Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Update, A Giveaway, and a Tease

Okay!  So thanks to Hermoine, I now know how to fix the comments thing... however, I haven't had time yet to respond to all the ones that have now appeared on the blog LOL.  Good thing other people are techno-savvy and willing to tell me what I'm doing!

I've been kind of bad about getting writing done lately, but I'm getting back into it.  I was on a major reading kick for a bit - which is not a bad thing since reading always gives me new ideas for writing, but it does mean I haven't been getting as much of my own writing done.  However, I'm still right on track for releasing On His Knees on July 15 (yay!) and I'm about halfway through the second to last chapter of Taken by the Wolf (also yay!). 

Now, on to the giveaway - YellowSilkDreams who does my paperbacks and also makes a couple of my books available on other sites, is giving away a free book of your choice from their collection in return for the ability to let you know when they have a new book coming out.  It's a pretty good deal =)  so you should check that out here.

And now for the tease... which, of course, is going to be for On His Knees, to get you back in the mood for Hilary and Liam!

Liam propelled Hilary through the door and into the club, away from Lexie.  She knew that the guys were all relieved about not having to watch over Lexie now that she was stuck behind the front desk for a while.  It meant they could relax.  Andrew was behind the bar as usual, wearing matching leather pants and a vest, chatting with Adam and Angel.  Olivia was over in the Lounge area, talking to two different subs, both of whom were vying for her attention.  Most likely Patrick was still back in his office; Hilary knew that Jessica and her guys weren't coming tonight, and Rick hadn't shown up since the debacle following Maria's Introduction scene.  Hilary really hoped the two of them worked that out; she liked Maria a lot.  All the Stronghold girls had. 

"Hey honey-girl, come back to me," Liam said softly, just loud enough to be heard over the music, as his arm wrapped around her hip, pulling her against him.  She looked up at his boyishly handsome face, the barely restrained sexual hunger clear in his silvery eyes.  "You're a million miles away."

"Sorry," she said, feeling rather breathless now that she was focusing on her wonderfully dominant boyfriend again.  Usually just walking into the club had that effect on her, because they usually played while they were here, using the fantasy rooms to help them enact all sorts of role-play scenarios.  They could do some at home too, but she had to admit, the rooms here really helped set the scene.  "Just thinking about Rick and Maria."

"Mmm... I see.  I guess I'll have to work to get you thinking about me," he said teasingly, steering her towards Angel and Adam's seats at the bar.  

Hilary smiled up at him.  "I guess you will."

Laughing, Liam turned away to greet their friends, but his hand remained on Hilary's hip, just above the flare of her skirt.  She saw several other submissives checking out her outfit and knew that Angel would probably have more new customers by the end of tonight.  Ever since joining Stronghold, Angel's Etsy shop had really taken off; she was swamped with orders, although she always took time to do custom designs for her friends.  She called them her guinea pigs.  

Surprisingly, Angel wasn't wearing one of her own outfits.  She was dressed as a school girl, with a very short pleated skirt and a white button down top that had been tied just under her breasts, exposing her midriff, and her hair was done up in a simple pony-tail.  

"You look cute," Hilary said, letting her curiosity fill her voice.  Angel rolled her eyes, giggling a little bit.  


"She does, doesn't she?"  Adam said, his voice filled with smug satisfaction as Angel made a face.  He was wearing his regular clothes, dress pants and a button down shirt, although it was unbuttoned and the sleeves were rolled up as a concession to the summer heat outside.  Even though Angel really did look adorable, Hilary suddenly realized that the outfit was some kind of punishment for something.  "She's a very good little school girl.  We've been having lessons in behavior, ever since she helped Lexie with that glitter prank."

Oh, oh, oh!  Hilary immediately wondered why Angel hadn't mentioned this.  The pretty half-Asian didn't blush easily, not like Hilary, but her cheeks were starting to turn red.  Obviously whatever Adam had been doing to her as punishment for her part in that stunt, she found it embarrassing enough that she hadn't clued in any of her friends about it.  

"Angel's going to be writing lines in the schoolroom today," Adam continued, stroking his girlfriend's back while he looked down at her.  "What are you writing, Angel?"

For a moment, Angel just glared up at him, her jaw tense.  Adam raised his eyebrow at her and then reached to her front and pinched her nipple, hard enough to make her yelp.  Liam's arm around Hilary tightened, his hands splaying across her stomach as if he was thinking about doing something similar and she felt her own body respond; her insides warming as her nipples hardened slightly.  Even though Adam took things farther with Angel than she would ever want to go, she couldn't help but occasionally get aroused watching them.  It had been really weird at first, to see her friends in sexual situations, but somehow over the months she'd gotten used enough to it to be turned on by it.  

Angel muttered something under her breath and then looked up at Hilary, not quite meeting her eyes.  "I am a naughty girl who deserves a spanking.  I will learn not to disrespect the Doms."

"Louder, sweetheart," Adam said, his eyes glinting as he caressed Angel's breast in warning.  Her nipple was already pressing against the fabric of her shirt, as if asking for more.  

"I am a naughty girl who deserves a spanking.  I will learn not to disrespect the Doms," Angel said more loudly, back to glaring at her own Dom as she said it.  Laughter rang out around them at her words, which had been loud enough that everyone within a ten foot radius had been able to hear.  Angel's face heated to an even deeper red.  Hilary was impressed; Angel would hate writing lines and she would hate having to repeat that phrase publicly even more.  But she loved spankings.  So Adam was combining funishment with real punishment, and probably enjoying himself entirely too much along the way.  

"She's such a good little schoolgirl," Adam said, his hand sliding back up so that he could tug on her ponytail, tipping her head back.  Angel's eyes glazed slightly in response as he tugged on her hair, but she still looked kind of pissed.  

"Real school girls don't have to write lines with a plug in their ass while they're being spanked," she snapped back at him.

Adam leaned into her, bringing his mouth near her ear, but Hilary could still hear what he said.  "But sweetheart, that's the part of the punishment that you like."
The low, almost threatening tone of voice he used made both Hilary and Angel shiver.  Beside her, Liam chuckled a little; he was always amused by Hilary's fascination with watching the dynamics between other couples.  Sometimes it turned her on, sometimes it didn't, but it always interested her.  At first she'd been embarrassed by her voyeuristic tendencies.  Now she embraced them.  Liam's hand had started caressing up and down her stomach, tracing a line from just underneath her breast, down to her hips and then back up again.  Heat was gathering in the center of her body, making her skin tingle and feel more sensitive.


  1. Love love loooove the snippet!!! THANK YOU!!!!


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Just a question, shouldn't it be ... and Rick hadn't shown up since the debacle following Maria's introduction scenes, instead of .... and Rick had shown up since the debacle following Maria's introduction scene? I am apologizing in advance if I am incorrect.

    1. You're def right! This is an unedited excerpt =) Although thanks for doing a little bit of the editing for me! It's appreciated!

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