Friday, July 31, 2015

Philip's Rules - Teaser

I think this is going to be the last teaser before the book comes out =)  SUPER excited.  I've only got about 4-5 more chapters to go I think... I'm really enjoying this book and I'm hoping you guys will too!  Also, once I manage to wrap it up, I really am going to get something out for Literotica.  I know I've been super bad about not focusing on that at all.  My mind has been super focused on Philip's Rules, which is def not a bad thing since it's coming out so soon!

Anyway, here's the teaser.  Enjoy and have a great weekend! -

"Sweetheart?"  Philip's fingers tipped her chin up to look at him as he peered at her in concern and she realized she'd started woolgathering.
Licking her suddenly dry lips, she scrambled to form a coherent response.  "I don't know..."  
Her voice trailed off, because she didn't know exactly what she wanted to say.  The emotions swirling inside of her weren't just confusing, they were inappropriate.  She couldn't possibly tell Philip that she didn't want him to punish Gabrielle because she didn't want her stepdaughter so close to him, physically.  Gabrielle had poached Cordelia's suitors before, but it was obviously something that Philip hadn't fallen for.  But, for the first time, Cordelia found that she had something she considered hers, that she didn't want to share. 
Something hot flared in Philip's eyes.  A look that Cordelia already recognized and, after last night, finally understood the full ramifications of.
"I'd be happy to show you, sweetheart."
Not understand but willing to led Philip lead the way, she didn't protest or try to pull away as he led her over to the chair behind his desk.  When he suddenly tugged her over his lap, so that her stomach was resting on his hard thighs, Cordelia let out a frightened squeak.  Her heart was suddenly pounding as she realized how very vulnerable she was.  It was one thing to know how much bigger and stronger her husband was than her, it was another to have it demonstrated so clearly.
When he flipped her skirts up, tipping her further forward so that she had to put out her hands to keep balanced on his lap, Cordelia finally came to her senses.  She tried to squirm away, but his hand on her waist kept her easily in place.
"Philip!  No!" she squeaked, her voice not nearly as firm or demanding as she wanted it to be.  
"Now, if you were Gabrielle, I wouldn't have you over my lap," he said, in a lecturing tone of voice, completely ignoring her protest.  A warm hand rested on the curve of her derriere, making her skin heat through her drawers. "Wives go over laps.  Gabrielle will bend over my desk or the arm of one of the chairs.  However, she'll get to keep her drawers."  Cordelia squeaked again as she felt her own drawers being slid down her body, baring the pale curves of her bottom cheeks.  "You'll be spanked on your bare bottom when you're naughty."
Philip's hand caressed her smooth skin and then gave her cheek a light tap, just hard enough to sting.  Strangely, a frisson of pleasure went through her body at the little slap, making her bite her lip to keep from gasping.  Even though Eleanor and Irene had mentioned pleasure, Cordelia found it extremely embarrassing considering her current predicament.  
"Should I show you now?"  Her husband's voice was teasing, flirting, as his fingers stroked her cheeks.  Even so, Cordelia immediately tried to wriggle away.

"No, thank you!  I understand perfectly now, thank you!"

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