Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Release Day! - Claiming His Wife

This is the fourth and final book in the Domestic Discipline Quartet.

Alex has made a lot of mistakes, but he is determined to reconcile with his estranged wife, Grace. He's willing to put their past problems where he thinks they belong - in the past - but insults and disrespect will be met with discipline. He's seen the marriages his friends have, and decided to take a page from their books. Unfortunately for him, Grace is not so willing to let go of past hurts, although she has no choice but to go with him when he basically kidnaps her and takes her to Bath. At least her friends are there for moral support, while she does her best to discover exactly why her husband is so intent on reconciliation rather than divorce.

Hugh and Irene are blissfully happy, having declared their love for each other, but they seem to be the only ones. Eleanor is pregnant and worried that her condition will mean the end of overt affection and desire from her husband - especially as he hasn't declared any kind of finer feelings for her. She thinks Edwin doesn't realize she's with child, and worries over how to prod a declaration from him. Meanwhile, everyone is gathered in Bath for Wesley's wedding to the brazen and rebellious Cynthia.

When these four women get together, it's no wonder that both trouble and bright red bottoms loom on the horizon. Each of their husbands is bound and determined to claim and tame his willful wife.

This books contains adult situations, including spankings, whippings, backdoor play, and explicit scenes. Rated sizzling!
Claiming His Wife is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords =)  YAY!  I hope you enjoy it!  If you have a minute once you finish reading, reviews are ALWAYS much appreciated!  I read all of them.  And this is my first ever full series that has absolutely no connection to Literotica, so it's kind of special to me =)


  1. Dear Golden Angel, in Germany it's 0.45 right now and I stayed up for one purpose only: to download "Claiming his wife", which I did moments ago. Now I'm looking forward to a probably very short night, because I'm trembling with anticipation, so it's not like I could sleep anyway, so ... let's stay up an enjoy! I do hope that's praise enough, given I haven't read a single word up until now ;-) Anyway: Thanks for the release (oh, the depths of meaning), C.

    1. omgoodness thank you so much! I hope it was worth it! =)

  2. I am so happy it is out, when I saw the date, I re-read the series again and am so happy to have the last one to read. I love the series one of the best I have ever read. SHK

  3. I eagerly awaited this book & I was not disappointed. I, too, have re-read the series many times & know that I will in the future too. Thanks so much! Terrific job again.