Friday, March 25, 2016

One More Week!

Only a week away from the release date for Chasing His Bunny!  Pre-order now for the special 99 cent price if you're a Kindle reader =)  (other platforms will get three days of the 99 cent price upon release, before changing to the $2.99 regular price)

I'm SO excited to share this story... it's one of the most fun ones I've ever done writing-wise, in large part because I think Bethany (the heroine) is the most sassy character I've ever written.  And I feel like that's really saying something.  lol.  I do love the sassy characters and the growly alpha males, what can I say.  It was also fun and a challenge to write my first shifter novel, since it means that each main character has a secondary consciousness that also has to be considered.

A huge thank you, as always, to my faithful and incredibly helpful beta readers and my talented cover artist RaineyCloud9.  Can I just say how much I fucking LOVE this cover?  Like seriously!  Look at the bunny sitting on the Y!  And the Wolf C! How did she even do that?!  It's so amazing!

While you're waiting for that, I have a new story up on Literotica, Maid for Trouble.  First chapter in a short serial that I'll be doing for the website =) Spank-y, BDSM-y, coercion-y, Victorian era stuff.  Writing stuff for Lit always helps my brain relax from writing the more plot / character driven stuff that I do for the novellas / books.  Sometimes it's really nice to just write straight-up sex scenes without having to delve TOO deeply into the other stuff.

I am struggling through the last few weeks of my day-job's busy season.  UGH.  I cannot wait to be back to five day work weeks.  My brain is completely melting down lately.  There's not much more to go, but at the same time, the days that are left are going to be the craziest as everyone sprints towards the finish line.  BAH.  My writing has trickled down to a much slower pace, but that's okay because I still have two books coming out in the next two months so I feel like there's a bit of a buffer, which is WONDERFUL.  I'm really enjoying doing the pre-order thing.  I didn't think I would, but it's actually super helpful.  One of my beta readers caught an inconsistency between Undisciplined and the work I've done on Gabrielle's Discipline and I was like SWEET, I can actually go back and change what I've done in Undisicplined, since I haven't finished editing it anyway, instead of having to entirely rework GDs!

GD is really coming along nicely.  I've still got some work I'm doing on Undisciplined (editing and adding in some scenes that the beta readers requested / suggested), and I can't wait to share both.  I think that Undisciplined really helps make Gabrielle more of a sympathetic character (I swear, she really is) and I'm having a lot of fun with her and Felix butting heads in GD.  In some small ways they remind me a liiiiiittle bit of Edwin and Eleanor, but with some pretty key differences.  Too much fun!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm off to see Batman vs. Superman.  So far I've heard very mixed reviews but hey... I saw Batman & Robin in theaters, this can't be any worse!  Plus... WONDER WOMAN!

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