Tuesday, May 29, 2018

ARABELLA'S TAMING NOW AVAILABLE! 99c through June 5th!!!

She'll behave however she pleases...
Until Lord Hood has his say in the matter.
Arabella's Taming by Golden Angel is LIVE!!!

And it's JUST 99 PENNIES until June 5th!


Lady Arabella Windham, sister to the Duke of Manchester, has given up on ever
attracting the positive attention of Lord Thomas Hood. After discovering he still
sees her as the same hoydenish young woman she was in the past, no matter
her current perfectly ladylike behavior, and realizing she will never match up to
his infamous list of attributes for a wife, she throws caution to the wind
and becomes more reckless than ever.

Why bother being good if it's not going to even be noticed, much less acknowledged?

When her return to feckless and indiscreet behavior results in disgrace however,
it's Lord Thomas Hood who is caught up in the scandal with her. With a strong-willed
bride determined to make her new husband dance to her tune and a stubborn lord
determined to curb his new wife's imprudent ways, is a happily-ever-after e
ven possible?

Despite being part of a series, Arabella's Taming may
be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


Philip's Rules
Upon marrying the Marquess of Dunbury, Cordelia Astley is relieved to be free of her past. Though
she accepts that her union is not one of love, she's grateful to her new husband and well suited to
him. All would be perfect but for her difficult stepdaughter, Gabrielle. What will become of the
Marquess's new bride and her demanding stepdaughter under his stern discipline?

Gabrielle Astley is receiving her debut and finds herself drawn to the rakishly attractive Felix Hood,
her guardian's best friend, in her search for a husband. And though Felix is taken with both the
young woman and her smart mouth, he's quite certain he's not ready for marriage.

Gabrielle's Discipline
Wed to protect the bride's honor, it's their lovely country honeymoon that reveals to both Felix and
Gabrielle that they are, at the very least, a smart match behind closed doors. But when the couple
returns to London society, will Gabrielle's affections for her husband be spurned by his eyes for
her stepmother?

Lydia's Penance
The heavy-handed Duke of Manchester is falling for the desperate woman who trapped him into
marriage. And though he's tempted by his bride, he will not rest until he's discovered all of Lydia's

Benedict's Commands
Merry widow Lady Christina Rowan realizes she's become far too emotionally attached to her lover,
the dashing Benedict Windham, but dismissing him proves more difficult than anticipated. Can
Benedict convince the Dowager-Marchioness of Stanhope to to once again have a lover that she
truly loves?

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