Friday, April 3, 2015

Coming Up: Reader Story Requests

So, for Literotica, looking at the little outline that I wrote for Homeschooled I realized that I'm almost done with it!

I finished a chapter today and I've only got one more chapter to go.  There is a possible continuation that I may do eventually, but (as much as I thoroughly enjoy Becky, Mr. Troy and Ben), there's something else I've been wanting to do for a long time... focus on story requests!!!


Now, here's the problem... If you don't follow my blog religiously (what's wrong with you?!) then you might not know that hubby and I moved this past fall.  When I did that, I lost an entire mini-notebook of story ideas (I have 3 - well, HAD 3, now I have 2), including some ideas that were sent to me by readers.  I was pretty upset about losing so many of my own ideas, and absolutely miserable about losing the ideas (and the contact info) from people who had sent me requests.  Even more frustrating was that I'm pretty sure the one I lost was the one with the most requests in it.  *sigh*  I had hoped that unpacking and getting the house organized would result in me finding the mini-notebook.

It has not.

I'm finally giving in and saying, it's gone and lost forever.  But, I'm hoping that if people cared enough to request a story from me, then perhaps they care enough to read my blog too.  So I'm going to share the story requests that I currently have; if you have requested a story from me in the past and you do not see it here, please comment / email me at and resubmit your request.  Because as soon as I finish Homeschooled, I'm going on a reader request binge.  I'm looking forward to writing a bunch of challenging shorts rather than series.  I need a break from the series for a bit and once my busy season at work is done, I'm going to be feeling super motivated and (hopefully) super creative, so it should be the best time for me to push my comfort level and work on things that I didn't come up with myself.

Also, if you have a story idea request... now is definitely the time to make it.

This is for Lit stories only.

Here are the current story requests that I have:

- Inc/taboo - girl does a kind of Wizard of Oz, except that she's taken to be married and it turns out the King of "Oz" is her uncle.  Wakes up to find her uncle giving her a sponge bath and wonders if it was a dream.

- Group - young man splits up from his friends, walking home when a car full of girls pulls up and asks if he wants a ride; ends up getting in and having a wild night

- Les / Non-Con - female burglar forces lesbian couple to have sex for her enjoyment then makes them watch while she takes a turn with each of them

- (no category decision yet) - couple brings younger / less experienced woman out of her shell, willingly or unwillingly

- Loving Wives - 45 year old paralegal gets taken at a bar by a dominant man when her husband walks in and loves watching her being taken for this totally free sexual ride

- Non-human - a sequel to "Government Testing"

- Re-write "Contest Ch. 9"

- BDSM - an erotic re-write of My Fair Lady / Pygmalion

- Group - BDSM humiliation story with specific characters (Arya, Mitch & Ethan)

Ugh.  Looking at this list kills me because I can kind of half-remember at least 5 more story ideas, but not enough to actually write any of them.  Anyway.  After I finish the last chapter of Homeschooled I'm going to try to do a sweep of Reader Requested stories... so if you have requested in the past and don't see yours on here or if you have one that you'd like to make, leave a comment or send an email!  I always email the reader when their story is posted, as long as I have their email address.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, if you're celebrating a holiday or if you're not.  Even though Christmas is my favorite holiday, Easter services are my favorite, so I'm looking forward to this weekend =)  Take care!

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