Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!!!! 2018 Resolutions!

I have SO many resolutions coming up this year but they all branch out from one main one:

Be in a position to be a full time author by the end of the year!

I've already started working towards that the past two months, but this year I am super buckling down HARD.  There's a LOT going on because of that!

First of all - Lee Savino has become either my Author-Domme or Author-Sensei, it's hard to tell which ;)  She's super awesome though and if I do manage to fulfill my resolution, it will definitely be because of her!

So, I have put together an EXTREMELY ambitious book release schedule for this year, which I'll post at the end of this blog.  I'll also post the LATEST the audio books will be coming out this year (some may come out earlier, it all depends on the narrators, but the release dates I'm posting are based on when the final product is due to be finished.  Some of them are definitely early birds, some of them keep recording up until the last minute!). I have no idea if I will actually be able to keep to this book schedule but... we'll see.  I'm trying to focus more on my book writing this year and be super organized about it.

I am also not going to be writing as much for Literotica this year.  I love the site, but the number of serials which I'm putting out for free are not going to help my goal.  So I'll be writing a short, sexy story once a month for Lit but no serials for at least this year (I just don't have the time =/)

However, I WILL still be writing erotic serials, but they'll be available exclusively through Radish .  Radish is an app for your phone that's a lot like Lit except it was specifically designed for people to read on their phones, and it has everything from free serials to "premium" serials.  The first three chapters of EVERY kind of serial is free, but the premium serials cost three Radish coins per chapter after that (and Radish coins are pretty cheap).  The majority of exclusive content I release on Radish this year is going to fall into the "Freemium" category - which means the entire story will be posted and each week a new chapter will be made available for free.  If you can't wait a week for the next free chapter, you can choose to go ahead and spend your Radish coins on reading the chapters before they become free. I will have some Premium stories as well, but the vast majority will be Freemium.

Also, in addition to the release list below, at some point I'm also going to try and release a trilogy of Sci-Fi BDSM on my own... I just haven't figured out for sure that I'm doing it or when.  So yeah.  That.  Oh, and Marriage Training is still going through the agent so waiting to see if anything will happen with that this year... if it doesn't I'm gonna pull it from the agent and it'll be the first thing I publish in 2019.

ANYWAY.  Here's the regular book schedule I'm going to attempt (with a couple of blurbs to peak your interest!)

***January 20th*** - Dark Angel Tales (Dark Angel Penname) - Available for Pre-order Now!

The tales will include some of Dark Angel's darkest Literotica works, now edited and compiled together, as well as a new short story exclusively available as part of the Tales.


- Being the Maid
- The Truth Will Set You Free
- A Rough Sorority Rite
- Gentleman's Maid (with a final chapter not available on Lit!)

New Bonus Story:

- Prison Sentence

***February*** Tempting the Domme

Luke Evans is a strong, confident, commanding man who happens to really like a bossy woman in the bedroom, so it's no surprise when he's immediately drawn to Stronghold's bossiest bad ass Domme, Olivia Williams.  Unfortunately for him, while he's just Olivia's type in a lot of ways, she's not happy that he's in a position of professional power over her, a decision she was not privy to when it was made.  She's determined not to mix business with pleasure, no matter how appealing putting Luke Evans on his knees in front of her would be.  But Luke's just as much a go-getter as Olivia and he's perfectly happy to join the class of new submissives in order to show her just how far he's willing to go.

When it becomes clear Olivia has attracted the attention of someone else - and not in a good way - the tension among the entire Stronghold group goes through the roof and Luke can't help but feel protective no matter how Olivia resists him.

With two strong personalities both used to winning, who will come out on top in the end?

***March*** - Night of the Wild Stags - A Reverse Harem Novella

Spin-off novella from the Big Bad Bunnies series about a herd of male reindeer rescuing a sick pudu doe shifter and keeping her for their own.

***April 1*** - Big Bad Bunnies Book #3 (title TBD)

It's Brock and Doc's turn for some romance!  Can a grumpy mutant bunny shifter who hates all things science and medical (with good reason) ever find a happily-ever-after with a stubbornly bubbly doctor and lover of all things Disney?

***May*** - Arabella's Taming

The final book in the Bridal Discipline Series!

Lady Arabella Windham, sister to the Duke of Manchester, has given up on ever attracting the positive attention of Lord Thomas Hood.  After discovering he still sees her as the same reckless, hoydenish young woman she was in the past, no matter her current perfectly ladylike behavior, and realizes she will never match up to his infamous list of attributes for a wife, she throws caution to the wind.  

Why bother being good if it's not going to even be noticed, much less acknowledged?  

When her return to feckless and indiscreet behavior results in disgrace however, it's Lord Thomas Hood who is caught up in the scandal with her.  With a resentful and strong-willed bride and a stubborn lord determined to curb his new wife's imprudent ways, is a happily-ever-after even possible?

***June*** - His Captive Bride w Lee Savino

The first book in the co-written Tsenturion Alien Warrior trilogy with Lee Savino!   

***July*** - Tsenturion #2 w Lee Savino

***August*** - Tsenturion #3 w Lee Savino

***September*** - Hardcore Vanilla

The final book in the Stronghold Doms Series!

When Jake Standish returned from Iraq, getting back into civilian life wasn't easy but he's managing.  His group of friends help a lot, even if they are a bunch of kinky bastards and even if the most annoying woman in the world also spends all her time with them.  After seeing his friends injured and killed, and the poverty and hardship of life on the other side of the world, the overly bubbly trust fund baby without a care in the world grates on him.  She's the kind of girl he could never bring home to his parents; she's crass, curses way too much, gives everyone ridiculous nicknames, and literally throws money at any problem she doesn't want to deal with.  The problem is, the more he spends time around her, the more he finds her amusing instead of obnoxious and the more his dick wants to override his objections to her presence.

"I learned how to look cheerful while, under the table, I stuck a fork into the back of my hand. I became a virtuoso of deceit."  That line from Dangerous Liasons pretty much summed up Sharon's life before she finally turned eighteen and was able to escape the repressive, fake, shallow, and coldly demanding home she'd grown up in.  Fortunately, the trust fund her grandmother had left her provided her with a college education, no need to work unless she wants to, and gorgeous residences.  She knows how lucky she is, but she feels far luckier to have found a group of friends who don't give a shit about her money and just love her for herself.  Life would be better without her friend Lexie's big brother Jake constantly giving her the side-eye, but she's getting used to Grumpy Captain America's presence - and it's kinda fun to mess with him.  

But when she wakes up in his bed on New Year's Day, well... the fireworks from the night before are nothing compared to what's next.

***October*** - Vampire Book

First book in Angel's new Vampire Trilogy about Gwen, the vampire girl next door who just wants to use her superpowers for good as a member of the Vampire Guard and have a nice, simple everlasting life.  Unfortunately, when she finds two newborns tormenting a human and obviously about to make a kill - which is a big no-no in vampire-land these days - things start to get complicated the minute she recognizes her human ex boyfriend as their victim, and then her only lover since being turned (and Captain of the Guard) shows up too and everything pretty much starts going downhill from there. 

***November*** - Second Vampire Book

***December*** - Third Vampire Book & (*possibly*) Another Big Bad Bunnies book!

AUDIO BOOKS (some of these may come out sooner than indicated, it depends on the narrators)

January 2018
 - Chasing His Squirrel

February 2018 
 - Philip's Rules
 - Taming the Tease
 - Annie & the Sybian
 - Undisciplined

March 2018
- Dealing With Discipline

May 2018
 - Venus Desiring

July 2018
 - Punishing His Ward

September 2018
 - Venus Transcendent

November 2018
- Claiming His Wife

December 2018 
 - Gabrielle's Discipline


  1. Wow that's an incredibly busy year you have planned. I hope all goes well for you.. I'm (currently) most looking forward to Olivia's book, so yay for that being early!

    1. I blame Lee Savino for my busy schedule lol. But I'm looking forward to it! Ambitious, but hopefully to a good end so next year I can take a liiiiitle bit of a chill pill but also be (maybe) a full time author!

  2. This is completely on another subject than your blog post, but I was trying to post a review of Amaya's Old Fashioned Daddy on Goodreads and couldn't find it. Also, when I was looking under Dark Angel, I found several of your Dark Angel books co-mingled with the other Dark Angel, a writing duo. I did at least manage to get the review up on Amazon. Also, I posted this comment/question on Goodreads, too, but I thought I should put it here as well so that you would be sure to see it. Liked the book, but can't wait for Tempting the Domme.

  3. Thank you so much! Yeah, I've been thinking I may need to change that penname =/ Argh. I have no idea how to lol. I'll be looking into it this year! Thank you so much for letting me know!

  4. Just read prison sentence. Please turn it in to a book/series. Also looking forward to marriage training :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it =) I'm definitely looking to expand the story, it seems to be getting a lot of good feedback! <3

  5. Hi! I just read Taken by the Viking...a friend sent it to me and I loved it. Funnily enough I had read Taken by the Wolf a while back. One of those small world things. It’s been a long time since I was an active reader on literotica. But it got me thinking about another story I loved. I finally figured out it was also by you called Marriage Training. I was so sad I couldn’t find it. Do you still have plans for selling it? I would love to read it again. Thanks!

  6. Whatever happened to Marriage Training? It's one of my favorite reads of all times and one I liked to return to frequently. Can I hope that you've fleshed it out and turned it into a novel/novella?