Thursday, February 17, 2022

A Mischievous Little Mardi Gras - Backstory

Last year Allie Belle, who created and organize the multi-author series Rawhide Ranch, reached out to me because Vicky, from my Chef Daddy story in the Dirty Daddies Anthology (which she also helps organize) had a lot in common with Hayleigh, the girlfriend/Little of the chef at Rawhide Ranch and she wanted to know if I'd like to co-write with Stella Moore, who wrote Hayleigh's Little Halloween, and have Vicky and Saul come to the Ranch and meet Hayleigh and Connor.

She thought it would be a great crossover.

So did I.

Stella's a fantastic writer and I was really excited to work with her, but I'll be honest, I was not prepared for exactly how much fun we would have writing this book.

Co-writing can sometimes feel like a gamble, and I have been extremely lucky in my co-writers, and I think that this time the gamble paid off beautifully. We worked together to create a story featuring both Connor & Hayleigh and Saul & Vicky and the two couples were so perfect that by the end of the book we knew we wanted to write another one together.

But I can't tell you much more about that right now ;) 

What I can tell you is that double the trouble and double the Daddies is a LOT of fun. I absolutely adore this story and I'm so thrilled to be part of the Ranch this year.

(Rawhide Ranch is an established series that is only available on Amazon and is part of the Kindle Unlimited Program)

Thursday, February 10, 2022

It's Showdown Time!~ Happy Release Day to Me =D

 It's my favorite day - Release Day!!!!!

Release Day is always fraught with waiting for the reviews and feedback to come rolling in, and today is more so than usual since this is only the SECOND time that I've written about a Dominatrix.

And what a Domme. I floved Cyana (pronounced 'sigh-anna' since I get that question a lot) and seeing her face off with Aiden and forge a new path between the two of them was so much fun.

I'm also really sad to say goodbye to the Dungeons & Doms series, but I can guarantee this is NOT the last we'll see of these characters. I have ideas for the Hideaway (introduced in this book) and for the Outlands. Plus, I'm sure all of them will be invited to Mitch and Domi's wedding =P 

Go ahead and heat up your Valentine's weekend by CLICKING HERE and grabbing your copy of Dungeon Showdown!

In this battle of wills, only one dominant comes out on top...

After months of relentless game night flirting, Aiden finally gets his shot with fellow dominant Cyana. Too bad it comes with a major catch. Submission has never been his style, but a bet is a bet and Aiden won't back down. As one night of total surrender changes everything he thought he knew, this big bad dom isn't prepared to deal with the consequences.

How long can Aiden avoid Cyana and the pleasure that only submission can give him? Since they're preparing to stand by their mutual friends for a double wedding in lifestyle-friendly-paradise, probably not very long.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - That Smooth Bastard

 The Dungeons & Doms trilogy is only 2 days away from being complete!!!!! I cannot freaking wait. Especially because it introduces the Hideaway and Javier. Although Dungeons & Doms has gotten a lot of love, it hasn't had enough readers for me to be able to justify continuing it as a series. But I'm not giving up on later-in-life romances! I am absolutely planning more, and quite a few of them are going to take place at the Hidaway =D 

Here's your final teaser before release day!:



Note to self: if Cyana and I are ever wronged at the same time by the same person, let her handle it.

Sometimes, it was easy to forget how frightening she could be.

Not that there were a lot of outward signs.

Aiden was a true Aries. His temper ran hot but fast. Cyana, on the other hand, was quiet in the scariest way imaginable. The moment he’d told her they were in the same room, her nostrils had flared, fire lit up her eyes, but her voice hadn’t changed when she’d stalked around him and went right up to Gavin, demanding to know what the hell he’d done.

Of course, Gavin was the one who had handled the reservations. The bastard.

Even though he was upset, he was a first-class idiot. He was hurt Cyana was also pissed about having to share space with him. He wasn’t unaware of the hypocrisy. He just didn’t know how to change it.

“It’s not actually the same room. It’s a suite, and you each have your own room,” Gavin protested… again, but as far as Aiden was concerned, that was the same thing. “We didn’t know when we made the reservation that it would be an issue.”

With his hands up in the air in a position of surrender, Gavin’s placating tone was getting nowhere with Cyana. Next to him, Leah was shifting nervously, her eyes darting between them and looking guilty. Yeah, Aiden bet there had been some ulterior motives behind that choice.

Although… the reservations had been made weeks ago, long before their friends knew. He wouldn’t put it past them to have changed the reservations, though.

“What made you think we’d want to share a suite at a kinky resort?” Arms crossed over her chest, Cyana tapped her foot, looking like a strict teacher chastising a student.

Aiden’s brain supplied him with an image of her in a tight pencil skirt and button-down shirt, silvery hair in a bun, wearing glasses, and his cock perked up. The damn thing was like a moth to her torch, and it didn’t seem to care immolation was not only possible but likely.

“Not want to, maybe, but at the time, it seemed like a good idea.” Gavin shrugged helplessly.

“Excuse me, is there a problem I can help with?” Javier Rios slid into the conversation with a smoothness that made Aiden scowl. He wasn’t threatened by the man—despite the superficial similarities in their hairstyles, he knew the two of them would appeal to an entirely different kind of woman—but he didn’t like the way the man looked at Cyana/ She wasn’t a submissive, and every inch of Javier screamed ‘Dom,’ so he had no business running his eyes over her with appreciation.

There were some Doms who had a seriously backward mindset about women dominants and saw them as a challenge to be put in their place. Dominants like that didn’t last long at the Outlands. As the owner, Gavin didn’t put up with that shit at his club, but they weren’t at the Outlands. They were at the Hideaway, and who knew what was going through Javier’s mind.

Hypocritical much? You wanted to dominate her.

Yeah, but for him, it hadn’t been about dominating Cyana—as he’d proven when he’d gone through with his lost wager—it had been about Cyana, period, which made it completely different.

“My friend here booked two of us in the same suite without asking us how we felt about the matter,” Cyana drawled, her obvious displeasure practically dripping from her voice. “Do you have an extra room one of us can move to?”

“I am so sorry, but we are fully booked this weekend.” Was it Aiden’s imagination, or was Javier’s accent even more pronounced? Jealousy, pure and simple, shot through him as the man reached out to take Cyana’s hand, covering it with his other hand as he stared almost mournfully at her. “I wish I could help, but I cannot. I can assure you will find plenty of areas here that will give you all the privacy you require.”

The smooth bastard still hadn’t let go of her hand.


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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Throwback Thursday - Dungeon Master


Throwback Thursday!

With Dungeon Showdown coming out in a few weeks, it feels like the perfect time to throwback to Dungeon Master, the first book in the series =D

Gavin first appeared in Logan, the first Dad Bod Doms book, and I thought "man, this guy would make a great main character!"

Then I saw the AMAZING picture of Kevin R Davis in a kilt, looking EXACTLY like I pictured Gavin and I HAD to have that picture. Which meant to justify that purchase, I had to move up my plans to write Gavin a book a LOT faster.

When I was writing Bondage Buddies, I realized how much the covers looked alike, with the models in the same poses, and so Gavin ended up appearing there too, as Mitch's dad.

Basically, this character was desperate to get as much screen time as possible 🤣 And it was impossible to say no, because he is one hot Scot!

Getting to know Leah while I was writing the book was a lot of fun. Gavin needed a strong woman and Leah is definitely that! I also loved seeing how their relationship changed and developed.

And shoutout to Cari Silverwood who let me cameo her as their therapist!!!!! I had a blast imagining Cari as a therapist. Definitely lots of blunt talk lol.

What did you think? Was this first of my later-in-life romances everything you hoped for? Were Gavin and Leah just as hot as their younger counterparts?

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - Dungeon Showdown

Teaser Tuesday!!!!! Something I'm SUPER excited about with Dungeon Showdown is that it's taking us to a totally new locale called the Hideaway, a tropical island BDSM resort. The Hideaway is going to show up again, and not just as its own series eventually 😉



Trying not to feel the sting of Aiden’s complete and total rejection, Cyana sat with her hands neatly folded on her lap in the front seat of the golf cart behind Gavin, Leah, and Aiden. Behind her, she could hear Esther and Jax murmuring to each other before their driver, a handsome young man who introduced himself as Jose, started telling them about the island.

He was an engaging tour guide, but sadly still not enough to make her stop wanting to throw things at the back of Aiden’s head. Too bad she’d probably more likely hit Leah, who was sitting directly behind him.

“And this is the main entrance to the Hideaway,” Jose said, as they broke through the treeline. Behind her, Jax whistled, and, despite her mood, Cyana made a noise of appreciation.

It was stunningly beautiful. Sand surrounded it, of course, but there was still plenty of lush greenery, the plants seemingly randomly placed but with such an eye towards beauty that she knew a true designer had probably agonized over every tiny detail. The walls of the building were a sandy color, only a shade or two darker than the actual sand around it, and the roof was several shades darker than that and trimmed with blue. Ocean blue shutters adorned every window, standing out against the pale walls. A long porch ran the entire front of the building, with comfortable looking seating arrangements placed along it, a few porch swings, and even some hammocks.

Cyana blinked when she realized there was a couple on the far end of the porch engaged in some kind of scene – the porch swings weren’t the only kind of swings hanging down. Her lips curved into a little smile before she remembered that she was here with Aiden, who was probably going to run through all the new submissives he now had access to, and she was going to have to sit and watch.

Well, maybe she should look for an island lover as well, though she knew her heart wasn’t really into it. Sometimes hearts were stupid organs that were best ignored. Maybe while they were here, she would let her head lead the way instead. Or maybe her body.

The carts all slowed down when they reached the front and Cyana raised her eyebrows when she realized everyone was being personally greeted by an incredibly handsome older man on the porch. Damn. She knew her friends were good looking, but this guy was going to give all of them a run for their money.

Grey hair with white streaks, tanned skin, dark eyes, and a blindingly white smile that managed to be both sincere and charming, he was dressed in a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a grey vest that drew even more attention to his coloring. Both Gavin and Aiden had the salt-and-pepper look going in their hair, but somehow this man managed to make it look more than sexy, it was classy.

Or maybe it was the vest.

Either way, Cyana was bemused when they all got out of the golf carts and he introduced himself in an incredibly sexy Spanish accent that did interesting things to her lady parts, Dom or not. She could happily listen to him all day long as long as he wasn’t trying to order her around. It seemed to be having a similar effect on Leah and Esther, both of whom were staring at him a little wide-eyed.

Considering Gavin had his own sexy Scottish brogue when he spoke and was used to being the one with the sexy accent, he seemed almost indignant at the way his wife was staring and wrapped his arm around her.

It didn’t seem to matter that the Dom was actually several inches shorter than Gavin, Jax, and Aiden, the power of his personality and his self-confidence more than made up for any lack of height. He wasn’t at all perturbed by the glowers either. Cyana liked him immediately.

“Welcome to the Hideaway, I am the owner, Javier Rios.” His devastating smile swept over all of them. “You are the two couples having the collaring ceremonies, si?”

“Aye,” Gavin responded, his brogue thicker than Cyana could ever remember it being. She put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. Which was even harder when she accidentally caught Leah’s eye.

Oh man, the testosterone was really going to be flowing on this trip, she could tell.


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