewhere at the moment, but I'm hoping that Master Adam's book (I'm still trying to decide on a title... I may end up having a vote on it) will be able to come swiftly on the heels of the final Venus Rising book, Venus Ascendant.

My hope is to finish the Venus Rising series by February 2013 and have Master Adam's book out by March 2013 and then move on to the rest of the books that I have planned.

At the moment this is my plan for the Stronghold series:

1.Title Undecided - Master Adam's story

2. Taming the Tease - Master Rick Winter's story

3. Protector - Lexi & Master Patrick's story

4. Bound to the Past - Master Andrew's story

5. Breaking the Chain - Jared's story (Undecided on whether or not he's going to be prefer Sir, like Liam, or Master)

6. Resisting Submission - Master Michael's story - if you're wondering, no you haven't met him yet ;)

Eventually I want to write a book about Jake, Lexi's older brother, as well, but since he's not a member of the club and never will be I'm not sure it will really qualify as a Stronghold book. It is also possible that Master Patrick and Lexi may end up coming before Rick Winter. It really depends on Lexi and how fast / hard she's going to push those over protective Doms. I'd like to make her wait though, so I'm going to try to keep everyone in line and stick to this schedule. I am also considering writing a novella about Olivia, although I am as yet undecided since I'm still working on researching Dommes and trying to figure out whether or not I could convincingly write a story with a Domme as the main character. It's possible that I will make Jake's story into a novella as well and publish the two together as one book. We'll see. That's all open at the moment.

At any rate. This is where I'm headed in the future. Yes, I have a vague story outline for every single one of these stories, although it's also true that occasionally the story outlines change because the characters don't always cooperate with what I think they should be doing. The Venus Rising series has had its outlines re-written four different times now thanks to feisty characters. *sigh* I think they're happy with what I've got going on now though so hopefully I won't have to re-write them again! Lexi and Master Patrick have also already changed their outline once and I haven't even started writing their story yet. Go figure.

And in the meantime, of course, I will be working on the last Poker Loser book and other projects going on for Lit that may occasionally also be published for Kindle. Soon I hope to also be making my work available for the Nook and other e-readers. Still figuring that part out. I'm about halfway through the editing/re-writing of Wanna Bet and I'm really hoping to have that out by the beginning of October and then I'll be seeing about getting Gift of the Goddess available. That one's going to need a lot of re-writing I think though. So that's what the future looks like! Hope you enjoyed the peek into it =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So the second chapter of Being the Maid has been submitted. Yay! So far getting a really good reception on the first chapter. That's rare for me in the Non-Con/Reluctance category... it's hard to get high enough scores for that little red H in that category. Almost as hard as it is to get one in the Loving Wives category =D  Really enjoying writing the story so far, although it's harder than I thought it would be... after all, Bridget does have three men to take care of, and she's still somewhat keeping track of what's going on with the Princess and Patrick! Eesh!

Anyway. Stronghold! I actually had storylines / ideas for the Stronghold Doms before they ended up being integrated into the Venus Rising series. Putting them into the Venus storyline was kind of a surprise for me as well, one that ended up making a lot of sense and allowed me to incorporate more of Hilary into the main storyline of Venus. So by the time I wrote Venus Aspiring, I had a lot of the characters at least partially plotted out and that little reference list (that I shared a couple days ago) already made.  Then I decided I probably needed to do the same thing for the club since I was going to be referring back to it a lot.  Before sitting down to write the scene in Venus Aspiring where Jessica describes the club, I drew out a floorplan and designed my own sex club.

This is what I refer back to every time I need to know where the rooms are / how the club is organized:

Main Floor:

Dungeon (Downstairs):
Second Floor:


Monday, September 17, 2012

Post 100!!!! & a Teaser

YAY! I've made it to 100 posts! And have a pretty high 'view' count which means that people are actually reading what I'm putting down. Um... I have no idea how to celebrate this momentous occasion. I feel like I should do something special but... am kind of at a loss as to what.

Normally I'd post a teaser or a picture or something, but I'm kind of out of pictures that were taken for sexy purposes and I don't have any teasers, unless I want to post more of Venus Desiring. Which... I guess I could do that. But I don't have much done on it yet so it feels kind of early for teasing.

So what I've come up with is posting a teaser to the stand-alone story that I'm going to be submitting to Literotica's Halloween story contest.  Introduce you to the main lady, as it were, and the basic premise behind the story. Whet your appetite (hopefully). It's a very LONG stand alone story. Might end up being one of the longest I've ever written.

At any rate... here's the beginning. I hope this peaks your interest!:

Lily pulled another costume off of the rack and held it up to herself. "What do you think about this one?"

"Geezus!" exclaimed Veronica, her best friend. "I thought you were going for sexy, not out and out skank!"

Looking over the frilly french maid outfit that was more white lace than black silk and wouldn't cover more than the bare necessities (if that) Lily shrugged. "At this point I'm looking for whatever will get me noticed by Paul.  This would be perfect for being Yvette from the movie Clue."

Veronica rolled her eyes. "Well that will get you noticed by more than one guy, but probably not in the way that you want."
Holding up the costume in front of her and looking in the mirror, Lily had to admit that her friend had a point. There was a fine line between "come and get me" to a specific person and "I'll sleep with anyone" when it came to Halloween costumes. 
Normally Halloween was Lily's favorite holiday. Ever since she was a little girl she'd loved playing dress up and that had never changed as she'd gotten older. She took every chance she could to dress up, whether it was for a party, spirit week in high school, the midnight showing of a movie, or really any excuse at all.  Of course, her costumes had changed over the years from when she was a little girl. Now at the age of 19 she wasn't a little girl anymore and she needed her costume to reflect that. She also needed it to hide her.
Lily was absolutely determined that this Halloween she was going to get something she'd been wanting for years: her older brother's best friend Paul.  She knew that she wouldn't be able to get a date with him or anything like that, but she'd been half in love with him ever since she was a teenage.  Four years older than her, he'd always seen her as a little kid, but now she was all grown up and she still wanted him. Always pragmatic, Lily didn't except him to suddenly see her for herself and realize that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. However, during Halloween she could be someone else. Anyone else. Someone that Paul would notice, someone he'd find sexy... and then she'd seduce him into her bed and finally achieve a fantasy that she'd had ever since she knew what sex was: losing her virginity to Paul Donner.
"Here, this is more appropriate," Veronica said with a giggle, brandishing a sexy nun outfit.
"Oh please," Lily groaned.  "The whole point is to lose my virginity, not flaunt it."
"You'd be flaunting plenty of things if you wore this," her friend replied with a giggle. "Fine, maybe I'll try it on."
"I'm sure Chase would love that," Lily teased.  Veronica laughed. The pretty redhead had been going out with her boyfriend Chase for the past year and Lily knew very well how hot and heavy the two of them got.  In fact, talking to Veronica had been part of what settled Lily on making her fantasy come true.  She'd watched as Veronica had crushed on Chase for forever, before they finally got together and eventually Veronica had lost her virginity to him. Apparently it had been an amaaaaaazing night and part of it had been the fulfillment of something Veronica had wanted for a long, long time.
Well Lily had wanted Paul for a long long time. She'd waited, hoping that someone else might come along, someone she could be in a relationship with and fall in love with and forget all her feelings for Paul, but she had nothing but lackluster interest in the guys that she met.  Yet every time Paul had come home from college and visited with her brother Robert she'd fall head over heels for him all over again. Not just because he was gorgeous - although she'd practically creamed her bathing suit bottoms when he'd shown up at the local community pool with Robert. Her and every woman with working hormones.  Mostly because Paul was a good guy. He was a guy, of course, but he took time to talk to her parents and help her mom out with things around the house that her Dad and Paul hadn't gotten to yet, and he always had something good to say about everyone.  On top of all that, he was also funny, charming, read the same books and watched the same movies as her, and was a drop dead gorgeous hunk.
It was enough to make her scream in frustration that he was willing to spend time with her but acted like she was still 12 years old.
So if she was going to have her special night with him she would have to be someone else. When she'd found out that he and Rob were going to a Masquerade Halloween Party she'd realized that this was her chance to be someone else. To see if she could attract Paul to her and seduce him if he didn't know who she was.  And for that, she had to have the perfect costume. Something that would cover the parts of her that she didn't want him to see and flaunt the assets he'd never noticed before.

"Hey, how about this?" Veronica said, holding up a white and pink plastic sixties go-go girl dress.

Lily made a face.

"No, seriously, it'll look fantastic on you. Plus then you could get a go-go girl wig to cover your hair and no one would think any of the fact that you're wearing a wig. And it'll be sexy without being skanky."

"You have a point about the wig," Lily admitted, taking the dress and looking at it. Suddenly a vision flashed in her mind of herself in the dress with white go-go boots, a pink wig, white mask and glowing pink eyes.  She'd really been wanting to try those crazy colored contacts and here was the perfect outfit for it! The costume would make her almost completely anonymous. "I'll try it on."

Squeezing into the tight plastic wasn't easy but it was more than worth it.

"Holy crap," Veronica said, her voice breathy as Lily came out of the dressing room. 

Turning to the mirror, Lily could see why. On the hanger the dress had looked fairly covering, which is probably why the more conservative Veronica had picked it up in the first place. On Lily it was scandalous. The fabric club to her curves, outlining them, hugging them, encouraging you to skim your hands along them. The short, short skirt barely covered the swell of her ass and she would have to make sure not to bend over too far unless she wanted to give whoever was behind her a show.  The short length of the skirt also made her legs look miles long.  With her dark blonde hair and light brown eyes she looked pretty in pink, once she put the rest of the outfit together she'd look like a 60's bombshell.

"Yes..." she breathed, staring at the vision she saw inside her head. "This is perfect."

The fact that it covered more than most of the other sexy costumes only invited a man to look further, to want to see what was underneath it.  It hinted at everything and showed nothing. Most guys would probably move on to easier prospects but Paul was the kind of guy who would appreciate both the challenge and the relative demureness (in comparison to some of the other costumes that she knew girls would be wearing).  It didn't scream one night stand but maybe that was a good thing.  Both her brother and Paul were more into relationships than into casual sex, although she knew from listening to them that it had happened occasionally. She also knew that they both used protection religiously.

Good. Yes. This was everything she wanted to be for Halloween. Sexy but innocent in pink and white; a seductive challenge. It was also something that she, Lily, would never have chosen for herself.  Lily always wore costumes that allowed her to wear flats instead of heels - although this year it wouldn't matter since Paul was more than a couple inches taller than her 5'7" - and she never wore anything generic. She was Jessica Rabbit or Loony Luna, Sleeping Beauty or Sarah Conner. Lily's costumes were always specific and complete; she'd never just gone a 'a witch' or 'a princess'. Paul would have no idea it was her, much better than her Yvette idea - even if she did know that Clue was his favorite movie and that he'd lusted over Yvette in high school.  Maybe she'd do that next year, see if he noticed her for herself.

At any rate, she was going to throw herself into anonymity this year.

"Veronica you're a genius," she announced.

"If I was a genius I'd figure out a way to talk you out of this," her friend retorted. "Why can't you just seduce him as yourself?"

"I tried that over the summer, remember?  Apparently putting suntan lotion on a girl is a lot sexier in books and movies than in person judging by how unimpressed he was at putting his hands all over my back. Although I didn't burn once this summer," she said a little glumly.  In fact she'd practically done cartwheels trying to get Paul to notice her. Sexy clothes, massages, suntan lotion, sexual innuendos - her brother had put a quick stop to those, none of it seemed to do anything to make Paul sit up and pay attention. In fact by the end of the summer he'd barely been coming around anymore, Rob had told her that he was tired of having his little sister hanging around all the time and that he was going out with Paul instead. And looking forward to the day when he moved out of their parents.

Lily made a face at the memory.  Even though she and Rob got along pretty well she knew that she'd been cramping his style, but she HATED that he'd circumvented her seeing Paul more often at the end of summer. Hence her desperation now in October.

"I know, it's crazy... but I want this. And if he never knows then even better and I can keep trying to make him see me as me, but right now I just want this. I have years of backed up frustration about this guy."

"What if he sucks in bed?"

"He won't," she said confidently.  He couldn't possibly.

"What if he does?"

"Then that will probably be a good thing since it'll help me get over him."

That shut Veronica up. But only for a moment.

"Don't you want your first time to be special?"

"Of course I do, that's why I want it with Paul."

"Are you in love with him?"

"Yea- I mean... dammit Veronica!" Lily stomped back into the dressing room to the sound of her friend's laughter.  The entire time she'd been planning this she'd been doing her best to hide her feelings over this because if things blew up in her face she didn't want anyone to know what a big deal it was to her. Not even Veronica. It would just be too embarrassing. But Veronica had tripped her up with all the questions, she'd just been answering automatically without thinking. Damn.

When she came back out of the dressing room, back in her normal clothes, Veronica was looking more serious again.

"Aren't you worried about getting your heart broken?"

Lily sighed. Now that she'd admitted part of it she might as well admit it all. "You don't think it's already breaking? Seeing him dating other girls, having other girlfriends and never even looking at me like I'm a possibility? And he won't. This way at least I'll have some small part of him, know that some part of him finds some part of me attractive and worthy."

"Aww honey," Veronica got up from her seat and slung her arm around Lily's shoulders, looking both sympathetic and worried. "He's an idiot for not being able to see you."

"No, the problem is that he sees too much of me. Too much of what he saw growing up. I have no womanly mystery for him." Lily looked down at the garment in her arms. "But now I can create some and if that means that I lose my virginity to the guy of my dreams then even better. If it's awful then maybe that will help me get over him and he'll never even need to know about my feelings. If it's amazing then maybe that will satisfy me and I can move on."

"And if it's amazing and it doesn't completely satisfy you?"

"Well, something is better than nothing. And I'll still have lost my virginity to the guy that I've been wanting to give it to for years and it will be a special memory for me."

"I can see so many ways this could backfire," muttered Veronica.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Character Profiles

So, there are a lot of characters in the Venus World. Not just the ones at school, which I've mostly pushed off to the side for the moment, but the ones at Stronghold as well.  In fact, the ones at Stronghold take up a lot of brainspace, so I started writing down some key characteristics.  I thought you might enjoy seeing them... this is how I keep track of people ;)

Character Profiles:

Hilary Bryant 
Jessica’s best friend since they were ten years old. Blonde, brown eyes, 25 years old
Vanilla girl who likes preppy pretty boys but is getting more interested in BDSM - bedroom submissive who responds mostly to dominance / light erotic pain / role play

Olivia Williams
Domme at Stronghold, 32 years old, red hair, blue-grey eyes, Accounting Manager. Redskins fan (along with Justin). Friends with both Hilary and Jessica.

Liam Brock
Owns a dojo. Auburn brown hair & grey eyes. Shortest of the Stronghold Doms - around 5'11". Dominant in the bedroom, not a big fan of dealing out pain. Prefers honor bondage and verbal domination to ropes and whips. A "lenient" Dom in most regards.

Adam Rawn
Owns mid-sized temp / head-hunting company. Blonde hair, mustache and goatee, same height as Justin and Chris (6'3").  Kind of scary good at reading body language. Thirty years old. Known as being one of the less lenient Doms, but good at introducing new subs to the scene.

Ravens fan. Wears crisp white shirts when being ‘casual.’ Almost always dressed for business unless he’s at the gym or Liam’s dojo.

Patrick Murphy
Grew up in Colorado, die-hard Bears fan. Owns Stronghold. 6’5”, half black & half white, shaved bald, long scar going down left side of his face and bumps from a broken nose. Got into fights as kids, but the scar is from sword fighting his best friend Jake when they were teenagers.  His word is law.

Rick Winter
Colts fan (like his father who grew up in MD following them).
Lives in VA, 2 hours away, also works at Venus School which is how he met Justin & Chris. Wintery blue-grey eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Andrew Baez
Works bar at Stronghold, just returned from New York after a bad break-up with a vanilla girl that he fell in love with but who couldn't adjust to the lifestyle. Close with Chris - same friendliness / sense of humor, which has now been stymied a little after the break-up. Hispanic. Dark brown skin and black hair.

Jared Hersom
Works some nights as a bouncer at Stronghold, 6’4”, heavily muscled. Creamy mocha skin, warm chocolate eyes and just a bristling of hair less than a quarter of an inch long.

Has an on-again off-again mess of a relationship with a sub named Marissa Dubois, rarely plays with others even when they’re off again (although she does) and never touches someone who isn’t 100% single.

Jake Standish
Justin’s best friend. Not a Dom, totally vanilla alpha male. Currently overseas in Iraq.

Lexie Standish
23 years old, Jake (Patrick’s best friend’s) little sister. Works the front desk at Stronghold because she’s interested in BDSM but all the Doms are too big brother to let her through the actual doors of the club.  Has a major crush on Patrick who is supposed to be watching over her for her brother.  Black hair & blue eyes.

Those are the major players that I have going on right now. There will be more later... cuz you know, I want them all to find love and happiness hahahaha.  Eventually I'll do a full character profile for all of them. This is just kind of a glimpse into my writing style. The more I learn about them, the more I add to these little blurbs so that if I ever can't remember something I look back and go "oh, okay". You'd be shocked by how often I forget their last names or eye color or whatever. LOL.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into how I write and also into the characters!

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Series

Okay, so ironically enough (after my previous blog post about rape/harassment) the first chapter of my new series Being the Maid, which is in the non-con/rel category, is now available on Lit. And, as a fantasy, really enjoying writing this particular story from a completely different point of view. Eventually there's going to be some romance, and that's fun because it's definitely a challenge in stories like this to make that believable. Although I suppose there is a little bit of Stockholm's to it as well.

I'm about halfway through writing the second chapter.  And I'm chugging away at Venus Desiring as well as a standalone story that I'm going to be submitting in the Halloween contest - and it's going to be a loooooooooong standalone but I'm really happy with it so far.

And that's all I've got right now...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Talking About Harassment and Rape

Ok... so gonna do a serious blog. Cuz there's been lots of political talk about rape the past year and some idiots who apparently think there's a difference between rape and forced rape (um... rape by definition IS forced...). And the whole awful idea that 'she asked for it' because of something she was wearing, the location she was in or something she said / did.

Unless you set up a rape fantasy or are sitting there screaming "rape me!" then no... you're not asking for it. I think it's awful that our society believes a woman standing naked in the middle of a street shouldn't be safe from rape. Are men really that barbaric? That uncontrolled? No wonder we have so much sexual violence when society blames the women and makes it easy for the rapists to find justification for their actions.

Today I read a porn star's blog about the harassment that she faces because of her job.
Because men see her on the street and think it's okay to touch her or pull out her ear phones or follow her while she goes jogging. Because a man at a convention thought it was okay to thrust his hand under her skirt and put his fingers into her body. They ask her on dates, tell her she's their future wife, try to fondle her. And then call her a bitch when she reacts negatively, asks her why she's doing this to them.

Frighteningly, I could relate to this. Not just because of what I write, although that's part of it. I write under a penname for a reason and I constantly worry about having my real name being put out there. The majority of people in my life don't know that I write erotica, those that do know I ask not to bring it up very often. Not because I'm ashamed - believe me, I'm not, my parents know - but because I don't think it's safe.  The stories that I write have gotten me threats and graphic propositions along with compliments and criticism.

And that's outside of my daily life where, because I'm an attractive woman with double D breasts, I've been groped in bars, whistled at on streets, cat called on the sidewalk and once had to be rescued by a male friend from a frightening and potentially violent sexual situation.  In addition to being molested when I was fourteen by a guy that I had a crush on because I didn't know how to tell him no.  I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of Republican congressmen who would say I wasn't actually molested because I didn't fight it and I've struggled for YEARS and gone to therapy before I stopped blaming myself for what happened. Mostly.

Some people might read this and wonder why I write non-consent / reluctance stories. When I first started reading on Literotica, I was kind of horrified that those were the stories I was most drawn to originally, followed quickly by BDSM. I think that part of it's because I'm a submissive woman who likes a little pain with her sex. I think part of it's because in a story / writing situation I can control what's happening, rather than the out of control experience that I had in real life. I think it's because not everyone wants their fantasy to become a reality and sometimes it's fun to fantasize about being out of control, even though I never want it to happen to me or anyone else in real life. Because the reality isn't fun at all.

When I was at college, my first weekend there I went to a frat party. And left after about half an hour because I so did not feel comfortable. On my way back to my dorm I saw a car driving up and down the main street of campus with a guy leaning out the window, on a bullhorn, yelling "Who wants to get raped?" over and over.  Women lined the streets, shocked at this group of assholes.  And then we all cheered when the cop car following behind them pulled their asses over.

No one. No one wants to get raped. Or touched in appropriately. And I don't care if the woman is stark naked out in public, she should be safe from being touched, being harassed, or being sexually assaulted. Because we're supposed to be a higher form of life than regular animals.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Dick!

Unfortunately for those of you who got excited about the title of this blog, this particular dick is now property of Sarah =D

You can download Sarah's Private Dick to your Kindle for free today! Thanks to my (literally HOURS of) effort on Sunday to get it formatted correctly so that everyone could enjoy.

Please take the time to leave a review! They are so very helpful to me and I appreciate it so very much =) (Queen, I love you but you frighten me sometimes how on top of things you are... I feel like I need to create a special award for you or something! Thank you so, so much!!!)

Other good news... I submitted the first chapter of Being the Maid to Literotica last night. Was thrilled to get that in.  Should be interesting to see the reactions since people can get super uptight about it when the woman ends up enjoying herself in the Non-Con/Reluctance category (even though Lit makes it a requirement that the woman find herself enjoying it) and because I've put in some romance overtones. Heh heh... ah well. I enjoyed writing the chapter and I'm looking forward to starting on the next one! I'm pretty much enjoying this story period.

I've also started on the stand alone short story that I'm going to be submitting to the Halloween contest this year. It's been... wow, literally years since I've submitted a story to any of the special contests. I'm going to try my hand at it again. This year I've actually got a pretty fun idea for it so we'll see how it goes ;)

Hopefully today I'll get some more work done on Venus Desiring, I'm about halfway through the first chapter at the moment and going strong.  Btw, I definitely do read all feedback and reviews that you leave, as well as comments to the blog (even if I don't respond back) and I incorporate what you say into my writing. At the moment I'm trying to do a better job of explaining why Liam hasn't been successful at finding a sub and why he's reluctant to try things with a newbie like Hilary because someone wrote to me saying that they didn't quite understand his issues.  It's actually turning into a pretty awesome scene in the book that I hadn't originally planned on, which is always to the good because responding to that kind of thing will hopefully make me a better writer!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Hate Kindle Fire

I've formatted Sarah's Private Dick for Kindle and everything is perfect EXCEPT for Kindle Fire. When I check out the "preview your book" option on THAT device, the first line of every paragraph is cut off. For every other kind of kindle, iphone, ipad, it's fine. Perfect. Looks glorious. But I'm having trouble justifying putting it out there on amazon when no one with a Kindle Fire should buy it.

I've been trying to figure out how to fix this for the past hour and it's FUCKING KILLING ME.  If I have to retype this whole thing I'm going to be PISSED. DAMN YOU KINDLE FIRE!

I think everyone should go return their kindle fires and get a regular kindle that's not going to be a pain in my ass. Sound good?  Yeah? GRR.

EDIT: I want to feel a lot of love from everyone with a Kindle Fire. I'm having to retype the whole story just to get it formatted correctly. *sigh*

EDIT 2: YAY I got it uploaded to Amazon intact and did not have to retype EVERYTHING. Thank god. So, if Amazon is as quick as it has been in the past, hopefully it should be available by tomorrow evening in which case I'll have it available for free on Tuesday.

I Made Jewelry!

So I spent some time today making jewelry that I'm ridiculously proud of. 

A couple of weeks ago at a Renaissance Fair I kept getting comments about my outfit being 'steampunk' and then I was invited to a steampunk ball by a stranger.  So I went home and looked the stuff up and found out that I am actually rather steampunk, I just didn't know it because I don't really pay that much attention to... well... lots of things. LOL.  I'm hoping to start writing some steampunk erotica sometime soon, I've got an idea for one story but I need to do some more research into how steampunk erotica differs from regular erotica. I already know I like the general fiction. 

It's also a fashion thing though, and at the Renn Fair I was at a booth selling steampunk inventions when the owners asked if I would consider coming back at a later date "fully steampunked out" and posing for cards. I have no idea what kind of cards they meant (greeting cards? playing cards?) but the main thing is that they want to use real people for them. I might not be chosen, but they want my picture. So I said sure, I'd love to.

Luckily I found out that I'm actually so interested in steampunk fashion without knowing it that I already had everything but the jewelry. I actually LOVE steampunk jewelry, something else I found out, but most of the pieces that I have didn't go as well with the outfit I wanted to wear. So I figured I'd make some, because I didn't want to just buy stuff anyway.

This is probably my least favorite piece, it's just a pin. I like it, I just don't LOVE it:

This is the other pin I made which I freaking LOVE, which is why it's displayed on the money pouch that I use. I think it's the dangly part that makes me love it so much.
This is the necklace I made. I have a small obsession with cameos. Always have. I kinda wish this had a black background on the cameo part, but at the same time I kind of like the brighter color. I'll have to get a black background one some other time.
This is a bracelet... there's another bracelet that I want to make but all the pieces haven't arrived yet so in the meantime, this is a smaller bracelet. The cool part is, they're all separate parts and they actually rotate.
And I made a ring:
Aaaaaaaaaaaand my FAVORITE piece. I found this at an accessory store and was like WOAH. And then I put gears on it. It's just so unusual, I'm a little obsessed with it. Spent a while stroking hubby's goatee with it. He thought it was weird but I enjoyed myself. LOL
Soooooo no I didn't really get much writing done today. I did do some. Like, two paragraphs. And I've thought about storylines and whatnot. So that's good right? Brainstorming and all. LOL. But yeah. This is why I didn't get much done today. Don't worry though! Tomorrow I'm planning on spending a lot more of my time writing =)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Last Chapter of Consequences

The last chapter of Consequences is now available on Literotica!

I wish I could say that I was submitting the first chapter of Being the Maid today, but I'm only about halfway through. I think this is going to be another series with longer chapters, which people seem to like but it does take longer to write them as well. *sigh* I used to be able to write so much FASTER. Too much plot and character development now, slows me down =D

So, as I'm in the middle of writing this blog I was reaching for my husband's nachos because I thought he'd left the room and he yells "THEY'RE SPICY!"

There is no surer way to kill my happiness.

Fortunately I am good at the guilt tripping and I now have a small portion of my own non-spicy nachos. He does shit like this to keep me from stealing his food. You'd think he'd have learned by now that I'm still going to want some and he's going to have to make me my own anyway.

Silly men.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Just some random thoughts going around my head right now. Gonna free write... see how it goes.

I want to go to a BDSM club. Not sure how to bring this up to hubby. I'd like more hands on experience. Ordered some toys from the Literotica store. I hope he liked them. I've never had my ankles restrained. Wanted to.

Been reading a lot lately. Red Pheonix has released two new Brie books. If you like my writing you'll probably like hers a lot although the overall price ends up being more than my stuff (per page) but the quality is well worth it in my opinion.

Got a good chunk of the first chapter of Venus Desiring done today as well as the first chapter for the Being the Maid series which is the next thing coming to Literotica. Submitted Consequences last night.  Incest/taboo is not my favorite category to write in but I get so many requests for it that I feel rather compelled to give people what they want. I enjoyed writing Consequences more than I thought I would, but I think that's just because Uncle Max was a pretty devious guy and he took me to places I haven't gone before with the writing.

I think I've been doing that a lot in general anyway though, writing about new things. Different things. Trying to explore areas that I haven't previously.  I don't want my stories to all start to be the same. That's a constant worry of mine. Especially given the limited vocabulary surrounding sex. Trying not to re-use words too often or descriptions. Reading romances lately has given me lots of euphemisms LOL.  They're a lot of fun.

The other thing I need to do is make some time to make some jewelry. I have some steampunk pieces that I'd like to make. I might spend some time doing that this weekend. It's just hard balancing everything sometimes. Hubby. Family. Friends. Writing. Me time. *sigh*  The good news? Overall, very happy with my life. Of course I'm also a pretty positive person. That helps.

Want to know something really fun? Several of the Stronghold characters are based on friends. Many are not. But a few are. Master Adam is based heavily on my hubby. Yum. It makes it easier for me if I give characters some parts of people that I actually know. Sometimes it's people from my past, sometimes it's people currently in my life. The bartender, Andrew, is also based on someone I know. So is Lexie. I adore Lexie, btw. She's going to have so much fun throwing the Doms off their game. Big brother alpha force brought to their knees by a little black haired pixie. I can't even tell you how excited I am for her book.

First things first though. Chris is growing on me. Justin was my favorite originally, I won't lie, but the more I write about Chris the more I like him. He and Hilary are bonding. Check out the Venus Rising Quartet page for a teaser scene from Venus Desiring. 

That's all for today folk. Today was obviously a rambling blog day. Hopefully it didn't completely put you off reading stuff I write!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back at the Beginning

The last chapter of Consequences is going to be submitted today... I'm pretty much back at the beginning on all of my projects.

I've decided that I'm definitely going to push back the release date for the third Poker Loser book and concentrate my efforts on Venus Desiring.  Hilary and Liam are calling to me. That and I have a minor obsession with the Stronghold Doms, I won't lie. They're clamoring for my attention at the moment. I am working a bit on Todd & Allison, but they're going slower because they're just not jumping up and down for it like the others.  My goal is to have Venus Desiring out mid-November. It might possible happen earlier than that, but I don't want to make any promises because I'm going to be going on a cruise next month and that's going to take out a chunk of my writing time.

For Lit I've started the new series I'm working on (thank you for the votes by the way =): Being the Maid.  I'm not going to be doing two series at once anymore, at least not for awhile.  I'm going to concentrate on one for Lit and whatever I'm doing for Kindle and write the occasional standalone story. Especially because I think I'm going to enter the Halloween and Christmas/Holidays contest this year. I haven't done a seasonal contest in awhile and I've got some fun ideas! I'm hoping that only having one on-going series for Lit at a time that I'll be able to work faster on everything in general. Two just started to get over whelming, considering that I'm also doing stuff for Kindle.

Anyway. I hope that everyone enjoyed Venus Aspiring, I'm looking forward to the next book! Once I have a teaser to post on the Venus page I'll let you know ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Day: Free Venus Aspiring

Thank you to everyone who is so interested in Venus Aspiring... I'm incredibly honored because when I checked this morning, it had hit #36 on the top Erotica Free Downloads and #491 of overall Kindle Downloads. This is the first time I've gotten onto the top 100 on the erotica list and the first time I've gotten below a thousand overall, so as a thank you I've gone ahead and made it available free for today as well.  So those of you who were away this weekend, you didn't miss out, you can still download it for free!

Please, if you have a minute, take the time to leave a review on =) It really helps me out once the free day is no longer in effect! Thank you to those of you who have already done so! I really, really appreciate it!

In other news, I actually have a new story up (An Unconventional Beginning) on Lit! YAY! It's been awhile I know. This one is a reader request short standalone and I've put it in the romance category. Tried to write it a little bit like the romances I've been reading lately as well =)  I'm hoping to have the last chapter of Consequences submitted in the next couple of days as well.

And in the meantime I'll be working on my Kindle books of course =)

Monday, September 3, 2012

FREE TODAY!: Venus Aspiring

Happy Labor Day!!!!

Today is also Venus Aspiring's free promotion day.

Thank you so much to those of you who couldn't wait until today and bought it yesterday... I am flattered and honored.  And also thanking you because, obviously, the free downloads don't actually benefit me in any way. Keeping that in mind, please take the time to write a review!

And, as usual, a major thanks to Queenie who is always so wonderful about being on top of writing those reviews! I'm glad that you enjoyed it =)  I'm really looking forward to the next book... Liam's interesting, he's not like any Dom I've ever written about before, which is why I think he's a little harder to read than most.  He and Hilary kind of crack me up to be honest.

I've started working on the final chapter for Consequences and I'm going to start work on the first chapter of Being the Maid soon. I've also started putting together Wanna Bet? for the Kindle and I've decided to re-write it a little so that there's more plot and romance and it's not just straight into the oral sex. LOL. I'm always amused now, when I look back at my older works and how abrupt they can be. My preferences have definitely changed as I've gotten older.

Again, thank you so much to all of you readers who are so excited about my writing. It keeps me excited and motivated and I can't say often enough how much feedback impacts me.  I appreciate it so much.

I hope you're all having a good holiday weekend!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Now Available: Venus Aspiring

Venus Aspiring is now available on Amazon! I love how fast they are about getting things up. Unfortunately I can't make the free promotion right away, the earliest I can do it is for the day after. So tomorrow it will be available for free for the day... Happy Labor Day! lol.  Also, I changed the formatting a little in hopes of fixing the problem that some people had with the first line of paragraphs missing... please let me know if you have any issues / if you had issues before and they are now fixed!  And, please please please, leave me a review on Amazon! It's the best thing you can do for me =)

Yesterday was a very productive day, I got more done than I ever imagined! I did my best with editing quickly so hopefully I didn't miss anything too major. I enjoyed re-reading my own book so that's usually a good sign, I think. =)

I also managed to finish a story that I was really close to being done with for Literotica, so that should be out in a few days. It's a reader request stand-alone romance. Fun! Now I'll be able to start on Being the Maid and finishing up Consequences for Literotica, as well as working on the last book of Poker Loser and starting Venus Desiring.

Sometimes I wonder if I take on too many projects at once, but the truth is I enjoy it and it actually helps me to be able to bounce from book to book depending on what mood I'm in. The writing is so much better when I'm in the mood to write it, instead of forcing myself to work on something.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure I'm in the mood for Allison and Todd at the moment so they may end up getting pushed off until after I'm done with the Venus Quartet entirely, but I will finish their story.

And in the meantime, I'm going to try to get a few things done for Literotica and also get out a few of the Literotica stories onto Kindle that people have requested. Woot!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Written: Check; Editing: In Progress

Oh sweet relief... it's finished. Now comes the editing fun. Gotta make sure that everything makes sense. It's a looooong book. Although I don't think it's quite as long as Venus School.

Here's the skivvy... Venus Aspiring is what I would term an erotic romance. Similar to the Poker Loser series, the first book has a lot more sex in it than the second. Because the first was written for Literotica and so I put sex in every chapter.  Venus Aspiring has a lot more plot / character development going on, plus a lot of new characters now that they're back into their real lives, and a lot more conflict.  But there's also a lot of hot sex so I don't think anyone will be disappointed. I even managed to do a few new things with Justin, Chris and Jessica together as a threesome, which I enjoyed.

Secondary to their story, there is some more going on with Hilary which I hope you'll enjoy reading, because she's going to take the main focus of the next book.  You'll find that Venus Aspiring is about 85% Jessica, Justin and Chris and 15% Hilary.  Venus Desiring is going to be the flip side of that (although maybe more like 80-20). 

So. I'm going to go edit. My goal is to have the book submitted to Amazon by the end of this holiday weekend so that it will be out by Wednesday next week.

And then I'm going to have to concentrate on getting a few things out for Literotica because I've been super neglectful in that area.