Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mid-Month Check In

I can't believe it's already the middle of November.

I also can't believe I really thought I'd have Breaking the Chain done in time for a November 15th release.  *sigh*  Yeah, that was some serious wishful thinking.

It's going to be released on December 15th instead.  I've got about 4-5 chapters left to write, then I'm going out of town right after Thanksgiving and then I'll be editing my butt off =)  It's possible that this book may go up early for pre-order just because of the chain of events... it depends on whether or not I manage to finish it before leaving for vacation.  I think I can get it done in time, but I'm not sure.  Either way, December 15th will be the official release date.

I'm pretty stoked abut it.  I'm always excited at the end of the book because that's when things start getting really climactic =)  Especially this book!  Drama drama drama.  SO much fun.

I'm really looking forward to my vacation though; I need to get away for a bit and recoup!  This is going to be an actual vacation too.  No day trips pre-planned, no events that I have to go to, nothing that I have to dress up for... as much as I love all of those things, I'm seriously just looking forward to hot weather, beach days, and spending some time with my family and hubby.  Serious relaxation ahead!  I desperately need it.

So what's meaner... ending this super short blog update with no tease?  Or ending it with a tiny tease that gives away no real information?

Oh heck, let's just go with the latter ;)

Sharon's dark eyes were sparkling with mischief.  It was obvious she was brimming with a secret that she was dying to share.  "Aren't you wondering why Andrew's not behind the bar?  And where Kate is?"