Monday, February 22, 2016

Newsy News

This is my third blog entry this month!  whoo-hoo!

I'm trying to be better about keeping things updated.

So!  News!  So much news!!!

First of all, if you haven't pre-ordered Chasing His Bunny because you want to know what it's about before you buy... there's only one way to find out and that's to sign up for my newsletter.  Sign-up is found on my website =)  On March 1st, newsletter subscribers will be treated to the ONLY teaser I will be doing for the bunnies.  My beta readers really seemed to have gotten a kick out of this book, which makes me happy.  I had a lot of fun writing it.  Editing is still ongoing, but the overall book is finished.  It's only 99 cents if pre-ordered, once it's released the price will go up to $2.99.  It's a regular book length (not like the super novels that I often write) coming in around 60k words.

Also on March 1st (and this will be announced in the newsletter, on this blog, the website, Facebook, and Twitter), Undisciplined will be available for pre-order.  No mysteries here - Undisciplined is going to be a novella linking Philip's Rules and Gabrielle's Discipline.  I got a lot of requests for more of Gabrielle & Felix's story during the timeline of the first book and I was going to make it into a prologue, but then I realized it would actually work better as a novella.  The first draft has already gone through some major changes thanks to one of my beta readers, and the second draft is now working its way through their capable hands.  Undisciplined will be 99 cents (it's a novella at around 30k words), available for pre-order on March 1st and actually releasing on May 1st.

I've already started work on Gabrielle's Discipline and am rather enjoying the drama after all the light-heartededness from the bunnies.  Gabrielle is fascinating to me, in large part because she needs to redeem herself from the way she behaved throughout Philip's Rules.  I'm also enjoying giving her a happy ending because I find her to be a very sad character.  Funny enough, as much as I liked Felix as Philip's best friend, I'm kind of giving him the side eye now.  Finding a way for the two of them to get along is going to be interesting!

Writing the books has also given me a new order for them.  I'm switching titles around!  The new series order is going to be:

1.  Philip's Rules
-->1.5 Undisciplined
2. Gabrielle's Discipline (est. June release date)
3. Lydia's Penance
4. Benedict's Commands
5. Arabella's Taming

And we'll see if any more books follow that.  They might.  It all depends on the characters and on reader responses.  So if you see any side characters that you yearn to know the story of, def speak up in reviews or comments.  Even if they were from the Domestic Discipline Quartet, since this is a spin-off, they can now have their own book.  That's part of why I decided to make this a series, even though I originally thought about doing another quartet =)  I wanted to leave it open!

On the Stronghold front - Andrew and Kate are percolating in my head.

Marriage Training - I've stagnated a bit.  I'm having trouble getting it to where I want to go.  *sigh*

Dark Angel titles - still working on book 2 for Planets Apart.  I will get it out this year, I'm just not entirely sure when.  It's about 1/3 of the way complete.

Literotica - I'm working on another standalone short story, a reader request.  My goal is to get it finished by the end of this month - aka next week.  We'll see if that actually happens =)  If not, I'll finish it up for March!

So that is everything that's going on with the writing this month!  It's actually quite a lot more than I thought would be, since I'm incredibly busy at my day job, but I'm just feeling really motivated about Felix and Gabrielle.  I can't wait to share a bit of bunnies with you - don't forget to sign up for the newsletter - and I'm also super stoked about finally getting pre-orders up and running!  I won't lie, it takes away a lot of the stress from getting things edited really quickly and allows me a little bit of breathing room, which is great =)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful February!

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